The worship session started with the rendition of a Jim Reeves number by Kayode of The SCOAN Choir, who sang: “The God Of The Day/Is Still God In The Night!” Next to sing was Esther Of The SCOAN Sunday School, who sang of God’s greatness with the support of an orchestral band. “How Great Thou Art!” she proclaimed. On their part, The SCOAN Choir had among their renditions songs such as “I Speak Your Name” and “His Mercy Shall Endure” – songs that called down the Host Of Heaven and caused the ailing and afflicted to vomit the roots of their problems.

“For coming here today,” said Evangelist James as he began his message, “your life will never remain the same, in Jesus’ name!” He read from 1 John 2:7-11 and John 13:34 before announcing his message title as “WE ARE COMMANDED TO LOVE”. It was a message about the divine requirement for believers to love regardless of the circumstances and the people involved. He told the church: “God Almighty does not ask if we feel like loving; it is our responsibility to love…. Obedience to God’s commandment is proved in loving Him…. If you claim to love God, you are under obligation to love your neighbour.”

Stating that love breaks every barrier and dissolves prejudice and suspicion, Evangelist James said: “Don’t just be someone that is against bad but do good to change the bad you see.” He then urged congregants to see their contributions to others’ lives as a divine assignment. On why we should love others, he said it is because God first loved us. Among other passages for the message were Colossians 3:12-14 and James 3:16.

Concluding the sermon, the preacher told congregants to pray: “O Holy Spirit of Love, forgive my hatred. O Holy Spirit of Goodness, forgive my evil deeds. Help me to love others as Christ loves me. In Jesus’ name!”

And God’s Raw Power Manifested Again!

At the Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “We reject fear and accept faith! Almighty God, help us to do away with things that have power to keep us away from You!” She went on to lay anointed hands on case after case, invoking the incredibly mighty name of Jesus Christ.

As God’s raw power shone through The SCOAN Auditorium, it dispelled cases of prostate enlargement, difficulty in walking/urinating/hearing, bleeding due to fibroids, disc herniation, swollen leg/body, colon cancer, acid reflux, mental disorder, epilepsy, skin disease, hot water burns, hernias and jaw tumour, among others.

The Right Hand of God also fell upon women seeking safe delivery of their babies! Thank You, Jesus!

And when the evangelists joined the woman of God, more demonic forces exposed themselves and the people began to cast off their yokes. Indeed, every stronghold in the people’s lives collapsed – never to rise again!

Words That Set Free!

“The joy of the Lord will be permanent in Jesus’ name!” declared Evangelist Chisom as he started the Mass Prayer session, flanked by Pastor Evelyn Joshua and evangelists Joseph, James and Ope. He added, “It is time to take back what satan has stolen from your business, finances, in Jesus’ name!” He further urged congregants to break sin’s power over them. He prayed: “All spirits that are not of God operating in your life – anywhere they are – in the name of Jesus: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants to pray: “You demon, I command you by the fire of the Holy Ghost, wherever you are in my body – I command you to hear the voice of God: Come out! You darkness, evil spirit, familiar spirit – wherever you are – I declare war against you: Holy Ghost Fire, Out!”

Evangelist James told congregants to pray: “You sickness, disease – I flush you out by the Blood Of Jesus!” He also prayed: “I command every pain in your body to cease, in the name of Jesus! Be healed! Be set free!”

Evangelist Ope told congregants to pray: “You spirit blocking my way to breakthrough, frustrating my efforts in my career, over my family – I command you: Out!”

After asking congregants to cover themselves and their families with the Blood Of Jesus Christ, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “You spirit that kills, steals and destroys – we command you to loose your grip, in the name of Jesus Christ!” She further prayed: “I say to all challenges in your life today to stand still, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

For viewers all over world Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “Every appointment with disappointment, failure, setback, sickness – be cancelled, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua declared: “Receive your deliverance, in the name of Jesus! Wherever that affliction in your bone, fluid, tendon – I say: Leave my people, in the name of Jesus! I command that affliction to leave you!”


“I’m Healed – The Spirit Wife Is Gone!”

One day, some years ago, Ronald had tried to get up from his seat when he realised he could hardly move his limbs. That was the start of his journey from one hospital to another. Soon after, an evil woman began to appear in his dreams, forcing him into intimacy – intimacy that kept bringing him bad luck in business and other aspects of life. The spirit wife also started to attack Ronald’s wife, causing the couple to experience constant disagreements. Accepting that he needed God’s help, Ronald attended the service of January 29, 2023 and got a touch from the woman of God. Immediately, he received his healing and can now do all the things he could not do before. “The spirit wife is gone and there is affection between me and my wife now,” he said. He advised the church, “Keep trusting in God; delay is not denial, for God will see you through at the appointed time.” Ronald’s wife, Brenda, equally received her own deliverance during the same service. She told of how she had been confronted by her husband’s spirit wife after waiting on the Lord for three days. Following that encounter, she said, their relationship had started to go downhill. Mercifully, however, God’s power has prevailed and the couple has kept a date with destiny. Brenda advised wives to pray for their husbands always.

At 70 Years Old, Grandma Breaks Free From 13 Years Of Difficulty In Walking!

Thirteen years ago, Gina started to experience waist pain. Based in Spain, the Nigerian grandmother explored all medical options, including surgery, which she eventually had sometime in 2017 after a long period of hesitation. However, she continued to experience severe pain. Finally, she made her way to the church on January 22, 2023, after her 70th birthday in January 2023. As Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered prayer in the name that is above every other name – Jesus Christ – Gina exercised faith and God healed her of all her ailments. “Believe in God; there is nothing He cannot do,” she advised congregants. Gina’s daughter thanked God for His mercies that endure forever. “My mother is bouncing in the Lord,” she declared. “She does everything herself now,” she added.

Demonic Spirit Meets Its Waterloo!

Janet, a Togolese married to a Nigerian, was in the service of January 29, 2023. While little, she had been hearing a strange voice that kept urging her to leave school and go wandering on the streets. As the situation persisted, Janet had to drop out of school. To survive in adulthood, she started doing odd jobs. She thought that marriage would mark the end of her problems. Instead, a spirit husband began to torment her, causing her to act selfishly towards her husband and children. She would refuse to provide any meals for them, even though she herself would gorge herself on food and alcohol outside the house. The spirit also affected her finances and made her lose affection for her husband. Praise be to God, Janet entered into divine freedom after a touch by one of the evangelists during the service. She advised people to see God as the only solution to their problems. Her husband, Felix, told of how his then fiancée had been well-behaved but had suddenly changed after he decided to marry her. Obviously, the spirit husband had been jealous about Felix’s intentions, so it started blocking his finances. To the glory of God, Felix and wife are now living in peace following the deliverance. He advised people to accept the reality of God’s power. “Look for a living church to attend,” he said.

“I Have Received A Set Of Fresh Hands, Body and Feet!”

On August 21, 2022, Victoria received prayer in The Arena Of Liberty over the issues that had been bothering her life since childhood. She used to see snakes in her dream as well as in real life. Moreover, she had constant dreams in which a man would try to force a wedding ring on her. Apparently, the snake was a manifestation of the man that had been appearing in her dreams. After a while, the spirit husband began to visit her physically in the form of a snake. After a personal prayer session, Victoria found reptiles lined up by her window and a toad croaking in front of her door, even though there had been no rain. In rage against agents of darkness, she killed the toad and the other reptiles fled. From then on, Victoria began to experience various illnesses, including a terrible skin disease. On her way from the hospital one day, she was accosted by two strange men who blocked her way and threatened to deal with her. It was after that accident that she had made her way to The SCOAN for prayer and received ministration in Jesus’ name from Pastor Evelyn Joshua. Victoria can now declare: “I am healed!” She advised people to put their faith in God.

No Longer Under Bondage Of Spirit Of Death!

On Sunday, January 29, 2023, it was a time of incredible encounter with the Holy Spirit as Diana received her deliverance from a household demon that had snuck into her from childhood. A week later in The Arena Of Liberty, Diana recalled how her feet used to get stuck on the road and how she used to fall ill all the time. Later on, Diana went abroad. But there was still no peace in her life even after four children. At nights, she could not sleep and she kept facing disappointment. Going further back in time, Diana told of how her mother had kept losing each baby boy that was born after her. In all, Diana’s mother lost seven of her children. Diana also told of how her brilliant son had not managed to pass his law examination. Given the barrage of losses in the family, its surviving members became disoriented and virtually stopped talking to one another. Diana also told of how she had discovered Emmanuel TV by chance on YouTube. “I saw a woman delivered from the spirit of an animal; since then I became stuck with the channel and things started to improve,” she said. After building her faith by watching Emmanuel TV, Diana decided to visit the SCOAN for prayer over her son’s examination. Since her deliverance, Diana’s past has ended and now she is free to sleep at night and enjoy life in its fullness. Diana’s son, Howard, confirmed the testimony and glorified God’s name. Taking turns to speak, Diana’s older sister and her mother equally thanked God for rescuing the family. Finally, Diana told of a post-deliverance dream in which she prevented a snake from entering her family compound in the village – a sign of the reality of her deliverance!

As Fibroids Vanish, Baby Comes Forth With Ease!

On May 1, 2022, heavily pregnant Esther had been at The Arena Of Liberty to receive prayer over her forthcoming baby, who was being choked by fibroids in the womb. As Pastor Evelyn Joshua laid anointed hands on Esther, the foul spirit in the latter began to confess its atrocities. “I want to render her useless!” it boasted. After her first child, which she had had via surgery, Esther had got news that she would not be able to have another child. In faith, however, the Ghana-based Nigerian began to pray along with Prophet TB Joshua and she fell pregnant again. Although the devil tried to fight back with fibroids, Esther again took her case to Jesus Christ, Who not only cleared away the fibroids but also gave Esther a smooth delivery – without any surgery. Esther has also stopped seeing the spirit husband that used to threaten her in the dream. Thank You, Jesus! She advised people to trust in God always.

Evidence Of God’s Protective Hand Upon The Oboh Family!

Rosemary testified about her healing from injuries sustained during a freak accident on her premises. On 9 July 2022, she and two of her grandchildren had fallen into a cesspool, where they were confronted by a snake. While in the pit, Rosemary prayed to God Almighty, quoting Bible verses and commanding the snake not to bite her or her grandchildren. Immediately, the voice of God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua asked, “Where are the children?” The question had prompted Rosemary to seek out her grandchildren and hold them above her head. At the hospital, Rosemary’s wounds were sutured. However, the wound refused to heal, until Rosemary made her way to the church for prayer on 21 August 2022. After receiving prayer from Pastor Evelyn Joshua in the name of Jesus Christ, Rosemary began to heal rapidly, taking with her the New Anointing Water. Today, she is able to do all that she had been unable to do before. “Look to the Word of God, for it is God Who heals our wounds,” she said. Rosemary’s husband, Tom, recalled the incident but also told of how God’s power had also made it possible for him to secure a big appointment in his workplace. “The blessings of God are without sorrow,” he reminded the church.

After-Service Testimony

For the last three months, Okey from Anambra State had been battling with lumbar spondylosis leading to difficulty in walking. Repeatedly urged to take his case to God, Okey had been reluctant to visit The SCOAN for prayer. However, he finally did on Sunday, February 5, 2023 and Jesus Christ healed him! In excitement, he described himself as a beneficiary of God’s grace in The Arena Of Liberty and advised people to take their issues to God.

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