On Easter Sunday 2023, The Arena Of Liberty was lit up by heavenly presences as the worship session of the service started. Esther’s orchestral performance was a delight to the soul as many pondered the significance of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice over 2,000 years ago. “Like A Lamb Came The Messiah/Christ The King!” she sang as many failed to hold back their emotion. She went on to sing: “Amazing Grace/How Sweet The Sound!” For many minutes thereafter, Esther’s orchestral group carried on with music for the soul. In the same vein, The SCOAN Choir sang: “On A Hill Called Calvary/Stands An Endless Mercy Tree!” They also went on to sing of freedom and salvation in Jesus Christ: “Because Of Christ/I’m Free Indeed/Thank You, Jesus/For Saving Me!”

When she joined congregants for the service, Pastor Evelyn Joshua said in relation to the significance of Easter: “In Christ Jesus there is hope for us, both the living and the dead, for death has no power, dominion over those who love and are loved by God.” Her sermon, entitled, “God’s Love”, was underscored by readings from Romans 5:6-11, John 3:16, John 4:7-8 and Luke 24:11-12.  

The message focused on love and giving as attributes of Christian living as well as the benefits available to humankind because of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. She observed, “The punishment He received before and during His crucifixion was for your healing in spirit, soul and body, and by His resurrection you are free.” She also noted that Christ’s death gives believers the chance of a new beginning. The woman of God stressed the fact that God loves us not because of our works but because of what Jesus Christ has already done on our behalf.  

As she rounded off the well-received message the woman of God prayed: “The joy of Resurrection will remain with you, in the name of Jesus Christ! In place of hardship, in place of pain, receive the freedom of Resurrection! In place of poverty, in place of want, receive the blessing of Resurrection! In place of barrenness, receive the fruitfulness of Resurrection! In place of failure, receive the success of Resurrection! Christ has risen! Let everything in you arise and live again, in Jesus Christ’s name!”

Another Day Of Awesomeness At The Prayer Line!

“May the joy of today never depart from your lives, in Jesus’ name,” says Pastor Evelyn Joshua as she joined the Prayer Line congregants on Easter Sunday. “It is well with you, in the name of Jesus Christ,” she prayed. She then proceeded to start the ministration of prayers of healing, deliverance and breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

On Easter Sunday, the evangelists started the Prayer Line Ministration with the woman of God. As they laid hands on people with various ailments, illnesses and conditions, power descended from Heaven to revitalise the people’s systems. Among the cases were difficulty in walking, leg ulcers, swollen cheek, asthma, partial blindness, hernia, swollen belly, goitre and multiple fibroids.

There were also cases of mental disorder, epilepsy and drug addiction, all of which bowed down to God’s power. Moreover, a number of pregnant women presented their supplications before The Throne Of Grace and God heard their cries.  

In the One-On-One Session, the evangelists queried stubborn demons in the people’s lives and subjected them to the torture of the fire of the Holy Ghost. “Who are you in this body?” they asked. “And what is your mission?” they probed again before ejecting the demons in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

Prayer For All!

“Christ has risen!” said Pastor Evelyn Joshua at the start of the Mass Prayer session. “We have the assurance now that everything that is dead in your life has risen,” she added. After urging congregants to ask for God’s love, she prayed: “I command newness to your life, ways, business, marriage, finances, in the name of Jesus! Every sickness, affliction in your life today – be gone, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

To viewers all over the world Pastor Evelyn Joshua said: “Ask today to favour you in the name of Jesus Christ.” She prayed for them: “Be favoured in your life, home, in the name of Jesus Christ!” She also told them to pray: “Father, let Your name be honoured in my life, way, actions, utterances!” She then declared upon them: “Breakthrough healing, deliverance to your life, career, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants: “Spirit blocking your progress – command it out!” He also told them to pray: “You demon, contrary spirit, familiar spirit, anywhere you are in my body, family – Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “Every spirit from your past hindering your present, hindering your future – say: Out!” He prayed: “Be delivered, in the name of Jesus! Be freed, in the name of Jesus!” He equally told them: “Every inherited bondage in your life, family – begin to break it!”

Evangelist Chisom told the church to pray: “You sickness, disease, anywhere you are, my body is not your dwelling place. I command you by the Blood Of Jesus: Out! Whatever I might have eaten through dreams or at the table of my enemy – by the power in the Blood Of Jesus, be flushed out!” He also prayed for them: “By the power of Resurrection, be healed, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Ope told the people to pray: “You spirit frustrating my efforts, career, I call you by your name anywhere you are – Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua urged the church to say with power: “My business – Out! Out of the cage!” He also prayed for them: “That disease in your stomach, muscles, that sickness in your blood, kidneys, liver – I say, ‘Out!’ Any disease in your blood, organs, body, muscles, kidney, I say: Out! I command healing on you, in the name of Jesus! Be delivered, in the name of Jesus! Wherever that sickness is in your body – I release you now, in the name of Jesus! Whatever generational curse – you are delivered, in the name of Jesus!”


When Rekiya Handed Over Her Burden To Jesus Christ!

On February 13, 2022, Rekiya had been in The Arena Of Liberty to receive prayer over her condition of difficulty in walking due to a left-knee bone fracture. As she sat in a chair before Pastor Evelyn Joshua, Rekiya’s body started to vibrate as the woman of God invoked the name of Jesus Christ. The affected knee had a bandage wrapped around it and Rekiya cut the picture of a woman in misery. “My body started shaking once the woman of God approached me for prayer,” she recalled during her testimony on April 9, 2023. She added, “The doctors said my weight was too heavy for my legs.” Although medical doctors had been unable to bear Rekiya’s burden, Jesus Christ came to her prompt rescue! After demonstrating all that she had been unable to do before, Rekiya advised people to have faith in God.

Anointing Dries Up Leg Ulcer!

For months, Lucky had been suffering from a grievous leg ulcer that had resulted from an accident in June 2022. During the accident, Lucky had lost consciousness, during which period he had caught a glimpse of the afterworld. In that vision, Lucky found himself being turned back by an image of Prophet TB Joshua. When he returned to life, he saw his family and friends crying, as they thought he had crossed over to the other side. To cut the long story short, Lucky was aided to The Arena Of Liberty for prayer on August 21, 2022. After the prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua, Lucky began to see signs of his healing. “I walked by myself to the bus stop that day,” he said. He then returned home and continued ministering himself with the New Anointing Water. His ulcer now dried up, Lucky stamped the affected foot hard on the floor to demonstrate his healing. “Know where you are standing with God,” he told the church by way of advice on April 9, 2023.

Heart Of Stone Converted To Heart OF Flesh!

During his deliverance on Sunday, April 2, 2023, Vincent said many things about how his life had been affected by strange spirits. Of course, it wasn’t Vincent that was actually speaking but the demons in him. Testifying a week later, Vincent told the church how he had used to eat food that his mother used to sacrifice to idols. When his mother passed on, Vincent had got even more wayward and stubborn. Along the line, he impregnated a very young girl, whom he was forced to marry. Vincent then started to have dreams in which strange people would hail him as their king. “In those dreams they would tell me to send my wife packing,” he said. In real life, he began to act aggressively towards his wife, eventually forcing her to move out of the house with their children. In time, he realised that he needed divine help, hence his visit to The SCOAN. Having now reconnected with his children, Vincent is quite hopeful that God will soon restore his marriage. “Run to Jesus; He will set you free,” he advised the church. One of Joseph’s children, Destiny, confirmed his father’s transformation while recalling the torture that he, his siblings and their mother had undergone at the hands of their father. “I thank God for his life,” Destiny said. Vincent then took the chance to say, “I want to use this medium to beg my wife; I want to do the right thing.”

Actor’s Veil Of Invisibility Consumed By Holy Ghost Fire!

Although it had boasted that no one could eject it, the demon in Roseline had fallen flat on its face only minutes later as a SCOAN evangelist confronted it in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. The Cameroonian had been in The SCOAN on Sunday, April 2, 2023. While testifying a week later, she told of how her problems had started back in Cameroon, where things were not working for her. “I kept working like a giant but feeding like an ant, even after five years here in Nigeria,” she said. “Although I have featured in so many movies, nobody – not even my family members – ever complimented or congratulated me,” she said tearfully. She also told of how she had used to miss casting opportunities for which she had been shortlisted. Since her deliverance, however, Roseline has become visible to the world. “Right after my deliverance, while I was still inside the church,” she said joyfully, “somebody sent me a congratulatory message about my role in a popular TV series.” She advised people, “Never judge people going through a hard time.” She also advised people to take God’s power seriously.  

It’s A Double Win For Victory!

On May 1, 2022, Victory had been brought to church for prayer by her mother. For some strange reason the young woman had been afflicted with mental trouble. She had suddenly started feeling as if someone were drumming inside her head. The problem had started after a dream in which someone had managed to cut her hair. “It felt as if fire was consuming me as the woman of God approached me,” Victory recalled. Victory’s healing was not the only blessing that she got, as she also received news of her offer of admission to university. “Never run from God,” she advised the people. Her mother, Vivian, glorified God for the wonders.

Gloria Delivers Her Baby With Ease!

During her pregnancy, Gloria had series of problems. “Someone used to press on my stomach in the dream,” she said while testifying on April 9, 2023. In her fifth month of pregnancy, Gloria had been in church for prayer. On a trip home from the market the following day, in the company of her mother-in-law Maureen, Gloria had fallen on her stomach but God had taken control of the situation. “I was fine despite the fall,” she said. When she returned to her base in Delta State, Gloria continued praying along on Emmanuel TV while also ministering the New Anointing Water. When it was delivery time, Gloria got news that her baby was too big and that she might need surgery. “If you don’t have this baby by yourself within an hour, we will have to perform surgery on you,” the doctors warned. Maureen immediately called The SCOAN Prayer Line, upon being prompted by her daughter-in-law. “Receive strength for labour,” the prayer warrior had declared. “Be sure to return with your testimony,” the evangelist told Gloria. Instantly, Gloria received strength and within an hour of the prayer, she brought forth her baby without surgery. Now, Gloria’s daughter is three months old and continues to enjoy good health. Gloria advised people to trust in God, no matter their situation. Her mother-in-law advised people to trust in the Lord.

For Years, She Was Miserable But God Has Now Changed Her Story!

The demon in Bridget made many confessions during the deliverance session of The SCOAN Sunday Service of April 2, 2023. Among other things, it said that Bridget was meant to die and so could not be delivered. When she was nine years old, Bridget was taken away from her grandparents, who had been caring for her since she was one year old. Bridget’s parents were separated. Her father had refused to let Bridget and her younger sister go with their mother, but he made life miserable for them. “For days I would be denied food and not allowed to sleep inside the house,” she recalled tearfully. One day, Bridget made a move to run away with her sister. However, their father found out and came for her. Bridget almost died that day but later managed to make good her escape with the help of a sympathetic old woman from their village. She then ran to her mother. Instead of being warmly received by her mother, however, Bridget met with rejection not only from her mother but also from her older sister. Meanwhile, her father kept trying to retrieve her, threatening fire and brimstone. Helpless, Bridget managed to find a way to fend for herself. Still, she received no love from her mother. Later on, she managed to join a family member, who made her work as an unpaid maid. “I used to pray to a grave in the compound to open and swallow me,” she cried. But the misery continued for Bridget, when she took all of her year’s saving and handed it over to a friend who was about to get married and move out of her rented place. “My friend went away with the money,” she recalled in tears. As time went on, Bridget met a Nigerian UK returnee for whom she kept a significant sum that she returned on demand. Impressed by Bridget’s honesty, the woman returned to the UK and showed Bridget’s picture to one of her son’s, who then decided he would marry her. For years, things went well with Bridget and her mother-in-law, but the devil later caused a rift between them. However, her son decided to stick with his wife. One more problem, though: Bridget noticed a pattern in her own son’s life. “His father was harsh to him and didn’t seem to like him,” she said. For that reason, Bridget made her way to The SCOAN for prayer in 2019. “My life changed from then on,” she said. From then on, her son’s father warmed up to him, after a good 15 years! To cap it all up, Bridget had presented herself for deliverance on April 2, 2023. “Believe in God,” she advised the people.

Testimony After Service

During the Mass Prayer session, Bisi vomited the poisonous substances in her system. Doctors had told her that she had an enlarged liver because of the high blood pressure drugs that she had been taking for the past 10 years. Now she no longer feels pain in her stomach.

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