Sunday, July 9, 2023 was another chance for the brethren to assemble in God’s presence at The Arena of Liberty. As the people praised their Creator alongside the choristers, the atmosphere became charged with the fire of the Holy Ghost. Waving hands in worship, congregants sang: “And I Will Call Upon Your Name/And Keep My Eyes Above The Waves.” To the glory of God, many fell under the power of the anointing as their worship ascended to Heaven.

The sermon for the day was given by Evangelist Annette, who taught on the topic “GOD’S BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY”. It was a message for which she read from Matthew 16:18 & 21-23, Genesis 37 and 39, 1 Samuel 1:8, Luke 5:4 and John 16:33. The summary of the message: the true character of a Christian, that is, their level of faith, becomes clear during times of adversity and challenges, hence her suggestion that “There is no lesson to be learnt in comfort.”

To illustrate the message, she quoted words of wisdom from Prophet TB Joshua that just as there are two sides to a coin, so there are two sides to life: First is the spiritual side and ultimate conclusion where satan was defeated. Second is the natural side, in which people try to figure God out with their natural minds. She then cited Peter’s struggles as he aimed to establish himself in God’s Kingdom. She also mentioned the cases of Joseph and Hannah in the Old Testament. Regarding Peter she said: “God used both praise and rebuke in the life of Peter because He knew that they were necessary to shape Peter’s character.” Accordingly, she noted that God chooses what we go through, while we choose how we go through it.

In urging congregants to look away from their challenges and focus on Jesus Christ, Evangelist Annette assured them that Jesus Christ expects them to respond with faith in order to safeguard their divinely ordered future. She then concluded thus: “No matter what you are going through as a Christian, stay true to Jesus Christ; do not despair, do not give up, do not look down and despair. Look up and you will see the beautiful blue sky! And may we be there when you share your beautiful testimony – the mother of all miracles – in Jesus’ name. Amen!”

God’s Right Hand Of Power At The Prayer Line!

At the Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “Almighty God, we thank You for the assurance of Heaven. We are grateful for the right You have given to us to be called Your own because of our union with Your Son, Jesus Christ. Father Lord God Almighty, let our ways be Yours to order, let our days be Yours to order. Almighty God, let Your in-dwelling presence continue to remind us of whom we are in You – as citizens of Heaven. Father, speak strength into us and let Your healing power, Your deliverance power, Your breakthrough, Your blessings – fall afresh on us today, in the name of Jesus Christ! Thank You, Lord!”

From all over the world people had come to The Arena Of Liberty with a diverse range of cases, believing that God’s Right Hand Of Power would fall upon them. As the woman of God prayed for them in the name that is above all names – Jesus Christ – the divine work of healing and deliverance started in them, paving the way for breakthrough for the ultimate salvation of their souls.

Be it swollen belly/legs/body, hernias, mental disorder, difficulty in walking, attacks from evil spirits, drug addiction, epilepsy, ulcers, asthma, etc., the Blood Of Jesus Christ was sufficient to handle each person’s case. While some fell under the anointing and thrashed about on the floor before receiving their freedom from the powers of darkness, others vomited the root causes of issues in their lives.

Upon receiving prayer over their developing bundles of joy, each pregnant woman exclaimed: “Thank You, Jesus!”

Indeed, God’s power worked mightily in the lives of the people as The SCOAN Evangelists joined Pastor Evelyn Joshua in the ministration session, both at the Prayer Line and inside The SCOAN Auditorium. Truly, the Son Of David had compassion on the people!

And The Joy Of The Lord Was Their Strength!

“The joy of the Lord is our strength,” said Evangelist Ope at the start of the Mass Prayer session. He told the people, “Open your heart to the Spirit of God and let Him have His way.” He then read from Malachi 3:16 before asking the people to pray: “Do not pass me by, O Lord! Remember me, O Lord, in Your mercy, favour. Touch my case file today!”

Evangelist Ope further urged the people to pray: “Thou Son Of David, by your divine mercy, favour – every contrary spirit standing against me and Your promises for my life, anywhere you are: Out!”

Evangelist James told congregants to pray: “You familiar spirit, unclean spirit stealing from my life – I command you: Out!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants to pray: “You unclean spirit causing me sickness, disease, affliction – I command you in the name of Jesus: Out! You sickness, disease – anywhere you are in my body, organs, my body is not your resting place – by the Blood Of Jesus: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants to pray: “You sickness in my body, bones, blood – anywhere you are – I order you: Out! You limitation to my life, family, destiny, finances, breakthrough – I command you in the name of Jesus: Give way!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua cited Nahum 1:7 and told the people to affirm: “O Lord God, my trust is in You. Because my trust is in You, O Lord, my life rejects failure, setback, disappointment, sickness, affliction, barrenness, stagnation!” She further told the people: “Every garment of shame and disgrace in your life – begin to tear it into pieces in the name of Jesus!” Again she prayed for them: “Every hardship in your life – be broken, in the name of Jesus! May unbelievers see the finger of God in your life and praise your God. May they see the finger of God in your business, marital life, health, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Asking them to stand in the believer’s authority to reject every torture from the enemy of their souls, the woman of God told viewers all over the world: “Whatever satan might have deposited in your life in the form of sickness, affliction – place your hand right there and begin to command it out right now, in the name of Jesus!” Finally, she declared upon them: “Be released! Be freed! Be delivered, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Declared Prophet TB Joshua in a Mass Prayer video: “You are going to be restored to your destined promotion, destined position, destined marriage!” He asked them to decree: “I am going to be restored to my destined position, in the name of Jesus!” God’s servant also prayed: You satan, whatever you might have used to connect them – be loosed, in the name of Jesus! That sickness in your body, that disease in your kidneys, that sickness in your liver, that disease in your blood, that sickness in your bone, that disease in your fluid, that sickness in your womb – be cured!”


Total Healing For Ailing Family

For about the last three years, 38-year-old Bridget from Nigeria’s Delta State had been suffering from difficulty in walking due to a partial stroke. The condition also affected her appetite and zest for life; in short, she could not do her domestic chores or go to her shop. “It all started after I had a dream in which I saw myself eating something,” Bridget told congregants on Sunday, July 9, 2023. Because of the drugs she was using, she had also developed ulcers and high blood pressure. Informed about the situation, Bridget’s mother-in-law decided to take the case to God and prayerfully ministered the New Anointing Water on Bridget. Immediately, Bridget received strength to get on her feet and do some of the things that she had been unable to do for over two years. Thereafter, Bridget’s family brought her to The Arena Of Liberty, where Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed for her in Jesus’ name. “I felt something leave my body during the prayer,” she testified about how her experience on July 2, 2023. Her son, Ekene, also received prayer over the problem of asthma. “My son now sleeps peacefully because he breathes freely,” she said. Ekene expressed delight at being able to return to school. “Believe in God Almighty, Who alone does all things,” Bridget advised the church. Bridget’s husband, Ifeanyi, confirmed the testimonies, saying, “God is the Ultimate.”

Cameroonian Couple Freed From Spirit Spouses – Marital Bliss Restored!

During the prayer session that set her free on July 2, 2023, Mariam had vomited the poisonous substances in her system following a touch by one of The SCOAN Evangelists. Minutes later, she stood up as a transformed being. A week later, she returned to the church for her testimony. “It all started when I was a child,” she said. She told of how she used to have dreams of a spirit figure visiting her in the dream. “It caused me to become addicted to masturbation,” she confessed. When she got married, Mariam’s situation worsened and she had a miserable marriage because she could not bring herself to love her husband David despite all the love that he showed her. “I know God will touch you one day,” her husband used to tell her. Eventually, Mariam and her husband had made their way to The SCOAN for prayer – and God’s Spirit had located them! Today, the spirit husband no longer has a hold on their marriage. Mariam advised young women to seek God’s face over marriage; she also advised married people to take their issues to God. Confirming the change in Mariam, David highlighted the troubles that he had quietly borne from her over the years. He also told of how his 15 years of marriage had been frustrating, marked by frequent illness and unfounded resentment at work. “My wife hardly ever let me touch her at night; even when I did, her spirit husband would torment me for the rest of the night, coming in the form of a spirit wife,” David recalled. He advised people to wait for God’s time over their issues.

When God’s Grace Located Grace – And John!

With a frowning face, Grace had tried to stare down an evangelist during the deliverance session of July 2, 2023. At that point, God’s power had just flowed from the evangelist into her body and she had lost control of herself. “Out, in the name of Jesus! Fire, in the name of Jesus! You have been exposed, in the name of Jesus!” pronounced the evangelist as he commanded God’s power to consume the demon in Grace’s life. Shortly afterwards, the demon gave up – and Grace became free forever! On July 9, Grace returned to church with her husband to testify. “I used to be tormented by the spirit of anger and ancestral demons ran my life, causing me to go into early marriage,” she started. “I had six children in my first marriage but only one survived,” she said, adding that a spirit wife kept troubling the marriage until it collapsed. Later on, Grace got into another marriage but the problems persisted, as her new husband apparently had a spirit wife as well. She told the church, “I lost interest in my husband and my business crumbled.” She also said that her husband would fall ill anytime he dared to get intimate with her. Along the line, Grace discovered Emmanuel TV and began to meditate on God’s Word. “One night, I had a dream in which three men dressed in red threatened to kill me but ended up having their heads cut off  by a little boy,” Grace went on. “That was the end of premature death in our family,” she said. Since her deliverance, Grace has had a confirmatory dream about her new life. “Now I call my husband only sweet names – and no more spirit husband in my life,|” she smiled. Her husband, John, said he hadn’t known that he was troubled by a spirit wife until he met Grace. “This is my fourth marriage,” he confessed while telling of how Grace had been prayerfully supporting him despite her own issues. “I give all the glory to God for delivering me and my family,” he said. He advised people not to give up on their marriage and not to stay spiritually ignorant. Their child, Peter, said, “Love has been building up between my parents.” He told the people, “One day, God will meet you at the point of your own needs.”

God’s Hand During The Mass Prayer

During the Mass Prayer, many people vomited the bloody, poisonous substances in their systems. Among them were Margaret and Ifeoma. Thank You, Jesus!

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