God's master plan!

What is God’s master plan? One would think that in warfare, the largest and most powerful army should always be victorious. One would think that men of great understanding who are masters in the art of management should always be men of substance – but many a good man spend their days unnoticed, uncelebrated and in obscurity. Wisdom in the practical sense of ability and skill cannot guarantee success in life.

It is the goodness of our cause that interests God more than our physical and mental disposition. What God has designed us to achieve in His master plan should determine our course in life. This explains why the young, rustic and seemingly inexperienced boy David could defeat Goliath in battle. This describes why Moses, the son of a Hebrew slave, could stand before Pharaoh and make the will of God known to him concerning his people. This explains why weak people like me (T.B. Joshua), who are without great strength, fast legs or smoothness of tongue, should ever remain grateful to God for the purpose He has designed us for. His divine cause is what we are born for, what we are living for and what we are going to die for. As a Christian, when you understand this philosophy of life, you will continue to strive, to press on – after that divine cause for your life.

Remember – after struggling, after our hard labour, God would still have to mark our work. When we have done everything, we must leave the issue with Him. If we succeed, we must give Him all the glory. If we fail, we must submit to His will, for we may not know when our time is coming. Remember, everyone has a divine cause; the way and manner God executes His plans in people’s lives differ.