Sunday, August 6, 2023 was another chance for the brethren to gather in The Arena Of Liberty, where God Almighty has proved His power on countless occasions. It was the day after The Zambia Prayer Meeting and everyone had yet one more reason to worship the Lord and praise His holy name. Alongside Esther of The SCOAN Sunday School, congregants sang “Hallelujah!” Then they declared with The SCOAN Choir: “There Is Darkness Everywhere/I’m In The World But Not A Part Of It/Let Your Spirit Lighten The World/In My heart.” They also implored the Holy Spirit: “Holy Spirit/Take More Of Me/Give Me More Of You!”

On joining the church, Pastor Evelyn Joshua said to them, “Give Jesus Christ a beautiful round of applause.” She added, “Everything you received yesterday will remain permanent in your lives, in Jesus’ name.” She was referring to the Zambia programme, regarding which she cited Galatians 6:7 and said: “Whatever you sow, that is what you reap. As a man, you cannot go wrong by doing what pleases God. Whatever God has given to you, sow it back and it will return to you a millionfold. You have no reason to doubt God’s sufficiency.”

She also urged people to share their gifts with others, as Prophet TB Joshua did under conditions of devotion to God and strict personal discipline. “Let us fear God, Who does as He wills,” she reminded them. She then asked for highlights of THE SCOAN ZAMBIA PRAYER MEETING to be played on Emmanuel TV. As congregants watched the Mass Prayer clips, many fell under the anointing and instant testimonies happened!

When God Helped Them To Rise Above Their Fears

In an attitude of gratitude for thus far the Lord has stayed faithful to His children, Pastor Evelyn Joshua made a supplication to Heaven before proceeding to lay hands on those at The Prayer Line. She intoned: “Father Lord, we bless Your Holy name. Jesus Christ, we honour You. Father, we come to You today with our hearts full of gratitude. We surrender our lives to You; You are our Saviour. You are our Redeemer, our Protector, our Blessing Provider. Father, You are our Comforter. You are everything we want You to be for us.

O Lord God Almighty, we ask You to help us to rise above every fear that wants to enslave us. Father Lord God Almighty, set us free from the hands of the enemies – from the plans of the enemies, from their plans of destruction. Father Lord, see to the needs of Your children. Heal them of every wound. Bless them accordingly. Make today a day of testimony for them. Through Christ, our King, we pray. Amen.”

As usual, among the plethora of cases presented were difficulty in walking, sickle cell anaemia, leg fracture, swollen belly, asthma, evil attacks, hernia, split personality, bleeding due to fibroids, goitre, skin disease, leg ulcers, epilepsy, mental disorder and drug addiction.

Pregnant women also brought their cases for God’s attention.

Subsequently, the woman of God and the evangelists returned to the auditorium, which had been heavily suffused with the presence of the Holy Spirit. As they laid blessed hands on congregants, amazing testimonies were recorded in Jesus Christ’s name! Indeed, the evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed!

And The Gentle Saviour Did Not Pass Them By!

“Thank the Lord,” Evangelist Ope urged congregants as he uttered the first words of the Mass Prayer session. “No matter what you are going through, thank Him,” he insisted. He told congregants to pray: “Thou Son of David, by Your divine mercy and favour, every hidden agenda against my family, life – anywhere it is – I command you right now: Be broken!”

Evangelist James prayed: “Every spirit causing you sickness, disease – Out!” He also told them to pray: “You contrary spirit causing me sickness, disease – I command you in the name of Jesus: Out!”

When she took over from the evangelists, Pastor Evelyn Joshua requested the people to declare: “Pass me not, O Gentle Saviour!” She also told them, “Let your heart be guarded.” She prayed: “By the Blood of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Ghost, I command every good thing to flourish in your life today, in the name of Jesus Christ. Be released from that hardship, affliction, disease! Be delivered from every yoke! Every evil veil covering your destiny – be freed!”

For viewers all over the world, the woman of God prayed: “Every strange spirit of addiction – be it smoking, drunkenness – we command it out right now! Every spirit that has been tormenting you: Out! We command every closed womb to be opened, in the name of Jesus! Be healed! Be delivered!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua declared: “I command you to come out of darkness, in the name of Jesus! That pain, nightmare, affliction is darkness; I command you out of darkness! Let the power of God come down on you – upon your business, career, marriage, future, destiny, your continent! I command that infirmity – Out! Your story – change!”

As the woman in The Synagogue closed the service, she pronounced with authority: “All that we received today will remain permanent, in the name of Jesus!”


Ceased Menstruation Restored After Living Water Service

Amy from Mozambique was among those who attended The Living Water Service on July 28, 2023. Since the year 2012, she had been experiencing hormonal issues that were affecting her menses. Without taking certain hormonal supplements, she could not expect to see her monthly flow. Within minutes of praying on The Altar Of Prayer, Amy witnessed her flow come out on its own, after the impure spirit in her had manifested. With the restoration of her menses also came the elimination of every untoward thing in her life.

“Deliverance Is Real,” Wife Says As Husband Gushes, “It’s Now That I Actually Just Got Married”

“I’m a witch!” shouted the evil spirit in Nkem during the deliverance session of the service of Sunday, July 30, 2023. Minutes later, the demon fled at the anointing-backed command of the evangelist. A week later, Nkem returned to The SCOAN to testify. She went back in time to narrate how evil forces had been running her life from her younger days. She said she used to have nightmares in which she saw many strange things, including masquerades and bodies of water that kept pursuing her. “Fear and anger ruled my life and I had no affection for my husband,” she said. The spirit in her also affected her husband’s fortunes. “I used to beat my children so much,” she added. Since her deliverance, however, Nkem has become a new creature in Jesus Christ. “Deliverance is real,” she declared. She advised people to stick with God no matter their situation. Her husband, Olisa, confirmed the transformation. “It’s now that I actually just got married,” he gushed about the newfound love in his home. He also narrated how he received his healing from a skin infection that had kept him homebound for a long while. On being encouraged to visit The SCOAN, Olisa had taken a step of faith and presented himself for prayer before Pastor Evelyn Joshua. “I passed out so much foul substance after the prayer and became relieved,” he told the church. “Now my skin is smoother than before,” he said, smiling broadly. He advised those facing issues to seek out a living church.”

No Longer Troubled By Ancestral Demons

While exposing itself on Sunday, July 30, 2023, the demon in Layefa said it had afflicted her with the spirit of anger. Of course, the demon eventually surrendered. On August 6 , 2023, Layefa shared her testimony. Because she was a constantly angry person, she said, people had become resentful of her and she had got frustrated. While growing up, Layefa had been joining in the worship of ancestral idols through her grandmother. Little did she know that she was being set up for monitoring by demonic forces, which made her do mean things to the people in her life. “I couldn’t sustain relationships,” she admitted. Following her liberation, however, Layefa has seen the light of God, to whom she advised people to take their issues. Her fiancé, Nathaniel, glorified God’s name for the deliverance even as he confirmed that she has now become his best friend. “She even bought me a gift last week,” he added. He urged people to seek out a living church. Layefa apologised to Nathaniel for all that she had done to him.

Mother And Daughter Delivered From Spirit Of Anger

Manuela, a South Sudanese living in Australia, testified about her deliverance from the spirits of anger and waywardness, which had caused her to perform poorly in school. She used to fight at the slightest provocation, causing her to get into trouble with school authorities. She always had nightmares in which she saw strange things. After running away from home for a month, Manuela realised that there was no happiness in sight. “I became depressed and suicidal,” she said. Her mother then decided to bring her to The SCOAN on July 30, 2023. As the anointing fell upon Manuela, the demons in her became agitated and started to confess. Since then, she can now sleep peacefully and no longer hears strange voices in her head, even as the spirit of anger has vanished. Reciting John 3:16, Manuela urged children to obey God and their parents. Her mother, Rose, confirmed the young woman’s formerly unfriendly nature. “My daughter was always angry and unwelcoming,” she said. “Now I have my real daughter back,” she smiled, while advising parents to monitor their children closely and show them the way of the Lord. Rose also told of her own deliverance from the spirit of anger.

29 Years Of Marital Misery Ends After Deliverance!

The demon in Helen’s life had no other aim: To prevent her from staying married. Of course, it had no power to prevent God’s work – and so the demon fell flat on its back at the command of Jesus Christ. This confrontation had happened during the service of July 30, 2023 as a SCOAN evangelist called down divine fire. A week later, Helen returned for her testimony. She told of how she had been enmeshed in idol worship while growing up. “The spirit made me a violent person, even in marriage,” she said. Apparently, a spirit husband had been laying claims to her. During her infancy, Helen had suddenly vanished as her mother laid her close to a tree while working on the farm. Terrified, Helen’s mother had run helter-skelter in search of her child, until a demon in the tree forced her to make a covenant with it before releasing the child. Consequently, the demon considered itself to have gained even more control of Helen’s life. Because of this, the demon made her dislike her husband so much that she frequently fought him, sometimes harming him with dangerous objects. Things had got so bad that Helen’s husband had to remove the door of their home so that he could escape easily whenever Helen was at her worst behaviour. At one time, the demon tried to kill Helen’s son through illness. “To save the boy’s life, I had to offer a midnight sacrifice to a forest spirit,” she recalled. After her deliverance, however, Helen has changed for good! “With God, all things are possible,” she reminded the world. Her husband, James, confirmed the changed life. “Now she is as cool as water from a fridge,” he smiled. “No situation is too much for God,” he observed.

Mass Prayer Testimonies

During the Mass Prayer session, many received God’s touch. Among them was a man who had been experiencing discomfort for three years because of the meat particles that had been trapped in his throat. After vomiting the particles alongside bloody substances, he saw confirmation of God’s power. “Now my throat is clear,” he confirmed.

One woman also vomited the root cause of pain in her body. Thank You, Jesus!

After-Service Testimonies

Priscilla received her healing after many months of difficulty in walking. She had tried many remedies to no avail. With her body no longer stiff, she advised people to seek God’s help.

Caroline testified about her deliverance from the spirit of anger. Sometime in childhood, an evil force had entered her, causing her to start faltering in her academics. In adulthood, she found a negative family pattern recurring in her own life. “My mother was married to three men in her lifetime,” she recalled. Since her deliverance on Sunday, July 30, Caroline has had nothing but peace of heart. She advised parents to listen to their children. She also advised people to run to God for solutions to the issues of life.

Tracey from South Africa testified about her deliverance from ancestral spirits that used to get intimate with her in the dream. On July 30, after prayer by an evangelist, Tracey rose from the floor as a transformed person. She advised people to seek God.

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