Sunday, May 7, 2023 was the first time Pastor Evelyn Joshua would be joining the people since The Crusade In Spain. Before she climbed on the SCOAN Altar, however, the choristers prepared The Arena Of Liberty for God’s Spirit with soul-lifting songs that got Heaven’s attention. Esther of The Sunday School started with: “O God, Beyond All Praising/We Worship You Today/We Lift Our Hearts Before You/And Wait Upon Your Word.” She then led the people to bring their sins before the Blood of the Lamb so that the Spirit could pray through them. The worship atmosphere intensified with “Hallelujah!” as the choristers called for a manifestation of God’s power.

Full of gratitude to God as she joined the people, Pastor Evelyn Joshua raised a song: “You Are Alpha And Omega/We Worship You, Our Lord/You Are Worthy To Be Praised!” She cited Isaiah 41:10 and Philippians 4:6 as she assured the people of God’s continued grace. “Father, we thank You for all you have done,” she prayed.

Before proceeding to The Prayer Line, the woman of God requested the playing of clips from Day 2 of The Crusade In Spain, as well as The Pastors’ Conference that took place afterwards. At The Pastors’ Conference, she read from Luke 22:39-43. “Without peace, you can’t serve God faithfully,” she told ministers of the gospel. She them prayed for them while charging them to run the straight race with God: “Your labour of love will not go in vain, in Jesus’ name!” Later, there was a laying of hand session that impacted all who were present.

They Became Free By The Power Of Active Faith

“Be prepared to receive,” Pastor Evelyn Joshua told the people at The Prayer Line. She declared: “We serve a living God Who never fails. That God of yesterday is God today and will be God forever. Just believe Him.”

Together with the evangelists, the woman of God proceeded to laying anointed hands on many from all over Nigeria and the rest of the world. With each touch, the power of the Almighty manifested as negative spirits confessed before fleeing forever.

There were issues such as diabetes, thyroid cyst, difficulty in walking, stomach ulcer, stroke, enlarged prostate, bladder cancer, head cyst, swollen legs, erectile dysfunction, skin disease, cataracts and bladder stones. Just as well, there were cases such as stiff neck, breast lump, epilepsy, mental disorder and drug addiction.

Pregnant women and those yet to fall pregnant also presented themselves for prayer. Glory be to the name of the Lord for the clearing away of all issues in the people’s lives!

We Have A God Who Never Fails

“Who needs God’s mercy?” asked Evangelist Ope as he started the Mass Prayer session with the request that congregants seek God’s mercy and forgiveness. He urged them to pray. “Show me mercy, O Lord, thou Son of David! Thou Son of David, by Your divine mercy and favour, every darkness within me – be dispelled!”

Evangelist James told congregants to pray: “You evil spirit, you unclean spirit, you familiar spirit frustrating my life, family – Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants: “Every spirit in your body affecting your life, body, health – say: Out!” He also told them to pray: “You poison in my system, I command you in the name of Jesus: Out!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants to pray: “You sickness, disease – my body is not your temple; I command you: Out! I disconnect myself from failure! I disconnect my business from limitation! Every closed door to breakthrough – be opened, in the name of Jesus!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua told encouraged the people to thank God for all that He has been doing in their lives. She asked them to place their right hand on anywhere they were having pain: “We decree healing upon you, in the name of Jesus Christ! We decree freedom into your life right now, in the name of Jesus! Release Your healing power into the lives of Your children, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every sickness, affliction – be washed away, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every power that holds you in bondage – be broken! Every evil power fashioned against you – be delivered, in the name of Jesus!”

To viewers all over the world the woman of God said: “Divide the Red Sea before you, in the name of Jesus Christ!” She also prayed: “Every wall of trouble before you – be broken, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua told the people: “Surrender your spirit to the Head of the invisible world. Every spirit that is tormenting your life – begin to rebuke it, in the name of Jesus Christ!” He also prayed: “I command that affliction out of your system, organs. Every poison, wherever it is located – I command it out, in the name of Jesus! I break that poison in your system, in the name of Jesus!”


“Here I Am Now, Healed Forever!”

On Sunday, April 30, 2023, Peace sat in The Arena Of Liberty as she received prayer on The Prayer Line. Following an operation, she had developed complications that led to difficulty in walking. Although for quite some time the doctors had not known what was actually responsible, they later found that a bone had shifted in her spine, leading to lumbar spondylosis. For several months, Peace bore severe pain and was unable to do her regular activities. At last, she realised that only God could help her, so she made her way to church for prayer. As Evangelist James prayed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Peace felt God’s raw power right inside her bones. The next Sunday she was beside herself with joy and excitement as she testified about the full restoration of her health. “Every problem has an expiry date and Jesus Christ’s promises never fail,” she assured the church.

“I Used Not To Believe In God’s Power Here, But Look At Me Now – I Am Testifying!”

Forty-year-old Christiana from Benue State was in The SCOAN on April 30, 2023. While growing up, she used to eat food sacrificed to idols. “I later realised that those meals caused damage in my life,” she said during the service of May 7, 2023. “We have no settled home,” she added, referring to the marital troubles faced by her and her siblings. “For 18 years, my husband and I lived like cat and rat,” she said. She also told the church that her family frequently experienced ill health. While taking two of her children to the hospital one day, Christiana had been involved in a motoring accident that caused a fracture in her skull, leaving her with a recurrent headache. Having nowhere else to turn, she had decided to take her case to God. On receiving an anointed touch by the evangelist, Christiana saw the demon in her manifest as her body became uncomfortable, causing her to scream in a high pitch. When it was all over, it was a new being that rose from the floor “I am perfectly healed now,” she told the church. She advised people to trust in God’s power. Her husband, Friday, thanked God for his wife’s transformation and healing. He also told of how he had used to ignore the message of love preached in The SCOAN. “I used to not believe in God’s power here, but look at me now – I am testifying,” he told the people as he advised them to seek out a Bible-believing church.

“People Are Now Asking Me What God I Am Worshipping!”

For the last three days of March 2023, Joy was among those who had participated in the fasting and prayer session that took place at The SCOAN Prayer Mountain. While there, she had received a desperate call that her block of flats was on fire. “Don’t worry; I will be there soon,” she had calmly told the caller. On returning home with her children, Joy found that only her flat had been left untouched by the fire. “Because of this miracle, people are now asking me what God I am worshipping,” she gushed in excitement while testifying today. She advised people to place their trust in Jesus Christ.

“The Best Thing Is To Know God!” Declared Man Healed Of Advanced Leg Ulcer

On February 8, 2023, Fred was in The SCOAN for prayer over the problem of leg ulcer – a problem that had been troubling him for over a year and a half. It had started with a minor sore on the leg and he had visited the pharmacy for drugs. His daughter then advised him to start watching Emmanuel TV, but Fred scoffed at the idea. Later, however, he decided to give God a chance. Soon, he became a believer in God’s power and decided he would visit The SCOAN. “After prayer by the woman of God, I returned home and blood started flowing through this dead leg,” Fred recalled, saying he had thought the situation had worsened. Previously, he had been to various places where people took money from him. “I had a dream in which an image of Prophet TB Joshua took all the money and handed it back to me,” he said. Within a short while, Fred’s ulcerous leg healed and today he can do everything that he had been unable to do before. “The best thing is to know God; don’t wait until you have problems before going to God,” he advised people.

E-mail Testimonies

  • Omolola, a Nigerian living in Canada, testified about her healing from a breast lump. On calling the Emmanuel TV Prayer Line on March 29, 2023, she had vomited the poisonous substances in her system. She thanked the God of Prophet TB Joshua for the miraculous healing.
  • Sylvia from South Africa received her perfect healing from three years of coughing after calling the Prayer Line on April 3, 2023. She had vomited the impurities in her system. Thank You, Jesus.
  • Yohana from Bauchi State was healed of appendicitis after calling the Prayer Line. “I can’t keep this testimony to myself,” he declared.
  • A 54-year-old from Zambia was healed of pain in the limb and numbness on the left side of the head, after vomiting the things responsible for the discomfort.
  • Sometime in 2017, after discovering Emmanuel TV, Jamaican UK resident Kerry lost his urge to commit suicide. In April 2023, on making a specific request concerning his pending permanent residency in the UK, Kerry saw the Lord rise on his behalf. Glory be to God!

After-Service Testimonies

During the Mass Prayer, a man vomited the bloody substances that had been causing him stomach pain.

At the Prayer Line, Christopher from Warri was healed of the problem of stiff neck. “This deliverance, healing is permanent, in Jesus’ name!” he declared while discarding his neck collar.

Georgina from Sierra Leone was healed of osteoarthritis of both knees after prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua. She advised people to seek God for solutions to their issues.

Grace was healed of difficulty in walking due to arthritis. Now she can do all that she could not do before. She advised people to maintain faith in God.

Evelyn from Ghana was healed of difficulty in walking during the Prayer Line ministration. “Run to God,” she advised others.

Grace, a Ghanaian living in the United Kingdom, was also healed of difficulty in walking during the Prayer Line ministration. “I became very light upon receiving an anointed touch from one of the evangelists,” she said. Now she no longer needs to struggle while doing her work. “God is the only Problem Solver,” she asserted.

Because of a stroke, Peter was barely able to walk, hence his inability to work and cater for his family. During the Prayer Line ministration, he received his perfect healing in the name of Jesus Christ. He advised people to take their problems to God.

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