Hebrews 12:28-29 says, “Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our ‘God is a consuming fire’.” With that bit of Scripture in mind, congregants in The SCOAN on June 16, 2024 spent their time singing and dancing for the glory of the Lord. They started thus: “Lord, You Are Great/You Do Miracles So Great/There Is No One Else Like You!” Then they asked that the Holy Spirit take more of them and give them more of Himself as they declared, “You Are My God/Because You’re With Me/I Will Not Fear!” And the Spirit of the Lord took control of The Arena Of Liberty, causing transformation in people of faith.

“Read it; it has healing power. Read it; it has converting power. Read it; you are in it, I am in it but, most importantly, God is in it,” said Evangelist Chisom as he raised his Bible for all to see once he joined them for the sermon. He then read from Genesis 37:5-11 before giving his sermon title as “Resist This Reminder”. He started by noting that many have failed to realise the future of their dreams because they are fixated on their past failures, about which the devil always reminds them. “There is a voice that needs to be silenced, a reminder that must be resisted,” he told congregants.

As he carried on with the message, he also read from 1 Peter 5:8-9, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Romans 8:1, Romans 8:37, and Matthew 4:1-11, among others. He explained that all Christians fight battles but in different forms as orchestrated by the common enemy, satan, who constantly seeks to make them doubt God’s Word and its provisions. “The greatest war is within you,” he told the church. Then he asked, “Whose voice are you listening to? Whose voice do you submit to?” He therefore urged Christians to resist satan’s efforts to cut off their dependence on and communion with God Almighty. “When satan reminds you of your past failures,” he said, “remind him of his future failure.” In reference to Prophet TB Joshua´s teaching, he said, “the graveyard is filled with those who failed to overcome this voice. The prison yard is filled with many who failed to conquer this reminder.”

Evangelist Chisom urged the people to look forward to the future that the Lord has set before them and refuse to take journeys into yesterday. In his words, “Yesterday is done, today is the decision and tomorrow is the result. The result of yesterday’s decision is today. Now you have another decision to make and tomorrow is the result. Life’s biggest decision is what we do with Jesus.” Citing Matthew 4:1-11, he charged the people: “Jesus Christ spoke the Word of God to satan and satan had to listen. Use the Word of God to resist this reminder and your accuser, satan, will be silenced.”

Into The Abundance Of His Grace They Walked!

At the Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua lifted her face to the Heavens: “Father Lord God of Heavens, everlasting King of Glory, Almighty God, we bless Your holy name. Father, we are here again to give You the highest praise, to thank You for today, for this moment and for Your will towards it. Almighty God, we thank You for Your promises that never change. You say You will never leave us or forsake us; You say You will give us peace and not war. You say You will continue to go before us and walk with us. Almighty God, You say You know Your thoughts before us – to give us a future and a hope. And so, Lord God Almighty, as we lift up our eyes towards your Heaven this morning, hear the voice of our cry, hear the voice of our prayers, open closed doors for us and let us walk into your abundance, in the name of Jesus. Every spirit that is frustrating our efforts, lives –  Almighty God, Father Lord, subject them under Your control, in the name of Jesus Christ! Give us testimonies that will glorify Your name for ever, in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Father!”

Thereafter, she proceeded to lay hands on people who had come with various issues such as difficulty in walking, alcohol addiction, swollen belly, sickle cell anaemia, drug addiction, difficulty in breathing, fibroids, breast cancer, bone fracture, and severe neck pain.

She also prayed for pregnant women seeking divine cover for the fruit of their wombs.

With faith in their hearts, many others also received the incredible from the King Of Kings, Lord Of Lords and the Alpha And Omega over issues such as stomach ulcers, tuberculosis, enlarged prostate, mental disorder, epilepsy, throat cancer, goitre, high blood pressure, and piles.

The roots of all manner of troubles in the people’s lives were also exposed during the Laying Of Hand session, when God worked through the faculties of Pastor Evelyn Joshua and The SCOAN Evangelists. For sure there is never a barrier to the move of God!

Instant Testimony

Until she brought her case before the Throne Of Grace, this woman had been helpless, confined to a sitting position owing to severe difficulty in walking. “Thank You, Jesus!” she and her relieved children exclaimed.

And The Lord Gave Them An Utterance!

“In the presence of God there is fullness of joy,” said Evangelist James at the start of the Mass Prayer session. He told the people to proclaim, “Victory is mine!” He also urged them to ask for forgiveness and to forgive others so that their prayers would not be hindered.

Evangelist James told the people to pray: “By the authority in the name of Jesus, sin’s power over my life, family, career – be broken!”

Evangelist Joseph told the people to decree: “You demon, you unclean spirit, you familiar spirit – I command you in the name of Jesus: Come out!”

Evangelist Ope prayed: “You spirit of affliction, sickness and disease: Out!”

Evangelist Chisom told the people to pray: “You unclean spirit, the cause of failure, disappointment, frustration, limitation – in the name of Jesus, I command you: Out!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua told the people to ask: “Father, give me an utterance!” She prayed for them: “May the Spirit of God be the voice pf your prayer today, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua declared: “In the name of Jesus Christ, by the Blood Of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Ghost – the Spirit of God will go before you to devour every doubt, every insecurity, in the name of Jesus Christ! Restoration to your life, restoration to your way! Be healed, be freed, be delivered, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be restored, be blessed, be healed, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

The woman of God asked the people to proclaim: “Son of David, have mercy on me. Let Your mercy speak for me. Let Your favour speak for me. Let Your compassion speak for me.”

Turning to viewers all over the world, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prays: “May your life, business, health, career – begin to change for good, in the name of Jesus Christ! We command every raging storm in your life to be silenced, in the name of Jesus Christ! Calmness in your way, life, home! Let the voice of sickness, affliction be silenced! Be freed from that shackle, from that cage! Be healed from that sickness, whatever it is called!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua prayed: “Jesus, break the chain! Chain of affliction – be broken! Chain of affliction in my bones, liver, kidneys, fluid, tendons – be broken, in the name of Jesus! Whatever challenges, whatever affliction – wherever it is located, in the name of Jesus, it has been broken! Your finances, your business, I say, ‘Turn around, in the name of Jesus!’ Your career – I say, ‘Good Morning, in the name of Jesus. It is a new dawn!’”


After One Year Of Pain, Abba Enters The Ease Of God!

On April 23, 2023, Abba woke up to pains all over his body. “I was so uncomfortable and I couldn’t sleep,” he said on June 16, 2024. His sister advised him to visit The SCOAN for prayer, but Abba didn’t do so until April 28, 2024. Seated among congregants in The Arena Of Liberty, he received prayer in Jesus’ name as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered. Upon being impacted, Abba got a dose of vitality injected into his system. “I started to do things I hadn’t been able to do in the past one year,” he said. For his advice, he told the world: “Have faith in God; He will do it for you.” He was flanked during the testimony by a relative, Ibrahim, who had been with him all the while. “Be patient,” Ibrahim advised others.

The Day Mercy Found Mercy!

On June 9, 2024, during the deliverance session of The SCOAN Sunday Service, Mercy truly received mercy from the Throne Of Grace. It was the day that the ancestral demons in her were expelled. “My ancestors used to offer sacrifices to idols, but with the advent of Christianity the present generation has neglected those idols,” she disclosed to the church a week later, during her testimony. She explained how the idols had used to come to her in the form of a spirit husband. “From the age of 14, I started to find myself getting intimate with this spirit husband,” she continued. As time went on, Mercy dropped out of school because the spirit husband messed with her brain. “I also had issues in marriage and had to move out in the end,” she further stated. She knew there was a problem, so she visited different spiritual temples for help. Despite all those efforts, however, life continued as usual for Mercy. “My businesses kept failing and people just disliked me for no reason,” she said. At last, someone directed Mercy to God’s presence at The Arena of Liberty. Indeed, hers was a spectacular experience on June 9, for she witnessed the Spirit of the Lord remove dark veils from her face! “The angels of God removed three masks from my face and I saw images of Prophet TB Joshua as the deliverance session carried on,” Mercy said. “I felt light after the prayer; I knew something had left my body,” she told the church. She also had a confirmatory dream in which she confronted a mountain that had been standing in her way. In yet another dream she overpowered some demonic forces that had been obstructing her progress. “Now those who previously rejected me have been calling me and sending things to me,” she smiled. She added, “I no longer see the spirit husband.” She advised others to visit a living church for their deliverance.

Set Free From Consuming Spirit Of Anger!

It was the spirit of anger that had been ruling the life of Osas until she received her deliverance on June 9, 2024. In a fit of anger, as if playing a game of darts, Osas had furiously aimed a knife at one of her children, narrowly missing him as the boy dodged. But the knife did seriously injure another child of hers, causing him to need immediate medical attention. Growing up, Osas had been possessed by evil spirits as she participated in offering leftover food to idols. The youngest of eight children, seven of them boys, Osas had a particularly stubborn nature. On several occasions, she had inflicted grievous physical harm on her siblings and peers; indeed, she was a terror to her family and community. It was therefore a huge relief to her father as he gave her out in marriage, warning her thus: “You must learn to manage your home; I won’t accept you back here.” But the demon of anger didn’t let Osas rest, forcing her to pick quarrels at the slightest provocation, including fighting with neighbours. Heeding her husband’s suggestion that she seek help in The SCOAN, Osas had presented herself for prayer on the day in question. “My body started to vibrate even before the evangelists got to me,” she recalled. Since that day, she has become a new creature. “I have a new relationship with my husband and children now,” she said. “It can only be God,” said her husband Raphael, who was flanked by three children. “It was grace that rescued me,” he admitted, smiling gently as he remembered their days of chaos. He advised people to love their partners genuinely. “Whatever you are passing through, God is still saying something,” he concluded. Speaking on behalf of her siblings, daughter Favour thanked God for transforming her mother’s life.   

Freed From Nine Years Of Shoulder Pain!

For over nine years, 58-year-old Victor suffered from shoulder pains. Owing to the discomfort from his situation, every night he had to adjust his sleeping position no fewer than 30 times. Although drugs managed to ease the pain for a while, it returned in a worse form last year. “This time it defied all medications,” he told the church on June 16, 2024 – a week after he received prayer in The Arena Of Liberty. Despite using a shoulder brace, Victor had received no relief whatsoever. Since the ministration in The SCOAN, however, he is now able to move his shoulders and hands freely. “You need to know Jesus; He has all the answers to life’s questions,” he told others. Victor’s son Miracle thanked God for the healing. “Be patient,” he advised others.   

Sandra Breaks Free From Malice Of The Marine World

In dreams, Sandra used to be cared for by a mad woman. “In real life I had no relationship with my mother,” she began her testimony on June 16, 2024. Sandra said that she had come from an idol-worshipping family. As evidence of the activities of evil forces in her life, she had lost her sight briefly while in the examination hall. She also constantly saw herself swimming in large bodies of water, with a spirit husband monitoring her life. “At one point, two males from the marine world battled over who would have me for keeps,” she said. In real life, Sandra couldn’t hold down a man. “In one instance, I urinated during a sleepover in the family home of a man who had been preparing to marry me, thereby ruining the plans,” she said. The disappointment caused Sandra to start craving charcoal and sand as she battled depression. “Of course, those addictions brought me many illnesses,” she admitted. Since receiving her deliverance in The Arena Of Liberty on June 9, 2024, however, the Cameroonian has come under the protection of the Lord Almighty. “Wait for God’s time,” she advised others.

Email Testimonies

  • Belinda from Zimbabwe testified about her brother’s healing from severe high blood pressure after calling The SCOAN Prayer Line. Within a week, he had regained his strength and health and is now back to work!
  • Dorcas from Kenya attended The Crusade In Kenya With Pastor Evelyn Joshua. The 55-year-old had been preparing for an international examination and had given up before God lifted her spirit and faith at the Crusade. Today she has passed the examination and has travelled abroad for work.
  • On May 7, 2024 Joseph from Zambia had woken up to pain in his male organ and lower abdomen. Hours later, he could no longer hold his urine, which had now become bloody. On 20th May, he sent an email to Emmanuel TV and received a response the following day. As he prayed along with Prophet TB Joshua, Joseph saw his condition improve. Today he is perfectly fine!
  • Georgina, a Ghanaian residing in Lagos, testified about her Malaysia-based daughter’s delivery of a healthy baby boy.
  • Anne from Kenya had been addicted to eating soil and chalk, leading to constipation, anaemia and piles, among others. After following prayers on Emmanuel TV, she broke free from all her addictions and the spirit of anger left her life as well.
  • After attending the Living Water Service, Juliet broke free from the chain of joblessness and is now an Assistant Superintendent of Immigration in Nigeria!
  • Malebobo from the UK had called the Prayer Line on 13 May 2024 over new accommodations. To the glory of God, he got the accommodations and his 10-year-old also received his healing.

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