On Sunday, March 5, 2023, the song ministration of The SCOAN Sunday Service began with the solo rendition of a Don Williams classic by Kayode of The SCOAN Choir. As Kayode’s voice travelled through The Arena Of Liberty, the meaning of the song settled deep into the hearts of the people as they sang along: “You’re My best Friend!” Esther of The SCOAN Sunday School then followed it up with “Bless This House,” with classic orchestral support.

When they took over, The SCOAN Choir started by singing of the Lord’s goodness, mercy and compassion. Thereafter, they asked for the Holy Spirit’s help in battling theirs and the people’s weaknesses. They sang: “Holy Spirit, Take More Of Me!” They also declared the everlasting power of Yahweh, Who lives forever as the God of all flesh. Within minutes, the atmosphere became charged with the presence of the Holy Ghost and many began to vomit the poisonous substances in their systems.

On joining congregants, Pastor Evelyn Joshua beamed with Heaven-inspired peace of heart as she told the people, “Make a joyful sound to the Lord!” She began by saying: “We want to thank God Almighty for the grace He has given to us to reopen a branch of this ministry in Akure, Ondo State.” Before requesting that clips of the event be shown, the woman of God read from Jeremiah 33:3 and urged congregants to resist the spirit of fear.

She assured them thus: “In life we have many reasons to be afraid but we have greater reasons not to be.” She also encouraged the people to trust in God always, never putting their trust in people, places or money. In particularly touching words, she said: “You may look worthless in the eyes of the people but the peace of conscience, peace that passes all understanding in your heart will show you your place in God.”

His Promises Stay Sure For All Time!

The Prayer Line Ministration/Laying of Hand Session was another opportunity for the people to witness how much God Almighty honours His promises. Before starting the session, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prophesied into the lives of the ailing: “Just believe and you will receive! You will be freed and you will be delivered!”

The Lord used the faculties of His daughter to bring healing to people with breast cancer, cervical and lumbar spondylosis, asthma, piles, swollen belly, leg ulcers, skin disease, epilepsy, mental disorder, drug addiction and numerous other conditions that had no choice but to hear the voice of the Most High.

Pregnant women also received bountifully from Jesus Christ!

Through the faculties of evangelists Ope, Chisom, Joseph and James, the work of healing, deliverance, breakthrough and all of God’s blessings continued in The Arena Of Liberty! As person upon person fell under the anointing, confessions flowed freely as agents of darkness gave up their evil assignments. Indeed, no demon was too stubborn to yield to God’s power!

And His Word Set Them Free!

To start the Mass Prayer session, Evangelist Chisom cited Psalm 66:18 and asked congregants to release their heart from every iniquity, bitterness and deep hurt. He asked them to pray: “I release myself from every offence, pain of the past, bitterness, deep hurt, in Jesus’ name!” He then stood on the believer’s authority to pray for the people: “Whatever spirit from your past that is disturbing your present and future – Out!”

Next to stand on God’s promises was Evangelist Joseph, who told congregants: “Every demon, contrary spirit, evil spirit – command it out!” He also told them to pray: “You demon, unclean spirit – I command you, I order you by the fire of the Holy Ghost – Out!” Finally, he prayed: “Spirit blocking your future, blocking your destiny, demons of all ranks – Out!”

On his part, Evangelist James prayed: “Whatever sickness in your kidney, liver, blood – Out! Be healed, in the name of Jesus! Be set free, in the name of Jesus! Every chain of affliction in your life, family – be broken!”

Evangelist Ope declaimed thus: “Every closed door to progress in my family, I call you by your name: Hear the Word of the Lord – be opened now!”

On joining the prayer chain, Pastor Evelyn Joshua asked congregants to say the Lord’s Prayer and to thank God for His blessings. She prayed: “Any mistake you might have made in the past that can stand between you and God’s promises – be removed right now, in the name of Jesus!”

Urging viewers all over the world to get rid of fear, the woman of God asked them to declare themselves free from every disease, pain, hurt, affliction. She prayed: “We declare freedom into your life, soul, body, spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua told congregants to pray: “Spirit of deliverance, blessing, breakthrough – come into my life.” He also prayed: “To those in darkness – be freed, in the name of Jesus! Spirit of the Father, Spirit of Liberation, Spirit of Healing, Spirit of Deliverance, Spirit of Jesus – come down! I command that darkness in your life – Out! Those in darkness of sickness – in your blood, liver, kidney – that fibroid – I command it out!”


Anointing Heals Fractured Leg!

Sometime in 2022, Victoria and her son Samuel had a serious motoring accident during which they sustained injuries. For many minutes after the accident, Victoria could only stare blankly as rescuers brought her injured son to her. It turned out that the boy had suffered a leg fracture that rendered him homebound and dependent on his mother to move around. Anxious to see her boy healed, Victoria moved from one hospital to another, in addition to seeking alternative therapy. But there was little improvement in Samuel’s condition. However, on acknowledging that Jesus Christ continues to heal the ailing, Victoria brought Samuel to The SCOAN Prayer Line, where he received ministration of the New Anointing Water. Mother and child then went home to continue prayerful ministration of the water while praying along on Emanuel TV. Soon, Samuel received his perfect healing and can now use both legs as he used to. “I am fine now!” exclaimed the 8-year-old during his testimony on March 5, 2023. Victoria advised people to trust God in every situation.

Demon Confesses, Vanishes From Promise’s Life!

When she was 16 years old, Promise had a dream in which the image of a familiar man got intimate with her. Years later, while in her second year of university, Promise did not see her menses for two straight months. Worried, she went to a nurse, who checked her and assured her that she had nothing to fear. Later on, the period returned but it would sometimes last for a month. From then on, Promise knew something was amiss. Eventually, doctors diagnosed her with hormonal imbalance, telling her that she seemed to be infertile. It soon dawned on Promise that she had been unable to make significant progress in life, including in her academics, career and relationships. She became depressed and stayed away from people. Even then, she would get angry over little things, causing her to have unstable interactions with friends and family. However, the end of her troubles came after a dream in which Promise encountered God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua, who gave her some anointed water to drink. Taking that as her cue to seek divine intervention, Promise made her way to The SCOAN on February 26, 2023 – and the Holy Spirit fell upon her and transformed her into a new creature. Instantly, she had regained strength as an anointed hand fell upon her. The demon in her then confessed before taking its permanent leave from her life. “If you have any weird dreams, tell your parents about it,” she advised young people like herself. She also advised the youth to embrace God. Promise’s sister confirmed the testimony. “She is now free from the spirit of anger,” she said. She gushed, “My sister is now warm towards me; I really thank God for her deliverance.”

When Kidney Stones Evaporated!

In 2022, Peter from Delta State, Nigeria suddenly started to experience waist pain and general bodily discomfort. Hospital tests claimed it was malaria, so doctors gave him the relevant drugs. Because the diagnosis was inaccurate, Peter’s drugs failed to work. Soon, he began to have severe difficulty in passing out solid waste. Eventually, a doctor found that the actual problem was kidney stones. “Drink more water,” the doctor advised the ailing man. Despite the water therapy, however, Peter never got better. He then decided to bring his case before God on August 21, 2022. On receiving an anointed touch, Peter had immediately regained vitality. When he returned to his base, he decided to take new tests, which confirmed that the kidney stones had indeed vanished. “I no longer experience pain or weakness,” he said during his testimony on March 5, 2023. He advised congregants, “Run to Jesus!”

Not Hindered by Distance: E-mail Testimonies From Phone Line And Other Mediums!

  • Carol from Ireland had been feeling pain in her tonsils sometime in February 2023. Her daughter had also been unwilling to eat. On calling the Prayer Line, Carol had vomited the poisonous substances in her system and the power of God had also impacted her daughter, who soon started eating with gusto!
  • South Africa-based Ebenezer, a Nigerian, had had a dream in which someone had injected him, causing him illness in real life. After calling the Prayer Line, Ebenezer saw his health restored in Jesus’ name!
  • A man called the Prayer Line over sharp pain in the neck leading to high blood pressure and erectile issues. Today he has recovered his health fully.
  • A Namibian woman testified about receiving a testimony via the medium of the Anointing Sticker. On waking up one morning, she had felt her body overwhelmed by pain. However, after praying with the sticker, she had gone into the restroom and sneezed out a huge mass from her nostrils!
  • Roseline from South Africa called the Prayer Line by mid-February 2023. After the call, she stopped seeing fluid coming out of her private part. She also stopped seeing dead people in her dreams. In a confirmatory dream, she saw an old man wailing over being ejected from her life. Indeed, God’s power conquers all!
  • While pregnant, Olivia from Uganda used to dream about losing her life alongside her baby. She then started praying along with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Later, she called the Prayer Line and on her day of delivery, she played a few more prayer videos of God’s servant. Within an hour, she had her baby without any fuss! Today, she, her baby and his father are in great health! Hallelujah!

After-Service Testimonies

After an accident, Emmanuel had had to start using crutches to aid his limited movement. Even more, every now then he felt pain all over his body. However, because he trusted God for his healing, he made his way to The SCOAN for prayer and now he can walk freely again! Discarding the crutches, he praised God for the name of Jesus Christ that does all things.

Four months previously, Hannah had started to feel pain in her neck and shoulder area due to spondylosis. However, on receiving prayer during the service, she began to move her neck and arms freely again – without needing a neck collar. She advised people to trust in God.

A woman from Equatorial Guinea came with the problems of difficulty in walking and breathing. To the glory of God, she returned home in full health. Thank You, Jesus!

People of God, these testimonies assure us that the age of miracles has not passed! As the Lord lives, you are next in line for the miracle of healing, deliverance and breakthrough for the ultimate salvation of your soul. Reach out to Jesus Christ right now and He will warmly embrace you. Emmanuel!

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