On Sunday, February 19, 2023, The Arena Of Liberty was the place of worship for many who had come from far and wide. Despite the rather tense situation all over the country, the people of God made it a point of duty to seek the face of their Creator. They sang His praise in many ways, highlighting His many incredible attributes. In no time, the Host Of Heaven descended amidst the congregation, bringing the people plenty parcels of divine goodness, including peace of mind.

For the sermon, Evangelist Chisom preached on the topic “What Is Your Strength?” Besides the proof texts of Romans 12:6-7 and 1 Peter 4:9-10, he cited Ecclesiastes 4:9 and Matthew 25:31-46, among others. It was a message in which the preacher drew extensively from the teachings of Prophet TB Joshua on treating one another with love and understanding.

He began by quoting God’s servant on how everyone has some strength to contribute to the life of the other person. He went on: “The Bible says we are one another’s strength. No one can succeed alone. We need good people, informed people and inspired people to make it in our respective callings.” Regarding what constitutes a healthy relationship, Evangelist Chisom said it is simple: “Where I am weak, you are strong; where you are weak, I am strong.”

He therefore urged congregants to add value to others’ lives by doing things that uplift theirs and the lives of those around them. In his words, “Whatever you do that uplifts you and others around you – there lies your strength.” He also cautioned believers about how they regard their gifts. According to him, “No matter how small or great you think is the level, measure of your strength, one thing you must know: that is what the Lord will use to bless others through you.”

Moreover, he urged the people to show love to their neighbours, whom they can see, instead of claiming to show love to God, Whom they cannot see. He concluded, “God Almighty cherishes our effort to contribute positively to the lives of others, if it is done from our heart.”

God’s Right Hand Upon The People!

“All glory and praise to His name!” declared Pastor Evelyn Joshua at the Prayer Line. She prayed: “Holy Spirit, think through us so that our thoughts may be holy…. Lord God Almighty, may the door to today’s blessings, healing, deliverance be opened to us, in the name of Jesus!”

The woman of God then prayed for people who came with various conditions, including diabetes, ulcer, difficulty in walking, skin disease, stomach pain, drug addiction, asthma and swollen belly.

She also prayed for pregnant women seeking the safe delivery of their babies, as well as those who had been suffering miscarriages.

Soon, evangelists Ope, Joseph, Chisom and James joined forces with Pastor Evelyn Joshua to cast out every visible and invisible infirmity in the people’s lives. The evangelists prayed for those in the Main Auditorium as well as those in The Sunday School and the Nursing Mothers’ Section.

Indeed, there was no demon too strong for God’s Spirit!

A Time To Recover Every Loss!

“It is time to recover your loss!” declared Evangelist Joseph at the start of the Mass Prayer session. He urged congregants: “Open your lips and begin to wage war over every adversity in your life.” He also prayed: “Every demon and unclean, hidden spirit in your life, career – Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “That unclean spirit tormenting your life, family – command it out, in the name of Jesus! Every demonic bondage in your life, family – begin to disconnect yourself, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Ope said to the church: “That garment of sickness causing you pain – command it to be consumed by the fire of the Holy Ghost!”

Evangelist Chisom told the church to pray: “I release myself from every circle of limitation, setback, in Jesus’ mighty name!” He also prayed for them: “Receive your breakthrough keys and begin to open every closed door! Step into your breakthrough, in the name of Jesus!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua started by telling the church to pray thus against the spirit of fear: “Satan, I call you by your name! You have no right over my life, home, career, health. You cannot torment me with fear. You cannot ensnare my soul. Satan, get out of my way with your fear, torment!”

The woman of God further prayed: “I cancel every evil pronouncement against your life, health, in the name of Jesus! I cancel every evil prophecy against your nation, in the name of Jesus! Be healed! Be freed! Be delivered! In the name of Jesus Christ!”

For viewers all over the world, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “Receive strength from that weakness, in the name of Jesus! Receive joy from that sadness, in the name of Jesus! Every affliction tormenting you – be flushed out, in the name of Jesus Christ! I proclaim the blessing of God into your life! I proclaim the joy of God into your home! In the name of Jesus Christ!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua declared: “You devil, I command you to remove your hand from my people – your hand of affliction, failure! In the name of Jesus! I command healing on you, in the name of Jesus! Every pain, affliction – leave my people, in the name of Jesus! Be released, in the name of Jesus! Be released from poverty, affliction, setback, stagnation!”


An Anointed Touch – Then An End To 15 Years Of Bloody Suffering!

For 15 years, Shakiru faced the severe nightmare of defecating with utmost difficulty owing to piles. Whenever he had to answer the call of nature, he knew that it meant passing out blood alongside what was expected. In search of a cure, he had been running from pillar to post, spending thousands of naira in anguished wait. However, once he realised that only God could save him, he made himself available for prayer at The SCOAN, where Pastor Evelyn Joshua laid an anointed hand on him. Since then, Shakiru has been free from piles! “Believe in God and everything will be alright,” he told the church. 

Bleeding, Coughing Vanish As God Takes Control! 

On Sunday, February 19, 2023, Hannah received prayer over the affliction of severe bleeding caused by fibroids. She had also come with a relentless cough that frequently caused her to vomit. Accompanying the constant bleeding was severe waist pain. “It was hard to differentiate my monthly flow from the bleeding from fibroids,” she said while testifying a week later. After being prayed for by Pastor Evelyn Joshua, Hannah had gone to the toilet to expel the fibroids that had been lodged in her body for the past one year. “No more bleeding! No more coughing! I am OK!” she testified in excitement. She advised people to have faith in God.

Now A True Daughter Of Grace!

On Sunday, February 19, 2023, it took only a few minutes for Grace, a Cameroonian married to a Nigerian, to be freed from the demonic husband that had been tormenting her life since childhood. Having entered Grace through the idols of her father’s house, the demon had brought failure and frustration to every aspect of her unwitting host’s life. The journey to Grace’s deliverance had started after a dream encounter with Pastor Evelyn Joshua. On making her way to The Arena Of Liberty, Grace had witnessed the fiery power of the Holy Spirit. As the woman of God prayed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, the demon in her had manifested and Grace had vomited the poison in her system. Now she has a free spirit and is no longer troubled by agents of darkness. She advised people to stay focused on God’s saving power. 

Footballer-Pharmacist Receives Healing From Knee Injury!

Uchenna, a footballer and pharmacist, had suffered a bad knee injury while on the field of play. He tried every medication he knew but got no ease. He then presented himself for prayer ministration by Pastor Evelyn Joshua on February 19, after which he returned home and found that all of the pain had disappeared. Now he can do all that he had been unable to do before, including running, squatting and flexing his legs without feeling any pain. He advised people to take their problems to God, the Author And Finisher Of Our Faith.

Divine Victory For Two Brothers!

It was quite a dramatic deliverance session for Simon on Sunday, February 19, 2023 as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit. For several minutes the demon in Simon’s life had confessed its atrocities, detailing how it had planned to dim his light. A week later, Simon returned to The SCOAN to tell how it all began. He said the idol of his father’s homestead had been angry with his family after a pot devoted to it was broken. In Simon’s family, people faced stagnation in every aspect of life. For Simon in particular, it was poor performance at school as well as general bad fortune in life. “I kept experiencing failure even when people tried to help me,” he said. On being engaged to his wife, Simon immediately noticed the devil’s hand upon his life, as his car engine got ruined under strange circumstances. Moreover, he started to get involved in accidents and to have strange dreams that kept diverting good things away from him. Recently, Simon saw a big contract elude him. It then dawned on him that he needed to seek divine deliverance. The first time he received an anointed touch at The SCOAN, Simon was requested to return with his family members. He then took the opportunity to invite his younger brother as well, even though they had not been on talking terms for quite a while. On receiving prayer again, Simon had further felt the impact of God’s power and the demon in him had manifested for many minutes before vanishing. “Now, everything about my life has changed: I no longer eat or make love with women in my dreams,” he said. Simon also thanked God for the restoration of affection in his family. Sarah, Simon’s wife, thanked God for freeing her husband from the spirit of anger. Sunday, Simon’s younger brother, told of how he had been engaging in profitless hard work and sleeping with women in the dream since the year 2007. He also said he used to eat in the dream. To the glory of God, Sunday also received his deliverance during the service of February 19. “Finally, I am delivered!” exclaimed Sunday. He advised people to follow God and make His Word the standard for their lives.

Email Testimonies

  • Ruth from Malawi, a 37-year-old, had called for prayer in January 2023. She used to eat in the dream, leading to bad luck in real life. During the prayer session, she received her deliverance from the spirit responsible for eating in the dream, even as she got healed of the stomach trouble that came with such dreams.
  • Rebecca from Nigeria had called for prayer in January 2023 over her problem of pain. She said that she had instantly received her healing.
  • Paul, a 46-year-old Kenyan, had called over the issue of lifelong disappointment. The spirit in him had manifested as Paul received prayer over the phone. Now, he has cleared his children’s outstanding school fees and breakthroughs are following!
  • Elizabeth from Nigeria testified about her miraculous delivery after two days of arrested labour. She had brought forth her child shortly after receiving prayer.
  • Esther from Zambia called in for prayer in January 2023. She had been having abnormal monthly flows, especially after having a dream encounter with a strange man. On receiving prayer, she began to have a normal monthly cycle. “Even a million thanks are not enough,” she gushed.
  • Funmike from Nigeria wrote in about receiving her healing from cervical fibroids that had been threatening to force her into a Caesarian Section. With God having taken control, she will soon be having her baby normally – for the glory of God!

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