The service of Sunday, April 30, 2023 began with heartfelt worship by The SCOAN Choir. Minutes into the worship, many congregants could be seen falling under the power of the anointing as their hearts got ready for God’s Spirit.

For the two previous days, in faraway Spain, Pastor Evelyn Joshua had led the evangelists and other members of The Emmanuel TV Team to The Crusade In Spain. There, God Almighty proved His power again in the lives of all believing people as the woman of God and the evangelists carried on the divine mission to which Prophet TB Joshua devoted his life. It was indeed a time of mighty impact for thousands who had come from all over the world.

Evangelist James, who had been present on Day 1 of The Crusade In Spain, was on hand to coordinate The SCOAN Sunday Service. After sharing the good news of the event’s success with congregants, he called for the playing of highlights from the two days before he proceeded to the Prayer Line.

Answers From The God Who Never Fails

At the Prayer Line, Evangelist James urged congregants to put their trust in God. He then prayed: “Father Lord, here are your people. They have come with different problems. Father, touch their lives with healing, deliverance and blessings, in the mighty name of Jesus!” As he called upon the Alpha And Omega on behalf of each seeker, there was an instant response from Heaven. Among the conditions brought before God were difficulty in walking, difficulty in breathing, asthma, sickle cell anaemia, ovarian cyst, breast cancer, autism, skull fracture and swollen belly.

Thereafter, Evangelist James moved to other parts of the auditorium for the Laying Of Hands session and more people received their healing, deliverance and breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

The evangelist also prayed for women seeking safe delivery of their babies. Thank You, Jesus!

Prayer As The Master Key

For the Mass Prayer session, Evangelist James prayed: “That familiar spirit, unclean spirit, operating in your life – command them out! Every sickness, disease in your blood, liver, kidneys, muscles – command them out, in the name of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet T.B. Joshua declared with authority: “You affliction, infirmity, disease, sickness – leave my people, in the name of Jesus!”


After Three Years Of Pain, Aret Witnesses God’s Raw Power!

On Sunday, April 23, 2023, Aret was one of those who received prayer as the evangelists joined Pastor Evelyn Joshua in the Laying Of Hands session. For over three years, she had been suffering from difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis. In her search for a cure, she had gone to various hospitals and herbal home but the issue had persisted, costing her thousands of naira. Even worse, Aret could not lead a normal life, as she needed help for everything. With nothing else to do, Aret’s daughter Gladness advised that they go to The SCOAN for prayer. There, God showed up mightily for Aret following a touch by one of the evangelists. “Now I can get up easily, exercise my body and walk easily,” Aret said excitedly. She advised people to show faith and look to Jesus. Gladness also advised people to trust in Jesus Christ.

Sunday Is Set Free On A Sunday!

“I will destroy him! I’m a warrior! He cannot make it in life!” Those were some of the boastful utterances made by the demon in Sunday as it manifested during the service of 23rd April 2023. Seconds later, the conceited demon gave up the fight. A week later, the person whose body had been hosting the demon returned to the church to testify. Going by the name of Sunday, he started by telling of how he had used to eat food served to ancestral idols by his grandfather. “Later a woman started sleeping with me in the dream,” he recalled. He also told of how the situation affected his marriage and health. “I was already taken for dead after a spiritual attack but one hospital managed to sustain me on oxygen for a week,” he continued. Sunday said that he later had a dream in which a voice screamed “Emmanuel!” at him. When he told his wife about it, she interpreted it to mean that they should visit The SCOAN for prayer. To the glory of God, everything that was awry in Sunday’s life has been set right. “I have so much affection for my wife now and I sleep peacefully,” he said. Sunday has received favour at his place of work. “I want you to believe in God,” he told the church. His wife Justina said, “Now there is peace in the home.” She added, “God is everything.”

“My Family And I Are Free Forever!”

Ebenezer, a Ghanaian chief inspector of police, was another recipient of God’s grace during the service of April 23. Born into a family of idol worshippers, Ebenezer would later learn that his mother had in fact been one of the gifts presented to his father by one of those who had consulted him for diabolical powers. “People came from far and wide to get charms from my father,” he recalled. Of course, Ebenezer and his siblings were always happy to eat some of the food meant for the idols of his father’s house. He was also supposedly fortified with substances prepared with the sacrificial items. However, the fortifications did nothing for Ebenezer even though they worked well for clients. “I would get beaten up mercilessly although the charms ought to make me very powerful,” he said. “I also kept performing poorly in school,” he added.  In adult life, he faced constant disappointment and stagnation. For instance, despite upgrading himself educationally, his employers refused to promote him. He then took to alcohol. Frustrated by it all, Ebenezer made his way to The SCOAN for divine intervention. After a touch backed with grace, Ebenezer’s story changed immediately and the evil spirit in him confessed. “The first sign of my transformation,” he said, “was that I badly wanted to see my wife.” He added, “I feel so light.” He advised people to take advantage of God’s grace in The SCOAN. “People should come and test it,” he said as he ended his testimony on April 30. His wife Georgina told of how she had been waiting for God’s intervention. She advised people to seek God’s help no matter how unworthy they may feel. “God is the only one that can help you,” she asserted.  

And The Enemy Was Shaken Off Her Back!

Prior to her deliverance on Sunday, April 16, 2023, Blessing had been facing frightening attacks from the marine world, which had been trying to thwart God’s plans for her life. In her relationships and business, nothing was really going on fine, simply because her pursuers wanted her to take her supposed spot in the underwater world. They kept afflicting her with dreams in which various snakes appeared to her. Sometimes she would wake up to the physical presence of an attacker from the dream world. “Come and take your crown,” they kept urging her. However, another set of forces would remind her, “You are created to serve God Almighty.” Of course, Blessing knew which call to heed but lacked the capacity to decide. She moved futilely from place to place seeking a solution. From one suitor to the next, it was a tale of endless disappointment. A man who had promised to marry her suddenly started facing attacks in the dream and his business started failing. “I’m sorry but we have to take a break from each other,” he said to Blessing in another heartbreak scenario. “Just as well, it’s been hard for me to close deals as a real estate agent,” she told the church. On confiding in a friend, Blessing was advised to visit The SCOAN. Although this friend faced attacks in the dream for trying to help, Blessing knew she could no longer succumb to fear. To the glory of God, since her deliverance, Blessing has been sleeping peacefully and closing deals in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. “In every situation you find yourself, never give up on God,” he advised people.

After 10 Years, Grandmother Walks Freely Again As Daughter Divorces Spirit Husband

On April 23, 2023, grandmother Melodia was in The Arena Of Liberty to receive prayer over the problem of difficulty in walking. Six years after an accident in which it had appeared that she was unhurt, she had started feeling severe bodily pain that made it hard for her to walk. In spite of consistent medical treatment involving loads of pills for the next four years, Melodia did not get better. “One day I told the doctors I wanted to leave the hospital for good,” she told the church a week after her visit to The SCOAN. “Well, we will not be liable in case you don’t make it,” the doctors warned her. “Just get your daughter to sign these forms,” they added in a disappointed tone. “No problem – I just want to go home,” she persisted. She then visited The SCOAN. “Just a touch by the woman of God and I became healed,” Melodia told the church on April 30 as she demonstrated the things she could not do for the last 10 years. Her daughter, Blessing, thanked God for the healing but also testified about her own deliverance from the “giant man” that had been running her life since childhood. “I went to many spiritualists to get rid of the problem but I only kept wasting money,” she said. She continued, “After a touch by the woman of God, I received my deliverance and now I am very happy with my husband,” Blessing smiled. She urged people to be patient and to trust in God.    

After-Service Testimonies

After expending time and resources in various hospitals, Chinedu was healed of difficulty in walking during the ministration of prayers of healing.

Peace was healed of difficulty in walking due to severe lumbar spondylosis. Only God does what no man can do!

Patrick was also healed of difficulty in walking due to arthritis. “Thank You, Jesus!” he exclaimed.

For several years, Tebogo suffered from difficulty in walking. It took only a momentary encounter with the Holy Ghost for him to start walking freely again!

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