Beholden to God Almighty for His infinite mercy, people from various parts of the world took out time yet again to offer their sacrifice of praise and worship in The Arena Of Liberty. They started by thanking the Lord: “Thank You, Jesus, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made! Thank You, Jesus, for You have blessed me with an excellent spirit. Thank You, Jesus, for Your undeniable love in my life.” Then they acknowledged God’s continuing goodness: “Lord Jesus, I bask in Your mercy, favour, grace, healing, deliverance, breakthrough, blessings.” Led by the choristers, congregants pled that the Gentle Saviour would not pass them by during the hour of healing, deliverance and salvation. The more heartfelt their singing, the more the Holy Spirit manifested in their midst. “Sin’s Power Over Me Is Broken,” they sang.

Throughout his ministry God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua taught about love and faith, and it was in that same vein that Evangelist Joseph exhorted the church with the message “Forgive And Let It Go”. To back up the message, he read from Matthew 18:21-22 and Romans 12:14. He explained that joy and peace of heart, as well as all other blessings from the Throne Of Grace, are most easily accessed by believers who refuse to cage anyone in their heart, who refuse to hold on to bitterness. Unforgiveness, he noted, hinders our prayers, imprisons us and costs us relationships.

Evangelist Joseph also noted that offence is inevitable, hence the need for true Christians to be ready to forgive as many times as Jesus Christ commanded. “The person most hurt by offence and unforgiveness is you,” he observed; as such, he continued, a Christian should consciously forgive their offender whether they ask for forgiveness or not. We must avoid altercations and leave all judgment to God while not expecting too much from those we hold in high esteem, he further said. “Set your expectations only on God’s promise for your life,” he insisted.

As he rounded off the message, therefore, Evangelist Joseph urged the church to demonstrate Christ’s kind of love, which is love without expectation, love that will prevent their garment from being blemished by offence, bitterness and bad feelings towards others. Finally, Evangelist Joseph gave the reason for forgiving: “When we forgive our offenders it is not because we want them to see us in a good light; it is because we do not want them to ruin our relationship with God Almighty.”

The Sweetness Of God’s Grace!

Before starting the ministration of prayers of healing, Pastor Evelyn Joshua extolled the Lamb Of God seated to the right of the Father by singing: “You Are Holy/You Are Faithful!” She reinforced Evangelist Joseph’s message on the need to forgive and let go.

At the Prayer Line the woman of God prayed: “Heavenly Father, gracious God, we thank You that You fill our heart with hope and our lives with expectation. Lord God Almighty, we believe that You will always be with us – and that is enough for us. Lord God Almighty, stay with us through Your Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ! Father Lord, we ask You to give us the grace to see ourselves the way You see us, because Your Word says, ‘Pure are the hearts of those who seek the face of God’. Father, purify our hearts, in the name of Jesus Christ! We want to know You more; we want to see You more. O Lord God Almighty, we ask You this morning to replace the fear in our hearts with strong faith. Father, replace the anxiety within us with quiet confidence.

O Lord God Almighty, replace the bitterness within us with the sweetness of Your grace. Father, we ask You to replace the darkness around us with Your gentle light, in the name of Jesus Christ! Father, fill our emptiness. Open up our hearts; open up our lips to speak Your Word, to speak Your good language of praise. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray! Thank You, Lord! We are here again; we commit all into Your hands. See to all that concerns us today, in the name of Jesus Christ! Touch us for healing, deliverance, blessings. In Jesus Christ’s name, we pray!”

As the people approached the Throne Of Grace with hearts purged of bitterness and unforgiveness, the Blood Of the Lamb washed away swollen scrotum, swollen belly, stomach cancer, jaundice, difficulty in breathing, stooling of blood, skin disease, and difficulty in walking due to cervical spondylosis,

Pregnant women and those seeking the fruit of the womb also received ministration in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Equally dispelled by God’s power were issues such as breast cancer and breast lump.  

Further submitting to the infinite superiority of God’s Kingdom were the demons responsible for epilepsy, mental disorder, piles, drug addiction, enlarged prostate, leg ulcers, and thigh abscess, among other issues.    

And as fire from Heaven surged into the people’s bodies through the faculties of Pastor Evelyn Joshua and The SCOAN Evangelists, testimonies of healing and deliverance reverberated across The SCOAN Auditorium, for no demon was too stubborn for Jehovah Rapha!

The Right Hand Of God Is Power!

“This is the time to turn my destiny around for good,” Pastor Evelyn Joshua asked the people to declare on joining them for the Mass Prayer session. She assured the people: “Everyone who is waiting to see the outcome of this service in your life will wait in vain, for God’s love, mercy, favour compassion will speak for you.”

The woman of God prayed: “May the peace, glory of God speak for you, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every spirit of fear that entangles your life – be loosed right now, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every spirit of shame that has burdened your life – we command it to get loosed right now, in the name of Jesus Christ! Whatever may be that situation confronting you – we command it out now, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua continued praying: “Receive your freedom! Every plan of the enemy that has kept you in bondage – we command you to be loosed right now, in the name of Jesus Christ! We break every yoke, in the name of Jesus Christ! Receive the power to keep your enemy in perpetual quietness, in the name of Jesus Christ! All that stands between you and God’s favour – be humiliated, in the name of Jesus Christ! We command all your frustration to turn to fulfilment, in the name of Jesus Christ! All your failure – turn to success, in the name of Jesus Christ! Receive your healing, in the name of Jesus Christ! Healing in your soul, spirit body, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

“The Right Hand Of God is power – power to heal, power to save, power to deliver,” Pastor Evelyn Joshua told congregants, asking them to raise their right hand. She declared upon them: “As your hand is higher than your body, so shall you be higher than your challenges, troubles, in the name of Jesus Christ! Receive the healing power of God! Receive the deliverance power of God in your life, in the name of Jesus Christ! Any demonic resistance to your prayer today – we command them to go today, in the name of Jesus Christ! Any negative supernatural power – we command it to bow now, in the name of Jesus Christ! May your foundation receive deliverance, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every ancestral cage, every burden, every bondage that has held you down – be delivered right now, in the name of Jesus Christ! Freedom in your marriage, career, finances, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Evangelist Chisom prayed: “That spirit that is not of God disturbing your life – unclean spirit, ancestral spirit, spirit from your mother’s side, spirit from your father’s side – out, in the name of Jesus Christ! You unclean spirit, the cause of my pain, trouble – anywhere you are – Out! You spirit, you demon – enough is enough. I command you by the authority in the name of Jesus: Out!”

Evangelist Ope told the people to pray: “You spirit, I call you by your name – you spirit of destruction, you spirit of foolishness operating in my family – Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Evangelist James told the people to pray: “Every sickness that entered my body knowingly or unknowingly – in the name of Jesus, I flush you out! You sickness, disease in my body – I flush you out!”

Evangelist Joseph told the people to pray: “Every sickness in my body – I command you: Out! Every spirit of delay, limitation, setback – Out, in the name of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua urged the people: “All spirits operating in your life – command them to come out right now!” The man of God prayed: “You devil – I command you to remove your hand from my people! Let there be deliverance! You devil – I command you to remove your hands of affliction, setback, failure, stagnation, in the name of Jesus Christ! If there’s any strange voice within – come out right now! That damaged organ – begin to function, in the name of Jesus! Every damaged organ – be it your blood, kidneys, liver, bones – begin to function, in the name of Jesus! Whatever sickness – I command healing on you, in the name of Jesus! Never a sickness Jesus cannot cure – be released, in the name of Jesus!”


“I Had Thought I Would No Longer Be Able To Walk By Myself.”

A Nigerian residing in Cote d’Ivoire, Wilson, was diagnosed with difficulty in walking. Despite getting drugs from his doctors, he didn’t feel better and couldn’t do his work well. “I relied on my workers to do everything,” he said on May 19, 2024. The Sunday before, he had sat for prayer at the Prayer Line as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered. “I had thought I would no longer be able to walk by myself, without using any aid, but God showed me His power,” Wilson said. He urged others to see God as their only Saviour.

Emmanuel Is Now Free From All Demonic Enchantment!

During the deliverance session of The SCOAN Sunday Service of May 12, 2024, the demon in Emmanuel made many confessions. One of such confessions was that it had been responsible for dimming the young man’s star. A week later, Emmanuel returned for his testimony. “While fetching water in the village stream during a holiday visit,” he began, “I found a clay pot in the water and broke it.” Later that night, a mysterious woman appeared in Emmanuel’s dream, claiming that he had entered into a covenant with her. The young man did not tell anyone in his family about the incident. From then onwards, he began to do poorly in school. “I dropped out from secondary school,” he disclosed, “and learnt four different trades but succeeded at none.” His family finally procured papers for him to leave the country; however, the demonic woman appeared to him just before he could travel. “I left home for two years and disconnected from my family,” he went on. When Emmanuel realised that he needed divine help, he heeded his mother’s invitation to come to The SCOAN for prayer – and the rest is history! Today, Emmanuel is free from all enchantment! “Cry out to God alone, who never fails,” he advised the world.

Failed By The Idols Of His Father’s House, Gabriel Turns To The Almighty God!

“I believe that the God of Prophet TB Joshua will heal me,” Gabriel had asserted in faith before he received prayer in The Arena Of Liberty on May 12, 2024. Sometime in 2021 he had woken up to find that he could not move half of his body. Doctors subsequently diagnosed him with spinal cord injury. Refusing to believe the verdict, Gabriel approached the idols of his father’s house, promising to present them alcohol and money if they would heal him. Powerless themselves, the idols turned deaf ears and blind eyes to Gabriel’s plight. One fateful day, however, Gabriel stumbled upon Prophet TB Joshua’s prayer videos. “I touched the screen during one prayer session and I fell to the ground,” he disclosed. In a matter of days, he started to sleep well and his condition improved. “I decided I had to come to The SCOAN for prayer,” he continued. Gabriel resisted the devil’s attempts to prevent him from coming. “Once Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered to me, I felt something leave my body,” he said. Today he is now in perfect health, using every part of his body freely. He advised people to trust God for their healing.

Patricia’s Demons Vanish At God’s Command

Although the demon running Patricia’s life had insisted on not leaving, the Holy Spirit ejected it with a firm command. A week after her deliverance, on May 19, 2024, Patricia returned to The SCOAN for her testimony. She told of how she had struggled with rejection and constant disappointment. “I came from an idol-worshipping background,” she confessed, “and a spirit husband constantly got intimate with me in the dream.” Although a mother, Patricia was unable to find a husband. “I was always unhappy about my life and my attempts to move overseas kept failing,” the Nigerian resident of Benin Republic said. Determined to break satan’s hold over her life, Patricia made her way to The SCOAN for prayer, having seen the manifestations of God’s power in other people’s cases. As she approached the Throne Of Grace, Patricia did so meditatively, calling on the Son Of David to have mercy on her. Upon receiving a touch on May 12, Patricia had seen the foul spirit in her vanish at the command from Heaven. Not only is her spirit free from encumbrances but her body is also free from every burden. “Put your trust in God,” she encouraged others. Her daughter confirmed the change and glorified the name of the Lord.         

“Whether You Believe It Or Not, God’s Deliverance Power Is Real,” Says Man Rescued From Stubborn Household Demon

It had been the intention of the demon in Arinze to mess up his life and cause him to commit suicide. The demon also claimed that Arinze had been covenanted to him in infancy. “My maternal grandfather had died the minute I was born,” he told the church during his testimony on May 19, 2024. Based on what his mother told him, Arinze was supposed to be the next custodian of the family idol. Because Arinze – as he grew up – failed to serve the family idol, many strange things started to happen to him. “I became a truant and enjoyed playing rough,” he disclosed. One day, Arinze almost died while climbing trees. “I was in a coma for a month,” he said. In the end, he managed to travel to Germany. Yet, the family idol followed him there, threatening to ruin his life if he didn’t return to the village. Arinze became a troubled soul. “I found it hard to forgive people,” he confessed. Along the line, he got sent to jail in Germany. While in prison, Arinze attempted suicide three times. “An image of Prophet TB Joshua kept urging me to desist from suicide,” he told the church. Before his sentencing, Arinze had a dream in which God’s Spirit ministered to him through Prophet TB Joshua. Miraculously, instead of being convicted and imprisoned for 25 years, Arinze found himself being freed! Indeed, the Son Of David had shown him mercy!

However, Arinze’s 10-year German sojourn had ended abruptly when he was deported unceremoniously. “The family idol welcomed me to Abuja but reminded me that I had to go to the village and serve it,” he continued. Overwhelmed by depression, Arinze attempted suicide by drinking an insecticide. Luckily, however, a friend quickly rushed him to hospital and doctors saved him. He went into business – and again failed spectacularly. “I decided to engage in money-making rituals,” Arinze confessed. However, God’s Spirit put Arinze into a deep sleep and he could not go with his friends to the ritualists’ place. Eventually, heavenly forces directed Arinze to go for deliverance in The Arena Of Liberty. He refused to succumb to the voice threatening him with death if he ventured on the trip to Lagos. Upon receiving a touch from Heaven, Arinze saw the demon in him manifest. “Prophet TB Joshua appeared amidst the smoke that engulfed me as an evangelist tapped my head during the deliverance session,” he said boldly. Since that day, he has been sleeping peacefully and no longer sees small beings or hears voices urging him to serve idols. “Whether you believe it or not, God’s deliverance power is real,” Arinze told the world.      

After-Service Testimonies

Princess Tani had been suffering from severe abdominal pain that defied every medical solution. However, during the Mass Prayer session, she received her instant healing after vomiting poisonous substances! Thank You, Jesus!

All her life Judith had been afflicted by a marine spirit that brought her constant anger, setback and rejection. “I always saw myself in the midst of dead people – in the dream,” she recalled. So heavy was the evil veil over her head that very few guests showed up for her wedding. On the night of her wedding, she had a terrible nightmare which took sleep away from her eyes. Afterwards, life became extremely difficult for her and her husband. “We kept quarrelling,” she disclosed. One night she dreamt of a strange woman feeding her from a bowl of maggots. This scary development troubled her and forced her to seek the face of God at The SCOAN. As soon as an evangelist laid an anointed hand on her, Judith saw the demon in her life flee in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Now restored to her life are peace, progress and joy. Her husband thanked God for the deliverance. “Exercise faith whenever you are in the presence of God,” he advised.

From her father’s side Glory was born into an idol-worshipping home, but her mother decided to dedicate her children to God. “She died a year after dedicating us to God’s house,” she recalled. Her father soon followed. So powerful was the demon in Glory that it killed every teacher who dared to flog her during her school days. One day, she got initiated into the marine kingdom after sticking a ring on one of her fingers. “I had found the ring inside our home,” she recalled. She had refused to participate in the marine-world activities, so by the time she woke up the ring had vanished. From that moment, her life took a turn for the worse. Young suitors never came her way. “Only very old men were approaching me and I was upset and suicidal about it,” she said. Eventually she ran to God’s house after being threatened with death by the marine forces. Glory received her deliverance after an evangelist commanded the fire of the Holy Ghost upon her. “Trust in God and be prayerful; do not allow anything to discourage you,” she advised the world.

Owing to the influence of evil spirits in his life, Elias was bitten by snakes on multiple occasions over the years. His life was stagnant. “I failed at everything and kept falling ill,” he said. However, his story changed once he discovered Emmanuel TV and started praying along with God’s servants. By this time he had become a pastor. Encouraged by the testimonies of others, he decided to visit The SCOAN for prayer. “After an evangelist laid an anointed hand on me, I felt the power of God and all the strange movements in my body have now stopped,” he testified. He advised others, “In everything give thanks to God.”

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