In the journey of life, impatience is always very costly. Most of our mistakes happen because of impatience. Many want fame, popularity, wealth, and possessions at all costs, not minding the source. Your source can either be Jesus Christ or satan.

Who is your source? The blessings of this world is a fading thing, so also is the life on which it is bestowed. Satan is a master deceiver; whatever that is sourced from him comes with conditions and ends in misery. When satan gives you something that looks like a solution with his right hand, he takes it back from you with his left hand—usually something your life depends on, something you cherish most.

Jesus Christ is the best Source—in fact, our only Source. Whatever that is not sourced from Him cannot stand the test of time.

Today, many don’t want to wait for God’s time; everyone wants to take shortcuts, and in doing so, they find themselves in costly and regrettable situations.

Be patient and let God answer you on His schedule and not on yours. God’s timing is perfect, His time is the best, and His schedule is always on time. The basis of your relationship should not be the blessings you receive but rather the Source of the blessings, which is Jesus Christ. So, make Him your Source, for whatever comes from Him will stand the test of time.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, give me the strength and grace to make You my only source, in Jesus’ name! Amen!