T.B. Joshua is the General Overseer of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). The Founder is Jesus Christ! He is just one of those who has humbly submitted to the will of God (Isaiah 6:8).

Born on June 12th 1963 in Ondo State, Nigeria, T.B. Joshua’s journey is a humbling story of how God raised a young man from a poverty-stricken home to lead an international ministry that would attract thousands worldwide to witness the reality of God’s power today.

From dropping out of secondary school in his first year to working in a poultry farm; from teaching little children while attending evening classes to washing people’s legs on the muddy streets of Lagos; from a forty day fast to receiving a divine call and starting a ministry with a mere eight members – the life of T.B. Joshua is a story of amazing grace and unwavering focus. Today, he is a mentor to presidents yet a friend to the widows and less privileged, a role model to his generation yet a humble and hardworking man, toiling tirelessly for the advancement of God’s kingdom. His story is an encouragement that there is hope for the weak.

To read more about T.B. Joshua’s remarkable testimony, Click Here… We pray you will be inspired in your journey of faith as you watch his story…

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Never before had a decision been met with such derision. Snide remarks coupled with unusual opposition were just some of the obstacles Pastor Sixto faced when he determined in his heart to attend the Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua in Paraguay. The final straw came merely 48 hours before the event when his car inexplicably caught fire, destroyed in totality. However, all of satan´s attempts proved to be in vain…

Pastor Sixto Hector lived 250km away from Asuncion but distance was no barrier to his desire to attend the Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua in Estadio Defensores del Chaco. The veteran pastor had lost hearing in his ear completely and a painful cyst under his eye complicated matters further. Various afflictions had taken their toll as his body became increasingly frail and painful.

Bringing a busload of people from his base in San Ignacio to the Paraguay Crusade, Pastor Sixto was among those in the Prayer Line as Prophet T.B. Joshua approached. Crying out desperately that he had lost all hearing in his ear, his faith connected with the anointing available in the arena. “As the prophet touched my ear, I felt as if something popped,” he vividly described.

Suddenly, a vast array of colourful stadium sounds became audible to the Pastor. “I can hear again,” he ecstatically exclaimed! The miracle was instant but the transformation became even more apparent the following day. “On Sunday, I woke up, looked in the mirror and saw that the cyst in my eye had disappeared!”

Additionally, Pastor Sixto explained that the pain associated to a hernia and the weakness he once experienced became a thing of the past! “I can only thank God for sending Prophet T.B. Joshua to the nation of Paraguay. The devil tried to stop me from attending the crusade but nothing will stop me from sharing this incredible testimony with the world,” he joyfully concluded.
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Breathing. Something we so often take for granted. Yet something so vital. If anyone knew how precious each breath is, it’s Graciela de Jesus Falcon. For 25 long years, the Paraguayan national struggled to breathe.

Bogged down by asthma complicated by several debilitating allergies, she was often left desperately gasping for air as the disease severally reduced her to a state of being bedridden. A cocktail of drugs was her daily companion, the side effects of such leaving her stomach in tatters. A breathing machine was prescribed by the doctors as the older Graciela became, the worse her lungs grew.

Having discovered Prophet T.B. Joshua’s ministry through YouTube, hope welled within her heart when she learned the incredible news of his impending crusade in Asuncion. As the date neared, so did her expectation of the impossible! “When the man of God prayed for me, I felt a burning sensation in my chest,” Graciela recalled of the moment she received prayer. The lightning power of God was burning away all traces of asthma in her damaged system!

“Immediately after the prayer, I began to breathe freely and without any discomfort,” the Paraguayan joyfully explained. “Ever since T.B. Joshua prayed for me, I have never used the breathing machine or inhaler. I can breathe, sleep and do everything normally! ”

Graciela’s advice to everyone is clear and simple: “God is using His servant T.B. Joshua as an instrument of healing. Put your trust in Jesus and He will do the impossible in your life!” Truly, faith sees the invisible, believes the impossible and receives the incredible!
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