On Sunday, March 17, 2024, the grace of the Almighty brought the people yet again to The Arena Of Liberty, where God’s power always moves in incredible ways, settling the fundamental issues of life for all. Right from the opening prayer through to the praise and worship hour to the sermon and deliverance session, the Word worked in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring relief and freedom to not only those physically present but also those worshipping online from all over the world. They sang about God being God all by Himself. They sang of the wonders that the Lord has made. And, of course, they bowed down to worship Him. Inevitably, the atmosphere became so charged with the divine aura that no demon was left standing!

On that note, Evangelist Ope stepped onto the altar with the message “The Testimony Of Your Conscience”, reading from 2 Corinthians 1:12 as well as from verses 1-2 of the fourth chapter of the same book. “God is good and all the time God is good,” he reminded the people. The message also took readings from Romans 9:1, Romans 8:16, Romans 14:7, 2 Timothy 4:7-8, 2 Timothy 1:12 and Mark 8:38.

In his assertive articulateness, Evangelist Ope spoke pointedly on the need to have a conscience that does not bear witness against us. True children of God, he explained, would be those whose claims match their actions both in public and in private. He described the conscience as a divine instrument for discernment that “the Holy Spirit uses to guide you and me.” Speaking further, the evangelist noted that one is either for God or for satan, as there is no chance for spiritual neutrality. He therefore encouraged congregants to live only for Jesus Christ and to be ready to witness for Him before others through good works that edify God’s Kingdom.

According to Evangelist Ope, works that edify the Lord reflect the ideal Christian life, which is the life of Christ – a life marked by grace, godliness, discipline, submission to God’s Word and total surrender to the divine will. In closing the sermon, he urged the people thus: “Talk to someone about Jesus Christ. Tell someone about His love; tell them how He loves them, values them, cherishes their company and how He saved you.”

The God Of All Times And Seasons!  

“May your life continue to be fresh and renewed like the morning dew,” Pastor Evelyn Joshua said to the people as she joined them for the prayer ministration.

Before proceeding to lay hands on the people, the woman of God prayed: “God of all times and all seasons, we thank You, O Lord, that in Christ Jesus You have come to share with us all that life means to us. Lord God Almighty, we ask You to fill us with Your joy and peace, clothe us in Your righteousness. As we continue to worship You, to praise You in assurance that whatever life brings, whatever temptations, whatever trials that come our way, we will share your victory, Father, put smiles on our faces today, in the name of Jesus! Give us more testimonies today, in the name of Jesus Christ! Touch Your children today in a special way, in the name of Jesus Christ! Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Father! In Jesus’ holy and mighty name we pray! Amen.”  

For all who were present and those who connected by faith with God’s power in The Arena Of Liberty, the faculties of the woman of God were used to break down the stronghold of difficulty in walking, stomach ulcer, arthritis, partial stroke, hernia, drug addiction, high blood pressure, and piles, among others.

The anointing was also freely available for those suffering from skin disease, breast cancer, mental disorder, swollen belly, leg ulcers, evil spirit attacks, and other issues that do not embarrass Jesus Christ.  

Also eliminated for the people were impediments to safe delivery such as breech presentation, breast cancer, hormonal imbalance and demonic nightmares.

As the service entered the Laying Of Hands session, the atmosphere in The SCOAN Auditorium became unbearable for all untoward entities as fire from on High consumed them. Thank You, Jesus!   

Their Raging Storm Became Still!

“It is the will of God to bless you. It is the will of God to heal you. It is the will of God to deliver you,” Evangelist James told the people at the start of the Mass Prayer session.

He urged them to pray: “Lord Jesus, rain on me Your spirit of deliverance. You spirit that wants to hinder me – I command you, in the name of Jesus – Out! You unclean spirit, you family idol, you ancestral spirit that wants to stop me – I command you: Out! You unclean spirit using my weakness against me – I command you in the name of Jesus: Out!”

Evangelist Ope told the people to declare: “You spirit tormenting my life, efforts – anywhere you are – Holy Ghost Fire: Out!” He also prayed for them: “That spirit disturbing your peace, tormenting your life – loose your grip, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Chisom told the people: “Whatever spirit that is not of God in your body, causing you sickness, disease – say: Out, in the name of Jesus!” He also urged them to declare: “You sickness, disease – my body is not your dwelling place; your end has come. In the name of Jesus: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph told the people to decree: “You spirit of stagnation, you spirit of delay operating in my life, career, family, business – by the authority in the name of Jesus Christ, I order you: Give way, in the name of Jesus! You stagnation in my business, in my life – you spirit, you messenger of satan causing me delay – I order you: Out!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua said to congregants: “Ask Jesus Christ to command every sickness, every affliction out of your system. Ask every raging storm in your life to be still. Ask every mountain in your life to be levelled.”

The woman of God prayed: “We command the healing hand of Jesus Christ upon your life, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be delivered from that chain, from that cage! Cancel every appointment with disappointment! We command every garment of shame, sickness to be removed, in the name of Jesus! Receive your deliverance, in Jesus’ name! Receive your breakthrough, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

For viewers all over the world, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “We command every spirit that is tormenting your life, career, family to loose its grip, in the name of Jesus Christ! All that can stop you from receiving the blessings of God today – be removed, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every negative word spoken against you – be nullified, in the name of Jesus! Healing to your life, blessings to your life, deliverance to your life, freedom to your life, in the name of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua told the people: “Release your heart, in the name of Jesus! Rebuke every spirit that is not of God. Anything that has been holding your career, marriage, family, finances – right now, release yourself!” The man of God prayed: “Be released, in the name of Jesus! Every means people may have used to cage you, to attack you – be released, in the name of Jesus! Be released, in the name of Jesus! You evil spirit – I curse you, in the name of Jesus! You, satan, loose your grip and leave my people, in the name of Jesus! Be released, in the name of Jesus!”

Prophet TB Joshua further declared: “Whatever chain used to connect you to crises, hardship, nightmares, infirmity – begin to break those chains! Lord Jesus, remove every barrier, hindrance! Every familiar spirit in the lives of my people – leave, in the name of Jesus! Be released to a new beginning, in the name of Jesus Christ! Your pain, your nightmare is gone, in the name of Jesus!”


Anointing Restores Emmanuel To His Feet!

For several minutes during the healing and deliverance session of the service of March 10, 2023, the power of God was visible in Emmanuel’s body as he received prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Fluid loss as well as wear and tear in his spine had led to degenerative disc disease for the young man. “My body was battered by pain,” he said during his testimony a week later. “During the prayer, something like an electric shock went through me and life returned to my body,” he stated. Brimming with delight, Emmanuel spoke excitedly and forcefully as he demonstrated his newfound strength, after over a year of difficulty in walking. He advised people to look for a living church.

Freed From Cage Of Drinking, Masturbation And Stomach Trouble!

Apparently, Kamara had been poisoned in the dream by the powers of his mother’s household. This confession came out during the deliverance session of the service of March 10, 2024. Forced to admit its atrocities, the demon in Kamara said it had possessed him at age nine. “In my school days I used to eat grass and chalk, and I was a truant, spending time with bad gangs who taught me many bad things,” he said on March 17, 2024. In Kamara’s search for help, his mother had taken him to witch doctors, but that move worsened his situation. “I started to have severe stomach trouble from then on,” he said. He became addicted to alcohol and masturbation for decades. However, when he started to watch Emmanuel TV and pray along with Prophet TB Joshua, Kamara experienced God’s power. He recalled, “I stopped drinking and masturbating.” To the glory of God, his full deliverance happened after receiving a touch in The SCOAN on March 10, 2024. Since then, every ailment in his body has vanished! He advised the world to keep praying and seeking God in a living church.

Dark Veil From ‘Queen Of The Coast’ Lifted!

The ‘queen of the coast’ had been ruling Patience’s life right from childhood. So powerful, the demon claimed the lives of three of Patience’s siblings in one month, after having previously killed her father and blinding her mother. When Patience got old enough to marry, she had a hard time attracting a man. Eventually, she got married but ended up divorcing. “The first husband left, and then the second,” she told the world. Recalling those dark days, she said, “I used to see myself getting wedded in the dream, but in real life relationships were a huge problem for me.” Introduced to The SCOAN by a friend, Patience eagerly made her way to The Arena Of Liberty and the Holy Spirit expelled the demon in her. “My former husband has now reached out to me and is making efforts to help me and my children,” she told the church. Patience advised others, “No matter what you are passing through, you must seek God’s face.”

Rescued From The Marine Kingdom!

On March 10, 2024, God’s mercy again located Mercy as an evangelist engaged the demon in her during the deliverance session of The SCOAN Sunday Service. The demon persisted in calling Mercy ‘a princess from our marine kingdom’. The demon also told of how the God of Prophet TB Joshua had prevented Mercy from the wrath of the marine kingdom all through the years. The more the evangelist called the name of Jesus Christ, the more fire from Heaven burned the demon in Mercy. In the end, the demon succumbed. The following week, Mercy told the story of her past. “My mother lost several children,” she said, “until she approached people from the marine world who told her to dedicate me to them after I was born.” Mercy’s mother failed to do as instructed, so at age 15 Mercy fell ill. Her mother then took her to the marine forces. Meanwhile, Mercy had always seen herself as a special being. As time went on, she found it hard to get into a serious relationship. “My people from the marine world were upset when I fell in love with a man,” she said. Along the line, Mercy made her way to a Living Water Service in The SCOAN. Afterwards, she felt peace in her heart. “However,” she continued, “my friends from the marine world gave me no rest until they managed to link up with me again through my mother, who was lying ill in the village.” Mercy had given money to some priestess who acted as an agent to the marine world. “From then on, they began to feed me in the dream but God’s power in the Living Water helped me to vomit all that they gave me,” she disclosed. Since her deliverance last week, Mercy has had confirmatory dreams about her new life in Jesus Christ. She advised people to maintain their deliverance by sticking with God. She also advised women to avoid seeking children from the devil.  

And Michael Breaks Free From All Dark Powers!

“This one is our wife; we make love to him in the dream and everything good coming to him vanishes. This one is supposed to be for God but we have given him addiction to drugs. And his family is nowhere.” Those were some of the confessions made by the demons in Michael as a SCOAN evangelist uttered words of fire during the deliverance session of the service of March 10, 2024. The following Sunday, Michael returned to church to testify. He recalled how he used to get intimate in the dream even though he was just a little boy. As time went on, he dropped out of junior secondary school. “I started to take drugs, drink alcohol and masturbate,” he continued. He also told of how he had joined a cult as a way to protect himself. Despite all those efforts, Michael remained unfulfilled. Eventually, he found Emmanuel TV and started to pray along with Prophet TB Joshua. “One night, after praying with the man of God, I saw him order my release from where I had been chained,” he told the church. Realising that God was now at work in his case, Michael decided to make his way to The SCOAN. Since his deliverance, every evil spirit dogging his dreams has vanished! He advised the youth to hold on to God and to realise that prayers on Emmanuel TV are not time-bound.  

“No Power Supersedes That Of God And I Have Found That In The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations,” Declares Man Who Vomited Evil ‘Diamond’

“I just don’t know how I got into this! Please let me go! It was a mistake coming here today!” Those were the words from the demon in Michael as it confessed its diabolical mission during the service of March 10, 2024. Upon being touched by a SCOAN evangelist, Michael had vomited a fetish object that had been lodged in his neck for the last 28 years. “The power was given to me for recruiting people into our temple,” he said as the evangelist queried him on his mission. Intervening during the service, Pastor Evelyn Joshua reminded the world, “The foundation of The Synagogue was laid by Jesus Christ.” She then urged the man to surrender to God’s power so that he could continue to enjoy divine mercy. A week after, Michael returned to share his full testimony. He began by recalling his heady polytechnic days of the 1980s. “I dropped out of the programme and returned home, hoping to live on my father’s assets,” he said. Along the line, an uncle supposedly came to ‘rescue’ Michael by giving him a meal spiked with something from the dark world. From then on, Michael started to find himself in strange places, his uncle having made some incisions on his chest. “My uncle rubbed a powdery substance into the incisions on my chest and I was supposed to become rich,” he continued.

However, Michael’s life remained stagnant even as he carried on recruiting people into satan’s kingdom. Realising that Michael was facing a spiritual problem, his wife attempted to take him to different churches. “I refused to go with her and she eventually left after thunder struck my ceiling and a cat fell into my room,” he stated. Michael then decided to come to The SCOAN in hopes of finding rich targets to recruit into his kingdom. “I know that there are well-to-do people in this church,” he said. He had been hoping for a disorderly atmosphere where he would be able to achieve his mission. Although Michael had tried to escape from the church as the service got too hot for him, he could not move until the evangelist touched him and God’s power caused him to vomit the evil ‘diamond’ lodged inside the back of his neck. “I am now empty of this evil power,” he confessed as he told of how his former diabolical accomplices sought to retrieve their ‘power’ from him. Since his deliverance, Michael can now sleep peacefully all night. “Before now, I could not sleep for four hours at a stretch because I was always working for the kingdom of darkness, recruiting no fewer than 200 people every day,” Michael said, shocking viewers all over the world. For his words of advice, Michael said, “No power supersedes that of God and I have found that in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations.” He continued, “Now, I realise that the power here was planted by God Almighty!” Finally, he said, “For the rest of my life, I will always be under the shadow of the Almighty God.”

E-mail Testimonies

  • A pregnant woman from Lesotho called The Emmanuel TV Prayer Line on 6 March 2023, having been experiencing severe nightmares. A month later, she had her baby naturally and effortlessly!
  • In 2021, Makebula from South Africa was diagnosed with iron deficiency. The situation subsequently improved after she started to take supplements. In February 2024, however, she found that her haemoglobin level had gone down. She then called the Prayer Line, after which her blood component readings all normalised! She also got a new job by the grace of God!
  • Clementia from South Africa sent in a prayer request on safe delivery. When labour pangs came, Clementia made her way to the hospital and had her baby boy with ease!
  • After following Prophet TB Joshua’s ministrations, Veronica from Malawi was healed of stomach trouble and menstrual cramps that had defied medications. Since November 2023, she has been free from all pain. She has also secured a job that was beyond her expectations! She declared, “My life is a testimony!”

After-Service Testimonies

Justina had eaten poisoned food and had suffered so much discomfort that took her to hospitals – all to no avail. As soon as the anointing fell on her during the Mass Prayer session, she expelled the poison in her system. Now she no longer feels any discomfort in her body. Emmanuel!

This woman vomited poisonous substances during the Mass Prayer session. She had been suffering heartburn and abdominal pain, but now she no longer feels any pain. Thank You, Jesus!

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