The God of Prophet TB Joshua continues to manifest Himself as THE SCOAN ZAMBIA PRAYER MEETING took place on Saturday, August 5, 2023 with amazing instant testimonies recorded and lifelong divine impact made on the lives of the people. From all over Zambia and surrounding nations did people gather at the Lusaka International Conference Centre, Bonanza Estate, situated in the country’s capital, Lusaka. There, thousands were affected by the Word and the Spirit through the faculties of The SCOAN Evangelists, who brought the people messages of assurance from the woman in The Synagogue, Pastor Evelyn Joshua.

Welcoming guests to the occasion were Pastor Fred Mbwana, who led the people to pray: “Holy Spirit, sanctify my heart as a prayer room, sanctify my heart for your dwelling, in Jesus’ name!”

The event started with a worship session during which a rich array of songs, many of them composed by Prophet TB Joshua, were performed. Among many requests, the choristers called for the King Of Glory to take over the meeting venue so that the people could have their fill of Him. “I Just Want To Be With You,” the choristers sang. To further prepare the way for the Spirit of the Lord, the people declared sin’s power over them broken. Right from the worship session, therefore, many started to vomit the poisonous substances in their systems, even as the anointing caused others to experience bodily responses confirming the actions of the Holy Ghost in them. South African gospel act Rofiwa was also on hand to lead the people in worshipping God.  

The sermon for the one-day event was given by Evangelist Chisom, who started by reminding the brethren: “When you put your faith in God, all things are possible.” He then gave his message title as “HAVE FAITH IN GOD”, for which he read from Matthew 7:7-8. “This is Christ’s encouragement to pray and the assurance that your prayers will be answered,” he observed about the essence of the proof text. He went on to stress the need to place absolute faith in God as the One Who works out the answers to the Christian’s requests. As such, he continued, the believer’s constant confession should be that Jesus is Lord, whether the times are tough or they are hard.

Echoing Prophet TB Joshua, Evangelist Chisom urged the people to doubt their doubts, for their doubts are unreliable. He also noted that the Bible is replete with divine promises for every matter – for instance, Psalm 107:20, which promises healing for all. In his words: “There is healing in God’s Word. There is deliverance in God’s Word. Everything you need is in God’s Word.” He therefore encouraged congregants to actively reach out for divine promises. “You must find comfort in knowing that true fulfilment comes from doing the will of God,” he stated.

Among the other Bible passages for the sermon were John 19:30 and Luke 8:40-55. “Jesus Christ,” he reminded the people, “purchased our redemption, our healing, our deliverance – everything we are asking for – at the price of great suffering on the Cross.” To solidify this point, he again quoted the words of Prophet TB Joshua: “Truly, it is not all up to you and, certainly, it is not all up to God; it takes God’s ability and your genuine willingness to bring about what you are asking for. “

Finally, Evangelist Chisom concluded remarkably: “When Jesus looks at you, He sees beyond your present situation. When Jesus looks at you, He sees beyond that sickness, because beyond that sickness there is healing. When Jesus looks at you, He sees beyond that poverty, because beyond that poverty there is prosperity. When Jesus looks at you, He sees beyond that situation, because beyond that situation there Jesus is, there solution is!”

Healing, Deliverance, Breakthrough And Salvation For Those Who Believed

Once the evangelists commenced the ministration of prayers, the people witnessed the incomparable power of God as they received healing, deliverance and blessings for the ultimate salvation of their souls. To the glory of God, hundreds of instant testimonies were on display because Jesus Christ never said goodbye!

Their Right To Receive!

“Your healing is by the Word of God, your deliverance is by the Word of God,” Evangelist Joseph reminded congregants as he started the Mass Prayer session. He asked them to say, “Jesus, You are welcome to my heart.” He further assured the people, “Your right to receive is based on the Blood Of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost.”

Evangelist Joseph prayed: “In the name of Jesus Christ, every knee shall bow! Every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord! Right now, we command every demon, every familiar spirit, every unclean spirit: Bow! You demon, you familiar spirit – anywhere you are – Holy Ghost Fire!”

Evangelist Joseph again prayed: “We command every sickness, disease in your bones, body – be it cancer, fibroids – that is a messenger of satan: Hear the voice of Jesus – Out! Every darkness in your health, finances, family, career, health: Bow! You demon against my finances, you messenger of satan against my family, you demon blocking my way to breakthrough – I call you by your name; you are darkness: Come out! Every unrepentant spirit, every hidden spirit – we fish you out!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants to declare: “In the name of Jesus Christ, my business – receive breakthrough! My family – receive breakthrough! My health – receive breakthrough! My career – receive breakthrough! My finances – receive breakthrough! The Blood Of Jesus over my health, life, family, business, career, children! By the mercy of God, I am delivered! By the mercy of God, I am healed! By the mercy of God, I am cleansed! By the mercy of God, I am a new creature! By the mercy of God, I am saved! Thank You, Jesus, because I know I am delivered, healed, blessed, saved!” He assured them: “You are not just delivered, saved, healed but you are totally, entirely free!”

Evangelist Joseph declared: “The end to your problems, suffering, challenges, health problems, all your sicknesses has come!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants to declare: “You setback, you hardship disturbing my business, finances – I command you: Make way!” He equally told them to stretch forth their breakthrough key and urged them: “By faith, open every closed door to breakthrough! By faith, step into your breakthrough! The way out for your business has come! In the name of Jesus, that closed door has been opened!”

Evangelist Chisom told the people to declare: “You unclean spirit, ancestral spirit, anywhere you are troubling my life, anywhere you are disturbing my peace – I command you: Holy Ghost Fire! You unclean spirit, the cause of my sickness, disease, affliction – anywhere you are, my body is not your dwelling place, anywhere you are, enough is enough! By the Blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost: Out! You sickness, disease – whatever name they call you, my body is not your dwelling place – your time is up: Out!” He further prayed: “Whatever name they call that sickness, disease, we command you in the name of Jesus: Anywhere you are in their kidneys, liver, blood – Out!”

Evangelist Joseph leading the saying of The Grace at THE SCOAN ZAMBIA PRAYER MEETING.

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