With their hearts prepared for an awesome encounter with God Almighty through His Word, the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ, congregants started The SCOAN Sunday Service of May 26, 2024 with the prayer of thanksgiving. “Father, we thank You, for You have heard us,” they prayed, adding, “We thank You for Your blessings in our life.” Then they sang about the powerful Blood Of Jesus that sets all free and about the constant goodness of the Lord, among many other soul-lifting songs that electrified the auditorium with the presence of the Divine.   

Evangelist James read from Hebrews 11:15-16 and announced his message title as “YOUR THOUGHTS”. He started by asking: “Are you thinking of your past, your present situation or God and His Word, where your future is guaranteed and secured?” He wasted no time in telling congregants, “Our thoughts can limit who we are and what we become or they can act as the incentive prompting us forward in our lives.” Having made those points, he explained the link between thought and action.

We become or experience what we think about constantly, Evangelist James said, noting that “the greatest source of human trouble is thinking about tomorrow, worrying about tomorrow.” Instead of feeding our soul with the diet of worry about past failures and current challenges, he advised, we should think more about the promises in God’s Word that eventually lead to victory. Apparent delay from the Throne Of Grace, he said, does not mean denial, for God’s time is the best and everything is beautiful in His time.

Evangelist James therefore urged congregants to stop worrying about the past and to focus on God’s Word, which is the most effective instrument for change. “God’s Word refreshes our minds to think right,” he said, and “God’s Spirit renews our strength to act right.” However, the Christian is not to place merely knowing facts about God ahead of maintaining a relationship with Him. The evangelist therefore concluded as follows: “The more you think about what you read, the more the Word dominates your mouth. The more the Word dominates your mouth, the more it dominates your heart. The more the Word dominates your heart, the more it changes your conduct and behaviour.”

A Heavenly Stillness In The Atmosphere

On joining congregants for the prayer session, Pastor Evelyn Joshua was moved to sing in appreciation of what God was about to do: “There Is A Stillness In The Atmosphere/Come And Lay Down The Burden You Have Carried/For In The Sanctuary God Is Here!”

The woman of God prayed: “Father Lord, we are here once again. We have come to give You thanks; we have come to honour You. Thank You for Your faithfulness; thank You for Your love. Thank You for all the good things You have been doing in our lives. Father, we thank You for the lives of our loved ones, for the beautiful people You have sent into our lives to make a difference. Almighty God, we thank You for Your provision. We thank You for Your protection. We thank You for Your guidance. Father, we cannot thank You enough. We say may the honour and praise be to Your name forever. Father, we know You don’t give us things that we can’t handle but You help us to handle what You have given to us by constantly reminding us that we are weak but in You we are strong.

God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob, God of Prophet TB Joshua and the apostles, You are God forever. Father, we ask You to come and have Your place here today, in the name of Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit, come and have Your place here today, in the name of Jesus Christ. We are not here to complain of our pains, of our troubles, but we are here to tell our problems, our challenges – and that we have a big God and that is You. Holy Spirit, fall afresh on us, in the name of Jesus Christ. Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on us, in the name of Jesus Christ. Cleanse us, purify us, wash us, sanctify us for Your glory, in the name of Jesus Christ. Let Your deliverance power, Your healing power flow here today and meet us at the point of our needs. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Father!”

After praying with the people, Pastor Evelyn Joshua called for a dance offering to the Lord. “You Are A Great God!” the choristers sang on cue. The woman of God then assured the people, “When you give praise to God, the battle is won.”

It was indeed a service during which the blessings of the Father were showered on people of faith from all over the world. For their affliction they received succor from the Throne Of Grace, so no longer are they burdened in the body or tormented in the mind.

Among those who received were those facing problems of stiff neck, difficulty in walking, asthma, brain tumour, sleeping disorder, swollen belly, goiter, osteoarthritis, and hernia. 


The power of the Almighty also eliminated tubal blockage, bleeding, ovarian cysts and breast lumps, as well as the demons responsible for overdue pregnancy!

Alongside The SCOAN Evangelists, Pastor Evelyn Joshua also prayed for people with drug addiction, poor vision, leg ulcers, elbow wound, skin disease, difficulty in urinating, kidney stones, buttock wound, and piles, among others. Indeed, no one looked in vain who cast a steadfast look at the Crucified One!

They Asked And They Received!

“Today you will ask and you will receive,” Pastor Evelyn Joshua assured the people at the start of the Mass Prayer session. “Prepare your heart to receive from the Throne Of Grace,” she added.

Citing Deuteronomy 31:8, Pastor Evelyn Joshua told the people: “Every negative emotion that will stop you from receiving from the Throne Of Grace today – command it to break loose in the name of Jesus Christ. Every spirit of anger – command it to leave you today, in the name of Jesus Christ. Every spirit of jealousy, envy, pride, bitterness – command it to break loose in the name of Jesus Christ. All that is not of God – begin to command it out in the name of Jesus Christ. All friends of darkness within and outside of you – command them to get out in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua further told the people: “Every familiar spirit, every contrary spirit that will stop you from receiving today – command it to break loose today in the name of Jesus Christ. Every evil veil before you – begin to tear it away! In the name of Jesus Christ, by the Blood of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit – begin to conquer the circle of the enemy around you! Every trap of the enemy – begin to escape from it now, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua continued: “Begin to rebuke every sluggish spirit, every spirit of stagnation, every spirit of delay – begin to rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ!” The woman of God prayed: “Father Lord, we command Your healing power into the lives of Your children, in the name of Jesus Christ! Whatever satan may have used to connect them – we command it out, in the name of Jesus!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua asked the people to declare: “My head – reject affliction, reject backwardness, reject poverty, in the name of Jesus Christ! Receive your freedom, receive your healing! Be delivered, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every problem in your life that refuses to yield – by the power of the Spoken Word, begin to yield now, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be delivered from that chain! In the name of Jesus Christ, by the Blood of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit – be healed, be delivered, be restored to the original position that God created you in, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

To viewers all over the world, Pastor Evelyn Joshua said: “Every constant experience of stagnation, rejection, backwardness – command them out in the name of Jesus Christ!” She prayed for the viewers: “May the enemy see the finger of God in your life and get frustrated, in the name of Jesus Christ! The door of success, the door of victory is open to you. Take all the breakthrough keys that satan has stolen from you and begin to open all closed doors, in the name of Jesus Christ! Receive your freedom, healing, deliverance, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Evangelist Joseph told the people to declare: “You demon, you unclean spirit, you familiar spirit – anywhere you are in my body, soul, spirit – Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Evangelist Chisom told the people to pray: “You demon, you unclean spirit – anywhere you are, disturbing my life, disturbing my family – I command you in the name of Jesus: Out! You unclean spirit – listen to the voice of God, for your end has come. Anywhere you are, troubling my life, troubling my business – I command you: Out, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Ope told the people to decree: “You spirit that challenges my existence, that challenges my position in Christ: Holy Ghost Fire – Out!”

Evangelist James told the people to pray: “Every chain holding down my progress, holding down my breakthrough – be broken, in the name of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua assured the people: “Today you shall be delivered from every shame the evil spirit has caused you!” He prayed: “Be delivered, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be it your health, career, marriage, family – be freed and be delivered, in the name of Jesus! Every reproach satan has caused you – be freed and be delivered, in the name of Jesus! Whatever shame, whatever medium satan may have been using to connect you to himself – chain of poverty, chain of career stagnation – be disconnected, in the name of Jesus! I can hear chains falling, in the name of Jesus!”

Prophet TB Joshua further prayed: “Be released from that bed of sickness, that bed of affliction, that bed of nightmares! You are released! I command you to be released from that bed of sickness, affliction, disease, nightmares! You are released, in Jesus’ name! Give thanks to God for giving you the faith to believe that you are healed, blessed and delivered! I seal you with the Blood Of Jesus! Be sealed with the Blood Of Jesus! Receive obvious testimonies, in Jesus’ name!”


A Glorious End To 11 Years Of Arthritis And Lumbar/Cervical Spondylosis

Fifty-three-year-old Gertrude was in The Arena Of Liberty for prayer on May 19, 2024. The Zambian education standards officer had been suffering from difficulty in walking due to lumbar/cervical spondylosis and arthritis in both knees. For 11 years, she had moved from one hospital to the next and ingested numerous drugs, in addition to undergoing physiotherapy. “Yet, I couldn’t do my work effectively despite using painkillers constantly,” she told the church on May 26, 2024. Unable to bear the pain, Gertrude had asked for leave from work. As the leave did not give her reprieve, however, she decided to try God. “As the woman of God prayed for me, I felt God’s power in my body,” she said, “and now I can walk freely, having been healed in Jesus’ name.” She demonstrated all that she had been unable to do before. “I no longer need any walking aid,” she told the church. She advised everyone to trust in God’s power. “The God of The Synagogue is the same today, tomorrow and forever,” she declared.

Ancestral Demon Banished Forever!

On May 19, 2024 the demon in Lubem boasted, “I have stopped his career!” The demon further said that it was responsible for the afflictions of drinking and womanising that had so far marred the young man’s life. Minutes later, a divine spirit took over in Lubem’s life. A week later, he returned to The SCOAN to testify. He began with his childhood. “I was seven years old when I had a dream in which strange forces came to ferry me into the marine world,” he said. From that time onwards, he became a regular visitor in the demonic underworld. “They would return me to my room when I needed to wake up,” he continued. “Don’t tell anyone about your life here,” they warned him. However, troubled Lubem shared the experience with his mother. When he returned to the spirit world afterwards, things were no longer the same. “The queen of the underworld got annoyed with me and sent me away,” he said. Subsequently, Lubem’s grandfather initiated him into another world of the occult. “I became powerful in many ways. I could open padlocked doors without using any key. I could tell what dreams people had had during the night. I could utter words to make people mad,” he recalled. Indeed, the power made Lubem do many bad things that he regretted, so he found a way to break free from it. But his life did not get better. “I became addicted to drinking and had a fiery temper,” he said. When he managed to get a baby by a woman with whom he was cohabiting, there was no peace whatsoever in their relationship and she soon fled with their child. Although he had always been doubtful of God’s power as demonstrated in the SCOAN, he agreed to obey his grandmother and come for the prayer of deliverance. Since May 19, when he received the touch of freedom and the demon in him manifested, Lubem has been free from all the strange forces that had been manipulating his life. Now he does not get intimate in the dream anymore. “Run to God with your problems,” he advised others. 

“I Just Don’t Know Why I’m Filled With Joy!” Says Man Delivered From Ancestral Spirit

It was also an ancestral demon that had been bothering Daniel’s life. “I deceived him,” that particular demon admitted on May 19, 2024. A week later, Daniel recalled how his father had run away from his ancestral homestead because he had refused to enter the service of the gods of his father’s household. “My father lost his wife and three of his children for refusing to worship those gods; I was the only surviving child,” he said. Daniel’s father remarried but he had no rest, as the second wife also died. When he became ill, Daniel’s father succumbed to the invitation to return to the village. It was there that he died. Daniel then had no choice but to agree to serve the gods. “My grandmother took me under her wings and showed me how to serve them,” he said. But he found no peace in doing so, as his life was filled with nightmares and strange events. “I took many concoctions that did not agree with my system and knew that I had to do something about my life,” he continued. Along the line, Daniel discovered Emmanuel TV while drinking with a friend at a pub. “The pub owner was trying to change channels and Emmanuel TV popped up,” said Daniel. Because he saw the deliverance sessions of people with his kind of case, Daniel knew that God was now speaking to him on what to do next. “I ignored every negative thing I had heard about Prophet TB Joshua and decided to come to The SCOAN for my deliverance, having been directed there by an image of Prophet TB Joshua,” Daniel said. To the glory of God, a touch from Heaven changed everything about Daniel’s life. He exclaimed, “I just don’t know why I’m filled with joy!” He advised others, “Look for a living church like The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations and surrender yourself to God’s power.”  

Strange Lip Swelling Vanishes At The Sight Of The Anointing!

While at home one afternoon, Kafayat had felt a sting on her lips. “I had just brushed it off and thought nothing of it,” she said. However, the lips started to swell and her face took a funny shape. As a person of faith, however, she ministered her Morning Water and later called The SCOAN Prayer Line. “My faith got further lifted after the prayer and I continued to minister the water,” she said. Within six hours, during that same day, Kafayat saw the power of God eliminate the deformation of her face! “Whatever affliction you receive, remember that the name of Jesus Christ is able to free you,” she reminded others. 

“What Kind Of God Do You Serve?” People Ask Man Who Moved From Grass To Grace

Jonas, who came from a large Togolese family that was neck-deep in the quicksand of poverty, testified about how he received his breakthrough. On May 26, 2024, Jonas started by recalling how he had always found it hard to fuel his motorcycle. “I had to push it home most times,” he said. Although a graduate, he barely eked out a living. Tired of his condition, he sought help from a friend, who told him about the Morning Water. “The first night I used the Morning Water, I dreamt of Prophet TB Joshua,” he said. Jonas said that in that dream he saw a huge snake that swallowed a man. “Prophet TB Joshua caught the snake and removed all of its fangs,” Jonas continued. From then onwards, he started to meet with favour. “I got into a business and made enough money to build a 17-room hotel,” he smiled. He also applied for a government job in which he took eleventh position among over a thousand applicants. “I was the only one without any government connection among the 15 of us who were eventually selected,” he said. As Jonas carried on with the job, he received a promotion that surprised everyone around him, including his bosses. They kept asking me, “What kind of God do you serve?” He advised others to seek Jesus Christ for help.

Healed Of Insomnia, Delivered From Village Idol!

For over 20 years Chinyere had suffered from insomnia. To manage any sleep at all she always needed to use a sedative machine, in addition to ingesting various drugs. Because she was not getting enough sleep, she came down with high blood pressure, stress and other bodily troubles. “I always envied those who could sleep easily,” she said during her testimony on May 26, 2024. Certain that God would rescue her, she had made her way to The SCOAN for prayer on April 14, 2024. After a touch by Pastor Evelyn Joshua during the healing and deliverance session of the service, Chinyere saw something come out of her. “I was taken into a room in the church where I slept for a while. When I returned to my hotel, I slept for 11 straight hours,” she disclosed. She recalled that the demon responsible for her insomnia had been inherited from her maternal grandmother, who used to serve a village idol. “I no longer see the old woman that used to appear to me in the dream and people now behave warmly towards me,” she said. “My life has changed,” she declared. She advised others, “Please don’t give up; keep believing in God, for whom all things are possible.”

Email Testimonies

  • Olivia from Togo testified about how the Living Water healed the abdominal pain being experienced by a child in her care. The affected young girl had urinated all the impurities in her system after prayerfully ministering the water.
  • Adewale, a Nigerian living in South Africa, testified about how he secured employment on March 30, 2023 after receiving prayer via The SCOAN Prayer Line. In fact, today he is his own boss!
  • Admire, a 37-year-old Malawian woman living in South Africa, testified about falling pregnant for her second child after praying along with Prophet TB Joshua. In a dream, God’s servant had told her that she was suffering from endometriosis; he then prayed for her. Subsequently, Admire got pregnant and had her second baby on 24 March 2022 – a good five years after her first child!
  • Helen from South Africa had been jobless for seven years. However, her story changed after praying along with Prophet TB Joshua!
  • Meg from Nigeria had been experiencing ceased menstruation for six months – until she called The SCOAN Prayer Line!
  • Testifying on behalf of her diabetic, epileptic and hypertensive brother who was rushed into intensive care on March 10, 2024, Christy from South Africa glorified God’s name. She had called The SCOAN Prayer Line on March 11, 2024 and by April 1, 2024 her brother had returned home fully healed!
  • James from Nigeria was healed of body and chest pain after calling the Prayer Line and praying along with Prophet TB Joshua. In a dream, someone had bitten him three times on the chest and he had woken up with the pains. During the prayer session, he had vomited all the poison in his system. Thank You, Jesus!

After-Service Testimony

Elizabeth had been getting troubled by chest pain. As the woman of God ministered during the Mass Prayer session, Elizabeth’s chest pain disappeared instantly. Now she can breathe easily – for the glory of God!

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