On Friday, July 28, 2023, the unfathomable raw power of God manifested yet again in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. The momentous event was The Living Water Service – the second such service under the superintendence of Pastor Evelyn Joshua. In their thousands, people converged on The Arena Of Liberty to present their supplications to the Son Of David, Who always shows mercy and compassion to those who come before Him in humility and acknowledgement of their unworthiness.

As God’s General, Prophet TB Joshua, constantly reminded the people, God can use any medium to express His power and the Living Water is one such medium. The man of God had taught the people to approach The Altar Of Prayer with these words on their lips: “Son Of David, have mercy on me. Let Your mercy and favour speak for me.” And without fail, those who make these requests end up witnessing significant transformation of their lives – in terms of their health, finances, family, business, career, etc.   

The service began with songs of worship, especially Prophet TB Joshua-composed songs extolling the power of the Holy Spirit over the affairs of humankind, such as “Take More Of Me” and “Spirit Pray Through Me”. For many minutes, the choristers also led the people to declare in song: “Out Of My Belly/Shall Flow Rivers/Rivers Of Living Waters!” As the worship intensified, the anointing saturated not only The SCOAN Auditorium but also the Overflow Section and the immediate premises of The SCOAN.

Shortly afterwards, Pastor Evelyn Joshua came on The Altar and declared: “God is with us!” And in words echoing God’s General she stated, “In The Arena Of Liberty, the key is not to suppress the flesh but to walk in the Spirit.” She went on to give a short exhortation on Jesus Christ’s role in the believer’s life. “I am here to declare to you that morning is coming to your life, in Jesus’ name,” she told congregants and viewers all over the world before stating her sermon title as “JESUS CARES”.

While the proof text was John 4:4-16, the woman of God also read from or cited Psalm 30:5, Romans 6:23, Psalm 42:1-2 and Hebrews 11:6. She assured the people, “Christ is concerned about both your physical and spiritual healing,” even as she explained that “the message of the Gospel is that Jesus is love.” She urged congregants to be mindful of their sinfulness while striving to lead a life that is pleasing to God. “Stop having sympathy for sin; be angry at your own sin and be free from its clutches,” she warned.

Although she acknowledged that satanic powers may sometimes keep people bowed down in bondage and make them commit all kinds of shameful acts,” she also made it clear that believers need to understand that salvation is about their future successes. She described God’s gift to humankind as salvation for eternal life (Romans 6:23). She therefore encouraged the people to seek God and to embrace faith. She concluded thus: “Do not build your future around your past, for there is no condemnation, no guilt for all who are in Christ Jesus! Walk in the light of your testimony today!”

Right afterwards, the people saw clips from a previous Living Water Service where Prophet TB Joshua had declared peace upon the people as he urged them to go to The Altar Of Prayer only in submission to God. After the clips, Pastor Evelyn Joshua then proceeded to sanctify The Altar Of Prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

In batches, congregants filed onto The Altar Of Prayer to present their supplications to God Almighty. In faith they prayed. In faith they drank! Expectedly, instant testimonies were recorded as people began to do what they had been unable to do before. As many dropped their medical devices, they exclaimed: “Thank You, Jesus Christ!”

Later in the service, Pastor Evelyn Joshua addressed congregants at the Overflow Section.

As the woman of God made her way to the Overflow Section, she beheld a woman being troubled by foul spirits. Nudged by the Holy Spirit, she stopped to minister one-on-one prayer to the woman and the foul spirits fled at her fire-backed command!

Joining the thousands who were already on the ground, were thousands more who kept trooping in, determined not to miss out on the divine blessings in store. Despite the harsh sun during daytime, as well as the inconvenience they had to suffer staying in seemingly interminable queues, the relentless seekers endured all that needed to be borne. It was therefore no surprise that the Living Water Service could not end until around 6am on Saturday, July 29, 2023, when the last person on the queue had got their own chance to mount The Altar Of Prayer. And then the Heavens opened as if on cue – a sign that God Almighty had indeed been aware of His people’s patience and had sealed their blessings of healing, deliverance and breakthrough with the rain!    


Testimonies From Previous Living Water Services

At Living Water Service, 60-Year-Old Charity Gains The Sense Of Smell For The First Time

On Friday, September 22, 2022, a 60-year burden was lifted off the head of Helen from Nigeria’s Bayelsa State. “I could not smell anything,” said Helen about a year later as she testified at The SCOAN Living Water Service of July 28, 2023. She said the problem had been inherited from her father. On climbing The Altar Of Prayer, Helen had ministered the Living Water on herself and had vomited the poisonous substances in her system. A year later, her testimony stays. “No matter how bad your situation may be, believe in God and He will meet you at the fountain of the Living Water,” she advised the world. Her sister, Charity, confessed to having been cheating her sister out of her perfumes, even as she is grateful for the healing that Charity has received.

Eye Problem Vanishes, Major Career Award Won After Prayer At Living Water Service

On Monday, February 10, 2020, Ramsey was at The Living Water Service presided by Prophet TB Joshua. Since 2018, owing to a problem with his right eye, he had been dependent on medicated glasses to do his work effectively as a graphic artist. During his testimony on July 28, 2022, Ramsey said, “I went on The Altar and prayed to God to touch my eye and elevate me in my career, before I went to minister the water on my eye and face.” To the glory of God, Ramsey’s eye problem vanished. “The hot sensation went away,” he told the church. Since then, Ramsey has gone on to win a major award in his career. “Just continue to have faith,” he advised others.

Miraculous Healing For Grievously Injured Hand

Daniel was at The SCOAN Living Water Service on September 22, 2022. He had not only ministered the Living Water on himself but had also mixed some of it with bottled water, with which he kept praying when he returned home. Sometime later, he suffered a grievous industrial accident that involved his right hand. “I’m afraid that this hand will have to be amputated,” Daniel’s doctor had told him. “Please try your best,” the injured man had begged. Although the doctor did his very best, the hand remained quite messy and its fingers could not move. However, after his discharge, Daniel turned to the Living Water and started asking God for mercy. In a short while, the hand healed beyond doctors’ expectations and Daniel can now use it freely! He advised people to believe in God at all times.

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