It was another wonderful singing session on Sunday as The SCOAN Choir led the congregation in worship and praise. And as the session went on, it was clear that the Holy Spirit had taken more of the people and given them more of Himself, as diverse manifestations followed.

Prophet TB Prophet Joshua began his exhortation with the song ‘He is Lord’ and asked the people to open their hearts as he prayed for their good health as well as for their families and businesses. As he prayed on, he again burst into song: “Somebody Touched Me.” He thereafter pronounced breakthrough on the lives of viewers and the congregation, asking them to thank God for giving them rest: “We give you thanks for all You have done,” the SCOAN Choir sang on cue. On his part, Racine gave a message on salvation and righteousness. Entitled “Live For Eternity”, the message stressed the fact that spiritual desires and fleshly desires are two opposite masters who can never be given equal attention. The urged the congregation to serve God so they can have peace that lasts forever rather than happiness which is based on material things.

Racine read from Ecclesiastes 3: 11-12, John 10: 27, Hebrews 11: 1 as he taught that forgiveness of sin comes from exercising faith and that God’s plans for our lives may sometimes involve our facing trials and tribulations.

Noting that spiritual growth “is a function of obedience to the will of God,” he concluded by urging the church to seek the kingdom of God and wisdom.



It was over 10 years ago when Mrs Anike Donohoe had an accident at work. Since then, her life had never been the same. The doctors had diagnosed the nurse’s condition and found that she had suffered total loss of the cartilage in her right knee and partial loss of the cartilage in her left knee.

The osteoarthritic patient, a Nigerian based in the United Kingdom, had been advised to have surgery. She did, but her condition only worsened, as she suffered degeneration of the back.

The doctors feared that she might become totally paralysed, so they suggested another operation to place plates in her knees; they also wanted to give her steroid injections. Mrs Donohoe flatly rejected these options and chose the divine path.

At The SCOAN, she received prayers in the mighty name of Jesus and today she can walk freely again. Her cartilage had been restored by Jesus, the Master Healer! She testified how she can now do things she had been unable to do for a decade, such as bathe herself, wash clothes or make even the simplest movements. To God be the glory!






It was a pregnancy that had been overdue for over two weeks and a caesarian section stared Mrs Ndidi Ogudebe in the face, for that was all the doctors could offer.

After all, they had no way of placing the baby head down in the womb so the mother could have a safe delivery. Together with her believing husband, she came to The SCOAN for prayers two weeks ago.

As the prayers went on, in the mighty name of Jesus, Mrs Ogudebe’s tummy began to vibrate as God’s power surged through her. Minutes later, her husband rushed her to the hospital. No sooner had she landed on the hospital bed than the baby popped out effortlessly!

On Sunday, the couple came with baby Chisom Blessing Ogudebe, beaming with excitement and gratitude to God Almighty. Mrs Ogudebe said that during the prayers she had experienced the baby turning in her womb as it positioned itself properly. “Believe and trust in God; with Him all things are possible,” Mrs Ogudebe advised.








It is no secret that the feet are a professional footballer’s major tool. The devil of course knows this too, so he had tried to afflict Mr Knowledge Musona thereby giving him  a serious ankle injury.

For five years, the Belgium-based 28-year-old striker and captain of the Zimbabwe national team, had been unable to do what he knows best owing to an injury sustained during a game in South Africa. With his ankle cartilage damaged, Mr Musona had to have his ankle wrapped up by a professional physiotherapist and he also had to take pain-relieving injections anytime he had to play.

Of course, the injury hampered his moves on the field and he played very few matches. Trusting God to restore him to a perfect condition, Mr Musona sought God at The SCOAN in December 2018. After the prayers, the footballer stood up believing God had healed him.

He returned to Belgium and resumed playing football without having to use the ankle bandage. He has also been able to score wonderful goals after his healing. Demonstrating his healing, he brought testimonial pictures of himself playing for a Belgian club and the Zimbabwe national team.

He advised people to follow Jesus, for He is the unfailing Healer.









Little John Umeh had been playing with a key when he suddenly swallowed it, to his parents’ horror. In panic the following morning, they had rushed him to the hospital where doctors recommended an X-ray. It turned out that the key had been lodged in a delicate part of the boy’s chest.

The way out? “Surgery,” the doctors had answered.  The boy had begun to run a temperature and could not eat without vomiting. Troubled by the news, his father, Mr Umeh, decided they should return home, as he remembered he had the New Morning Water.

He then ministered the New Morning Water all over the boy, as he prayed. The boy became pressed and his father gave him a bowl. In faith, Mr Umeh dug through the solid waste and there it was – the ingested key! During his testimony on Sunday, he said, “I started shouting and called my wife.”

The doctors’ verdict had been overturned and the key had been expelled naturally, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Urging parents to keep dangerous objects away from their children, he urged everyone to make God’s Word the standard for their lives.



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