The SCOAN Choir lit up the atmosphere with the fire of the Holy Spirit as they sang of God’s power and unending graciousness. First they sang: “We Give You Thanks For All You Have Done!” Then they pled for His mercy while admitting their own incapacity. “We Have No Power Of Our Own/Holy Spirit, We Look Upon You!” they led the people to sing. They also asked for God to arise and scatter the enemy’s camp.

The day’s message was given by Evangelist Joseph, who read from Matthew 5:14-16, John 1:9-12 and 1 John 5:12. Titled “ACTIVATE THE WORD”, the message was about how to make God’s Word work for us. “We activate God’s Word by studying and meditating on the Word, making the Word an integral part of us,” he said, after reading from Psalm 119:105.

The preacher spoke to the people about the need to assert the reality of God’s promises always. He said: “Stir up God’s Word in you: ‘I am blessed of the Lord. I am getting better. I am Jesus’ best. Whatever I do, I prosper. The grace of God is working in my life. I work in blessing, healing and deliverance. I’m always stationed to attract God’s attention at all times’.” He also told them to be a source of light in a dark world. In his words: “Our Lord Jesus says that we are the light of the world. Therefore, activate God’s light in your life so that you can illuminate your world.”

At The Prayer Line, God’s Power Never Fails!

At the Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua read from Isaiah 26:24 and urged the people to rely on God’s assurances. Then she prayed: “Father, let Your anointing flow, breaking every yoke and settling all questions. Let Your healing, deliverance, blessings flow and meet Your children at the point of their needs. In Jesus Christ’s name, we pray!”

Standing on the believer’s authority, the woman of God and the evangelists spoke with faith and heavenly assurance as they declared healing, freedom and breakthrough upon all. There were cases such as difficulty in walking, piles, diminished hearing, swollen legs, ovarian cancer, facial swelling due to benign tumour, acute appendicitis, asthma, breast cancer, measles, sickle cell anaemia, skin disease, drug addiction, Parkinson’s disease and mental disorder, etc.

Pregnant women also received prayers over various conditions affecting their coming babies.

From The Prayer Line the woman of God and the evangelists moved to the centre of the auditorium to lay anointed hands on people who had come from far and near. As each person received a touch, the evidence of Jesus Christ became evident immediately, causing permanent transformation in each recipient’s life.

Efficacy Of The Activated Word

Starting the Mass Prayer session, Evangelist Chisom told congregants to declare: “My case file has been touched!” He then told them to pray: “Whatever spirit that is standing against me and the promise of God – I command you in the name of Jesus: Out! You spirit, demon tormenting my life, family – I command you by the fire of the Holy Ghost: Out! You sickness, disease, affliction – my body is not your temple; I command you by the power in the Blood of Jesus: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants to pray: “You poison in my system, blood, heart, kidneys, liver – I command you: Out! You closed door to my destiny, future, career, breakthrough – I command you in the name of Jesus: Be opened!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua told the church: “Begin to disconnect yourself from every demonic bondage, curse. Wash yourself with the Blood of Jesus Christ. Every constant experience of failure, backwardness, disappointment, poverty – begin to speak against them in the name of Jesus!” She also told the people to pray: “Any power that is challenging the power of God in my life, that is challenging my divine destiny – be removed!” Further, she prayed: “All friends of darkness in your life – be removed!”

Turning to viewers all over the world Pastor Evelyn Joshua asked them to pray: “Satan, get out of my way!” She also told them: “Every spirit that steals, kills, destroys – begin to cast them out!” Continuing the prayer, she declared: “Receive your healing, deliverance, blessings, breakthrough! Breakthrough in your life, business, career, family!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua decreed: “Every root of bitterness, jealousy, deep pain, deep hurt – be destroyed, uprooted! I command that spirit of anger, unforgiving spirit, jealousy and envy: Out! Every hidden sickness, disease, every hidden familiar spirit: Out! I command every spirit around you: Out, in the name of Jesus! I command every spirit that disturbs your life, business, marital life: Out! You evil spirit, familiar spirit – I command you out, in the name of Jesus! In the name of Jesus Christ, I release your career for your destiny! In Jesus Christ’s name, we pray!”


After Two Years Of Pain, Gloria Walks Freely Again!

An anointed tap on the head. A fall. And a rising up. Then, “Thank You, Jesus!” That was the sequence for Gloria from the Republic of Benin on April 16 in The Arena Of Liberty. For over two years, she had been suffering from difficulty in walking due to waist pain following an injury. “I could not do anything for myself,” she said. “My husband took me to so many places before we came here,” she added, while testifying a week later. She then demonstrated all that she had been unable to do before and told the church that she no longer needed her knee bandage, which had been removed immediately after prayer. Gloria’s, husband, Boniface, joined her in thanking God for the healing. He advised people to trust in God.

Rig Engineer Healed Of Kidney Stones Without Surgery!

Robert, a Ghanaian rig engineer working in Asia, had been at work one day when he started vomiting after eating. Although he got immediate treatment in the city where the mine was located, Robert did not get better. Doctors then referred him to another hospital in the capital city. But Robert told them he would prefer to return home after being diagnosed with kidney stones. On getting to Ghana, Robert took a step of faith by going to The SCOAN for prayer on February 23, 2023. Following a touch by Pastor Evelyn Joshua in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Robert returned home and quickly went for a medical check. “Your kidney stones are gone,” doctors confirmed to him. Within days of the divine report, Robert had returned to work and has remained free since then. He advised people to place their faith in Jesus Christ.

A Prodigal Son Retraces His Steps After Deliverance

During the service of Sunday, April 16, 2023, Victor was liberated from a family curse that had had kept him stagnant in life. He had dropped out of school and become wayward, much to his parents’ disappointment. In his quest for quick money, Victor had visited a witch doctor in the company of friends. Although Victor did make some money, he never used it well. “I wasted it on frivolous things,” he told the church on April 23. A major consequence of Victor’s pact with the satanic kingdom was affliction with the spirit causing nightmares and masturbation. “Today I am free!” he declared. He advised people to seek God first. His father thanked God for the deliverance and transformation, while advising parents to monitor their children closely.   

God’s Light Falls Upon Bridget And Her Marriage!

While growing up, Bridget used to eat food sacrificed to idols. She did not know that doing so would later affect her in life. “I began to have dreams in which I would see someone having sex with me,” she said. She and her siblings suffered delay in many areas of life, including marriage. Luckily for her, however, she eventually met a man who committed to helping her break free from the yoke in her life. It was this man who introduced her to Emmanuel TV and finally brought her to The SCOAN. On receiving a touch in the mighty name of Jesus Christ on Sunday, April 16, 2023, Bridget became a new person altogether. She told the church how she has become loving towards her husband. “I no longer swim or eat in the dream,” she added. “Always believe in God and wait for your time,” she advised congregants. Her husband, Friday, gave a recap of the situation, saying: “I always assured her that the God of Prophet TB Joshua would see her through one day.”

Rescued From The Jaws Of Spirit Of Anger!

Right from childhood, Clement from Cross River State had known that there was something strange about him. “I used to feel like hurting my friends anytime they came to my house,” he said on April 23. As he grew older, he began to find himself increasingly isolated as friends deserted him one after the other. To check the situation, he had made his way to church for prayer on Sunday, April 16, 2023 and a hand of deliverance had fallen on him. Since then, Clement’s life has changed for the better. He advised people to move close to God.  

He Was Ready To Leave The World But God Said, ‘Not Yet’!

Friday had come to The SCOAN for prayer over his problem of skin disease, which had started after a dying aunt willed her assets to him. After visiting several hospitals, Friday had failed to get better. Eventually, a relative invited him to The SCOAN and Friday got the gift of the New Anointing Water. Within two weeks of ministering the water, Friday became fully healed! “I no longer feel any pain and my skin is restored,” he said. He advised people to take their issues to God. Another aunt of Friday’s, Janet, told of how she had besought the Lord on behalf of her nephew, who had been ready to leave the world because of his suffering. “He had called his daughter and told her, ‘Let me pray for you for the last time,’ he had said to the girl,” she recalled. However, Janet had stopped Friday from saying the so-called last prayer and had made her way to The SCOAN. To the glory of God, Friday remains a living soul on the face of the earth! Friday’s aunt advised people to take their issues to God.

“Look At Me Glittering Because God Has Set Me Free!”

Paulina came from a family where the men had several wives. In her large family, it was the pattern for wives to have only one child. Before meeting her husband, Paulina had had a child out of wedlock but it had not mattered at all to her husband. “He said he was taking it upon himself to help me break free from the spirit that had been troubling my life,” she told the church on April 23. “He endured so much because of his deep love for me,” she added. For the last 23 years, the couple has remained without a mutual child, given the pattern in Paulina’s family. She further told the church how her home had lacked peace until she was summoned to the church by her husband on Sunday, April 16, 2023. To cut a long story short, God’s Spirit had fallen mightily on Paulina during the service. She advised people to believe in God and to support their partners with love. Her husband, Godwin, started by saying, “Today is more like my honeymoon.” However, he went on to narrate all the problems that the devil had caused in his family. Ironically, man and wife used to be seen as effective counsellors by those who kept bringing their own issues to them. “In public, we used to make people happy with our jokes but it was hell inside the home,” Godwin testified. “We have come, we have seen, we have conquered,” he declared. He advised people to visit a living church for solutions to their problems.

Evil Bond Broken By Power Of The Almighty!

On Sunday, April 16, 2023, Mojibola was among those who received their deliverance in The Arena Of Liberty. In childhood, she used to fall ill constantly. Later she used to see a snake come close to her anytime she went to the river – something her mother had waved off. Then Mojibola met an older female schoolmate who started buying her things. As time went on, the schoolmate began to appear in Mojibola’s dreams. Afterwards, she began to see a spirit husband who kept buying her things that she sometimes saw in the physical. In real life, Mojibola started to have relationship issues although she was thriving in business. In the end, she married a man by whom she had three girls. Soon after, her business collapsed, followed by her marriage. Later on, she opened up to an acquaintance on social media who urged her to come to The SCOAN for prayer. As at this time, Mojibola had been trying to break free from the spirit husband but he had been fighting hard to keep her. “He gave me a silver ring and I started using it after my marriage broke up,” she disclosed. To the glory of God, following her deliverance, Mojibola can no longer find the evil ring that had kept her bound to the spirit husband. Now she sleeps freely. She also told the church that she had dreams that confirmed her breakup with the evil presence in her life.

After-Service Testimonies

Julius received his healing during the Prayer Line ministration by Pastor Evelyn Joshua. Now he can walk freely, without feeling any pain. “I don’t need this lumbar corset anymore,” he said. He told the church, “All power belongs to God.”

Rosaline was healed of four years of difficulty in walking due to spondylosis. She also parted ways with her lumbar corset.

After an accident a few years ago, a South African woman started to experience multiple health issues, including loss of memory, constant pain and difficulty in walking. During the Laying Of Hands session, she received her healing in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. She discarded her knee brace while thanking the Healer.

Monica from South Africa also received her healing. For six years, she had suffered from diminished hearing, which had made life rather tough for her. “My hearing is restored and I praise God for that,” she declared while displaying her hearing aid. She advised people to seek God over every issue in their lives.

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