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Sunday, March 19, 2017 service of SCOAN brought together The People of God to witness His wonderful works. The choir celebrated God’s Goodness with songs of praise and thanksgiving, while testimonies from different parts of the world served as an encouragement to all who are waiting for the Lord for their own blessings. Just back from Israel, the man of God reported his joy in sharing his experience with the faithful and people all over the world. His visit of the religious leaders of the Holy Land was also a mission inspired by God to bring comfort in the lives of the needy.

Quoting some scriptures, the man of God has emphasized the place of Love in the world, adding that without it, nothing works. He went further to describe Love as an attribute of God Himself who sacrificed his only begotten Son for our salvation.  » Do not walk in Love can practically put an end to a person’s spiritual walk with the Lord,  » he added. The Prophet TB Joshua, exhorting the faithful to LEAVE LOVE GUIDING, revealed that while he traveled to Jerusalem, he was inspired to do God’s will through an act of love. After a meeting with the mayor of Bethlehem, she explained the need for assistance in the areas of medical treatment and employment. After visiting the largest medical hospital in Bethlehem with the mayor, the prophet was moved with compassion by seeing the need for medical equipment, especially for patients with kidneys; He thus donated machines essential for the dialysis of the kidneys. The machines, which cost one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, were presented to the competent authorities. « Love looks around to see she cries, laments, » says the prophet TB Joshua, adding that it should rather be addressed as « LOVE » and not as  »  Prophet  «  ,  » General Manager  «  Or « Pastor ». He urged people to use all that  »


Earlier, the evangelist Yetunde, in his message – A LIFE OF CONTAINMENT , urged Christians to rely on God even in the most discouraging situations of life. To lament over our situations as Christians is Satan’s way of distracting us from God’s plan: « No matter what situation you may go through, you must have room in your heart to bless God. Words, crying should not prevent sowing in Love or worshiping God.Remember, making you look at life, its storms and its adversities from the human point of view is a satan trap. «  She added that There can be no real satisfaction without God: « Often, We are dissatisfied and seek more than we have or possess. It is not by the power of thought that we shall obtain a life of contentment. And it is not the work of righteousness that we have accomplished that brings us a happy life. No one can be content without God.  »



He had held firm to his human idea, thinking that he was destined to succeed abroad. By 2013, he had spent more than twenty years in the United Kingdom, convinced that his fortune would be there. Dr. Pius Apere visited SCOAN in 2007. At that time he had received a prophecy about his career failure, despite all the efforts he had made to be sponsored until graduate studies. Two years later, on another visit to SCOAN, he had received yet another prophecy about the appearance of a skeleton in his dreams. According to him, every time he had this dream involving a skeleton, every plan and hope vanished. The situation became so bad that every time he had these nightmares, things turned inexplicably to the worst.dr-pius-APERe

These bizarre events coupled with endless struggles for a breakthrough in life eventually persuaded him never to return home to Nigeria because it seemed obvious to him that his problems came from his ancestors. In March 2013, he had another opportunity to meet the man of God. During their meeting, the Prophet TB Joshua told him to return home, adding that his destiny was in Nigeria. But, prey to his way of thinking, he considered the prophetic directive as not corresponding to him. For him, it was like coming back to a nest of vipers where its very existence of survival was not guaranteed.

Six months after meeting with the man of God, an opportunity presented itself in one of Nigeria’s leading insurance companies. The post of Deputy Director General was vacant and needed to be filled. Although he was skilfully qualified for the role, his fears about coming home prevented him from taking any steps. Even when he applied for the post, it took a month and a half of anxiety before he got a response. In the midst of these anxieties, he reluctantly accepted the offer after friends had convinced him to do so. He wondered why he had to leave the verdant pastures of London to accept an offer enveloped in uncertainty. To complicate matters,

To his big surprise, everything he needed was provided as soon as he accepted the offer. His doubts received a great slap by the prophetic message. The prophetic advice given to him by the Prophet TB Joshua had just come true. At that time, he realized that his return home was in fact a huge blessing in disguise. Despite all the hardships along the way, he could see and experience this glorious light at the end of the tunnel. In May 2016 he again visited SCOAN and received another prophecy from the man of God. According to Prophet TB Joshua, Dr. Apere’s career was previously epileptic and unstable, but he had seen him return home to excel. In November 2016, the Director General retired and Dr. Apere was appointed as a replacement.

His appointment raised many questions when the insurance regulator in Nigeria refused to ratify his appointment, stating that he was not qualified for the position and disclosed it to the press. During this period most of his friends deserted him, leaving him alone to carry his cross. In the framework that was essentially a defamation campaign, his resume was also leaked to the press, but this inadvertently showed the world that he was even more qualified and competent.

Upon seeing his resume, the decision of the regulator was handed several by third parties who knew that his rejection was unjustifiable. Under pressure, they had no choice but to yield to popular demand after reviewing his cumulative experience in the UK and Nigeria. He was given the opportunity to defend himself orally. Before that, he administered Morning Water and even visited SCOAN that week. After talking, everyone was amazed to the extent that they refer to him as a teacher. After a few days, a letter ratifying his appointment and acceptance of his position as Director General / CEO of the insurance company was drafted and transmitted by the company,dr-pius-newspaper

During his testimony, he revealed that his position came with great benefits, including an official car of several million naira. « It was like a bitter pill to swallow when the message was given to me to return to Nigeria, » he said, recalling the prophecy given to him by the man of God. But today, he is a living witness to the truthfulness and actualization of this prophecy. « If I had not obeyed, this testimony would not have happened and I would always be in trouble, » he added. He advised everyone around the world to listen to what the man of God said to them, adding that obedience is preferable to sacrifice. He also exhorted them to seek continually the face of God.


The problem of Mr. Onwuesi Chukwuka Cletus started when he came across a social media post titled « The Fallen Angel ». According to him, this post related the way the angels were driven from heaven and fell and were scattered in different parts of the earth. However, after reading this post, he felt that something strange had penetrated into his body. He suddenly found himself engaging in all sorts of vile acts like drinking alcohol and mingling with bad gangs. Although he had always felt that he was on the wrong track, he lacked the will to retrace his steps. It was evident that some evil forces beyond his power controlled his footsteps.mr-onwuesi-cletus

In his dreams, it was a total spiritual disorder. He was still swimming with a woman with whom he also had sex. His ability to pray began to die gradually until he lost everything. He practically lost his attention and interest in the things of God. He eventually dropped out of school because his mind was more affixed to those evil fantasies. In a way, her mother noticed the changes in her life but there was nothing she could do on her own. The young man himself had gone to different houses of prayer to seek rescue when it appeared that he was in chains, but all his efforts were in vain.

During a visit to an aunt, Mr. Cletus confided to him the challenges he faced. After her efforts to help her failed, she advised her to visit SCOAN where she believed that God would surely locate and deliver her. Last Sunday, the young man took his aunt’s advice into account. As the man of God was praying, he became anxious and annoyed and a voice told him to leave the Auditorium. Before he could understand what was going on around him, the man of God was already near him. The last thing he could remember was the touch on his head by the Prophet TB Joshua.

During his deliverance, the evil spirit that had entered into him actually spoke and revealed his mission in the young man’s life, adding that he was responsible for his dropping out of school. He also attached himself to his ancestry. Terrified by the power of the Holy Spirit, Mr. Cletus stood up feeling very light. As he told the faithful during his testimony, he felt that a heavy burden had been removed from his body. « I now read my Bible and my interest in God’s things has increased, » he added, just as he advised everyone around the world, especially young people, to be wary of things they read about social media.


Last Sunday, Mr. Jabulani Buthelezi received a prophecy from Prophet TB Joshua about his connection with the sea spirits. He told the horrible story of his life to the Congregation. Then in South Africa, in search of political power, fame and influence, he consulted his aunt who advised him to appease his ancestors. He was introduced to a wizard of Mozambique and because he did not know God, he accepted and gave the money requested for the purchase of some cattle with which the sacrifice would be made. The sheep were slaughtered and their blood and bowels were presented to him so that he could bathe with it. After having bathed with the blood and entrails of the dejected sheep, the sorcerer took him to the cemetery where his ancestors were buried, Bathed in sand in the cemetery. They also took part of the sand to bring him back to his house.mr-and-mrs-jabulani

The sorcerer also gave him snuff and told him to go back to the cemetery and ask what he wanted by sitting on the tomb of his ancestors for at least two hours. Mr. Buthelezi ended up sleeping on the grave in his desperate attempt to attain power and influence. A few weeks later the wizard took him to an area of ​​a thick bush where he had lit candles and told him to relax after which he soothed the spirit of the bush. After this ritual, he was taken to a river and asked to go naked. He tried to protest, but the sorcerer did not even spare his underwear. He was then asked to go to the middle of the river. M. Buthelezi had become the center of attention of women washing their clothes in the river; They kept looking at him. At that time, the politician was overwhelmed by shame.

In the river, the sorcerer has cut into all parts of his body, including his manhood. As the incisions lasted, he watched as his blood flowed in the flowing river. As blood flowed, he was told to start swimming. He had no choice but to follow the advice of the sorcerer, lest his quest for power be truncated by his own refusal to obey orders. She was given a 1.5-liter empty bottle and was told to take the water from the river and bring her back to her home. He was ordered to drink water from time to time. It was also said to add a few drops of this water into his bath and do it at midnight. The sorcerer also ordered his younger sister to disperse a concoction around his compound whenever he wished,

Meanwhile, he began having unnecessary quarrels with the woman he was living with. Whenever he wanted to intimidate him, he lacked affection. But every time he awoke from sleep, he would discover that his sperm had wet the sheets. He quickly realized that he had sex with a spiritual wife. He also met strange women with whom he made love every time he drove them. Sometimes he went into the forest with them only to sleep with them. Every time he got to his office, he felt like he had not slept with a woman. His appetite for sex became so enormous that he slept with four women in his office before the end of work.

Very rich, Mr. Buthelezi bought cars and houses but there was no peace in his house. Because he had entered into a blood covenant, he never enjoyed normal sexual relations. Most of the women he liked to sleep with were those who were menstruating. He always felt great when he saw blood during intercourse. Due to the presence of evil spirits who haunted her home, one of her former wives was always afraid to move around on her own. She always wanted him to accompany her in any part of the house. He thought she was going crazy. This marriage finally came to an end.

The turning point came for him after he was imprisoned for certain crimes he allegedly committed several years ago. It was in prison that he began to think about Christ and the Redemption. It was in this same prison that he married his present wife. He was an old friend of whom he had lost interest. After leaving the prison, for four years, he could not be intimate with her because of extreme pain in her manhood. His frustrations inspired him to visit SCOAN after he became acquainted with Emmanuel TV by a friend. He even promised to commit suicide if his problems persisted after visiting SCOAN.

The man of God delivered him prophecy and deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. After his rescue, he admitted that his problems are no longer. Testifying with his wife, he advised everyone, especially men, to stop desiring a useless power that would only lead to their loss, adding that he was lucky not to have contracted venereal infection.


For five years he had been a UN Volunteer in Ethiopia, praying to be fully employed by the international agency. As a volunteer, he received only too meager allowances and could not handle the enormous responsibilities on his shoulders. He needed a full-time job, knowing that this would come with an improvement in salaries and allowances. Mr Johansen Kase-Nene knew Emmanuel TV by an acquaintance and from that moment he began to watch and witness the great testimonies of different people whom God had touched in many wonderful ways. Convinced that God would also touch him through the anointed channel, he began to pray with the man of God on the chain. While the prophet was praying for viewers last year,mr-johansen

After praying, the mighty hand of God came into action. Two months later, the International Committee for Refugees, which recruits and sends staff to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, has offered full employment to the Tanzanian resident in Ethiopia. He was subsequently assigned to Botswana as an Associate Protection Officer.

Upon his arrival in Botswana, he received another job as a United Nations staff member with improved remuneration and other benefits, including scholarships for his children and an opportunity for his family To join him. During his testimony, he expressed his gratitude to God for having responded to his prayer. He advised people all over the world to rely on God by any anointed means, adding that distance is not a barrier.


Mrs. Maggie Thokomnisi suffered from severe bleeding and stomach pain so she had to be taken to hospital several times by an ambulance. It was redirected to the gynecologists who examined it and then sent it back to the surgeons. In the end, she was given medication and given leave when nothing was found abnormal in her. He was told to return after five days if the pain and bleeding continued. After five days and after taking all the medications without any sign of decreased hemorrhage and pain, she returned to the hospital as advised. This time she returned to an ambulance because she was too weak. In the operating room, nothing was found and it was unloaded.mrs-maggie

Sa tante avait émis l’idée de visiter un médecin traditionnel qui, selon elle, mettrait fin au saignement. Pour Mme Thokomnisi, quoique troublée, elle ne voulait pas courir après d’autres dieux. Au lieu de cela, elle a décidé de chercher le visage du Dieu Puissant et Vivant. Elle croyait que, dès qu’elle aurait mis ses pieds à la SCOAN, Dieu la guérirait. Elle a juste cru!

Son époux était inquiet parce qu’il n’était pas sûr qu’elle pouvait se lancer seul sans aide dans ce voyage parce qu’elle était très faible. Lorsqu’elle est finalement arrivée à la SCOAN, elle a assisté à un service du dimanche. Ce jour-là, le Prophète T.B. Joshua tout en priant pour les fidèles, est venu à ses côtés et a posé sa main droite ointe sur sa tête. Selon elle, elle est tombée à terre sous l’influence du Saint-Esprit. Se levant, elle se précipita aux toilettes seulement pour découvrir que son saignement persistant s’était arrêté.

Depuis ce moment, elle n’a plus ressenti de saignement. Après sa guérison, elle est très forte, heureuse et pleine de vie. Son appétit est de retour maintenant. Elle a même «démoli» de nombreux plats nigérians. « Il n’y a ni maladie ni mal que Jésus ne peut guérir », a-t-elle dit aux fidèles alors qu’elle remerciait Dieu pour le miracle.


Elle n’avait que deux ans et demi quand elle a perdu sa mère dans un incident de feu suicidaire. À ce tendre âge d’innocence, il était très dévastateur pour elle de perdre sa mère d’une manière très sanglante. Laissée avec son père et sa sœur cadette, la vie a pris un tournant pour le pire. Son père s’est remarié à peine six mois après la mort de sa mère. La jeune Lucy et sa sœur ont été introduites dans une vision hostile de la vie où la tendresse et l’affection ont été remplacées par la haine et le rejet. La famille les traitait avec dédain comme si elles étaient responsables de la mort de leur mère. Quand elle a eu huit ans, elle s’est évadée de chez elle et s’est réfugiée dans un séminaire où elle travaillait comme plongeuse pour survivre.mrs-lucy

Deux ans après sa fuite, un autre triste épisode s’est produit. Sa jeune sœur, qu’elle avait laissée dans la maison de son père, mourut. C’était comme si la vie avait perdu son ensoleillement et avait été dépassé par les nuages sombres. Elle a développé une dépendance au tabagisme. Elle fumait jusqu’à quarante bâtons de cigarettes par jour. Son père ne montrait aucun souci pour son bien-être. Elle a été appelée toutes sortes de noms horribles – voleuse, tueuse et la fille la plus laide dans le monde. Elle a souffert de dépression et de migraines et a reçu de fortes doses de médicaments. Avec le niveau de rejet qu’elle éprouvait, elle a grandi avec une mentalité de travailler dur et de marcher à travers les vicissitudes de la vie avec une inclination optimiste. Lucy a rappelé comment elle a été violée plusieurs fois en tant qu’enfant et comment elle a gardé les expériences abominables en elle.

À seize ans, elle était déjà mère célibataire de trois enfants. Ses travaux continuèrent jusqu’à ce que le     mari de sa tante est entré en scène. L’homme, basé en Norvège a décidé de l’adopter comme sa fille. Elle a été emmenée en Norvège pour commencer une nouvelle vie. La Norvège a apporté un nouveau souffle de vie car elle était inscrite à l’école et avait également des possibilités d’emploi. Elle a réussi à amasser de l’argent de poche à travers les petits travaux qu’elle faisait en allant à l’école. Mais ce flamboiement de l’espoir a été de courte durée quand ses parents adoptifs ont décidé de se séparer. Le bateau de leur mariage était bouleversé par des différences irréconciliables et ainsi, le divorce était inévitable.

Lucy a décidé d’aller avec sa tante, pensant que les choses allaient mieux avec elle. Mais la vie avec celle-ci s’est avérée être pire que ce qu’elle avait traversé dans la maison de son père biologique. Sa tante l’employait à faire de l’argent en lui ordonnant de dormir avec toutes sortes d’hommes contre sa volonté. C’était l’exploitation tout au long. Mais parmi les hommes qui venaient avec l’intention d’avoir des rapports avec elle, il y en avait un dont la conscience était vivante. Remarquant qu’elle subissait beaucoup de douleurs émotionnelles, il a promis de l’aider. Cet homme a tenu sa promesse en lui procurant un appartement et en lui payant son loyer pendant deux ans. Après avoir déménagé dans sa nouvelle maison, elle a continué son éducation et l’a combiné avec un emploi afin de joindre les deux bouts.

Lucy aurait rencontré plus tard son mari, un norvégien, dans la maison d’un voisin danois. Initialement, leur relation était un peu décontractée, mais après un an, elle est devenue sérieuse. Après leur mariage qui a été béni avec une fille, Lucy était encore hantée par ses problèmes. Beaucoup de fois, elle avait nourri l’envie de fuir sa maison conjugale. Elle avait des pensées suicidaires et n’était pas heureuse. À un moment, elle est tombée malade et est presque devenue folle. Son époux faisait tout ce qu’il pouvait, mais son état restait le même. C’est alors qu’elle lui a dit qu’elle ne s’intéressait pas aux choses matérielles de la vie, mais qu’elle voulait être libre des soucis qui avaient traîné sa vie depuis son enfance.

Un jour, en surfant sur YouTube, elle est tombée sur Prophète T.B. Joshua sur Emmanuel TV et a conclu qu’il était le seul qui la délivrerait de ses problèmes. Depuis ce jour, elle a continué à regarder Emmanuel TV. Lucy avait décidé de visiter la SCOAN et rien ne l’arrêterait.

Comme le temps de son voyage au Nigéria approchait, elle a fait face à beaucoup de difficultés. Loin d’être découragée, elle a surmonté ces difficultés et s’est rendu à l’Arène de la liberté avec le soutien de son époux. Il lui avait demandé de choisir entre un manoir qu’il allait construire pour elle dans son Ouganda natale et venir à la SCOAN et elle a choisi cette dernière. Durant le dernier dimanche, pendant le service religieux, elle a été localisée par le Saint-Esprit comme l’homme de Dieu priait et délivrait les fidèles au nom de Jésus.

Les démons derrière ses malheurs se sont manifestés : « Nous l’avons transformée en chien. Aucun respect – personne ne l’aime. Personne ne la respecte. Ils l’utilisent. Depuis son enfance, elle a été violée à plusieurs reprises. Nous l’utilisons – c’est notre bonheur … » Mme Lucy Atim Hansen a reçu sa délivrance dans le nom puissant de Jésus. Au cours de son témoignage dimanche dernier, elle a remercié Dieu de l’avoir libérée d’une situation qui a presque détruit sa vie. Selon elle, après sa délivrance, quelque chose est sortie d’elle. Son envie de fumer a également pris fin. « Si vous voyez un enfant chercher votre épaule pour se reposer, s’il vous plaît prenez cet enfant comme le vôtre », a-t-elle conseillé.


M.Keston Brown de Trinidad et Tobago a fait un voyage à la SCOAN pour la deuxième fois, et il a témoigné de la fidélité du Seigneur. La première fois, il était venu avec sa femme pour témoigner comment Dieu l’avait délivré de la pornographie et de la masturbation par le biais de la prière avec l’homme de Dieu à travers Emmanuel TV. Heureux marié avec une belle épouse, ils cherchaient à avoir des enfants, quelque chose qu’ils croyaient venir naturellement après 1 an ou 2 ans, mais après 5 année sans aucun signe de grossesse à l’horizon, le couple a commencé à s’inquiéter.mr-keston-brown

Avant de venir à la SCOAN, il avait épuisé tous les moyens possibles et imaginable pour arriver à avoir un enfant. Les médecins avaient diagnostiqué des multi-fibromes qui refusait de la quitter malgré le traitement et les médicaments. Toutefois, comme l’homme de Dieu dit : « Quand vous manquez de moyen dans le naturel, vous devez engager votre foi », ils se sont rendus à la SCOAN et ont reçu la prière du Prophète T.B Joshua, au nom de Jésus ainsi que de l’Eau du Matin.

À leur retour à Trinidad et Tobago, motivé par une nouvelle foi, ils sont allés voir le médecin, mais malgré l’absence de la douleur, les fibromes étaient encore toujours présents.mr-keston-brown1

Although his wife was devastated by the news of the presence of fibroids, he encouraged her to continue using the Morning Water and stay in the faith. After four months of trusting God and using the Morning Water, and after being known as husband and wife, she conceived. Unable to keep silence from the miracle of God, Mr. Keston went to SCOAN to testify on behalf of his wife. Radiant and proudly displaying the photographs of his pregnant wife, Mr. Keston advised everyone to believe that God is truly alive.