Instead of being anxious about the events of tomorrow, we should learn to focus on serving the Lord wholeheartedly, doing our best and leaving the rest to Him. To do this, we are expected to run the straight race with Him – no distractions or diversions – with firm belief in His wisdom, power and goodness. To conquer anxiety and care, we should have absolute trust in GOD that He is working out the answer.  Anxiety about tomorrow is burdensome as much as it is sinful. Our personal cares for the present, future, the family and others are capable of changing our focus from running the straight race with God, especially when they arise from unbelief and distrust.

It is the fear of tomorrow that leads men to lay up treasures here on earth in complete neglect of eternity. A focus on materialism can divert our devotion from God Almighty to the god of wealth. We fail to realise that treasures on earth have a habit of disappointing their owners; they do not offer permanent security. Though money and wealth are a useful support, we should not put our trust in them. Only treasure stored up in Heaven can guarantee us permanent security, especially when they are accompanied by a generous attitude towards others.