In The Arena Of Liberty, Palm Sunday 2024 was a mightily impactful service for physical and virtual congregants from all over the world. As sinners who acknowledge their imperfections,  the people asked that mercy and compassion from the Son Of ­David speak for them. Assured of this mercy they sang: “The Blood Of Jesus Set Me Free!” Then they went on to glorify the Lord’s name for the wonders of creation. “Praise The Lord/Praise The Lord/Let The Earth Rejoice/Give Him The Glory/Great Things He Has Done!” They also sang of the certainty of not walking alone, seeing that they have the backing of Jesus Christ, their Saviour.

The day’s sermon underscored the essence of Palm Sunday, paying attention to Jesus’ commitment to the cause of saving humanity through His sacrificial death on the Cross. After announcing the message title as “STAY FOCUSED”, Evangelist Chisom read from Matthew 20:17-19 and Matthew 21:9. He stressed the Saviour’s complete focus on doing the bidding of the Father and ignoring all distractions from the world. Jesus did not pay heed to whether the people were cheering or jeering Him, the preacher observed.

In like manner, Evangelist Chisom carried on, Christians must maintain their focus in life by strictly following divine instructions and ignoring human testimony, which is severely limited by sense evidence, that is, “what they see, hear, and what their circumstance looks like.” Accordingly, he noted that a broken focus is mostly the result of paying heed to applause or censure from fellow humans. The result of ignoring God’s viewpoint, he said, is ending up in fear, worry and anxiety. In his words: “When your focus is on your destination, whatever happens around you will not matter to you. You are what you give your attention to.”

Evangelist Chisom also cited Acts 14:8-19 and Proverbs 4:25-27 as he drove home his point about the lasting impact of Christ’s journey to the grave, which started with His Triumphal entry into Jerusalem. “Whether the world laughs or frowns at you,” he warned congregants, “always remember it is an enemy.” He then concluded with these powerful words from Prophet TB Joshua: “If you want to be celebrated when you come to the end of your days, you must stay focused. Remember, the beauty of our achievements is when we no longer live but our achievements continue to linger in the eyes and ears of generations yet unborn.”

A Day Of Triumph For All!

“Happy Triumphal Entry!” Pastor Evelyn Joshua greeted congregants as she joined them in the auditorium. Minutes before, she had been just outside the church with the children as they dramatised Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.

In the light of the different utterances made by the people as Jesus made His way into Jerusalem, Pastor Evelyn Joshua charged congregants thus: “Whatever song that is in your mouth concerning Jesus Christ, concerning His person, concerning His church, concerning His servants – the choice is yours.” She went on: “Be a faithful follower of Christ Jesus. Be that faithful man, faithful child towards Him.” She also reminded them, “In good times and bad times alike, Jesus is Lord!”

The woman of God also said words of encouragement to the testifier who received healing from difficulty in walking through God’s power in the Anointing Sticker. She prayed for him: “The battle that God Almighty has fought and won in your life shall never raise its head again, in the name of Jesus!”

Turning towards the people at the Prayer Line, the woman of God prayed: “We thank You, Father, for the grace You came to give us so that we can enjoy the good life that You have promised us.”

Among the petitions granted by the Throne Of Grace were difficulty in walking, affliction of convulsion, swollen belly, alcohol addiction, fire burns, prostate cancer, foot ulcers, mental disorder, epilepsy, hernia, skin disease, diabetes, and poor vision, as well as other visible and invisible problems in the people’s lives.

Pastor Evelyn Joshua also ministered to several pregnant women in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. She equally prayed for those suffering from ceased menstruation and barrenness.

Indeed, the fire of the Holy Ghost burned brightly inside The Arena Of Liberty as the woman of God and The SCOAN Evangelists ministered prayers of healing, deliverance and breakthrough for the ultimate salvation of souls.

Instant Testimony – The God Of Double Relief!

Among the instant testimonies shared were those of two young men who received relief after prayer over fire burns. The testifiers were also blessed with a cash gift of three hundred thousand naira!

Mass Prayer

“Salvation, healing and good health – those shall be your portion, in Jesus’ name!” said Pastor Evelyn Joshua at the start of the Mass Prayer session.

Citing Isaiah 10:27, the woman of God assured the people that burdens would be lifted off their shoulders and yokes off their necks. “Ask God to anoint every word that comes out of your mouth,” she told them. The people prayed: “Lord Jesus Christ, give me the grace to keep the Word of the Holy Spirit in my mouth and in every conversation. Lord Jesus Christ, inspire me to practise Your virtue. Lord Jesus Christ, restore me to the original position You created me!”

The woman of God prayed: “Every good thing that God has blessed you with – begin to reproduce, in the name of Jesus Christ! I command the healing power of Jesus into your life, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be healed of that affliction, pain, disease, in the name of Jesus, by the Blood of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Ghost! Every darkness in your life – receive light, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every stagnation in your life – receive light, in the name of Jesus Christ! Move, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed on: “Father, touch Your children for blessing, breakthrough, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every dark veil, every dirty veil that has been covering your destiny – we command them to be torn right now, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every trouble in your life that refuses to go all these years – we command them to leave right now, in the name of Jesus Christ! Receive your freedom – freedom from failure, disappointment, poverty, hatred, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

For viewers all over the world, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “In the name of Jesus Christ, every satanic influence operating in your life – be broken! Every satanic power operating in your business, in your marriage, any negative pronouncement over your life, career, destiny – be broken today, in the name of Jesus Christ! By the power that healed the cripple at the Beautiful Gate, be healed today, in the name of Jesus Christ! By the power that gave victory to David, be victorious in your challenges today, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Evangelist Joseph told the people: “Right now command every demon, contrary spirit, familiar spirit out of your life, in the name of Jesus Christ.” Congregants prayed: “You demon, familiar spirit, your end has come; you are darkness. I order you: Out, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Evangelist James urged the people to pray: “You unclean spirit, familiar spirit operating in my life, family – I command you: Out, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Evangelist Ope asked the people to declare: “You spirit of affliction operating in my family, life – anywhere you are: Out, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Chisom told the people to declare: “You spirit of poverty operating in my family, you spirit of disappointment, setback operating in my business, finances – out, in the name of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua declared: “Lord Jesus, I speak Your name. O Jesus, touch their bodies, touch their spirits for deliverance! Receive your deliverance, in the name of Jesus! Whatever spirit that is not of God – spirit of killing, failure, setback – be delivered, in the name of Jesus! You spirit of setback, failure, affliction – leave my people, in the name of Jesus. Be healed! Whatever spirit that stands in your way – receive your deliverance! Whatever spirit that stands in your way – be it the spirit of setback, nightmares – receive your deliverance, in the name of Jesus! I can hear, cancer leaving, fibroids falling! Whatever disease in your body, whatever spirit around you – leave my people, in the name of Jesus Christ!”


“I Am A Witness To God’s Power In The SCOAN,” Says Woman Healed Of Leg Ulcer

On August 20, 2023, Francisca received prayer in The SCOAN as the evangelists ministered alongside Pastor Evelyn Joshua. Months before, she had been involved in a ghastly accident in which her tricycle rolled over no fewer than seven times. “It was only by the grace of God that I survived that accident,” she told the church on March 24, 2024, during her testimony. Despite not being diabetic, Francisca found that her injury was refusing to heal, with at least two doctors not being able to help her. “I was helpless and in severe pain, and the doctors suggested possible amputation,” she continued. Although Francisca was troubled in mind and body, her husband acted in faith and suggested visiting The Arena Of Liberty. To the glory of God, the service of August 20, 2023 marked Francisca’s liberation from the leg ulcer that had threatened to disfigure her. “After receiving prayer in The SCOAN,” she disclosed, “I started ministering the New Anointing Water on my leg and all my trouble ended, as my flesh started growing back.” The excited woman said, “I am a witness to God’s power in The SCOAN.” Her husband, Godwin, said he had shared in his wife’s discomfort but was grateful to God for proving His name again. He advised the people, “Believe in God and the efficacy of His power.”  

A Bouquet Of Blessings For Two Brothers!

Davison, a young Nigerian professional footballer based in Cyprus, had sustained a right-ankle injury during training in September. Despite receiving extensive treatment, Davison remained unable to use the leg, with negative implications for his career. “I had tried to treat the wound by myself but another knock to it put me out of action completely,” he said on March 24, 2024. “You have torn a ligament and you will be unable to play for at least nine months,” his doctors told him. Depressed about the state of his career, Davison took his parents’ advice to visit The SCOAN for prayer. “I fell down as the woman of God laid an anointed hand upon me on March 17, 2024,” he said, “and when she pulled me up compassionately I felt light instantly.” He advised others not to doubt God’s power.

There was another testimony for Davison’s family, as the footballer’s younger brother equally received prayer over his mental health on March 17, 2024. “My problem was the result of drug addiction, which I got into while in school,” he disclosed to the church. “I was depressed and distanced myself from my family; I could barely sleep,” he continued. Following the touch by Pastor Evelyn Joshua, Samson felt his muscles and nerves relax and he subsequently fell asleep on the church premises. He advised the youth to draw close to God and to stop taking drugs. Their mother, Gloria, said they had come to church to return all the glory to God Almighty for having mercy on her family.

Baby In Breech Restored To Normal Position, Delivered With Ease In The Home!

On January 14, 2024, heavily pregnant Mrs. Thomas was in The SCOAN to seek the face of God over her breech presentation. “I did not want to undergo surgery,” she confessed on March 24, 2024, with her newborn baby on her lap. She confirmed that it was during the prayer that her baby changed to the normal position, to the surprise of doctors. The prayer also made the pregnancy more bearable overall for Mrs. Thomas. The grateful woman continued, “I called the Prayer Line one morning and my baby came out right inside my home!” Her husband, who witnessed the miraculous birth, advised others to have faith in God.

Rescued From The Cage Of A Spirit Husband!

“Who are you, in the name of Jesus?” asked the evangelist as he tackled the demon in Damilola’s life. The answer came instantly, “I’m her husband!” Probing further, the evangelist asked what the demon had done to Damilola. And the foul spirit responded, “I have chewed her womb.” Damilola’s husband, Adesina, then disclosed during the deliverance session that his wife’s presence in his life had caused his fortune to nosedive. “I started selling off my property but recovered it all when I sent her away and prayed to the God of Prophet TB Joshua,” he said. During the couple’s testimony, it transpired that Damilola had been afflicted with a spirit husband – a fact known to her mother. “She tried to help me, but she did not succeed until she passed away,” Damilola admitted. She also confessed to acting aggressively towards her real-life husband because of the spirit husband that had been bothering her life. “I had resisted coming to the church with him, but God touched my heart and met me at the point of my need on March 17, 2024,” she went on.  Damilola told of how she had expelled poisonous substances from her system as she visited the restroom after her deliverance. Her husband advised men to seek God’s face over their marital issues.

From Grumpy Old Woman To Cheerful Beneficiary Of Grace!

On March 10, 2024, senior citizen Temitayo received prayer as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered the prayer of healing and deliverance to the people. She had been suffering from difficulty in walking caused by diabetes. The hospital worker had struck her waist against a cabinet while in the kitchen. “I fell down and could not move for many minutes until I managed to crawl into the sitting room, calling on the God of Prophet TB Joshua,” she told the church on March 24, 2024. “I used to be a grumpy old woman because of the pain I was feeling,” she added. With her medications not working effectively, Temitayo made her way to church and the spirit of God located her. Now she can walk freely and do the things that she had been unable to do for so many years. She advised people to rely on God. “God will take away your problems,” she ended.

Indian Woman Witnesses Divine Removal Of Ovarian Cysts And Fatty Liver Disease!

On February 18, 2024, Sanjita was in The SCOAN for prayer over ovarian cysts and fatty liver disease. She had been to hospitals in Nigeria over the issues. “I was told to go to India for treatment, but my sister advised me to come to The SCOAN for prayer,” she told the church on March 24, 2024. Sanjita continued, “I received a touch from Heaven that made me dizzy, and afterwards I became healed.” Her brother-in-law, whose wife had once received a miracle in 2013 through The SCOAN, said he had advised his brother to bring his wife to The SCOAN for prayer. To the glory of God, tests have now confirmed that Sanjita is free from ovarian cyst and fatty liver disease. Her in-law advised people to believe in the God of Prophet TB Joshua. “As an Indian, I am quite proud to be here in The Synagogue, and I miss Prophet TB Joshua,” he declared with all seriousness.

With Faith In His Heart, Ghanaian Man Recovers From Numbness Of Hands And Feet As He Meditates With Anointed Sticker!

On the morning of January 22, 2024, Martin fell inside the house. Doctors then recommended drugs to him. “After two weeks, I felt no relief and the doctors reviewed my case, taking out some of the drugs and adding others,” he said on March 24, 2024. He was down with difficulty in walking and numbness of the hands and feet. As a viewer of Emmanuel TV, Martin had resolved to make his way to Lagos, Nigeria. As he struggled towards the church, he started to feel strange sensations. When he managed to get close to the church premises, with the assistance of his wife and sister, Martin found his sensations intensifying. Shortly afterwards, an evangelist brought him the Anointed Sticker and Martin began to mediate with faith in his heart. “Within minutes, I got up and walked across the road,” he said, even as he further showed evidence of God’s work in his life. He advised others to seek God’s help over their issues. His wife and brother confirmed the healing, urging all to believe in God.

17 Years After, Mojisola’s Gruesome Vaginal Growth Remains A Thing Of The Past!

On April 8, 2007, Mojisola, then a newly-wed 37-year-old, was in The SCOAN for divine intervention over a gruesome vaginal growth that had suddenly come upon her. As God’s mightily anointed servant, Prophet TB Joshua, ministered in the name that is above every other name – Jesus Christ – that macabre growth burst open and blood trickled to the floor. It was just four months after Mojisola’s marriage. She told the church on March 24, 2024, 17 years after: “It all started after I felt a pinch in my vagina as I squatted to urinate in the bathroom.” As dawn broke, Mojisola started to feel excruciating pain that doctors could not stop with any of their medications. The second day, amidst all the commotion, her husband resolved to bring her to The SCOAN for prayer. “The man of God tapped my lap twice and asked me to stand up,” the woman recalled. “Then I went to the restroom to check myself,” she added. Minutes later, she left the church on a motorbike, telling her husband, “Stay on in the service and join me at home when you finish.” It was a strange sight for everyone in Mojisola’s compound at the time. “They thought I was a ghost, as they believed I could never have survived,” she said with excitement. That night she slept like a baby. “But I woke up to blood all over my bed,” she went on. To the glory of God, however, that blood was the return of Mojisola’s menses! The following month, she fell pregnant! Today, she is the mother of teenagers Elisha and Elijah, 16 years old and 13 years old respectively! Mojisola advised everyone to run to God for solutions to their issues. Her husband glorified God for the spectacular miracle!  

After-Service Testimonies

Hilary had been eating in the dream to the extent that he started experiencing stomachache in real life. The development made life difficult for him. During the Mass Prayer session, the power of God located him and instantly ended the stomachache that had threatened his peace. He feels very light now, as the yoke of demonic food is off his life! 

Dorcas had been suffering from stomach trouble. During the Mass Prayer session, she vomited some poisonous substances after which her stomach trouble stopped immediately!

Constance had been suffering from severe chest pain that had defied medication. During the Mass Prayer session, she received her miraculous healing!

This man and woman were also touched by God’s power during the Mass Prayer session. Thank You, Jesus Christ!

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