“O Lord, We Give You Thanks!” sang The Emmanuel TV Singers as they worshipped Yahweh during the service of Sunday, July 23, 2023. They rendered many songs of worship extolling the name of the Lord. In the process, many fell under the power of the anointing and vomited the impure deposits in their systems.

The sermon for the day was given by Evangelist Shina, who spoke on “THE GOOD DESTINY”. He read from Jeremiah 29:11 for his proof text but also cited or read from Isaiah 43:7, Deuteronomy 28:2-13, 1 Samuel 15:26,11, Judges 16:1, 4, 19-21, Luke 19:10 and 2 Corinthians 5:18-20. The message focused on how to achieve God’s destined purpose for our lives based on possession of the fruits of the Spirit.

Evangelist Shina started by asking three pertinent questions: “What do you believe about your destiny? What is your conviction about your future and where are you heading to in life? Are you making a success out of what you are doing and improving your life or just pursuing God’s goal for someone else?” According to the preacher, “Destiny simply means God’s plan and purpose for His children conceived long before they were born.” He then noted that every human has a role to play in fulfilling their destiny in God’s master plan. He cited examples of biblical characters who displayed dedication, discipline, endurance, genuine willingness, sacrifice and obedience to God’s will. “Obedience is the key not smartness,” he said. He therefore encouraged every Christian to embrace Christ’s mission and become a missionary, an evangelist and a witness.

In conclusion, the preacher told the people: “You cannot possess that good destiny if you are unwilling to pursue it. You must be willing to keep pressing to attain it – denying your own will and doing the will of God, putting aside your old life, your old self and looking to the future, putting on the new life. If you follow these noble principles, you too can end the Christian race well. It will keep you on the path to your good destiny.”

Because God Was With Them…

“If God is with us,” began Pastor Evelyn Joshua as she came into the midst of the people for the Prayer Line/Laying Of Hands session, “no one can be against us.” The woman of God then looked up to Heaven: “Father Lord, we bless Your Holy name. Jesus Christ, we honour You. Holy Spirit, we welcome You. Father, we are here before You once again. We give You the highest of praise for this day and Your purpose for it. Almighty God, take our lives and make it Yours. Give us peace. Give us a future and hope. Father, hear the voice of our prayers. Open closed doors for us, in the name of Jesus Christ! Almighty God, give us the grace to seek Your face more than ever before. In every situation, in all circumstances that have troubled our minds and given us sleepless nights – Father, renew our strength to seek you above all, in the name of Jesus Christ! Almighty God, touch Your children today for healing, touch them for blessings, touch them for deliverance! In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray!”

And the God Who always honours His name and Word took over as prayers were offered for those with afflictions such as swollen belly, stiffness of the neck, difficulty in walking, sickle cell anaemia, arthritis, swollen legs/body, breast lump and skin disease, among many others.

Among the many others were pregnant women who had come in faith over issues with the developing bundles of joy in them. And God was with them!

Just as well, there were cases of mental disorder, epilepsy, addiction of every sort, family curses, liver issues, piles and so on.  Indeed, a steadfast look at the Crucified One will never look in vain at the Great Physician!

They Believed – And They Received Abundantly!

On rejoining congregants for the Mass Prayer session, Pastor Evelyn Joshua told them: “Get prepared, [for] believing is your only connection; don’t be moved by what your circumstances are saying to you.”  She added: “Begin to cover yourself with the Blood Of Jesus Christ – and ask God to give you the anointing to wash away every pronouncement that came upon your life before you were born.”

In one of her prayer points the woman of God declared: “Every appointment with disappointment, failure, disease, stagnation – out! Every yoke, burden frustrating your efforts – we cast it out right now, in the name of Jesus Christ.” She also urged the people: “Every power challenging your destiny – begin to cast it out right now in the name of Jesus!” She further declared upon them: “Receive your healing, deliverance, breakthrough, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

To viewers all over the world Pastor Evelyn Joshua said: “Whatever may be the challenges, pain, hurt, discomfort in your life, in the life of your loved ones – ask God to continue to perform your expectation.” She also told them: “Everything that stands between you and God’s promises for your life – begin to break it right now, in the name of Jesus Christ!” She then pronounced upon them: “Receive your healing from every illness, disease! Receive your blessing! Receive your deliverance from every chain, bondage, shackles, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants to pray: “Whatever spirit that is troubling my life, frustrating my efforts – in the name of Jesus: Out! You unclean spirit, contrary spirit, generational spirit – anywhere you are within and without – I command you by the Fire of the Holy Ghost: Out! You unclean spirit, ancestral spirit, enough is enough – I command you in the name of Jesus: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants to pray: “You familiar spirit, contrary spirit, ancestral spirit, demons – anywhere you are – I command you by the Fire of the Holy Ghost: Out! You demon – by the power in the name of Jesus, I command you anywhere you are: Out!”

Evangelist Ope told congregants to pray: “Every hidden sickness in my body, blood, veins – I call you by your name anywhere you are: Out!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “Every spirit of delay in your career, business, finances, family – by the Fire of the Holy Ghost – command it out, in the name of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, which is not time-bound, Prophet TB Joshua told the people to declare: “Holy Spirit, rain on me Your power of deliverance!” He prayed for them: “Every disease in your blood, bones, tendons, kidneys, liver – I command it out! I cover your business, finances with the Blood Of Jesus! I cover you with the Blood of Jesus!”


Healed Of Difficulty In Walking And Frequent Urination!

On Sunday, July 9, 2022, Sergeant Luke was among the recipients of prayer in The SCOAN. He had come with the major problem of difficulty in walking. “One day I had woken up to find that I could barely move,” he began his testimony on July 23, 2023. He then told of how his family had moved him to different hospitals in hopes of finding a cure for his problem. However, it was all to no avail, so his family decided that they had to bring the case to Jesus Christ. On receiving an anointed touch from Pastor Evelyn Joshua, Sergeant Luke felt God’s power surge through him. “Since that day, I have been going to bed and waking up as a normal human being,” he said excitedly. He also shared another testimony about his healing from frequent urination. “I no longer get up to urinate multiple times during the night,” he said. He advised people, “Let’s all believe in God!”

Ankle Dislocation Vanishes After Anointed Touch!

While running an errand for his father, Austin got knocked down by a speeding vehicle, leading to a severe ankle dislocation that kept him homebound in pain and unable to do anything by himself. After receiving medical treatment, Austin asked to be brought to The Arena Of Liberty for the prayer of perfection. On July 16, 2023, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed for him in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. After demonstrating all that he can now do, Austin advised people, “God is the only One to solve your problems, not witch doctors.” His father, Wahab, glorified the name of the Lord for the healing. “Have faith in God,” he urged the world.

Marital Bliss Restored As Family Idols Are Sent Packing!

During the service of July 16, 2023, the demon in Pius confessed many things including causing premature deaths in his family as well as miscarriages for his wife. Pius had grown up in an idol-worshipping family, and the idols had made it a point of duty to torment his life endlessly, afflicting him with the spirits of anger, lust and waywardness. In many ways these evil spirits troubled Pius’ life, making him unstable and unreliable as a person in society. On discovering Emmanuel TV, Pius started to build his faith in Jesus Christ and eventually made his way to The Arena Of Liberty. With just a touch sanctioned by Heaven, Pius immediately witnessed liberation. Following his deliverance, he has become a new creature in Jesus Christ. Pius urged the youth to embrace Jesus Christ. His wife, Nana, told of how their marriage had been troubled in many ways. “There was no peace; we kept quarrelling,” she said. She also disclosed how she had kept losing pregnancies after nightmares. Since receiving a divine touch alongside her husband, Nana has been freed from the world of darkness. “I no longer have those nightmares,” she affirmed. She advised people to stick with God.

“I Took A Step Of Faith And Received My Healing!”

It was during the service of July 16, 2023 that Esther received her healing from a nagging knee injury that was to have been surgically treated. Because of the injury, which she had sustained during an accident, Esther had been unable to help herself and had had to rely on her daughter all of the time. “I took a step of faith and received my healing at The SCOAN,” she said while testifying a week later. Regarding the power in the name of Jesus Christ, she said, “While receiving prayer that day, I felt hot all over my body.” Now she is able to do things she had been unable to do before. “I can walk freely and wear high-heeled shoes now,” she smiled. She advised people to trust in God.

Liberated From The Grip Of Marine Spirits And Ancestral Demons!

On Sunday, July 16, 2023 it was in vain that the demon in Blessing protested about its imminent expulsion as one of The SCOAN Evangelists engaged it in Jesus’ name. The demon said it had planned to prevent Blessing from finding a spouse. Having failed in that area, the demon further confessed, it had gone on to afflict her with ceased menstruation. All of these problems had been manifesting in Blessing’s life because her family had stopped worshipping their ancestral idol. “In business, customers refused to show up and even those who showed up soon vanished,” Blessing said during her testimony on July 23. “It was hard for me to sustain relationships, as a spirit husband kept harassing the men coming to me,” she added. She also said that she used to interact with marine spirits in the dream, even as she constantly saw strange animals such as snakes. During her deliverance, Blessing had felt hot all over. She advised people to believe in God. “God will attend to your own case,” she encouraged congregants and viewers all over the world.  

Mother Healed Of Difficulty In Walking, Daughter Freed From Ancestral Stronghold!

“The problems that brought me here were cervical and lumbar spondylosis,” said Eunice during her testimony on Sunday, July 23, 2023. Going back in time, she said that it had started with relentless coughing until she received the two definitive diagnoses. For four years, the 77-year-old senior citizen suffered severe pain and inconvenience. She could not even use the restroom without needing her daughter’s help. While receiving prayer on July 16, Eunice had felt God’s power spring through her body, and minutes later she had become calm and could walk again. Discarding her lumbar corset, Eunice glorified God’s name for her healing. Her daughter, Adebanke, also shared her own testimony, having also been at The SCOAN that day. Coming from a royal family, Adebanke and her twin brother had been exposed to many ritual practices by their father. In hindsight, Adebanke has now realised that those rituals had been responsible for the issues in her life, including delayed marriage and divorce as well as business stagnancy. On receiving a touch alongside her mother, Adebanke had seen the demon in her manifest before fleeing forever. Since then, she has been witnessing favour from all angles. “I sleep peacefully,” she said. “Cast all your burdens upon God,” she advised the world.

After-Service Testimony

David testified alongside his wife about the issue of difficulty in walking that had afflicted him for the last four years. The Nigerian resident in Cameroon can now do all that he had been unable to do before. His wife also received her healing from arthritis and numbness of the limbs. Thank You, Jesus!

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