During the worship session at The SCOAN Sunday Service of February 12, 2023, the choristers started by declaring: “I Surrender All/Everything I Give To You/Withholding Nothing!” Thereafter, there was a rendition in Spanish entitled “Te Bendeciré”, a song blessing the name of the Lord for His indescribable mightiness. There were also renditions of songs composed by God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua, among which was the iconic “Sin’s Power Over Me Is Broken.”

The sermon of the day was given by Evangelist Jemila, who began by quoting Genesis 3:4 and asking the people to relish their Year Of Laughter. For her proof text, she read from Isaiah 55:8 and announced her title as “GOD’S KIND OF MIND”. She described God’s kind of mind as an independent mind in humans that is powered by the Holy Spirit, thus helping its Christian possessor to act always in faith and not by sight.

She quoted copiously from Prophet TB Joshua to support her message, urging congregants at one point: “Trust in Jesus Christ and you will never be confounded in time or Eternity.” At another point, after reading from John 8:42, she said: “The truth is our protection, our shield against the adversary.” Moreover, she stressed the unique nature of faith, stating that it “must arise in the heart of each person based on the Word of God.”

On a major requirement for achieving success on the Christian journey and in life generally, Evangelist Jemila again quoted God’s servant when she made a point about the place of the mind for overcomers. She said: “Mind management is a priority for an overcomer. Once I can control my heart, I can control my life.” On how to achieve this, she urged the church to make the Living Word of God an integral part of their lives.

Finally, Evangelist Jemila led the people to pray: “My heart, hear the voice of God. My heart, hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. Awake my heart, in Jesus’ name. Jesus, give me the grace to cultivate an independent mind.”

Relief And Freedom For All Petitioners!

“We thank the Lord for being with us in all circumstances,” said Pastor Evelyn Joshua as she joined congregants for the Laying of Hands session. The woman of God prayed: “God Almighty, we call on you to come and pull down every wall of challenges, every giant in our lives, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! O Lord God Almighty, give us the power, the faith to destroy the mandate of satan and his works in our lives and in our nations, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”

Among those who received prayer were those with difficulty in walking, stroke, cancer, drug addiction, goitre, mental disorder, drug addiction and swollen legs, among others. God Almighty took control of their cases and the people stepped into freedom and relief in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Prayers were also offered for pregnant women who had come from all over the country.

Evangelists Ope, Chisom, Joseph and James later joined the woman of God to minister prayers of healing, deliverance and breakthrough for the ultimate salvation of the people’s souls. To the glory of God, no demon was too powerful at the mention of the name of Jesus Christ!

Words Affected By The Holy Spirit!

At the start of the Mass Prayer session, Pastor Evelyn Joshua asked congregants to pray: “My life – reject failure, disappointment, setback, sickness, affliction, disease, hatred of all sorts, darkness of all kinds, in the name of Jesus!” She also asked them to pray: “Lord Jesus Christ, envelope me with Your garment of favour, mercy, goodness!”  

Evangelist Ope tells congregants: “Every spirit from your father’s, mother’s side holding you down to poverty, rejection – command them to lose their grip right now!” 

Evangelist Chisom tells congregants: “Ancestral spirits, familiar spirits from your father’s side – command them to come out!” He also tells them to pray: “You spirit, anywhere you are in my life, family – I command you in the name of Jesus: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph tells congregant to pray: “Hidden sickness, poison in my system – anywhere you are, I flush you out!”

Evangelist James prays: “That evil spirit stealing from your career, finances – command it out, in the name of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet T.B. Joshua declared: “You pain – leave my people! The part of your body that is giving you pain, discomfort, whatever sickness or disease – I say, ‘Leave my people!’ Begin to relocate right now. Leave my people!”


He Walks Freely Again And Quits Smoking Addiction Of 45 Years!

On January 22, 2023, 60-year-old Chike was one of those who received prayer as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. In 2017, he had suffered an affliction that almost led to the amputation of his legs. He was stuck at home and could not do anything for himself. Orthodox and herbal doctors told him that he would not be able to walk again. Rejecting the verdict, Chike agreed to visit The SCOAN for prayer. On receiving prayer, Chike witnessed God’s raw power in his life. “For the past four years, I could not wear anything but bathroom slippers but today I can walk and use other footwear,” he told congregants in a tone of tearful gratitude. He added, “I also know my collapsed businesses will be revived, in Jesus’ name.” Finally, he told of how he also stopped smoking after the prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua. For advice, he told congregants, “Let us put our hope in Jesus Christ.” 

Freed From Household Demons Causing Illness And Stagnation!

Osas testified about his deliverance from constant illness and stagnation brought about by the idol of his father’s house. An electrical engineer by training and an entrepreneur, Osas found that he kept losing his investments. He also reported that his siblings had been witnessing the same issues. “I kept having chronic headaches, high blood pressure and pain on my sides,” he recalled. However, since receiving his freedom during the service of February 5, 2023, Osas has stopped meeting evil forces in his dream. “I am fully healed and the agents of the devil have run away from me,” he added. “Hold on to the Word of God,” he advised the people.

Udoo Breaks Free From Malicious Idols Of Her Father’s House!

Once she got back up on her feet after being knocked down by the anointing during the deliverance session of the service of February 5, 2023, Udoo knew that she had been freed at last from the idol of her father’s house. Testifying a week later, she told of how the idol had caused disaffection and disunity in her family. She said that her mother had lost two of her children, one of whom was thrown alive into a river as demanded by idolatrous powers. One of Udoo’s sisters also had a child that also had to be dumped in the river. In business and relationships, Udoo kept meeting with disappointments. “I wanted to kill myself after my shop got burnt and creditors kept harassing me,” she disclosed. Realising that she needed God, Udoo made her way to church last week and the Spirit of God took over. Since then, according to Udoo, single men have now been asking for her hand in marriage – something that she had not been experiencing before. Udoo also said that she no longer has nightmares or feel that she is engaged with a ring from a spirit husband. More importantly, she is now in peaceful, healthy interactions with her family members. “Always believe in God,” she advised the church. “You will surely come out of your problems in the end,” she added.

For Mary, It’s Safe Delivery And Freedom From Bed-wetting!

Twenty-one-year-old Mary was in church for prayer on December 18, 2022. She had come to petition God over her issues of bed-wetting, nightmares and pregnancy complications. “The issue of bed-wetting really embarrassed me during my school days and I could not freely interact with friends,” she said. After receiving prayer, Mary had returned home and slept peacefully for the first time. “I woke up the following morning and realised I didn’t mess my bed up,” she said excitedly. Mary also came to church on February 12, 2023 with her bundle of joy named Favour, a four-month-old daughter. “Every problem has an expiry day,” she reminded congregants.

After 20 Years, Grace Is Set Free At Last!

“For over 20 years,” Grace said, “I had been waiting for this deliverance.” She said she had been placed under the supposed cover of a family idol that her paternal grandmother had been worshipping. “I had nothing to show for all my efforts as a fashion designer,” Grace recalled how the idol had affected her business and relationships. “I have four children – from two fathers,” she said. She also said that her rich clients kept refusing to pay for her jobs. “Last December, I barely had a cup of rice to cook for myself,” she added. Tired of suffering without help, Grace made her way to The SCOAN on February 5, 2023 and her case has received the touch of God. A first sign of her deliverance is the disappearance of nightmares and the waist pain that used to bother her life. “Be patient with God,” she advised congregants.

‘Active’ Gentleman And His Wife Receive Multiple Blessings From God!

July 3, 2022 was the day God Almighty intervened in the life of Gladys, who had been suffering from difficulty in walking, ovarian cysts, ulcers and ceased menstruation, among other issues. “It was like a dream – I felt a rush of cold over me after the woman of God prayed for me,” said Gladys during her testimony in the service of February 12, 2023. Shortly after the prayer, Gladys’ menstruation returned and she subsequently fell pregnant. Moreover, she can now walk without any difficulty, even as her ulcers are also gone. She advised people to believe in God’s power. Her husband, Glorious, told of how he had “got angry with the devil” so that his situation would change. “I give all the glory to the God of TB Joshua,” said Glorious, who described himself as a ‘gentleman’.

A Joyous Day For Joyous As She Keeps A Date With Destiny!

Joyous testified about her deliverance from the malicious hold of a family idol that had caused poverty for her family, as well as given her the spirit of anger. One day, she had a dream in which someone tapped her on her stomach. On waking up, Joyous had to be rushed to the hospital, where doctors told her that she had appendicitis. As she moved on in life with her hair-styling talent, Joyous met a client who tricked her into prostitution in India. Terribly disappointed about what she had been deceived into doing, Joyous had no choice but to try and pay up her dishonest creditor. She then got out of the prostitution ring and learnt other skills that helped her to survive in India. “However,” added Joyous, “I kept making regular visits to the hospital – for lower-abdomen pain.” After seven years in India, during which period she had discovered Emmanuel TV and been praying along with Prophet TB Joshua, Joyous got a chance to return to Nigeria, where she received the prayer of deliverance at The SCOAN on February 5, 2023. Since then, her monthly flow has returned and she no longer has nightmares in which dead people appear to her. “I am healthy and at peace now,” she said. She advised people to place their hopes in God alone.

Juliet Witnesses The Only Power That Saves For Free!

Three years ago, Juliet started seeing a strange man coming to make love to her in the dream. In real life, she found that she could not hold down her relationships. She shared the issue with her older sister, who advised that they pray over it. As time went on, Juliet panicked and resorted to a spiritualist, who promised to ‘deliver her’. It turned out that the spiritualist actually had plans to lure her to bed. Based on personal principles, Juliet bluntly refused to sleep with the witch doctor. Perhaps as a consequence of that refusal, the footballer who had been interested in Juliet suddenly stopped calling her. She then made her way to The SCOAN for prayer on February 5, 2023. “It felt as if there was fire on my head once the evangelist placed a hand on me,” said Juliet about how she had felt while receiving the prayer of deliverance. Now, she no longer has the spirit of anger and her nightmares have vanished. “No matter your challenges, keep your trust in God,” she advised congregants.

Janet’s Childhood Yoke Has Now Been Broken!

When she was a child, Janet used to go swimming in a stream. There, she found a few coins that she used to purchase certain items. One day, her mother gave her a ring and when she went swimming, Janet found that the ring had come off her finger. She dove back into the stream but came up with an earring instead. Her mother then kept the earring in a white cloth and the earring later vanished, as her mother had predicted. Obviously, a spirit husband had been responsible for the issues Janet was facing. On eleven occasions, she had failed to get an American visa despite having her husband file for her. Eventually, her husband filed for divorce. Janet tried again through her daughter and up to the time that she came to Nigeria to worship at The SCOAN on February 5, 2023, Janet had still not been issued a visa. On receiving her deliverance, however, she can now see the power of God turning around her situation for good. She advised people to connect with God’s Spirit at The SCOAN. “The God of Prophet TB Joshua is still alive!” she proclaimed.

After-Service Testimony

Among recipients of prayer at the Prayer Line was Pastor Florentino Barceló, who was healed of difficulty in walking. Throwing away his ankle brace, he demonstrated what he had been unable to do before. Thank You, Jesus!

Coupled In The Arena Of Liberty

The day before, on Saturday, February 11, 2023, Spanish couple Mr and Mrs Beiza were wedded right inside The Arena Of Liberty. They glorified the name of the Lord and thanked Pastor Evelyn Joshua for making their wedding a reality, after being engaged three years ago.

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