Once the service took off, congregants in The Arena Of Liberty on Sunday, April 16, 2023 went into an intense session of praise and worship that saw many fall under the power of the anointing. When they thought deeply about the Lord’s unconditional goodness, many of the people could not hold back their tears of appreciation. Taking things a notch higher, the choristers pled together with the people of God: “Abba Father/Take My Heart Away From Fleshly Desires/You Spirit In My Heart cries Naturally!” They also acknowledged their inability to confront life’s battles without the Alpha And Omega: “And I’m Desperate Without You/I’m Lost Without You!”

For the day’s message, Evangelist Chisom again re-echoed the timeless words of God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua: “If you are in haste to achieve something, you are likely to make costly mistakes that will pull you back, if not down.” He then announced his sermon title as “DO NOT IGNORE THE PROCESS,” taking his reading from Hebrews 12:5-6, 11. “God Almighty disciplines us because He loves us,” the evangelist told the church.   

It was a message that resonated with everyone in the auditorium, as it focused on the need to serve God in Spirit and truth while also submitting to due process in all that concerns our striving in life. As Prophet TB Joshua taught the world for years, and as was evident in his highly impactful life, people of integrity and character have no other choice but to commit to working hard and avoiding short cuts to success. To do this, Evangelist Chisom said, is to obey God’s command on how to live fairly and achieve lasting success.

In the preacher’s words: “If the process is not God’s processing, people of God, the result will not stand the test of time…. God Almighty sometimes allows us go through some dark moments as a process so that when the light finally comes, you will be mature enough to maintain it.” He therefore urged congregants to focus more on the process so that they would be able “to differentiate between God’s supply and satan’s bait.” Other bits of Scripture for the message included Psalm 37:7, Genesis 21:6 and 1 Samuel 1:1-30.

His Word Healed And Delivered Them All

At The Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “Lord God, come and take Your place here, in the name of Jesus! Envelope us with Your Spirit! O Lord God Almighty, let every sickness, every affliction, every disease in the systems of Your children be washed away today, in the name of Jesus Christ! Holy Spirit, lift up our eyes to seek You and You alone in every situation, in all circumstances that trouble our minds. Father, renew us – renew our hearts – to seek Your peace above all else. Healing to Your children’s bodies! Healing to their spirit! Healing to their soul! In Jesus Christ’s name, we pray!”

The woman of God and the evangelists then proceeded to minister prayers of healing, deliverance and breakthrough for the ultimate salvation of the people’s souls. Among the numerous cases were difficulty in walking, difficulty in breathing, asthma, goitre, hernia, cataracts, breast cancer, leg ulcers and skin disease. Other cases involved drug addiction, epilepsy, mental disorder and pregnancy complications.

And in the One-On-One session with the evangelists, every stubborn demon had no choice but to submit to the power of God Almighty!

Prayer Without Limits

The Mass Prayer session was started by Evangelist Joseph, who told the church: “Open your heart to the Spirit of God.” He told the people: “Whatever spirit that is blocking your progress – ancestral spirits within or outside – command it out!” He further told the people, “Send fire to them!” Continuing the call, Evangelist Joseph prayed: “Every demon, unclean spirit, familiar spirit – we command you in the name of Jesus: Out!”

Evangelist Chisom told the church to pray: “You unclean spirit that causes me sickness, disease – anywhere you, are listen to the voice of God; I command you in the name of Jesus: Out! I break every appointment with disappointment!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua told the people to give thanks to God for His blessings and amazing grace in their lives while pouring out their hearts to Him. She also led the people in praying for forgiveness. She prayed: “Every sin, stain of guilt that can prevent you from the presence of God – be removed today, in the mighty name of Jesus! Father, create a new heart in them. Sin’s power over your life, home, business, children, finances, marriage – be broken, in the name of Jesus! Let the word of your mouth receive anointing, in the name of Jesus! Anointing that will disappoint your enemies, that will break every yoke – receive, in the name of Jesus!”

For viewers all over the world the woman of God prayed: “We command every sickness in your body to go now, in the name of Jesus Christ. Healing to your soul, spirit, body, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Finally, she prophesied to all: “You will testify in the congregation of God’s children!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua urged the people to order out every spirit causing them limitation in life. He prayed: “You evil spirit – I order you out, in the name of Jesus! Every infirmity: Out! I command that hidden disease, affliction in your system: Out!”


“My Body Is Now Like That Of A Newborn!”

For close to eight years, 72-year-old Justina from Edo State had been suffering from difficulty in walking due to osteoarthritis. Doctors gave her all the medicines that they could. Later, they told her: “We will have to recommend treatment that will involve suspending your legs for three months.” Given her age, Justina decided she could not withstand that kind of treatment. She then decided to visit The SCOAN for prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. “It took just a touch from one of the evangelists and all of my problems disappeared,” she said while testifying on Sunday, April 9, 2023 – a week after her healing. “My body became like that of a newborn,” she said excitedly. She advised people to take their issues to God.

Marital Bliss Restored As Ancestral Spirit Gets The Boot!

Jacinta started her testimony by telling the church that, while in secondary school, she had once had a dream in which an old woman asked her to pound yam. “After the pounding, she offered me some of the food and I ate a bit of it before losing appetite,” Jacinta said. From then on she began to see the woman in her dreams. “She would take me around in the forest, showing me things,” said Jacinta about her relationship with the old woman. When Jacinta got married, the old woman stopped appearing to her. Later, however, she reappeared and asked Jacinta to quit her marriage. It took a long period of intense intervention by her family for Jacinta to return to her matrimonial home. Eventually, she and her husband made their way to The SCOAN on April 9, 2023. To the glory of God, Jacinta received her deliverance from the demonic world. “Now I love my husband,” she grinned. She also told of how she was loosed from chains in a confirmatory dream. Her husband, Sunday, was all smiles as he told the church: “Now I have my real wife again.” Like her husband, Jacinta advised people to move close to God.

Delivered From Demonic Spirit Of “The Watcher”

“I’m so angry!” bellowed “the watcher”, the evil spirit that had been bothering Dooshima‘s life. “The family cannot get anything except it comes from me,” the demon fumed. As the evangelist battled the demon in prayer, the atmosphere in The Arena Of Liberty became too hot for the boastful watcher, thus causing Dooshima to trash about on the floor as the Holy Ghost Fire tormented the demon in her. “Out, in the name of Jesus!” commanded the evangelist as the demon kept screaming in discomfort. Testifying a week later, Dooshima explained how it had all started. “My father had refused to take over from his grandfather as custodian of the family idol,” she said. Instead, he had chosen to get educated, although he later returned home to purchase a plot of land. “We heard that some people buried some charms in the land,” she continued. Naively, Dooshima’s father had carried on with developing the land and moving into the completed house. “We never had peace in that house,” Dooshima recalled. She said members of the family were always falling ill. “We faced delay and stagnation in all areas of life,” she added. Along the line, Dooshima discovered Emmanuel TV and began to pray along with Prophet TB Joshua. “One day I had a miraculous encounter with God’s Spirit through the image of Prophet TB Joshua,” she said. From then on, she said, things began to change in the family. “Two of my siblings won scholarships for their second degrees and my sister is now about to get married,” she told a delighted congregation. Following that experience, she decided to visit The SCOAN on April 9, 2023. That day she received her deliverance from the spirit of ‘the watcher’. Subsequently, she has had a confirmatory dream about her liberation. Glory be to Jesus Christ! “Always believe in God, no matter your situation,” she advised congregants.

SCOAN Mocker Restored To Prosperity By Anointing In The Arena Of Liberty!

“I come in peace; let’s negotiate,” pleaded the deceptive evil spirit in Angela during the deliverance session of The SCOAN Sunday Service of April 9, 2023. Not fooled by the demon’s antics, the evangelist warned it: “You are too late – your time is up!” And Angela’s back landed on the floor. A week later, she returned to church to testify. She began, “What actually brought me here was my brother’s illness; I didn’t know that it would be my time of deliverance.” It had all started with Angela’s mother, who had been desperate to have a female child after having four boys. “My mother went to what appeared to be a church but the place was actually being run by agents of the devil,” Angela said. Angela’s mother did get pregnant with her. However, Angela had it rough in life, with people hating her for no reason. Somehow, she managed to make her way to the United States of America, where she became quite comfortable as a nurse with a modest investment in real estate. After marriage, however, Angela lost all her investments and became homeless in a country where she had been impressively successful. During her days of prosperity, a friend had advised Angela to start watching Emmanuel TV but she had scoffed at the idea. Years later, during her days of misery, another person told Angela about Emmanuel TV. She then decided to pray along with Prophet TB Joshua. “I started getting calls from left and right, even places I had forgotten about,” Angela told the church. “Everything turned around for me and my aged mother,” she added. Although the brother for whom she had come to Nigeria had been unable to come to church with her, Angela came in with another brother of hers. All the same, she glorified the name of the Lord for transforming her life and healing the brother even right there in his hotel room. With visible excitement, Angela told the church that she is now free from dreams in which masquerades used to attack her. She advised people to visit a living church for their deliverance.

A Destiny Child Is On Its Way For The Nwafors!

On September 4, 2022, Mrs Nwafor was at The SCOAN for prayers of deliverance from the serpentine spirit that had been bothering her life. During the session, the spirit in her had manifested and confessed its atrocities before hurrying off. On returning home, she had tried to persist in prayer but the devil had kept trying to discourage her. “I used to have babies in the dream but I always gave them out to other people,” Mrs Nwafor said. During the month when she received her deliverance, despite dream attacks by the devil, Mrs Nwafor fell pregnant and satanic agents could do nothing about it. Today, her pregnancy is at an advanced stage and remains under the protection of the Holy Spirit. “Be focused and strong as you express your faith in God,” she advised viewers all over the world. Her husband, Chidi, glorified God for answering his prayer for a child.

Rescued From Brink Of Death!

“I’m from the water! I’m the spirit wife! This boy was supposed to die yesterday!” Those were some of the utterances made by the demonic spirit in David as the anointing seared through him on Sunday, April 9, 2023. In his bid to get rich quick, David and a few of his friends had approached a spiritualist, who gave them soap to bathe with. “Use it every four days,” he told them. The boys promptly followed the instructions. “We began making money but lavished it on clubbing and womanising. “In quick succession, four of my friends died after vomiting blood,” he told the church while testifying on April 16. “The spirit behind the soap kept telling me it was my turn to die but I kept rebuking it,” he said. Meanwhile, David began to see tigers and lions in his dreams. “For a couple of months I could not have my bath, on the spirit’s instruction,” he said. By this time he had become a mental case and was looking tattered. Like the prodigal son, David decided to return home. Although his mother was herself ill, she welcomed him home warmly and urged him to pray along with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV. “After the prayer I slept like I had never done in the last three months; that was my first deliverance,” David asserted. When he woke up, he had his bath after over three months. However, the stubborn spirit persisted in telling David that he would soon die. The same spirit made him to decline treatment by the nurse that his mother had invited to the home. David had earlier refused to go to church with his mother on the day he was delivered but God’s Spirit had persuaded him to rise from the bed and keep his date with destiny. To the glory of God, David made his way to church and the rest is now history. He has been freed from the spirit of anger and every negative force in his life. He advised people to move close to God and to avoid short cuts. “Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life,” he declared. His mother, Grace, thanked God for rescuing her son.

When The Lord Turned Back The Yakubus’ Captivity!

“I am from the river – River Niger!” screamed the demon in Aishat during the deliverance session of the service of Sunday, April 9, 2023. For many minutes, the demonic python spirit confessed its atrocities in the lives of Aishat and her siblings. A week later, Aishat returned to church to testify. “In order to have children, my parents had approached a spiritualist who made them offer sacrifice to a river spirit,” she disclosed to the church. She spoke on, “After that my parents began to have children.” Aishat then told of how her grandmother had initiated her into witchcraft during a visit to the village. “Three months later, my grandmother died,” she said. As she carried on with life, Aishat began to notice strange patterns in her life. First, it began with the spirit of masturbation trying to afflict her in the dream, just as she was about to cross over to senior secondary school. Then she began to face rejection and hatred. “Men kept disappointing me and I had to withdraw from relationships,” Aishat cried. In one case, a man paid a million naira to get Aishat back to school. He also promised to help her immigrate to the United Kingdom. “Eventually, everything ended and I could no longer reach the man despite all my efforts,” a sobbing Aishat said. Frustrated by her station in life, Aishat decided to embark on long periods of fast. During the period, Aishat had a dream in which she saw herself being delivered in The SCOAN. Despite every obstacle that was placed on her way by the devil, Aishat managed to make her way to church and God’s Spirit impacted her for total deliverance! Now, Aishat sleeps normally and no longer sees the three old woman and the python as well as the spirit husband that used to trouble her life. “I am calm now and I thank the God of Prophet TB Joshua,” she said. She advised people to focus on God. Aishat’s sister, Alice, told of how the ancestral demon had given her miscarriages and stillbirths, even as she thanked God for His intervention. Mohammed, a male sibling of Aishat’s, told of how they had used to accuse their mother of witchcraft, thinking she was behind their issues. Barely able to hold back his tears, he told of his many rejections by women. “I would wet myself in the dream and in real life prior to losing my relationship,” he said. However, he continued: “The bedwetting stopped when I started praying along with Prophet TB Joshua.” He advised people to take their issues to God.

Freed For Exploits By The Alpha And Omega!

Stella-Maris was in church on Sunday, April 9, 2023 – the day on which she received her deliverance. A week later she testified. “Growing up, I came from an idol-worshiping family,” she began. She added, “We used to eat food sacrificed to idols.” Stella-Maris then began to have visits from a spirit husband as well as a female form. In school, she joined bad company and ended up with very poor grades. Given her satisfying dream experiences, Stella-Maris felt she needed no man in her life. “Men are scum,” she would scoff. As time went on, however, the dream attacks became so serious that Stella-Maris realised that she needed deliverance. She then started to watch Emmanuel TV. One day she had an encounter with an image of Prophet TB Joshua, who instructed her to retrieve her personal effects from the bottom of the ocean. She did, but also told the image of God’s servant that she had friends who equally needed help. Wanting to feel the raw power of God physically, Stella-Maris had made her way to church for her full deliverance on April 9. “I saw a tall angel touch me,” she said about her deliverance experience. In physical form, Stella-Maris had actually been touched by Pastor Evelyn Joshua. Since then, life has changed for her and she no longer swims or has sex in the dream. She also said that she received other miracles, including her mother’s healing from difficulty in walking. Her brother in Cyprus also testified about securing a job right after the deliverance. Stella-Maris advised parents to monitor their children and lead them in the way of the Lord.

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