It was another momentous time for the people as they gathered in God’s presence for the Sunday Service of August 20, 2023. In-between the opening prayer, the choristers gave thanks to the Lord for all that He had done. Later on, they sang about the wisdom in preferring Jesus Christ to the allures of the world. Each worship song thickened the divine aura that had engulfed The SCOAN Auditorium and the people began to feel the impact of the anointing. “Holy Spirit, We Wait On You,” the choristers further sang, even as they equally prayed for the power of sin over them to be broken.

On joining the church, Evangelist Ope asked them to assert: “I am blessed! I am favoured! I am graced! I am justified! My past is over!” Before announcing his sermon title as “Feeding On The Word”, he read from 1 Timothy 4:12-15 and quickly followed this with a powerful expression: “God is inviting you to His Word through His Word by His Spirit.” Then he asked a serious question: “Will you honour that invitation?” It was on the kernel of this question that the preacher anchored his words of encouragement, for which he also cited Joshua 1:8, Philippians 4:8 and 1 Corinthians 1:30, among other Bible verses.

Using apt illustrations, Evangelist Ope showed the essence of integrating God’s Word into one’s life, noting that merely reading the Bible may keep it in one’s memory but meditating constantly on it will imprint its principles on one’s heart, thus helping to transform one’s life through revelation. The Bible, he said, contains the key to every good thing in life, including material success. In his words, “The Word of God is a treasure that produces great riches in the lives of those who meditate on it.”

The evangelist described meditation as thinking more deeply in silence as one focuses on God’s Word, drawing on Spirit guidance that ultimately leads to a response from the Throne Of Grace. He also explained that this meditation brings revelation, which transcends sense knowledge. He therefore concluded thus: “Mind what you take in, because your input determines your output. Feed your spirit and let God have His way in your life.”

They Approached The Throne Of Grace – And The Lord Showed Mercy!

When the woman of God got to the Prayer Line, she raised her face to Heaven and prayed: “Father Jesus, we are here once again. We give You thanks. We give You honour. We approach Your Throne Of Grace with confidence, as Your Word says, so that we may receive mercy and grace to help us in times of our need, knowing that we do not have a High Priest Who is unable to sympathise with our weakness but He Who has been tested, tainted in all ways like us and yet without sin.

Father Jesus, take us from where we are today to where You want us to be, in the name of Jesus Christ! We know that many plans crash on the rock of temptation. Almighty God, deliver us from all evils and set our hearts to seek Thee in every step, way we take, in every decision we make. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray!”

Knowing that their issues would not embarrass Jesus Christ, people from all over the world presented their petitions before the Throne Of Grace. Some came with difficulty in walking, asthma, swollen belly, piles, hernia, insomnia, bleeding and cancerous growth, while others came with complaints of evil attacks, constant nightmares, mental disorder, epilepsy and addiction issues, among others.

There were also pregnant women in their numbers.

Just as well, children in The Sunday School received a touch from Heaven.

As soldiers in the Army of Christ declared fire on the enemies of God’s people, instant relief and release manifested and all troubles of body and mind vanished. Indeed, their steadfast look at the Crucified One was never in vain! Because the people acted and believed, they received from the Lord instantly!

When They Bound Their Spirit To Christ’s Spirit!

“Keep praying; that is the life of a Christian,” Pastor Evelyn Joshua encouraged congregants as she joined them for the Mass Prayer session. She asked the church to pray: “I bind my spirit to Christ’s Spirit!” She also prayed for them: “Every chain that satan may have used to connect you to himself – be broken, in the name of Jesus! Be healed from that affliction, disease, pain! Be delivered from that bondage! Be rescued from that pit! Be healed from that disease! Be freed from that sickness, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

To viewers all over the world the woman of God said: “Whatever negative spirit that is operating in your life, in your head or in your heart – begin to command it out now, in the name of Jesus. Whatever thing you may have eaten at the table of the enemy – begin to flush it out right now, in the name of Jesus!” She also prayed for them: “We command light into your life, family, finances, business, home, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants to pray: “You unclean spirit, ancestral spirit, anywhere you are, troubling my life, disturbing my peace – I command you in the name of Jesus: Out! You demon, you unclean spirit, the cause of my problems, there is no hiding place for you – I command you by the light of God: Out!”

Evangelist James prayed: “Every demonic bondage over your life, family – be broken, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Evangelist Ope told congregants to pray: “Every sickness stealing my joy, I call you by your name anywhere you are: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph told the people to pray: “You messenger of satan blocking my breakthrough, you barrier against my progress, you limitation against my destiny – I kick you out! I order you out, in the name of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua declared: “Every familiar spirit that has been tormenting your life – begin to receive the presence of God! Holy Spirit, close the gap! Bring Your children close. O Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Deliverer – deliver Your children, in the name of Jesus! Let there be light in your spirit! I release you, in the name of Jesus! Whatever spirit that is causing you nightmares, failure, setback, barrenness – I curse them, in the name of Jesus! Be released! You spirit, leave my people! Loose your grip! I deliver you in the name of Jesus! I separate you from that disease, sickness, infirmity, in the name of Jesus!”


“See How Fresh My Face Is Now!”

On June 4, 2023, 27-year-old Elizabeth was in The SCOAN for prayer over the issue of a swollen face. She had tried numerous medical remedies to no avail, until her sister persuaded her to seek divine help. On receiving prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Elizabeth fell flat on the floor as Pastor Evelyn Joshua commanded divine fire upon the cause of the swelling. Soon afterwards, Elizabeth saw maggots crawl out of the pus that had caused the swelling. She was all smiles as she testified on August 20, 2023. “See how fresh my face is now!” she exclaimed. “Run to God,” she advised others.

At Last, Anietie Breaks Free From Ancestral Demons Causing Humiliating Poverty!  

August 13, 2023 was the day that Anietie broke free at last from the family idols that had been running his life since childhood. His father, who had been the appeaser of the idols during his lifetime, had always prevented his children from participating in the process. Perhaps he was trying to shield them from the idols. “Leave this place and got to church!” he would holler at any child who dared to come close to him as he propitiated the ancestral gods. At his passing, however, the demons kicked into action and began to torment the children. “No matter how much money was given to me for business, it would vanish without a trace,” recalled Anietie during his testimony on August 20. He said he used to have terrible dreams in which he would see snakes and other marine objects. Anietie further disclosed: “My life was dogged by poverty, just like that of my siblings; in fact, all of my brothers were killed by the idols.” He also told of how the demon had messed up his marriage and caused embarrassment to his children at school, as the teachers separated them from other pupils over the non-payment of their fees. Anietie’s liberation had come after he heeded a friend’s advice that he visit The SCOAN for prayer. Since the liberation, Anietie has been receiving job offers and he no longer has bad dreams. He advised people to run to God “before night comes.”

Amazing Deliverance For Nigerian Family!

Margaret was also set free from satanic bondage during the service of August 13, 2023. Right from childhood, she had been witnessing the activities of ancestral demons in her life. When she got married, she continued to suffer at the hands of the demons, as her husband was himself under the hold of ancestral idols. Among the confessions made by the demons then living in Margaret was the claim that they were responsible for causing poverty in her family. “For a good six years, my husband was blind,” Margaret also said, “until I had a dream encounter with an image of Prophet TB Joshua.” Since the deliverance, Margaret has stopped seeing the spirit husband that used to trouble her in the dream. “No matter your circumstances,” she advised the world, “never run from God.” Her husband confirmed the testimony, sharing with the world how he had lost some of his siblings in the course of his troubles. “If you don’t know where you are coming from, at least know where you are going to,” he said while advising people to take their issues to God. His sister, Success, who had flown in from the USA, also received her deliverance during the service of August 13. Since becoming conscious, Success had been having disturbing dreams. “A man used to lie with me at night, and the issue affected my husband’s finances,” she recalled. Since witnessing the transforming power of Jesus Christ, however, Success has stepped into peace of mind. “I no longer think of dying and can pray well now,” she affirmed. She urged others, “Fear not; God will also deliver you.”   

Aged Woman Healed Of Ulcerous Leg Wound

On December 3, 2022, Queen was one of the recipients of prayer over the problem of an ulcerous leg wound. As at the time she received prayer, the affected left leg – around the ankle area – had been quite messy and was oozing out pus. The aged woman could not even walk and her child David had to assist her all the time. Following the prayer, Queen returned home and began to recover. Now she is in perfect health – to the glory of God! Her son, David, thanked God for the healing. “I can now face my job,” he smiled. He advised others to seek God’s help over their problems.  

When Joshua’s Tears Turned To Smiles

When some pimples appeared on Joshua’s face, the young man had thought it was a simple matter. Within a short while, however, the skin on his face became so messy that he began to feel depressed, especially when his right hand became paralysed. “For four months I had no appetite,” he said as he began his testimony on August 20, 2023, “and everyone was scared of my face, which was always oozing out pus.” After receiving prayer in The SCOAN on November 27, 2022, however, Joshua saw God take control of the situation. He thanked his mother for standing by him. “Never give up on God,” he advised people. His mother also advised people not to lose hope in God.

“I Am Free Indeed!” Declares Woman Liberated From The Marine World

Flanked by her loving, patient father, Eniola was all smiles when she testified on August 20, 2023. She said that seers had affirmed her to be a child of the marine world. “I used to have intimate nightly visits from spirit beings, leading me to develop the spirit of lust. I ended up with multiple infections,” she admitted. She told of how she used to have bad dreams in which she found herself interacting with strange people. “Although I cannot swim in real life, I used to see myself swimming excellently in the dream,” she said. She also told of how she developed some health issues. However, during the service of August 13, 2023, Eniola stepped into freedom as an evangelist prayed for her in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! “Only God can save you,” she told the world. Her father advised parents to get close to their children and to pray for them constantly.

“I Can See Now!” Says Grandmother Healed Of Cataracts

On August 13, 2023, 73-year-old Flora from Osun State was in The Arena Of Liberty over the problem of severely limited vision caused by cataracts. Declining to be operated upon in Ghana, as suggested by her children, Flora put her faith in God and made her way to The SCOAN. “I felt somebody touch my forehead twice,” she recalled, “and when I opened my eyes, I saw that it was a beautiful woman.” Pastor Evelyn Joshua had been ministering healing and deliverance during the service. Flora kept screaming in excitement because she could see clearly again! Flora’s testimony was confirmed by two of her minders, who said that they were amazed by the miracle. “She can do everything on her own now,” one of them said. For the glory of God, Flora demonstrated all that she had been unable to do before! “All power belongs to God,” she declared.

After-Service Testimony

Victoria from Ghana testified about her deliverance from ancestral demons. She had been at the service of August 13, 2023 and had received an anointed touch from one of the evangelists. Now she no longer experiences hatred or rejection, even as she now sleeps like a baby. “Take your problems to God alone,” she advised.

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