After a series of anointed songs by the SCOAN Choir, Prophet TB Joshua stepped onto The SCOAN altar to share faith-building words with God’s children. Speaking with characteristic candour and compassion, he advised them on the need to aim to maintain God’s blessings by living right. For his message entitled HOW TO APPROACH GOD IN PRAYER, Chris took his reading from Matthew 6:7-8. Urging peopole to stop approaching God as if they were strangers to Him, Chris identified “four types of prayer that are the wrong way of approaching God.” First, there is the petitional prayer that is dictated by a person’s current circumstance in life. Second, there is instructional where people try to dictate to God what they want, forgetting that in prayer, one cannot instruct God in the way He should go. Third, there is conventional prayer that does not reflect any form of conviction and faith on the part of the person praying. Finally, there is desperate prayer in which people specifically ask for their enemies to be destroyed. After illustrating these types of prayers with clear examples, Chris read from Romans 11:33-36 and encouraged the church to focus on their standing with God rather than blessings. He thereafter called for prayers to purge worshippers of their sins so they could rightfully partake of God’s blessings.


“Man of God, please help me. I have difficulty in walking due to degenerated and protruded disc.” Those were the words of Mrs Maureen Nnaji as she spoke to Prophet TB Joshua at The Arena of Liberty two weeks ago, during prayer time. For six years, the 64-year-old Nigerian from Abia State had been using a lumbar corset to ease her pain. Unwilling to subject herself to an operation, she went for the divine option. After a tap on each of her knees, the man of God asked Mrs Nnaji to stand up and walk, in the mighty name of Jesus. Last week, the Abuja resident returned to testify of the Lord’s goodness and glory in her life. Narrating how she once had to use a wheelchair and how her doctors had marveled at her condition, Mrs Nnaji thanked God for “straightening out my legs.” She said she no longer feels pain and can now wear heeled shoes, as she indeed did in church last week. She advised people to go to Jesus for their healing.







Mrs Felicia Adarkwa, a 60-year-old Ghanaian living in the United Kingdom, had suffered difficulty in walking for two years. She had osteoarthritis of both knees and had been booked for a knee replacement operation. In the meantime, she had to rely on knee braces. Two Sundays ago, she came for prayers at The SCOAN and Prophet TB Joshua tapped on both her knees as he prayed for her, in the mighty name of Jesus. He then asked Mrs Nnaji to stand up and gave her three words of prophecy on a court case, landed property and a recurrent boil in her. During her testimony on Sunday, she confirmed the three prophecies, saying that the court case and the property had to do with the disagreement with village elders in relation to her late mother’s burial. Regarding the boil, she said it had now vanished after the prophecy exposed it. “Since last week, I have been walking and doing so many things I was unable to do in the last two years,” she said. “God is the only one who can solve your problem,” she also advised the congregation.



Mrs Josephine Ntchanleu, a sleep apnea patient, had come all the way from the USA to The SCOAN to seek the face of God for her healing. When Prophet T.B. Joshua got to her as she was seated for healing on Sunday, he simply instructed her to remove the breathing machine she had on her nose. One could see the excitement on her face as she rose to her feet and took a deep breath, confirming her healing.  During her testimony on Sunday, Mrs Ntchanleu said she was amazed that just a simple instruction from the prophet, without even touching her, could eliminate her suffering of 10 years. “I felt like something had opened up in me and I could breathe deeply,” she testified. Mrs Ntchanleu advised people to believe in God for He is the Only Healer.






It was the Living Water Service at The SCOAN. One of the expectant participants had been Mrs Grace Kabuku, a Zambian residing in the UK. As petitioners took their cases before God on the SCOAN altar, they began to experience diverse manifestations of God’s power. In her own case, Mrs Kabuku began to scratch her body uncontrollably. No longer able to hold back, she urinated in a polythene-covered tray placed underneath her on the altar – evidence of God’s power at work in her body. For 11 years, she had difficulty in swallowing, lacked affection for her husband and experienced limitation in every area of life. “My deliverance had actually started on Sunday,” she told The SCOAN congregation, “when the man of God touched my head.” After she received prayer, she went on to drink water and ate solid food without any difficulty or pain in her throat. She said the swelling in her feet which she had after an attack in her dream also vanished. Declaring her affection to have returned, Mrs Kabuku glorified God for also healing her of a moving object in her stomach. Moreover, she said, her mother received her own deliverance back home in Zambia as she touched the screen while Mrs Kabuku’s healing was taking place in church. The older woman reported being drenched in urine as well. “Jesus still heals and delivers,” she advised the congregation and viewers.


Mrs Irene Masit, a Kenyan with two first degrees earned in her home country and an MSc. acquired in the UK, had become a shadow of her former self after losing her job in 2012. She had turned to the bottle and landed herself in a mess as she battled with low self-esteem. For close to eight years, she was a mental and emotional wreck until she started watching Emmanuel TV after a chance encounter with the channel on her phone. For all of three weeks she barely left the house, as she kept watching the testimonies of others on the station and praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. Soon, she realised that she had stopped drinking. Continuing her testimony during The SCOAN Sunday Live Service, she said that on April 14, 2018 she encountered Prophet TB Joshua in a dream and that he prayed for her before giving her prophecies about a job appointment she would receive as a director. The following day, she said, she got a call inviting her to a programme in the US. She went for the visa interview and got a 5-year visa without any difficulty. After returning from the trip, she thought of enrolling for a short course to enhance her chances of employment. While preparing for the course, in February 2018, Mrs Masit got another good news: She had been appointed by the Kenyan Government as Director, National Treasury and Planning in the Ministry of Finance! Stressing the fact that she had never been to The SCOAN before her getting her breakthrough, she advised people to realise that distance is no barrier to God’s anointing.


For two years Mrs Malokota Namonje, a Zambian schoolteacher, disliked meetings and dreaded her work. The reason was that she was suffering from bleeding and frequently stained her seat at meetings and in class. This situation always embarrassed her, despite her using adult diapers and multiple wrappers. Moreover, her marriage suffered greatly, leading at one point to separation preparatory to divorce. Two Sundays ago, however, God took away her affliction. As Prophet TB Joshua laid hands on the congregation in prayer, Mrs Malokoto Namonje felt as if she was giving birth. Suddenly, something burst in her body and began to flow out – but she did not want to leave the service. To her surprise, the prophet returned to her and gave her a prophetic message that as the hand touched her something had burst. He then instructed her to go and check herself. Rushing to the restroom, Mrs Malokoto checked herself and discovered that thick blood had burst out of her body as she received the prayer. And that was the end of the bleeding that had plagued her life for many years, she testified during The SCOAN Sunday Live Service. To God be the Glory!


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