Within minutes of the opening prayer and the inspired ministration by The SCOAN Choir, The Arena Of Liberty became saturated with the presence of the Holy Ghost. Evidence of this divine aura was the manifestations that were witnessed as many vomited the impure substances in their systems. For many others, the Spirit of God had already begun the work of healing, deliverance and breakthrough for the ultimate salvation of their souls. “I Surrender All To You/Withholding Nothing/Absolutely Nothing,” the choristers had led the people to sing.

When it was time for the sermon, Evangelist Ope got on the altar and the Holy Spirit spoke through him as he gave a message titled “Unique Temptations”. He took his proof text from James 1:12-15. He started by noting that those in Kingdom work will be able to overcome temptation, which is inevitable, as long as they are not in it for material or political gain. It was a copiously illustrated message in which he cited many biblical examples of how temptations can be overcome, as well as the repercussions of yielding to the allures of the flesh.

Evangelist Ope thus countered the thinking among some believers that being saved means they will not be tempted by satan and his agents. Since we live in a complex and contradictory world of falsehood dominated by satan, he pointed out, believers must be prepared to use the Word as a shield against satan’s efforts to cut them off from total dependence on God. According to him, the unique temptations for a Christian come in the forms of pride, fear, ego, greed and moral compromise. He said: “As we grow in power and influence, these temptations increase in our character and behaviour. The higher you go, the more the temptation.”

The preacher explained that once the Spirit governs the believer’s senses based on the assurances in the Word, it will be easy to avoid the traps of the senses of seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling. On that note, he said: “Ask David in 2 Samuel 11:2-5 and he will tell you that as Christians we must be careful of what we are looking at, because what we are looking at can influence our thoughts and behaviour.”

Power From Anointed Hands And Lips!

With unshaken faith in her heart, Pastor Evelyn Joshua stated at The Prayer Line: “No matter how the situation today, it is well with our soul, in the name of Jesus Christ!” And before proceeding with the Laying Of Hands, the woman of God raised her voice and face to Heaven: “We ask You to cleanse us from our unrighteousness… Father, reconcile us back to You, in the name of Jesus Christ. Let everything work out for our good today, in the name of Jesus Christ! Father, restore our health, peace, freedom! In the name of Jesus Christ we pray!”

Armed with the power in the Word and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered prayers of healing to people who have come with issues of difficulty in walking, disc herniation, leg pain, kidney issues, hernias, swollen body parts, leg ulcers, stroke, diabetes and cancer, among others.

She also prayed for people with epilepsy, mental disorder and drug addiction, as well as those suffering stagnation from family curses. Other recipients of prayer were those seeking God’s Right Hand of Power upon their pregnancies. Glory be to Jesus Christ for meeting everyone at the point of their need.  

As the prayer session went on, the evangelists joined the woman of God in confronting the kingdom of darkness in order to set the people free from all forms of affliction. Indeed, at the presence of Jesus Christ, nothing is impossible!

As demon after demon fell flat on its back, Pastor Evelyn Joshua reminded the people of the words of Prophet TB Joshua about not rejoicing simply for their deliverance but for the fact that their names have been written in the Book of Life.

Healing, Deliverance And Breakthrough For All!

“Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!” Evangelist James assured congregants as he started the Mass Prayer session, flanked by Pastor Evelyn Joshua and the evangelists. He told the church to pray: “O Lord, have mercy on me and deliver me from the circle and curse of the past!” He also prayed for them: “By the mercy of God, be delivered, in the name of Jesus!”     

Evangelist Ope told congregants to shout out loud: “O Lord, by Your divine mercy and favour, let satan’s will over my life be broken!”

On his part, Evangelist Chisom told congregants to pray: “You spirit that causes me sickness, disease – anywhere you are in my body – I command you: Out!” He also prayed: “Every organ that is not functioning – begin to function, in the name of Jesus! I command healing on you!”

Furthermore, Evangelist Joseph urged congregants to warn the kingdom of darkness: “Every demonic influence over my business, career – anywhere you are, I command you to hear the voice of the Lord: Holy Ghost Fire – Out! You contrary spirit, ancestral spirit causing limitation: Out!”

Taking over the session with unmistakable divine authority, Pastor Evelyn Joshua told congregants to beseech the Lord: “Lord Jesus Christ, by Your Holy Spirit, enable me to be whole! Lord Jesus Christ, I have come with emptiness that I may be filled! Lord Jesus Christ, I have come with my burden, trouble, pain to cast it at your feet. Lord Jesus Christ, I have come with my tears to know your peace and joy!”

The woman of God prayed for the people: “Every burden of any kind – be broken! Every garment of sickness, affliction – be removed! Any power holding you back where you do not belong – be loosed! In the name of Jesus Christ, I command the healing power of Jesus Christ into your life. Be healed! Be delivered! Be set free from every shackle, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

For viewers all over the world Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “We ask every Goliath, giant in your life today to surrender, in the name of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua encouraged the church to proclaim: “Every spirit around me that torments me, every spirit that affects me, every spirit that causes me sickness and disease, every spirit that causes me setbacks, every spirit that causes me nightmares – Heaven knows that I am here – I rebuke you, in the name of Jesus!” The man of God also prayed: “I command that affliction out of your system, body, organ!”


Couple Released For Prosperity After Deliverance From Satanic Powers!

While it was confessing during the service of Sunday, February 12, 2023, the demon in Eucharia boasted about putting her in a cage and destroying her life. For some minutes, the demon kept running its mouth until utterances affected by the Holy Spirit silenced it and Eucharia immediately entered into a new life of freedom in Jesus Christ. Seven days after, she returned to The SCOAN to share her experience with the world. She said it had all started after her wedding. One night, she had had a dream in which a woman had lay on her bed and had refused to move when Eucharia challenged her. When the woman finally got up, she did so with a promise to make Eucharia’s marriage miserable. Later, Eucharia had another dream in which an idol appeared to her, causing her further worry. From then on, she began to face many issues in her career, family and health. “I kept spending my little salary on treating illnesses,” she recalled. Knowing that only God could clear away her frustration, she decided to take her case to God. To raise funds for her trip to The SCOAN, the Benin Republic-based Nigerian said she had to sell her phone. To the glory of God, however, since her deliverance, Eucharia and her husband have entered into a new life of peace in Jesus Christ. “I have peace and good health now and there is affection for my husband now,” she said. She advised people to put their faith in God. Her husband, Godwin, told of the trials he had faced because of the presence of a spirit wife in his life. “Money kept vanishing from my hands and I kept disappointing my helpers,” he said with regret. He also told of how the spirit of gambling had ruined his finances. Regarding the roots of his problems, Godwin said he suspected that it might have had to do with the circumstances of his birth. “Now there is peace in our family and I no longer engage in gambling,” he said. He advised the world, “Seek God’s face and He will deliver you.”

Anna Brings Forth With Ease As Anointing Takes Over!

On August 28, 2023. Anna was at The SCOAN to seek divine intervention over her forthcoming baby. After prayer, Pastor Evelyn Joshua had told her to go home in faith, even as she gifted Anna the New Anointing Water. Days later, Anna began to experience stooling and severe pain. Although her husband had panicked a bit, he soon recovered his faith and took his wife to a clinic close by. It turned out that it was signs of labour. While in the labour room, Anna started asking for the New Anointing Water. On hearing her voice, her husband handed the little bottle of water to one of the nurses, who took it inside the labour room and ministered it to Anna. Instantly, the baby came out! And although the placenta had broken into pieces inside her, the power of God in the New Anointing Water also flushed out all the fragments of the placenta. To the glory of God, Anna and her baby have been in perfect health. “Believe in God,” Anna advised the world.

And The Lord Turned Back Chika’s Captivity!

“She will never amount to anything in life!” boasted the evil spirit in Chika. The spirit further screamed: “I don’t want her to marry! Any man that tries to pay her bride price will die! She can never get married!” The spirit had been speaking during the deliverance session of the service of February 12, 2023. As the evangelist persisted in prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, the demon finally succumbed, with Chika thrashing about on the floor for many seconds before becoming still. A week later, Chika told of how a family idol had crept into her life with the aim of preventing her and her siblings from getting an education, marrying or emigrating for greener pastures. In Chika’s childhood, she had seen her father walk away from the family, leaving her mother with three helpless children. A maternal aunt then volunteered to see Chika through secondary school. On arriving at her aunt’s, Chika had a terrible dream that revealed the hardship that was to come. Although the aunty tried her best, she was unable to send Chika to school. This situation then forced Chika to seek out her father for support; unfortunately, there was little he could do for his daughter. Chika then returned to her aunt in another city. The aunt tried so hard to get her into school but died in the process. Chika then met a woman who provided her the job of a nanny in the home of a man who had just lost his wife. As fate would have it, the man enslaved her and turned her into a sex object, eventually fathering three children through her within a period of eight years. Although she had tried to escape on numerous occasions, Chika hadn’t succeeded until she had a dream encounter with a figure that asked her to pray to God for freedom. That very night, she managed to escape with her children and met a Good Samaritan who gave her money for transportation. Reuniting with her mother, Chika explained all that she been through. Afterwards, she was able to have her children receive some of the health care that they had missed all the while. Although Chika’s children’s father had reconnected with her on the phone, promising to marry her properly, Chika was later to be told that the man had passed away. Yet another man came her way and played the role of a father in her children’s lives. However, the man ran into severe problems and ended up disappearing from Chika’s life in spite of his good intentions. Chika also stated that her siblings have been facing the same issue of inability to get or stay married. To the glory of God, Chika made her way to The SCOAN and the Spirit of God located her. The night of her deliverance, she had a dream in which she pulled out snakes from her head and those of her children – a confirmation of her deliverance. And now that the Lord has turned back Chika’s captivity, her life will no longer remain the same! She advised people to put their trust only in God.

Marital Bliss Restored As Household Idol Is Banished Forever!

Also in church on February 12, 2023 was Benedicta, who, while growing up, had used to eat some of the chicken sacrificed to the idols of her father’s household. “I didn’t know those things were having an effect,” she said. A major manifestation of the effect was the spirit of anger that dominated her life. Apparently, Benedicta’s grandmother had dedicated her to one of the idols. “I used to feel unexplainable anger towards my husband and a certain man used to make love to me in the dream,” she recalled. Since her deliverance, however, Benedicta has broken off all connection with the demon ruling her life. “Now I have affection for my husband and always want to be with him,” she said. With delight, she told the church, “Keep hoping in God; with Him all things are possible.” Her husband, David, told of how he had struggled to make his wife warm up to following Emmanuel TV. He also glorified God’s name for restoring affection between them. He advised people to be patient and to keep hope in God.

Anointing Brings Fruit Of The Womb, Scholarship To Ghanaian Couple

Happy, a Ghanaian who lives in the USA with her husband, testified about how she received the fruit of the womb after five years of marriage. She had had surgery for fibroids, as advised by her doctors, but had been unable to conceive, nevertheless. According to her, an image of Prophet TB Joshua had informed her that surgery was not the solution to her problem. She had then made her way to The Arena Of Liberty for prayer and had returned home with the New Morning Water. On returning to Ghana, Happy fell pregnant and had a safe delivery. Again, she had a dream in which Prophet TB Joshua asked her to bring her husband Pomary’s documents to The SCOAN for prayer. Obedience to this instruction eventually led to Happy’s husband’s winning of a prestigious scholarship to the United Kingdom. “God will never disappoint you,” she told the church. Pomary himself told of how the scholarship interview had gone smoothly, even though he had failed it twice before. He advised the youth to examine their spiritual life and to use the divine blessings they receive to benefit the lives of others.

Email Testimonies

  • Glory from Cameroon was delivered safely even though her baby had been sitting in the womb surrounded by too much water. She also had a tight cervix. When he called The SCOAN Prayer Line, Glory’s husband had explained the situation and, as he received prayer, the anointing had fallen upon Glory, who immediately fell on the floor. A week later, Glory had her baby without surgery!
  • A woman from Italy testified about falling pregnant after four years of miscarriages. Now she has a stable pregnancy that is already three months old. She had called The SCOAN Prayer Line in October 2022.
  • Josephine from South Africa had also called for prayer in October 2022 over her ceased menstruation. Later in the month, the period returned! Thank You, Jesus!

After-Service Testimony

In August 2022, elderly Fanny had woken up with pain all over her body, making it difficult for her to move or walk. After numerous visits to the hospital, doctors had found that she was suffering from disc herniation. Expectedly, they gave her plenty drugs to ease her pain but the situation barely improved. Later, however, Fanny took her children’s advice to visit The SCOAN for prayer. Upon receiving ministration of prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, during the service of February 19, 2022, Fanny regained her perfect health. “Thank You, Jesus!” she exclaimed joyously.

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