“Spirit Pray Through Me,” sang The SCOAN Choir as the worship session started on Sunday, March 26, 2023. They also rendered songs expressing gratitude to the Lord on His eternal goodness. “See How Far/You’ve Brought Me/Lord, I’ve Come/To Worship You!” they also sang. Indeed, the worship session was a clear indication of what was to come as the Spirit-charged atmosphere caused people to vomit the impurities in their systems.  

Evangelist Ope delivered his sermon with power as he taught on the topic “DO YOU BELIEVE?” He prefaced his message with Psalm 23 but his proof text was Hebrews 11:6. He also cited Mark 5:36, Mark 9:23, Romans 10:6-10, Hebrews 4:3, John 11:40, Romans 10:17 and Psalm 119:89. Obviously it was a message on faith and its nature. According to the preacher, there are two major reasons why it is important to display faith. One, God is honoured when we believe Him. Two, Jesus demands that Christians believe.

He also noted that believing opens the doors to God’s blessings as promised in His Word, even as believers are expected to go beyond confessing to actually believing. In his words: “Believing is possessing. The instant you believe, you have. The instant you believe, it is yours. The instant you believe, you become a possessor of the Father’s nature. Very much is promised to our believing. Even the case of salvation requires you to believe. Christ believed is Salvation received!”

Consequently, he urged believers to keep their faith in God, not in anything else – not even science. On how to know that one truly believes, Evangelist Ope said that a major sign would be being at rest and knowing that one’s case is settled – very much like when a farmer is certain that his plants will germinate and eventually mature at the right time. He concluded with this charge: “Child of God, hold on to the Word. When we believe His Word, we possess the thing that His Word has guaranteed! The Word cannot fail without God failing. The Word does not change. The Word is stable.”  

Supplications To The God Who Never Fails

As she led the church to bow before the God Who never fails, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “O Lord God Almighty, let Your light shine on our path, way, lives today in the name of Jesus Christ! Almighty God, heal our brokenness! Father, remove all our filthiness and fill our emptiness. Let Your rivers of life flow – Your rivers of blessing, protection, healing – let them flow into our lives, in the name of Jesus Christ as we continue to praise You, honour You all the days of our lives!”

Those at The Prayer Line included people with sickle cell anaemia, undescended testicles, leg ulcers, fatty liver, broken ribs, difficulty in walking, poor vision, diabetes, hypertension, swollen belly, growth in the nostril and umbilical hernia.

There were also people with mental disorder, epilepsy and drug addiction, even as a number of pregnant women presented themselves for prayer over their forthcoming babies.

After The Prayer Line ministration, the evangelists joined the woman of God in laying hands on the people. Soon, the fire of the Holy Ghost made the auditorium severely uncomfortable for every foul presence, causing many to be freed from the bondage of the dark world. Indeed, the Word combined with the Spirit to bring healing and ease to every situation in the people’s lives.

A Special Message On Women And Household Demons

At the end of the One-On-One session, Pastor Evelyn Joshua made the following observations regarding women and the operations of demonic forces: “If demons from your husband’s house are tormenting you, how about the men and women born in that family before you came? It is the demons in your father’s house that led you to a bigger one in your husband’s house. If you are a channel of light and you happen to find yourself in another family, if there is darkness in that family, the light in you will drive away every darkness from that place!”

She continued thus: “And those who refuse to embrace the light in you, the demons there will torment them! You can’t leave your father’s house where there is light and find yourself in a place of darkness and the darkness there will begin to operate through you.”

She then prayed: “I pray that the light of God will continue to overshadow us, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Words Affected By The Holy Spirit

“Ask for God’s mercy,” Evangelist Ope told congregants after reading from Psalm 130:3 at the start of the Mass Prayer session. Among the prayer points he gave congregants was the following: “Thou Son of David, by Your divine mercy and favour – whatever sin might have brought into my life, by the Blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost – be flushed out!”

Evangelist Joseph told them: “Every spirit that is not of God operating in your life from your foundation – command it out!” He also told them to pray: “Jesus Christ, deliver me, Lord! Every demon, unclean spirit – I command you, I order you wherever you are in my body: Come out!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “Every spirit of infirmity that came into your life through pride, anger, immorality, bitterness, envy – say: Out!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants to pray: “Whatever mountain that is standing on the way to my blessing, that is blocking my breakthrough – I command you in the name of Jesus: Make way!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua told congregants to denounce and reject everything operating in their lives that is contrary to God’s will. “Loose yourself from the clutches of the devil,” she encouraged them.

The woman of God prayed: “Every spirit holding you back in bondage – be exposed! Right now, be loosed from every manipulative spirit! Be loosed from every relationship that is not ordained by God! Be loosed from every relationship that is based on lust and deception! Breakthrough to your life, way, finances, family, business, in the name of Jesus!”

For viewers all over the world Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “Lord God Almighty, as Your children’s hands are above their bodies, let them be above every trouble in their lives, in the name of Jesus! Father, let the good things You have promised be their portion, in the name of Jesus! Every tongue that rises up against them in judgement shall not stand, in the name of Jesus! You are covered, sealed by the Blood of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua urged congregants to declare: “You demon, you are wanted! You satan, you are wanted! You familiar spirit, I command you right now: Begin to loose your grip!” The man of God further declared: “Demons, I curse you! Every satanic spirit in your life, I say: Out, in the name of Jesus! I separate you from familiar spirits.”


Potentially Fatal Intestinal Obstruction Ends After Prayer Line Call!

While at work a state away from his family, Eniforo had developed an unusual problem: severe sharp pain in his stomach. He thought it was a minor issue that would go on its own. When the issue persisted, Eniforo made his way to the hospital and returned with some drugs. However, the drugs failed to improve his condition and his stomach started swelling. He could not expel solid waste and he lost appetite. He returned to the doctor, who recommended water therapy. Still, Eniforo did not get better, even after further tests. Eventually, however, the doctor found that Eniforo had been suffering from intestinal blockage. The verdict: surgery. However, Eniforo’s wife objected and decided to seek the face of the Lord. She called the Emmanuel TV Prayer Line and handed the phone to her husband. “Instantly I could feel a movement inside me,” he said. “It felt as if a spiritual operation had been going on inside my system during the prayer,” he added. His wife also proceeded to minister the New Anointing Water on him. Within an hour, the ailing man had used the toilet twice – to the doctor’s amazement. “Have faith in God,” he urged the church. Eniforo’s wife told of how he had gone through severe pain for over two weeks but thanked God for taking control.

Bridget’s Chains Are Broken!

“Emmanuel TV affected me!” screamed the foul spirit in Bridget during the One-on-One session of the service of March 19, 2023. Minutes later, Bridget became calm after the demon’s expulsion. Testifying a week later, Bridget recalled how she had been doing things that she was not supposed to do during her childhood. For instance, she and her friends used to eat food items sacrificed to idols. Although her parents tried their best to get Bridget delivered, they did not succeed. In her marriage, she was extremely aggressive, fighting her husband for no reason and damaging household appliances. At work, she was hard-working but the demons in her kept making her behave in an anti-social way. “I used to talk to myself at work,” she recalled. She also said that the spirit used to make her engage in self-sabotage. On one occasion during her younger years, for instance, she had run away from home just because her father’s friend had promised to take her abroad. To the glory of God, all of Bridget’s problems ended after she received a divine touch from one of the evangelists. “I no longer hear strange voices and my heart is full of peace now,” she said. She advised parents to monitor the company their children keep. She also urged congregants to stick only with God. Bridget’s prayerful husband, Lucky, told of how he himself had been impacted by God’s power at The SCOAN a fortnight earlier. He advised people to have faith in God.

“Now I Know God Cares A Lot For Me,” Says Woman Delivered From Ancestral Spirits

It was a particularly mean ancestral spirit that had been running Lilian’s life since childhood. Manifesting in the form of a spirit husband, the demon had caused setbacks in Lilian’s life, including in her marriage and business. “My father used to offer sacrifices of chickens to family idols,” recalled Lilian. “One day, when one such chicken nearly blinded my sister, my father refused to continue making the sacrifices,” she further recalled. She said that her father’s business soon crumbled and he fell ill, before eventually dying. Later in life, Lilian lost three of her five children and decided to quit her marriage, leaving with the remaining two kids. She had a hard time maintain her businesses, always failing at the edge of breakthrough. On discovering Emmanuel TV, she began to submit her heart to God’s Spirit and eventually made her way to church on Sunday, March 19, 2023. Since the Holy Spirit treated her case file, Lilian has come into a new lease of life. “I no longer feel any heaviness in my heart and body and I am now at peace with people,” she testified. “Now I know that God cares for me a lot,” she said in excitement. She advised people to run to God for solutions to their problems.

With Baby Victory, Comfort Becomes Victorious At Last!

On May 1, 2022, Comfort had been in church over her coming baby. Two years earlier, she had had a baby who later passed away. During that pregnancy, she had been eating in her dreams. Comfort had refused to give up and had continued to pray along with Prophet TB Joshua. On one of those occasions, she had vomited the poisonous substances in her system. Later on, Comfort had a chance to meet with Prophet TB Joshua during the Partner’s Meeting series. From then on, her issues of miscarriage and breast cancer threats ended and she fell pregnant again in the year 2021. Although the devil had tried to test Comfort again by tampering with her baby’s natural position, he had ended up a failure as Comfort came for prayer on May 1, 2022 and later had her baby without surgery. She named the baby ‘Victory’. “Continue believing in God; distance is not a barrier to His power,” she advised the church.

E-Mail Testimonies

Penelope from South Africa had called an Emmanuel TV Prayer Line in November 2022 over her issue of irregular menstruation. The following day, her menses had started and her cycle has stayed consistent since then.

On March 8, 2023, Micah from Kenya had called in over his problem of shoulder pain. Since then the pain has vanished by the power in the name of Jesus Christ.

A pastor from South Africa received prayer on March 1, 2023 over pain in her spinal cord. Now she can stand on her feet and do all that she had been unable to do before. “The pain was offloaded from my chest,” she said.

Belgium-based Christopher, a Nigerian, had been in church with his wife to receive prayer on March 13, 2022. On returning home, they had continued to pray along on Emmanuel TV. Now he is the father of a three-month old baby!

On March 1, 2023, Agnes from South Sudan had sent in a prayer request over her search for a job. However, while receiving prayer over the phone, she had found that God’s priority was the piles that had been troubling her over the years. Now she is completely free from pain – to the glory of the Lord!

After-Service Testimonies

During the Mass Prayer session of the service, Emmanuel vomited the poisonous substances in his system. Earlier, he had received a touch from Pastor Evelyn Joshua. Now he no longer feels pain in his heart.

In 2019, Joy was involved in an accident that severely hindered her ability to walk. The hair stylist said, “I used to walk like an old woman.” To the glory of God, after receiving a touch in The Arena Of Liberty, she can walk and bend freely!  

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