How do you respond to God’s word instead of reason? Living in the Word of God in times of trial and temptation will assist you to respond by the Spirit of God instead of complaining, murmuring, lamenting, falling into self-pity, comparing yourself to others, measuring yourself with others and being overwhelmed by your situation.

When anyone approaches me in great emotional havoc and disturbance, I know the Word of God is not dominating their life – because they discuss their battle instead of the One who is fighting for them.

Today, we respond to reason instead of the Word of God. If there is anything we have faith in today, it is in man, what man has done – science, works, organisation.

No matter how much we master the scriptures, without acting on it, I mean, without true obedience to what we read, we still remain spiritual babies. Spiritual babies base their spiritual experience on feelings and emotion because they have not yet learnt to act only on the Spirit of God’s leading. When we obey the Word of God that is spoken by the Holy Spirit, we will grow and mature in times of conflict and suffering.

I meet a lot of people expressing the desire to be Spirit filled and I applaud that desire but I must tell you that you must be grounded in the Word before you are Spirit filled, or else there will be nothing there for the Holy Spirit to remind you of. As the Word dominates your mouth, one day, it will pay off – the Spirit will bring it to your heart.