The Palm Sunday Service of 2023 began with The SCOAN Choir leading the people to intone to God Almighty: “Have Mercy On Me/Let Your Divine Favour Locate Me.” There followed a solo rendition of a Jim Reeves classic by Kayode: “This World Is Not My Home!” The full choir then went on charge up the atmosphere with the presence of the Holy Spirit. “Let Your Spirit Lighten The Word/In My Heart,” they prayed. And in answer to their prayer, no one was passed by as Jesus performed wonders in the people’s lives.

Evangelist Shina began by urging congregants to read Matthew 21:1-10, Mark 11:1-10, Luke 19:29-36 and John 12:12-15 for a full understanding of the significance of Palm Sunday. He observed: “Jesus expressed His selfless love towards humanity and celebrated His suffering, death and resurrection.” He then asked the church to proclaim: “Hosanna in the highest!” Other biblical references for the message were 2 Corinthians 5:17, John 5:39-40 and Galatians 2:20.

The sermon, entitled “DON’T ONLY BE CONVINCED – BE CONVERTED”, was about going beyond mere conviction to being genuinely converted to the ways of God and allowing Him to arrange our lives according to His own schedule. “When God arranges your life on His own schedule,” he said, “He will give you all you need – everything to live for Him here and now.” The proof text was John 3:1-21.

Evangelist Shina spoke on the need to focus on moulding the spirit alongside the mind. To mould the spirit, he said, would be to truly know God not just know about God. He said, “Knowing facts about God cannot change your relationship with Him, but knowing God can.”

On the implications of being truly converted, Evangelist Shina said it would help a believer to lead a new life in Jesus Christ. In his words, “You come under the comfort and victory of grace as a believer.” He also added that those “who are converted truly seek two qualities: righteousness and humility.”

In conclusion, Evangelist Shina said: “Those who are converted, their behaviour conforms to God’s standard. God is the centre of their desire and they depend on God Almighty for everything. They take God’s Word seriously as if their life depended on it.”

Palm Sunday Blessings For God’s People

“In Jesus Christ there is life, victory, joy, peace and salvation,” said Pastor Evelyn Joshua on joining congregants for the Palm Sunday service of 2023. Before ministering at the Prayer Line, she prayed: “Father Lord, we bless Your Holy name! We thank You for today and every other day! We thank You for preserving our lives! Father, give us testimonies in all we do, in the name of Jesus! Thank You for answering our prayers. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray!”

She also assured the people: “Because you are on the Lord’s side, in righteousness, faithfulness, obedience will you carry you His instructions.” The woman of God then spoke about spoke about the three-day revival meeting that took place at The SCOAN Prayer Mountain from March 29-31, 2023.  

Among those who received prayers of healing, deliverance and breakthrough were people with asthma, difficulty in walking, difficulty in breathing, swollen belly, abdominal pain, peptic ulcer, hernia, diabetes, damaged liver, skin disease, bleeding, breast cancer, leg ulcer and other hidden conditions.

There were also prayers for pregnant women facing different issues. Similarly, cases of drug addiction, epilepsy and mental disorder received the liberating, healing touch from the Throne Of Grace. Indeed, the anointing descended from Heaven and the demons behind the people’s problems became confused as they lost their grip on all who had come in faith.

Thereafter, the evangelists joined the woman of God in ministering fire-backed prayer for the ultimate salvation of the people’s souls. On receiving its quit notice, each demon confessed its atrocities before vanishing forever.

Prayer Remains The Key!

“Get your heart prepared for prayer,” Evangelist James told the church at the start of the Mass Prayer session. He continued, “Ask the Lord to reveal any weakness in your spirit and break it.” He prayed: “Sin’s power over your life – power of idolatry, anger, lying, stealing, immorality, disobedience, unfaithfulness – be broken!”

Evangelist Chisom prayed: “All spirits that are not of God operating in your body – anywhere you are, I command you in the name of Jesus – Out!” He also told the people to declare: “I loose myself from every chain that satan might have used to connect me to himself.”

Evangelist Ope told congregants to pray: “Every hidden sickness in my system, body – I command you in the name of Jesus: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants to pray: “My lost dream, glory, destiny, career, finances, business, family, health – awake!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua told congregants, “Ask for a divine utterance that will change your story.” She prayed: “That power that said, ‘Go and untie the donkey’ – may that power break every yoke in your life today, in the name of Jesus Christ! Today, any barrier hindering your breakthrough – be removed, in the name of Jesus! Any sickness threatening your good health – be healed, in the name of Jesus! Any trouble threatening your peace – be freed, in the name of Jesus! Any yoke threatening your freedom – be freed, in the name of Jesus! Your victory will qualify you for a reward, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

For viewers all over the world the woman of God prayed: “We command every trouble, problem in your life right now to give way, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every sickness in your life – be healed, in Jesus’ name! Every bondage disturbing you – be broken, in the name of Jesus Christ. Be freed! Be healed! Be delivered!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua declared: “Whatever you can boldly ask and you mean it – so shall it be, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! I command that sickness, disease, affliction: Out! Every unfavourable situation – cease, in the name of Jesus!”


Delivered And Released For Exploits In Jesus’ Name!

On March 19, 2023, the fire of the Holy Ghost consumed the demons that had been bothering the lives of two Nigerian siblings: Amarachi and Wisdom. It had all started from their childhood days, when their parents used to defer to ancestral spirits. “On my wedding day I lost a number of personal effects,” Amarachi recalled during her testimony on Palm Sunday, April 2, 2023. “It transpired that someone had gathered and taken away the ash from the wood used for cooking at the wedding,” she told the church. “We don’t know what the person did with it,” she continued. In the marriage, Amarachi became forgetful and constantly ill with stomach pain. She couldn’t eat her own food, as it soon lost taste to her once she had finished cooking. One day, she prayed along with Prophet TB Joshua and recovered her sense of taste. Moving on, she found that she couldn’t keep money for long. She also used to see snakes in her dreams, leading to severe problems in real life. Assured that God’s power could rescue her, she had visited The SCOAN with her brother. To the glory of God, the deliverance power of Jesus Christ took control of the siblings’ lives and freed them forever. “Trust in God and remain prayerful,” Amarachi advised congregants. On his part, Wisdom told of how he had been under the hold of the spirit of lust and had suffered a spiritual attack that prevented him from using his right hand properly. “Don’t run from God,” he advised viewers all over the world. Another sibling, Henry, narrated what the changes he had seen in his siblings’ lives while thanking God for their transformation.

With The Enemy Within Ejected, Chinelo Returns To Enjoying Marital Bliss!

When she was a child, Chinelo used to be a stubborn girl. To rid her of that stubbornness, her grandmother had taken her to a spiritualist, who broke a coconut as part of the ritual for ‘cleansing’ her. Instead of becoming less stubborn, however, Chinelo became worse and began to have nightmares and dreams in which she would see herself flying and getting intimate with a strange man. In marriage, the spirit husband, who used to visit around 11pm-1am, gave Chinelo the spirit of anger and messed up her businesses. Tired of the affliction from the kingdom of darkness, she had made her way to church for deliverance on Sunday, 26 March 2023. Since then, she has stopped seeing the evil man in her dream and has broken free from the spirit of anger. “Now I no longer eat in the dream,” she said during her testimony a week later. She advised people not to be distracted from receiving their own testimony. Chinelo’s husband told of the dream battles he used to engage in with the spirit husband and how the problem affected his business. However, he reported, “This last one week has been wonderful.” He added, “My wife has been very calm.” He advised people to be steadfast in their belief in God.

For Bunmi, Now The Mystery Is Over!

Bunmi used to be afflicted with the spirit of anger and it was such a big problem in her life because it cost her many things. In her dreams she would see a man getting intimate with her. She would also see snakes in those dreams and have babies there. In her academics, she always did poorly because she kept forgetting all that she had read. “I also had the spirit of lust,” she said while testifying on April 2, 2023 – a week after her deliverance. Curious about what had been happening in her life, Bunmi had asked her mother what had been responsible. “We came from an idol-worshipping background,” her mother had confessed to her. Since her deliverance, however, Bunmi has broken off all connections with the demonic world. “Just believe in God and never depart from His ways,” she advised people.

Favour Finds Happiness Again In Her Marriage!

Favour was another recipient of God’s grace during the service of Sunday, March 26, 2023. For decades, she had been facing setbacks owing to the influence of a malevolent ancestral spirit that had been making her do the wrong things. “I kept having anger issues that affected my marriage, leading to my ejection from the home,” she told the church on April 2, 2023. Realising that she needed God’s Right Hand of Power, she had presented herself for prayer at The SCOAN. Once Favour received a touch from one of the evangelists during the service, the demon in her had immediately started to manifest. Minutes later, she was fully delivered. Since then, she has entered into a new lease of life – with no more anger issues or nightmares. She says she now sleeps like a baby. “God will give you your own miracle,” Favour encouraged the church. Her husband, Felix, said he now feels peace in his heart anytime his wife comes to mind. “Anytime I hear her name now, I feel this peace and joy inside me,” he said. He advised people to seek out a living church.

E-mail Testimonies

  • Timothy from South Africa had been having asthma and flu-related illnesses for years. On praying along with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV, he received his perfect healing. Now he no longer needs to wear warm clothing during summer. Glory be to Jesus Christ!
  • A doctor from Belgium had called The SCOAN Prayer Line on March 6, 2023 about dreams of a spirit wife. During the prayer, he had vomited the impurities in his system and now he is free indeed.
  • A woman from South Africa had her menses restored two hours after calling The SCOAN Prayer Line on March 16, 2023. Praise be to God Almighty!
  • Virginia from Botswana had called The SCOAN Prayer Line on March 13, 2023 over her the problem of severe headache. “See what the Lord has done for me!” she wrote.
  • Felicia from Nigeria called in on March 8, 2023 about her son’s ill health and her foreign examination (IELTS). Today, the boy has regained his health fully and she herself has passed her examination. Thank You, Jesus!
  • Geoffrey from South Africa had called in on 13 July 2022 about his wife’s childlessness after two ill-fated deliveries during which the babies died. Shortly after, Geoffrey’s wife fell pregnant. Since 12 March 2023, he and his wife have become the proud parents of Emmanuel – a healthy baby boy!

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