Friday, April 28, 2023 was a day like no other in the history of the sport arena Pabellón Fernando Martín, located in Madrid, Spain. It was the day that the venue hosted thousands of visitors from all over the world who were looking to get a unique experience of God’s raw power. The event was The Crusade In Spain With Pastor Evelyn Joshua – a two-day end-of-week ministration in the power of the Holy Spirit.   

For those already familiar with The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) and the huge legacy of service to God by Prophet TB Joshua, it was with great excitement that they made way to the venue, seeking to hear God’s Word ministered in Spirit and truth and backed with active faith. And so, from all over the continents did they throng the venue in faith so that they could return home with tons of blessings.

The crusade started with a worship session that was conducted in both English and Spanish. For hours the choristers prepared the atmosphere for the presence of the Holy Spirit, switching from one soul-lifting song to the next. As many felt the anointing saturate their beings, they began to express emotion in anticipation of God’s mighty move in theirs and the lives of others.

First, there was a Christian Flamenco dance performed by artistes from The Flamengo Institute, who sang, “Praise The Lord!” Thereafter, singer Juan Antonio Salazar and guitarist Juan Carmona performed the numbers “Duce Despertar” and “Y Llename De Ti”.

Welcoming all to the Crusade were Pastor Yaqueune Enriquez and Pastor Raul Toscano, who expressed appreciation for their presence. Right afterwards, the opening prayer was said by Pastor Jose Luis Ardila. There was then a further session of worship to glorify God Almighty and prepare the people’s hearts for the Word, including a rendition by American gospel artiste LG Wise.

On joining congregants, Pastor Evelyn Joshua thanked everyone who had participated in putting the Crusade together, including Christian leaders, pastors, distinguished men and women of God, as well as Emmanuel TV Partners and all lovers of The TB Joshua Ministries. “I thank you immensely,” she told them. She also described Prophet TB Joshua as “my husband, teacher, mentor and prophet.” The woman of God also expressed her delight at being included in God’s grace and being able “to proclaim the Good News of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – to talk about His love, grace, compassion and power… to remind you that He is alive and never said goodbye.”

She gave her message title as “BELIEVE JESUS CHRIST, REDEEM TIME” and took her proof text from John 6:47. She started by citing biblical matriarchs of faith such as Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah, Tamer, Deborah. Esther, Mary, Elizabeth and Dorcas, etc., as she assured the people of God’s abiding presence and power in the lives of those who believe. “That God of yesterday is still God today and will be God forever,” she insisted.

Pastor Evelyn Joshua taught about the need for people of faith to develop spiritually to such an extent that they can show love to all and do exploits with the name of Jesus Christ. “Where there is no love,” she reminded the people, “there is neither grace nor mercy.” She then encouraged the people to be doers of the Word rather than mere hearers. In her words, “As the Word dominates your mouth, one day it will pay off; the Spirit will bring it to your heart. If the Word dominates your heart, it will influence your conduct and character, signs and wonders will flow.”

Teaching further, the woman of God stressed the need for Christians to make faith a daily affair. Faith, she said, “is the way to please God and obtain His promises, for every believer needs faith as a house needs a strong foundation to stand the storm.” She also read from Psalm 37:3-4 as she spoke on the imperative of believing Christ and redeeming time. “Whether the world laughs or frowns at you,” she noted, “it is an enemy.”

Before rounding off the message, Pastor Evelyn Joshua told the people: “We can look to the past for encouragement. We can look to the future for hope. But we must remember that it is only in the present that we can change our circumstances and the life we now live.”

They Returned Home With Tons Of Blessings

Once done with the sermon, Pastor Evelyn Joshua proceeded to the ministration of prayers of healing, deliverance and breakthrough for the ultimate salvation of souls. She was soon joined by the evangelists in delivering the message of the Father by acting on the Word in the power of the Holy Spirit. As each person received a touch from Heaven, they felt the impact of the Holy Spirit for the transformation of their lives. All the glory to Your name, O Lord!

Prayer For All

As a follow-up to the Laying Of Hand session, the Mass Prayer time was a chance for yet more congregants to feel God’s raw power. Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed for the people: “Be healed, in the name of Jesus! Be delivered, in the name of Jesus! We command healing on your body, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist James prayed: “You sickness, disease threatening my life – I command you out, in the name of Jesus!”


Six Years After Paraguay Crusade, Juana Continues To Maintain Her Divine Healing!

In 2017, during The Crusade in Paraguay With Prophet TB Joshua, Juana was among the thousands of people who were impacted by the power of the Holy Ghost. Because of an infection in her eyes, she had been unable to see and had always required help from another person. In faith, she had presented herself for prayer and, following a touch by the man of God, Juana had immediately begun to see again. Six years later, the glory of God continues to radiate in her life. “I came to Spain alone,” she told congregants, in confirmation of the permanence of her healing. She advised people to practise forgiveness so that they can maintain their blessings. “This is the day of your own miracle,” she assured the people.

When God Rescued Alberto From The Jaws Of Death Six Years Ago

Difficulty in walking and constant stomachache – those were the complaints that lawyer Alberto had presented at The Paraguay Crusade With Prophet TB Joshua in 2017. After a bypass surgery, Alberto had contracted an infection that affected several of his organs, virtually making him an invalid who depended on medical machines for life. For eight months, he lay in bed dying. “I lost my family, work and health,” he recalled. However, that was only before he took his case to God Almighty at the Paraguay Crusade, where God’s servant taught on how to read the Bible with deep understanding while acting with love towards others no matter their offence. As Prophet TB Joshua moved close to Alberto, the ailing man cried out for help and instantly felt divine fire in his system. On receiving a touch, Alberto instantly received vitality in his limbs and internal organs! With the healing also came deliverance from the forces of witchcraft. Today, Alberto continues to propagate the Word of God and speak of its power. “I want you to believe that Jesus will touch you today,” he told the people.  

Football Career Restored, Fruit Of The Womb Granted, Prosperity Flows As Amido Meets Jesus Christ

Amido from Guinea Bissau had gone to Portugal to pursue his dream of becoming a professional footballer. However, on getting there, it was discovered that he had serious lung problems that affected his breathing. According to doctors, the health issues meant the end of the young man’s hopes in football. However, in that state of despondency, Amido stumbled upon a video of Prophet TB Joshua and he immediately made plans to go to The SCOAN in Lagos. There, God touched Amido’s case file as Prophet TB Joshua prayed for him. From then on, all of Amido’s health issues vanished, even as the man of God blessed him and his family with gifts. Amido then travelled to Indonesia and received a medical certificate that declared him fit to carry on with his football career. Amido’s wife also shared her own testimony following her contact with the anointing in the New Morning Water. “I started praying with it and now I have two children after being unable to conceive in six years of marriage,” she testified.

Grievous Skin Disease Healed As Young Man Moved In Faith

When 22-year-old Patrick had visited The SCOAN for prayer in 2017, he had done so mainly because of an embarrassing, uncomfortable skin condition that made him scratch all over his body all the time. For 18 years, he had had to endure the torture of the skin disease that frequently affected his schooling. “I went to many specialist hospitals and used everything recommended by the doctors,” he said, “but I never could get rid of the infection.” On encountering the power of God through Prophet TB Joshua, Patrick had fallen on the floor as the Holy Spirit went to work on his body. Following that deliverance fall, healing followed for Patrick. Today, Patrick is a handsome young man with a glowing skin. “Now I can focus on my future,” he said, flanked by his loving mother, who had accompanied him to The SCOAN six years ago. “I don’t need any medicine anymore,” he said. He advised young people to read their Bible with deep meditation. Patrick’s mother, Mary, thanked God for using Prophet TB Joshua to heal her son.

The events of Day 1 ended with the choristers and congregants offering a dance offering to the Lord. Thank You, Jesus!

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