Even before Pastor Evelyn Joshua joined them for her message entitled “Gratitude”, it was clear that congregants in The SCOAN were still very much in a celebratory, appreciative mood as they sang and danced before the Lord during the worship session of the service of June 9, 2024. It was only four days after the praise and worship night where the people had magnified and exalted the Lord over the legacy of His servant, Prophet TB Joshua, the founder of The SCOAN, who left for glory three years ago.

Armed, therefore, with God’s Word in Psalm 95:1, the people sang for joy and shouted aloud at the Rock of their salvation. They brought their guilt before the Blood of the Lamb, asked the Holy Spirit to pray through them, and sought the outpouring of God’s power and love on them and their family. They also asked God to shine His light into any dark areas of their lives through His Spirit that lightens the Word. “There Is Darkness Everywhere/I’m In The World But Not A Part Of It!” they declared while asking Yahweh Sabaoth to reveal His glory.

Pastor Evelyn Joshua spoke with passion and firm conviction about the matter of gratitude, quoting copiously from the Scriptures, although she anchored the message on Philippians 4-4-7. Fittingly, she started by thanking the people for participating in activities marking Prophet TB Joshua’s transition on June 5, 2021. “May you live a legacy to be treasured,” she prayed for everyone.

“Be thankful for all the beautiful things in your life,” the woman of God urged the church, “and reflect on God’s mercies in both the big and small things.” She reminded the people that, although trials and tribulations are inevitable, God’s unconditional love always suffices for the believer. She told them, “As a child of God, when you remember Christ’s promises for your life, you will be filled with nothing but thanksgiving and praise to Him alone.” She urged the people to avoid being lost in the world and to rely on the ever-faithful God, who is dear to all who call on Him.

Speaking further, Pastor Evelyn Joshua charged the people to rebuke the spirit of fear and to ease their heart’s burden with prayer, keeping in communion with Jesus Christ as a convert who fears only God Almighty and remains thankful at all times. Relying on Ephesians 3:20 Pastor Evelyn Joshua charged the people: “The Kingdom of Light is within you; just discover yourself. Give God the key to your heart to drive off all the enemies of your soul. Don’t be anxious for anything; be thankful to God for any situation while making your request. Let the memories of His good love run over your request.”

They Received The Incredible!

At the Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua assured the people of the presence of the Word in the power of the Holy Spirit. “You will be healed, you will be delivered,” she told them.

Certain about the power of God Almighty to turn their situation around, the people came to place their burden at the feet of Jesus Christ. Among their issues were difficulty in walking, hernia, osteoarthritis, hypertension, anaemia, seizures, difficulty in breathing, and leg ulcers. As they received, the people jubilated for the glory of God!    

A number of pregnant women also brought themselves under the shadow of the Almighty.

Later on, The SCOAN Evangelists joined their faith with that of the woman of God. Among the cases prayed for were breast tumour, prostate enlargement, swollen belly, blood cancer, liver enlargement, severe fungal infection, skin disease, drug addiction, and mental disorder.

Subsequently, God’s servants moved into the auditorium for the Laying Of Hands session. As they ministered in the name of Jesus Christ, every untoward thing in the people’s lives was exposed and expelled! Truly, the evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed!

Covered With The Garment of Mercy

First to fire into satan’s kingdom during the Mass Prayer session was Evangelist Joseph. He asked the people to declare: “Whether my enemy likes it or not, the Lord has set a table before me in the presence of my enemies and I shall conquer because I know the God I am serving. My God cannot fail. My God will never fail because I am serving the Most High God – the God of Prophet TB Joshua.”

Evangelist Joseph told the people to declare: “Son Of David, have mercy upon me! Contact my heart, Lord! Don’t leave me out when healing others, when blessing others! Whatever that has not been planted by God in my life – I command it to be uprooted! You demon, unclean spirit, familiar spirit – anywhere you are, I command you: Out!”

Evangelist James urged the people to decree: “You spirit of killing, stealing and destruction – I command you: Out! You familiar spirit, contrary spirit – out of my life!”

Evangelist Chisom asked congregants to pray: “You unclean spirit operating in my body, causing me sickness, causing me disease – I command you by the power in the Blood Of Jesus: Out!”

Evangelist Ope charged the church to proclaim: “You spirit fighting against my promotion – anywhere you are: Out!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua told the people to declare: “Holy Spirit, I need Your mercy, favour, compassion. Lord God, forgive me my hatred and fill me with Your spirit of love. Lord God, forgive me my self-pity and fill me with Your hope. Father, forgive me my pride and fill me with Your humility. Forgive me, O Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Citing Psalm 30:5, the woman of God prayed: “Everything that has to do with you – receive a touch of Heaven, in the name of Jesus! My health, career, business, finances – receive a touch of Heaven. All that has to do with you – receive a touch of Heaven, in the name of Jesus Christ! My ministry, marriage – receive a touch of Heaven, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be healed! Be freed! Be delivered, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Turning to viewers all over the world Pastor Evelyn Joshua said: “Begin to loose yourself from the bondage of fear, failure, limitation, poverty.” She prayed: “Be loosed from that shackle, that cage, in the name of Jesus Christ!” She also told the people: “Begin to cancel every appointment with disappointment, setback, death, in the name of Jesus!” She further prayed: “Be covered with the garment of mercy, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be enveloped with the garment of mercy, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be enveloped with the mercy of love, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be enveloped with the garment of healing, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed on: “Everything planted in your life that is not of God – we uproot it right now, in the name of Jesus Christ! Receive your freedom – freedom from every torment! Receive your breakthrough! Peace in your life, peace in your way, peace in your business, peace in your marriage, peace in your ministry, peace in the lives of your children, in the name of Jesus Christ! Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Father!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua told the people: “Ask Jesus to restore your sight so that you can feel His touch and hear Him say that you are healed, blessed. Begin to confess, ‘I am delivered; Jesus is my Deliverer.’ If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed. Be delivered! Every spirit that challenges your career, marriage, business: Out! You satan, loose your grip! Every spirit that stands against you, your business – loose your grip! You demon, leave my people!”  


Julita’s Dark Veil Is Lifted!

On June 2, 2024, Julita was one of the recipients of prayer during the deliverance session of The SCOAN Sunday Service. Although initially resistant, the demon in Julita was forced to succumb to Jesus Christ’s superior power. The Cameroonian had come to church with a shattered heart. “I couldn’t finalise marriage plans,” she said during her testimony on June 9. She told of how relationship disappointments had been the pattern in her family. In a whimsical moment, for instance, Julita had walked out of a promising relationship. “My fiancé made a comment that I didn’t like, so I picked up my passport and left Germany for Cameroon,” she said. At that time, it dawned on Julita that her problem was spiritual, so she went to her village to find out things. “I was told that I should be serving the idols of my father’s house,” she said. Despite surrendering to the idols, Julita did not experience improved luck. “Another fiancé suddenly put things on hold,” she disclosed. Subsequently, she had a dream encounter with Pastor Evelyn Joshua in which she was told that she needed deliverance. To the glory of God, the power of deliverance fell upon her as an evangelist ministered to her in The Arena Of Liberty. “Since that day I have been free from nightmares and bodily pain,” she said. She has also received a text from her disappeared fiancé. “He apologised for hurting me and suggested that we patch things up,” she said. Julita advised parents to dedicate their children to God. She also advised people to be patient with God.

Godly Friend Leads Helen To Christ And Peace Of Heart!

“She must die! She belongs to me! I make her stay away from people that can help her!” Those were some of the confessions that the demon in Helen made on June 2, 2024. As the fire of the Holy Ghost burned through the 27-year-old woman, the demon in her screamed desperately, speaking in pretend tongue. A week later, Helen returned for her testimony alongside her friend Francisca. She told of how her parents had separated not long after she was born. “I stayed with my maternal grandparents, who introduced me to traditional rituals,” she said. Helen was a sickly child. “My grandparents took me to places where incisions were made on my body and concoctions given to me,” she continued. Later, Helen’s mother came for her. “I stayed with her and her husband,” she told the church. Helen’s illnesses worsened after she met her biological father. While at university, she met Francisca, a caring friend who stood with her through all her difficult times. “After one fainting session, she came to the hospital and ministered the Anointing Water on me and my body started to vibrate,” Helen recalled. Francisca had urged Helen to visit The SCOAN for prayer but Helen had kept resisting. Following a strange incident in which an image walked into Helen’s room and urged her to kill herself, however, Helen heeded her friend’s advice. “Before the evangelist touched me, I had become uncomfortable,” she explained. In the end, the Spirit of God took over! Later that night, she had a confirmatory dream on her deliverance. She has now parted ways with the demonic water spirit that had been bothering her dream life. She advised others, “Choose your friends wisely; I chose a friend who has Jesus Christ and she has led me to salvation.” Glorifying the God of Prophet TB Joshua for Helen’s deliverance, Francisca narrated how she herself had witnessed the raw power of God as it healed her of grievous ulcer pains through the medium of the Anointing Water. She said, “When you have faith, you will move mountains.”   

Rescued From Malicious Marine World!

“I’m the river goddess; she’s mine. I have frustrated her and made people hate her,” blurted the demon in Favour as the searing fire of the Holy Ghost burned through the young woman. The following Sunday, Favour returned for her testimony. “I used to be a fighter in secondary school; I fought so much that I was expelled,” she said. Until she got into her teenage years, Favour had been such a good girl. Apparently, the marine spirits had taken over her life at some point. In her first employment, she got fired for no reason even before earning her first pay. Along the line, she had a motoring accident in which she broke her leg. “I was told I would never be able to walk again,” she said. However, Favour did receive miraculous impartation as she lay on the hospital bed. “I saw an image that commanded me to start walking,” she recalled. Then she started to take gingerly steps until she recovered fully. But there was the problem with relationships, as marine forces kept threatening every man that dared to come her way. “Any man that dated me ended up experiencing financial misfortune; the marine forces said I would die if I got intimate with any man,” she said. Relentlessly harassed in the dream by those forces, Favour realised that she needed help. “The demons ordered me not to go to any church,” she said. Calling their bluff, however, Favour made her way to The SCOAN against all odds – and she received her deliverance. “Now I sleep like a baby,” she smiled. She advised parents to train their children in God’s ways. She also urged the youths to seek God.

Delivered From Vengeful Family Idol

Alex from Benin Republic testified about his deliverance from a family idol on June 2, 2024. “Our idol used to fish out thieves; if a thief refused to confess, the idol would send severe illness to them,” he revealed on June 9, 2024. Upon the death of such a thief, their corpse would be brought to Alex’s family, who would perform a ritual before burying them. Meanwhile, the dead person’s property would automatically revert to Alex’s family. “We would remove the roof of the person’s house and take it to the forest for further rituals,” Alex continued. Eventually, the dead person’s family would redeem the property only after paying a nominal fee. However, Alex knew that life was not going well with him and other members of the family. “I used to drink alcohol all the time and there was stagnation in our family,” he said. Moreover, his life was marked by bad temper. “I always had dreams in which a man would show me assets, telling me they belonged to me but I couldn’t get them until I agreed to serve his idols,” he said. In his search for divine help, Alex discovered Prophet TB Joshua’s prayer videos. He therefore visited The SCOAN for his deliverance. To the glory of God, Alex has now become a new creature. “No more spirit of anger in my life and no more nightmares,” he smiled. He encouraged parents to draw their children close to God. Having been uncontrollably grumpy towards them for so long, Alex asked his clients for forgiveness.

Saved From Smoking Addiction And Spirit Of Anger!

Samuella used to admire some of her peers in secondary school. “I told them that I would like to join them, so they initiated me after telling me what was required,” she said on June 9, 2024. To join the group, Samuella had to get into lesbian relationships. “I also started to smoke and became a truant,” she continued. She had a hard time gaining university admission. When she managed to get into university for Political Science, however, Samuella dropped out in her second year. She then found her way into a Law programme that she has so far failed to graduate from. All through, she struggled with her smoking addiction despite visiting different places for help. Eventually, she heeded her mother’s advice to visit The SCOAN for her deliverance, which happened on June 2, 2024. “Now I am friends with my mother and no longer have anger or addiction issues,” she said. “There is nothing to be gained from riotous living; embrace God,” she told the youths. Her mother, Stella, told of how her life had been miserable because of her daughter’s wayward lifestyle. To the glory of God, however, her heart is now full of peace. “Be patient; wait for God,” Stella advised other parents.

Urine Flows Freely Again After Anointed Touch!

On August 14, 2022, John sat before Pastor Evelyn Joshua as she ministered in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Sometime in 2021 he had found himself unable to urinate. “My urine came out only in trickles,” he recalled on June 9, 2024. Tests showed that he had prostate enlargement. “I will give you drugs but there is no guarantee that they will work,” the doctor told him. Luckily, however, the drugs worked; however, it meant that John had to use them every single day. “I didn’t want to live my life that way,” he said, “so I brought myself for prayer.” John said that his condition did normalise after the prayer but he continued using the drugs. Having run out of the drugs one day, he decided to try urinating all the same. “I urinated freely and have stayed without drugs since then,” he said. He advised people to display faith and not to take God’s grace for granted. “We take many bodily functions for granted but that should not be so,” he reminded the people. 

25 Years After, Hand Cancer Still Nowhere To Be Found!

Looking at it with human eyes, one would have concluded that Ebele’s right hand was already condemned to amputation, as it had become rotten from cancer. Twenty-five years ago, she had woken up one morning to see her hand swollen. “It later started to ooze out smelly pus,” she recalled on June 9, 2024. Her parents took her to various places, including witch doctors’ homes. Yet, no relief was in sight. “Doctors said the hand would have to be amputated,” she recalled. However, God’s Spirit ministered to Ebele and directed her to The SCOAN. Upon receiving prayer by Prophet TB Joshua, Ebele felt instant relief! Since that day, Ebele has seen no sign of cancer! She urged others to believe in God’s power.

“I Received An Earth-shaking Miracle And It Happened In This Church!” Declares Retired Police Chief 14 Years After

On February 22, 2010, retired police chief Matthew Uyanna had visited The SCOAN for prayer over difficulty in walking caused by lumbar and cervical spondylosis. Confined to a wheelchair, he could not meet his obligations to his family as their breadwinner. Given his age and general health, Matthew declined surgery. So, assisted by his wife, he managed to make his way to The SCOAN, where Prophet TB Joshua urged him to exercise faith. The man of God gave Matthew a bottle of the Anointing Water. “Drink this water; later I will pray for you,” Prophet TB Joshua told him. As he had promised, God’s servant returned to Matthew and prayed for him in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Immediately, Matthew stood up and began to walk gingerly – to the glory of Jesus Christ and the applause of all! Although he had been sceptical about miracles, Matthew ended up as a demonstration of God’s power! Since that day, he has grown from strength to strength. As he reshared his testimony on June 9, 2024, Matthew did so alongside the same wife that had stood by him 14 years ago. Both man and wife looked vibrant and ageless – a clear testimony of the completeness of God’s healing. “I received an earth-breaking miracle and it happened in this church,” the humorous police chief said. He also told of how a friend had visited The SCOAN following his own testimony, after which his wife had four sets of twins. She had been barren for 10 years! Matthew’s wife recalled how she had discovered Emmanuel TV at a friend’s house. “I saw prayers and miracles on the channel, and that encouraged me to bring my husband here,” she said. Matthew advised others to exercise faith in God’s power.

Testimonies After Service

During the Mass Prayer session, this man’s heart problem succumbed to the power of the Holy Spirit as he vomited poisonous substances. Now, he can breathe easily and no longer has chest pain. Thank You, Lord!

Margaret was healed of a nagging stomach pain during the Mass Payer session. As the power of God covered the auditorium, she vomited poisonous substances and the pain in her stomach stopped instantly.

Francis was diagnosed with a kidney problem and had been booked for an operation. During the Mass Prayer session, however, he received divine visitation and vomited poisonous substances. Immediately after the vomit, all pains associated with his condition disappeared. He is now free, to the glory of God!

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