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The service of SCOAN on Sunday, May 7, 2017 has shown many attractions. Clips of the second visit of the Prophet TB Joshua to Israel for a week were broadcast during the service. It was impressive to see the man of God received by the Chief Rabbi of Israel, David Lau in Jerusalem. The Prophet TB Joshua took the time to explain some Biblical scriptures to the rabbi who expressed great joy that the man of God could enlighten him.

In another clip, the Prophet TB Joshua was received in great pomp by the Israeli Minister of Tourism, Yariv Levin. The Minister was enthusiastic about having the man of God among them, saying that he had read much about the Prophet. According to him, the presence of Prophet TB Joshua in Israel will undoubtedly strengthen the potential of tourism and bilateral relations between the two countries. In his response, Prophet TB Joshua described Israel as his home, adding that he visited the Holy Land many years ago. In conclusion, the Minister promised to cooperate with the man of God in any area where he would need the help of the country.

Entering the auditorium, Prophet TB Joshua told the faithful that he had prayed for the candidate for the French presidency, Emmanuel Macron. According to the man of God, despite his apolitical position, he prays for Macron to come out victorious because of his commendable plans for refugees and immigrants at a time when most countries have closed their doors to them. And faithful to his prayers, Emmanuel Macron was announced as winner of the French presidential elections, a few hours later.

The man of God walked through the auditorium, administering prophecy, healing and deliverance. Many of the faithful have been cured of infirmities that have long inflicted on them, while others have been delivered from all sorts of demonic oppression. There were those who had received life-changing prophecies and transformed destiny. The testimony that followed was simply the edification of faith and the glory of God.

Earlier in his provocative message entitled CHRIST, THE OWNER, Evangelist Annette urged Christians to make Jesus the Owner of their lives evangelist-annetteand not a tenant. She decried the contradictory attitude of most Christians who proclaim Christ but behave in a way that describes them as His enemies: « If you have taken time to reflect on life, I believe you will find that, There are many things that seem to be contradictions. For example, many will say one thing, but then, will do another. That is, their words do not reflect their behavior, character and lifestyle. In Christianity, for example, we have many who claim to be Christians, But also consult wizards and spiritualists when seeking a solution to their problems in life, instead of Jesus – the answer to all the fundamental questions of life. It is a contradiction.  »

Speaking further, she observed that the spirit of a true Christian should be formed to be his servant, his servant and not master. According to her, it is only by doing so that he / she could allow God to be the Owner, in spite of the usual and inevitable conflicts that the heart must have to face: « The great thing that the Lord looks at and Demands, is the heart. That is why your heart must be trained to be your servant and not your master. At the heart of man there is a constant conflict, a constant struggle, a constant warfare between the flesh and the spirit, between good and evil, between faith and doubt, between humility and self- Pride, between hope and despair, between peace and anger, between patience and impatience,

In conclusion, the evangelist Annette left the faithful with the following food for thought: « The Christ who energizes you wants to dwell with you. Our inability to give Christ his own place in our hearts is actually responsible for the crisis of our faith. But when you open your heart to the word of God, to his faith and to his Spirit, the Lord will establish his abode in your heart and become the Owner, for the abode is a heart in which God dwells. « 



miss-shine-AmadhilaMiss Luise Amadhila received a scholarship in 2012 to study for a postgraduate degree in India. As noble as the occasion was, it was not without some hassle that almost frustrated the young woman of Namibia. Life in India was far from the familiar terrain in Namibia. The difference in language had also been a major threat as his academic performance had nothing to show during the first half of the year. And being Christian, the proliferation of temples and mosques in India meant that it would find it difficult to find a place worthy of worship.

An African colleague and friend had silenced her the idea of ​​watching Emmanuel TV via YouTube and using this means to pray, but she at first seemed to forget the proposal. Over time, Luise’s interest in Emmanuel TV had increased as did her faith. Her Ghanaian colleague had encouraged her and would later bring her the Morning Water after a visit to her native land. As Luise began using Morning Water, things took a positive turn. Her grades improved from the second semester to the last semester and so she graduated with first class honors.shine-amadhile

According to her, she had faced many spiritual attacks that tended to strike her career with arrogance and pride. She appealed to her superiors and condemned the consequences. But the more she prayed with the Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV and the more she used the Morning Water, the attacks stopped. When she returned to Namibia after her two-year academic visit to India, the Ministry of Justice where she had worked in the past had practically insisted on re-hiring her because of her on-the-job experience. Knowing that she would soon receive a more satisfying role in a more rewarding job, she agreed to work with them for two months.

In early 2015, she was employed as a Lecturer at the International Management University, Namibia’s most prestigious private university. Looking back at the challenges she faced in India and the inspiration she had derived from the teachings of the Prophet TB Joshua, Luise’s faith grew even beyond imagination. During her testimony last Sunday, she told the faithful how she had requested interior grace in accordance with the teaching of the Prophet TB Joshua. She also stated that her prayers for inner grace have seen all her aspirations granted by God.

The blessings of God have dragged into Luise’s life. With only seven months of her work as a speaker, she was able to acquire a very good car. Exhaling great joy with a spirit of thanksgiving, she advised the faithful and people around the world to pay great attention to a process rather than to a result as the man of God had taught recently. Concretely, it is the process of acquisition of a thing that matters, not the thing in itself. She also urged students to avoid any form of corruption and bad practice in pursuit of academic excellence.


mr-jonathan-and-herMrOgikuOsamuyimen was born with asthma and grew up with the disease. He had lived most of his life avoiding dusty, irritable and cold environments and had taken many medications to manage his condition. At present, a software developer, the young man had also faced a professional stagnation despite ten years of experience at work. During his years of experience, he was supposed to have a senior or managerial role, but that would not be the case. Confronted with his state of health and career problem, the Nigerian of Edo State was inspired by his father who had also received a career break after meeting with the man of God, the Prophet TB Joshua.

When Osamuyimen visited the Arena of Liberty last year, he had received the anointed touch of the man of God and, according to him, there were immediate manifestations of a reversal, especially in relation to his health. He told the faithful that as soon as the man of God had touched him, he had felt light in his chest as his breathing had improved. When he came home, he went into the kitchen, but there was no form of irritation – a move he dared not make before his visit to SCOAN. After receiving his cure, he also received L’Eau du Matin. On the same day, he dreamed of testifying. In trying to reconcile this glorious dream with the radical reality of career stagnation before him, he made another dream. This time,

It was by reflecting on the last dream that a friend called him and told him about a job offer and asked that he send his resume. Osamuyimen sent his CV, with some fears. A few days later, he was invited to an interview. He was not excited by the drama that was taking place because, according to him, there was nothing special to do an interview. It had almost become like a routine for him. At the scene of the interview, the caliber of the people they had met had almost scared him. Without being said, they were well qualified and would compete strongly. Upon entering the restroom, he had used Morning Water and asked God for help. By the time he was out, some of the candidates had gone into anger.jonathan-and-her

Osamuyimen passed the first and second stages of the interview successfully. Before the start of the second stage, two of the candidates had also left angry. As he moved to the final stage of the interview, he was then invited to discuss compensation. During the wage negotiations, he had remembered the dreams he had had and had been encouraged to ask for a very robust pay package. After having told them what he wanted as a salary, he had gone home and had continued to use the Morning Water in the midst of the prayers. After a few days he received a call confirming his employment with a salary two hundred percent more than he earned.

Testifying with his father, he received an excellent ovation from the congregation that was touched by his testimony. As a new confirmation that his asthmatic condition was cured, he told the faithful how he came under heavy rain without hassle to testify. « Jesus is the missing link. To the young people there, involve Jesus in your situation and it will change, « he advised.


mrs-hajia-salamatu1Her sister’s daughter had been healed by the Prophet TB Joshua and in recognition of what God used the man of God to do, Ms. Salamatu Shaibu accompanied her sister to come and witness the goodness of God in their lives. During this visit, Ms. Shaibu received a greeting card with the picture of the man of God as well as a short prayer. She also received the Eau du Matin. When she returned to her native kaduna in northern central Nigeria, she began using both the greeting card and the Morning Water to pray to God and never stop watching Emmanuel TV.

As an accountant attached to the Nigerian police, she had always aspired to occupy the coveted position of the second commander at the police pay office in Kaduna. But this aspiration would soon suffer a disastrous blow. Without any fault on her part, she was questioned by two questions during a day and was then withdrawn and demoted from her position. The drama was like a nightmare. It could not, therefore, overcome the progress it desired. Ms. Shaibu would not resign herself to self-pity. She knelt down, calling to the God of the Prophet TB Joshua to come to her rescue. Using the anointed card to pray, she reminded God that demotion was not one of her promises to her.mrs-hajia-Garba

Just after a day of prayer, God came to the scene and reversed his degradation. That did not end there. Instead of maintaining her last position, she was promoted to her next rank with an immediate effect. According to her, it was like a dream. How God reversed her retrogression and raised her in the space of one day remains one of the greatest miracles she has ever seen in her entire life. In thanking God with his sister, whose daughter had been cured at SCOAN, Mrs. Shaibu advised people around the world to realize that the God of the Prophet TB Joshua is a wonderful God who responds to prayers. She also recommended that people cling to everything they receive as a gift from the man of God.


mr-and-mrs-richard-atiemoMs. Esther Atiemo-Addo had been diagnosed with fibroids during pregnancy. According to doctors, although she is pregnant, it would be very difficult for her to give birth to the baby because of the presence of a fibroid. This discovery was the worst thing that had happened to him in his very young marriage. Even her husband was shaken by the news. The doctors had also suggested that the only way to resolve the issue would be to eliminate the baby and the fibroid. In the order of words, the pregnancy should be interrupted because the maintenance could harm Ms. Atiemo-Addo who was already experiencing excruciating pain in her abdominal area. They also said that if she were allowed to give birth to the baby, she would definitely have problems while the mother would go through serious difficulties.richard-atiemo

Cependant, le couple ne cédait pas. Au lieu de cela, ils ont déclaré qu’ils étaient des enfants du Prophète T.B. Joshua. Les médecins ont demandé au couple de signer un engagement, indiquant qu’ils ont rejeté l’option de la chirurgie. Après avoir signé l’engagement, le couple a pris son courage et a prié avec l’homme de Dieu quelques jours seulement avant de participer à une croisade au Pérou en 2016. Pendant ce service du dimanche, l’homme de Dieu a mené une grande session de prière de masse qui a vu beaucoup de personnes délivrées de différents types et degrés de servitude. Après son retour du Pérou, le couple a de nouveau visité la SCOAN où Mme Atiemo-Addo a été touchée par l’homme de Dieu.

Selon elle, quand l’homme de Dieu l’a touchée, elle a estimé que quelque chose avait changé en elle. mr-and-mrs-richard-atiemo1En rentrant au Ghana avec l’Eau du Matin, le couple a visité l’hôpital pour un nouvel examen. Après les tests, les mêmes médecins qui l’avaient diagnostiquée avec des fibromes ont été choqués car ceux-ci ont disparu. Ils étaient très confus et étonnés. Le couple est retourné à la SCOAN en décembre 2016 pour recevoir des prières pour une délivrance sûre et pour la gloire de Dieu. Mme Atiemo-Addo a accouché d’une petite fille de deux mois maintenant. Exprimant une immense reconnaissance à Dieu pour ce qu’il a fait merveilleusement dans leurs vies, le couple a conseillé aux Nigérians de protéger le don que Dieu leur a donné dans la personne du Prophète T.B. Joshua tout en reconnaissant que seul Dieu est la plus grande solution.


miss-lizzy-namukonda-husband1Peu après leur mariage, Lizzy a découvert que son mari n’était plus l’homme aimant et attentionné pour lequel elle avait donné son cœur. Elle était encore plus frustrée quand elle se rendit compte qu’il s’était marié et divorcé, quelque chose qu’il ne lui avait pas dit initialement. C’était un moment très difficile pour Lizzy car elle considérait beaucoup d’options pour savoir s’il faut abandonner ou non le mariage. Même s’ils vivaient ensemble en Zambie, ils étaient comme deux rivières séparées avec des affluents séparés. Son mari dormait sur le canapé alors qu’elle était laissée seule dans les mains sourdes de leur lit.

Lizzy était encore tombée enceinte, mais son mari n’acceptait pas d’être père à ce moment-là. Il a mis de l’argent disponible pour subvenir à la fin de la grossesse. Lizzy était devenue plus frustrée lorsque le même mari qui avait insisté sur le fait qu’il ne voulait pas un enfant,  soudainement changea d’avis après, en disant qu’il était prêt à avoir un enfant. À ce moment-là, Lizzy a commença chercher l’opinion d’amis et de connaissances.

Elle s’associa finalement  avec un sorcier qui prétendait pouvoir communiquer avec les esprits. Selon Lizzy, elle avait toujours été amenée dans une chambre sombre où elle  suppliait les esprits. Cependant, elle se serait vite aperçue qu’elle ne perdait que son argent sans obtenir d’aide. Après avoir échoué à faire de l’effort, elle décida de quitter la maison de son mari, de déplacer tous ses biens et s’empara de sa carte de crédit. Pendant des semaines, elle restait au secret alors que son mari désirait son retour.

Inquiète de la tournure de leur mariage, Lizzy visita la SCOAN il y a quelques semaines et  reçut une prophétie du Prophète TB Joshua à propos de son mariage en souffrance. Selon l’homme de Dieu, il ne serait pas approprié de sortir du mariage, même s’il l’avait maltraitée. L’homme de Dieu a conseillé à Lizzy de permettre à la volonté de Dieu de prévaloir sur le mariage. Après que la prophétie a été donnée à Lizzy, son mari s’est envolé du Royaume-Uni pour rejoindre la femme à l’Arène de la Liberté.miss-lizzy-namukonda-husband

Obviously, having been remorseful for the manner in which he had treated his wife, Mr. Kieran was full of excuses, for he declared that he was impatiently awaiting the help of God. According to him, he decided to put the past behind him and would like God to wake up the warmth and affection in his marriage, adding that he does not want to lose Lizzy. For his part, Lizzy told the faithful during his testimony last Sunday that after receiving this prophecy, his marriage has regained its lost heat. She advised married people all over the world to seek the face of God, adding that a marriage without God is ruined.