“He Has Made Us Glad/We Are So Glad/We Will Rejoice/For The Lord Has Made Us Glad!” That was how the worship session started for The SCOAN Sunday Service of July 16, 2023. The Emmanuel TV Singers had reached into their rich repertoire for songs extolling the power and magnificence of Yahweh for all that He had done, for all that He was doing and for all that He would continue to do. Not surprisingly, the aura of the Holy Ghost soon permeated the auditorium and people began to vomit the impurities in their system.

“Character is the real beauty of a Christian,” observed Evangelist Ope during his sermon titled “WHAT REALLY MATTERS”. He identified the major components of Christian character as love, faith, humility, modesty, patience, temperance, forbearance, perseverance and endurance, among others, citing Galatians 5:22-23. He had started on a note of reassurance to congregants: “Regardless of how you feel or what you feel, Jesus loves you.” Among other Bible passages for the message were Luke 16:15 (the proof text), Romans 2:24, Ephesians 4:8, John 12:6, John 13:35 and 2 Kings 5:20-27.

According to the preacher, in today’s world most people overvalue mundane, temporary things while failing to appreciate what really matters to God, which is character founded on divine principles. His words were quite interesting in this regard: “In the world today, what really matters does not matter.” He further noted that many assume that the possession of natural gifts or talent implies the presence of godly character. Gifts, he pointed out, may also come from satan. As such, he quoted Prophet TB Joshua: “Gift without character is equal to satan.” He then stated thus: “That is why the main thing about Christianity is not the work we do but the relationship we maintain and the atmosphere produced by that relationship.”

Concerning lack of character, the evangelist cited the cases of Judas and Gehazi before concluding thus: “Nothing good happens without discipline. A Christian’s life is a disciplined life because it is based on God’s Word, which gives excellent moral standards. If you don’t want to fail in life, then look into your character.”

Prayers Of Healing, Prayers Of Liberation, Prayers For Breakthrough!

At the Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “Almighty God, we have no power of our own; all our sufficiency is from You. Father Lord God Almighty, we thank You for providing relations to us through Your Son – that in Him we can return to You and remain with You. Almighty God, as we fellowship with You this morning, let sin’s power over us be broken. Let sin’s power over our lives, families, finances be broken. Father Lord, restore the joy of salvation to us. Peace in our heart! Deliverance from every yoke! Healing to our soul, body and spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

She then moved close to the people as she began the ministration of prayers of healing, liberation and breakthrough. Be they issues of the mind or body, divine solutions were freely available for the people from the Alpha And Omega, Who worked through the faculties of His servants – Pastor Evelyn Joshua and The SCOAN Evangelists.  

Among the recipients of prayer were pregnant women, who had evil hands and eyes removed from their pregnancies!

As the evangelists joined the woman of God at The Prayer Line and for the subsequent Laying Of Hands session in the Main Auditorium, foul spirits were cast out of the people’s lives. “Jesus has set you free!” the evangelists assured them.

Spirit Prayer That Breaks Every Yoke!

“God alone is worthy of your thanksgiving,” said Pastor Evelyn Joshua when she rejoined congregants for the Mass Prayer – Spirit prayer that breaks every yoke. She then read from Psalm 118:25-29 and asked congregants to pray: “God Almighty, remove every fear from my heart and replace it with strong faith.”

The woman of God prayed: “Every soul that is suffering from sickness and affliction – we command you out now, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every soul that is under demonic bondage – we command you out now, in the name of Jesus! Every trouble that came into your life before you were born – we command it out now, in the name of Jesus! Be delivered from that entanglement, problem, in the name of Jesus!”

To viewers all over the world, Pastor Evelyn Joshua said, “Step into faith and remain there.” She also prayed for them: “All that holds you back in bondage – begin to set yourself free from it, in the name of Jesus! Father Lord, touch Your children for healing, breakthrough, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Joseph prayed: “Every contrary, familiar spirit that is a messenger of satan – anywhere they are: Holy Ghost Fire!”

Evangelist Ope told congregants to pray: “You spirit, standing against my forward movement – I command you in the name of Jesus: Out!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “Whatever sickness, disease in your body, blood, organs, bones – say: Out!” He also asked them to pray: “You sickness, disease tormenting my life – I command you: Out!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants to declare: “You sickness, my body is not your dwelling, resting place. Anywhere you are, I command you by the Blood Of Jesus: Out!” He also told them: “Whatever chain satan might have used to connect your business, finances to himself – begin to break it in the name of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua told the church to declare: “Thou power of deliverance, fall on me!” He also told them: “Whatever evil spirits might have used to connect you – wherever there are evil spirits in your business, career, family, marriage, home – right now, rebuke them and send them out. Every weapon fashioned against you – right now send it back!”


10 Years After, Rauna Remains Healed Of Stage 4 Blood And Bone Marrow Cancer!

Sometime in the year 2013, Rauna from Namibia had been in The SCOAN and had received prayer in the name of Jesus Christ as Prophet TB Joshua ministered. She had been suffering from blood and bone marrow cancer that had reached an advanced stage – stage 4. As at that time, she had become virtually useless to herself and her family. “The drugs I was using had been worsening my condition; in fact, I was paralysed on my left side by then,” she said. She also told of how Prophet TB Joshua had touched her on the paralysed side, even though he had not known about it. “I had lost most of my hair to chemotherapy at the time,” she added. To the glory of God, since January 2014, Rauna has had a clean bill of health and has remained cancer free 10 years later! Citing Zechariah 2:3-5, she advised people to tap into the anointing in The SCOAN. Thank You, Jesus Christ!

After Deliverance, Woman Now Rid Of The Power To Kill Through Evil Wrapper!

“Anytime I tie a wrapper around my body, I gain the power to kill!” boasted the evil spirit in Cynthia from Nigeria. The demon was speaking during the deliverance session of the service of July 9, 2023. “Out, in the name of Jesus!” commanded the evangelist as he prayed for Cynthia. Within seconds, Cynthia began to vomit the evil deposits in her system. A week later, she returned to testify. “I come from an idol-worshipping family – from both sides,” she said, noting that every infant in the family first had to be dedicated to the idol before being christened. “We normally lost a family member every two years or so,” she recalled with regret. Regarding one of the idols worshipped by the family, Cynthia said, “It was a water spirit that used to come in the forms of a python and an old woman.” She also told of how the idols brought her different ailments and caused her stagnation in life. To the glory of God, Cynthia became free after surrendering to the power of Jesus Christ. “God is the Solution to everything; run to Him,” she advised the world.   

Ancestral Hold Of Spirits Of Lust And Anger Now Broken!

Solomon’s grandfather was a fearsome witch doctor to whom fellow practitioners submitted for guidance. His own father had refused to follow in the way of his ancestors, and so the idols of the family had been spoiling for vengeance. They were going to take it all out on Solomon! What did they do? They afflicted him with the spirits of lust and anger! Although Solomon had gone to theology school after his secondary education, he saw himself expelled from the church where he had been ministering after confessing to having carnal knowledge of a sister in the church. He prayed hard for restitution but he still found himself obeying his flesh every now and then. Regarding the spirit of anger, Solomon said, “I was easily provoked by small issues.” He then decided to bring his case to God Almighty. After receiving prayer in The Arena Of Liberty on July 9, 2023, Solomon saw the foul spirit in him manifest and confess before fleeing forever. “I am no longer ruled by lust and I have a much calmer spirit now,” he told the church. He advised people to seek God for solutions to issues in their lives.

Idol-Worshipping Family Comes Into God’s Light!

On July 9, 2023, Anuoluwapo had been brought to church for prayer over her mental health. On receiving prayer from the evangelist, she had fallen flat on her back. “I felt something go out of me during the prayer,” Anu confessed while testifying on July 16. “Stick to God; He alone can do it,” she advised others. Her brother, Oluwafemi, also told of how he had been delivered from the spirit of anger. “Growing up, I used to worship idols – and these idols made it hard for me to have a peaceful marriage or cordial relations with my family members,” Femi said, noting that he used to flare up at the slightest opportunity. Although he had come to church believing that there was no anointing that could penetrate him, he saw God’s raw power bring him flat on his back as demons fled out of him. As a new man in Jesus Christ, Femi urged the people: “If you go to God, He will deliver you.” His wife, Oluwaseun, thanked God for expelling the spirit of violence from Femi’s life. “Glory be to God – He does things calmly and maturely now,” said Seun. “Take every situation to God,” she advised all. Femi’s father, Chief Osasona, said he had been a witch doctor all his life but was grateful to God for showing him The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations and reconciling him and his estranged son. “Run to Jesus Christ,” he advised. Finally, Femi apologised to his father and his wife for all the pain and hurt that he had caused them.

Ovarian Cysts Healed In The Name Of Jesus Christ!

On July 16, 2023, Esther testified about her deliverance from the scourge of ovarian cysts and persistent nightmares. She had been in The SCOAN a week earlier. She told the world that she had been initiated to the spiritual realm during a nightclub outing while at university. “I used to see myself in dreams calling the shots, with many people obeying me,” she said. From the age of 15, she had been experiencing severely painful menstruation. Her doctors diagnosed her with ovarian cysts, telling her, “Surgery is the only solution.” However, Esther’s mother had insisted that prayer was the key. To God’s glory, as Esther returned to the church gate for follow-up the day after her deliverance, she felt a burning urge to expel something from her system. Before she knew it, a thick bloody mass had popped out of her private part. That was the end of ovarian cysts and the accompanying pain! She advised others, “Go close to God and avoid bad friends.” Her mother, Vivian, told of how her female children had inherited an affliction that she, Vivian, had been suffering from since eating food offered to her in the village. Vivian advised people to seek solutions in a living church. Esther’s father, Kennedy, glorified God for intervening in his daughter’s life. He also told of how he had lost three siblings owing to the activities of idols in his family. He advised parents to stay in the way of the Lord, carrying their children along with them.

Healed Of 20 Years Of Difficulty In Walking

For about 20 years, 65-year-old May had been experiencing difficulty in walking owing to issues with her lumbar spine. She could not stand for long, much less move around. The problem also affected her breathing. On discovering Emmanuel TV, she began to build her faith by watching the testimonies of those with similar issues. On July 9, 2023, May visited The SCOAN for prayer. The moment Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed for her in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, May felt her body vibrate for a few seconds. Then she stood up and started walking freely. “Run to God, for with Him all things are possible,” she advised people during her testimony on July 16.

A Powerful Mid-Service Testimony

Before she got her healing from inability to walk due to lumbar issues, Florence had been living with her son Alex and his family. She was brought to the church in a car, where she received efficacious prayer backed by the Word and Spirit. During the praise session, she shared with the church how God’s power had impacted her life during the prayer session by Pastor Evelyn Joshua. “The anointing was like cold water on my body,” she recalled. “God’s mercy will locate you all as it located me,” she concluded.

After-Service Testimonies

In 2018, Godwin from Ghana was involved in a motoring accident that claimed his brother’s life. His own injuries were so severe that his spinal cord was affected. Since then, he had not been able to lead a normal life. During the Prayer Line ministration, he got his healing. “I don’t need this neck collar anymore,” he said.

A Cameroonian woman was also healed of leg fracture at the Prayer Line. “I felt so much heat in my body during the prayer,” she said. Now she no longer needs a walking aid. Glory be to God! She advised others, “Seek God’s face over your problems.”

Omoye, a Nigerian residing in South Africa, testified about how she had received her deliverance from the spirit of lust after prayerfully ministering the New Anointing Water. In August 2022, she had attended The SCOAN Outreach Service in South Africa, where she received the healing medium.

Eunice from Nigeria’s Ogun State had been suffering from difficulty in walking caused by cervical spondylosis. For 11 years, she had ingested all sorts of drugs without getting permanent relief. After building her faith by watching testimonies on Emmanuel TV, she had made her way to The SCOAN on July 16 – and now she is free from all pain! “This lumbar corset is no longer for me!” she exclaimed.

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