DIEU EST QUI IL EST - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)



Opening Sunday’s service live from SCOAN, evangelist Evelyne Joshua brought an encouraging message titled, GOD IS WHO IT IS.

Inviting Christians to connect with God through faith rather than clinging to the physical circumstances that would always cause doubt in their minds, she added that faith in God, even in times of trial, brings blessings: Faith elevates us above the realm of the senses, our reasoning abilities, understanding and makes God’s possibilities available to us. The Bible says, Blessed are those who believe without seeing; Blessed are those who shout, « Hallelujah » before a miracle happens. Blessed are those who bless God in their trials and difficulties because they will be blessed by God through their challenges.  »

She added that faith will only be activated when we make the Word of God the norm for our lives. As Christians, as the Word grows in our hearts, it connects us to our Heavenly Father and makes us function with power: « The Word of God is a living and growing force that develops in the heart of man . As it grows, faith grows. As a child of God, if you continue to work with this divine faith, your word will be as powerful as if God Himself had spoken it.  »




For Mr. Jideofor Eze, living with kidney disease and urinary tract infection was a serious challenge. The scenario painted the ugly image of weak kidneys unable to perform their excretory functions optimally. He could not urinate normally and the doctors had to insert a catheter into his urinary system to allow the free flow of urine. The native of Enugu, Nigeria was not able to appreciate the reprieve because the problem has always reappeared every time the catheter was removed. He could hardly sleep and was not able to access any form of help around him when the problem struck in the odd hours of the night. After a series of tests, he was told that  » He had a kidney stone that could only be treated by surgery and all the doctors he consulted gave the same verdict. Unfortunately, he had only 50% chance of survival after surgery. Mr. Eze wondered how he could muster the financial muscle to bear the gigantic bill that would result from such a medical exercise and not knowing if he would live or not. While waiting for his date of operation, he began to watch Emmanuel TV. Seeing the wonderful testimonies of people who had the worst health conditions, he developed the urge to visit the Liberty Arena. He was lucky enough to hear that in a few days there would be a revival of healing at SCOAN in December 2016. One day at the beginning of the service, the disease got worse, Preventing the passage of urine that night. He visited the hospital and reinstated the catheter, arguing that he should be allowed to travel to Lagos the next day – a request that was granted by his doctor, although he was advised to be careful because of the catheter that could injure him in transit. The troubled man arrived at his apartment in Lagos to discover that his catheter was receiving urine mixed with blood. The discovery gave him tears in his eyes as he rushed to a neighboring hospital to have the catheter reintroduced. Thinking it was the end for him, he raised a deep and anguished prayer to the God of the Prophet TB Joshua to save his life. Once in the line of prayer, he witnessed the greatest drama of his entire existence. Prophet TB Joshua taught about healing and deliverance, in the name of Jesus. As the shadow of the man of God passed, he suddenly felt a cold feeling continuing all over his body. In a few minutes he was cured! Testifying, he told the faithful that what he had lived was more than just a man of God, but God himself in action. His remark gave credit to the statement of the Prophet TB Joshua that he does not perform miracles, but God works in him. But God Himself in action. His remark gave credit to the statement of the Prophet TB Joshua that he does not perform miracles, but God works in him. But God Himself in action. His remark gave credit to the statement of the Prophet TB Joshua that he does not perform miracles, but God works in him.

After his recovery, Mr. Eze went back to a doctor and asked for the catheter to be removed. When he reached the house, he felt pain and ran to the toilet. Administering Morning Water in prayer, he was surprised when he urinated the calculation of his kidney! In thanking God for saving his life from the hands of a deadly disease, he advised people not to hide their problems, urging them to find all the means to come to God to receive their healing.


mr-NnamdiMr. Nnamdi Ezechi was employed as an electrician with a multinational in Delta, Nigeria. He carried out his duties diligently and tried to manage the little success God had given him. As a regular viewer of Emmanuel TV, he came to SCOAN and received the morning water, which he continued to apply in prayer. His life took on a dramatic dimension when one day a member of the House of Representatives, his local government, asked him to appoint people to consider them for a transition committee from his local government area. After collecting and sending the names of the candidates, Mr. Ezechi was shocked when he began receiving messages of congratulations from friends and associates. Confused, he met his boss who confirmed to him that  » He was the one chosen for the post. He never aspired to such a political position in his life and it was a shock to him to be a member of such a committee. He continued to apply the Morning Water in prayer and one day after the Nigerian general elections he was contacted again by his boss to suggest the names of three people he wished to be appointed honorable commissioners in the  » State of Delta. Mr. Ezechi was confused. He wondered why his boss would ask him to do something so serious when he saw himself as a simple employee who was neither rich nor famous. In short, he felt that the task was beyond him in a local government where there were highly influential people. Be that as it may, he sent some names and continued his life. As he was driving to work a few months later, he received a call from his boss, asking him to come to Asaba, the capital of the Delta. He quickly used Morning Water as he prayed for the divine guidance and guidance of God and was heading for the capital. When he arrived, Mr. Ezechi’s boss congratulated him for being appointed Commissioner of DESOPADEC. Indeed, there is nothing that God can not do for those who are faithful to Him. In thanking God, the former electricity technician has instructed the faithful and the people of the world to leave it to God to handle all the cases of their lives. Eau du Matin as he prayed for the divine guidance and direction of God and was heading for the capital. When he arrived, Mr. Ezechi’s boss congratulated him for being appointed Commissioner of DESOPADEC. Indeed, there is nothing that God can not do for those who are faithful to Him. In thanking God, the former electricity technician has instructed the faithful and the people of the world to leave it to God to handle all the cases of their lives. Eau du Matin as he prayed for the divine guidance and guidance of God and was heading for the capital. When he arrived, Mr. Ezechi’s boss congratulated him for being appointed Commissioner of DESOPADEC. Indeed, there is nothing that God can not do for those who are faithful to Him. In thanking God, the former electricity technician has instructed the faithful and the people of the world to leave it to God to handle all the cases of their lives.


mrs-IASTA-banguraShe joined the foreign mission of her country in 2011 and had always wanted to excel. One day, she came back from work and found her children watching Emmanuel TV at home. The great miracles, teachings and testimonies that she saw on the chain so inspired her that she began to pray to God to take her to SCOAN.

God, in His mighty ways, has responded to His prayer. In 2014, Ms. Isata Bangura was posted to Nigeria as the third secretary of the Sierra Leone Liaison Office in Lagos, Nigeria. When the news reached her, she was surprised because at her academic level she was not qualified for such a display. However, she was happy because she had prayed for this opportunity. As soon as she moved to Nigeria, she was promoted to the position of Deputy Secretary, Seventh Grade, in the same year.

After this shocking promotion, Ms. Bangura began to worship at SCOAN with great dedication. She continued to pray for greater things to come. By 2016, memoranda were distributed throughout their missions inviting qualified persons to return to Sierra Leone to serve as Senior Assistant Secretary. Speaking to a colleague on their mission to Addis Ababa, she received documents on the sidelines of the promotion exam, including the civil service code she specifically requested.

Receiving the documents, Ms. Bangura began to study them. As she always did, she used Morning Water and unfolded all the other anointed materials, including the Bracelet of Faith in her prayers and meditation. After writing the exam, she returned to Nigeria. When the results were published in November 2016, she was successful and qualified for the position of Senior Assistant Secretary. Although she passed the exam, she refused to be too excited because if she did not receive a letter to this effect she would still remain unconfirmed. The highly anticipated confirmation letter was finally sent in January 2017.

During her testimony, Ms. Bangura told members of the congregation that she was very overwhelmed by the promotion because of the way she came. According to her, it is unusual for a person who just joined the service in 2011 to be promoted in a very short time. She thanked the God of the Prophet TB Joshua for doing the impossible in his life. She advised people to believe in God and allow Him to fix his calendar for them, adding that they should continue to pray with the Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV.


mrs-Christiana-ngozi-njokuWhen she was very small, she had accompanied a friend into a stream in her hometown. There, he was taught to swim only to find himself deep inside the creek. An invisible force had caught his legs and made it difficult for him to swim safely or detach himself from the entanglement. All she could do was to shout, attracting the attention of a lady who came to save her. After this saga, the young Ngozi did not reveal his experience to his parents. She continued with her life. But things were no longer as before with her spiritual life when she began to have strange dreams in which she would be surrounded by snakes. Sometimes she dreamed of a very beautiful woman draped in a dress with the dazzling of a queen, Crowning it. The strange woman’s dream visits continued even when she arrived at high school. She is started to be attracted to other senior girls who came to her for friendship, disguising themselves as school mothers. Even though she later fell pregnant for a boy at age 14, her attraction to women continued to haunt her obstinately, refusing to be uprooted. Ngozi had sent his daughter to stay with his mother in Cameroon to pick up the pieces of his life and perhaps to start a new life, but his intentions would promise nothing good to the family. The girl became a replica of the mother, living a capricious life and eventually becoming pregnant at 14 years old as well. It was a pill too bitter to swallow. According to Ngozi, History seemed to repeat rather unfortunately. She felt that her past haunted her somehow already. Concerned, she continued to spend her money on the herbalists who deceived her by believing that they could help her. Ngozi was sought after by men, but after becoming engaged, they disappeared suddenly. It was obvious that there was a force counteracting all her hopes of settling with a husband. Instead, she had more affection for women. As she continued to look for a way out of the problems in her life, Ngozi met Emmanuel TV and witnessed impressive testimonials on the chain. Immediately, she realized bitter truths and decided to visit the Arena of Liberty. As the appointed date approached, His daughter with whom she had planned to come to Lagos, disappeared. It took a few prayers for the girl to find herself with her mother. When they finally arrived at SCOAN, they attended Sunday service. And during the mass prayer led by Prophet TB Joshua, Ngozi was fished by the Spirit of the living God. As the prayers increased, the evil spirit that tormented his life manifested itself and was driven out of his life. Ngozi was overwhelmed by the power of God.
Her daughter, who confessed to having been raped at the age of 13, also received her rescue. The mother and daughter thanked God for their deliverance. Ngozi’s mother also thanked the man of God for being a worthy instrument that God used to deliver his daughter and granddaughter.


mr-James Lubilo-1M. James Lubilo avait toujours voulu être un homme de Dieu et avait toujours exprimé cette aspiration à sa mère. Comme un jeune homme, sa mère a encouragé ses aspirations, mais le diable et ses agents n’ont pas croisés les mains permetant à ce rêve élevé à se concrétiser. Soudain, un garçon qui une fois a abrité des pensées de travailler dans le vignoble de Dieu est devenu un enfant problématique. James a commencé à voler, un trait qui ne va pas bien avec ses parents qui, dans une tentative de réduire ses méfaits, l’a envoyé à un internat. Ne sachant pas qu’ils créaient un environnement propice à son aggravation. Malgré l’opulence de ses parents, il ne put arrêter le méprisable acte de vol. C’était comme une maladie profondément enracinée qui exigeait une force supérieure pour qu’elle soit expurgée de sa vie. Quand il est entré à l’école secondaire, il a rencontré quelques amis qui l’ont influencé dans l’alcool et le fumage de marijuana. Ces habitudes lui faisaient perdre la tête comme il se comporterait toujours mal. Quand son système est devenu immunisé à  l’alcool et le chanvre indien, il commença les drogues dures. Il prit la codéine, la cocaïne et l’héroïne. Comme sa classe de drogues avait changé, il a également changé le calibre de ses amis. Finalement, il s’est associé à des toxicomanes impénitents dont les esprits ont été endurcis par l’usage arbitraire de drogue. Quand il se rendit compte qu’il était le seul sans tatouage parmi ses mauvais amis, il ne perdit pas le temps d’en avoir un sur sa poitrine. Avec son gang, James s’est livré à des vols de supermarchés qui ont été gaspillés sur les femmes, l’alcool et les drogues. Mais une réalité fondamentale qui demandait une explication était le fait que ses parents étaient bien financièrement et pourtant, il n’arrêtait pas de voler. D’une certaine façon, sa mère a eu vent de ses comportements étranges et est venu à la conclusion qu’il prenait quelque chose de nuisible à sa santé. Pour l’arrêter, elle cessa de lui donner de l’argent. James conçu plus tard de nouvelles stratégies pour obtenir de l’argent. Il eu recours au vol et à la vente des objets personnels de sa mère, pensant que c’était la seule façon de lui rembourser sa propre pièce de monnaie. Le jeune Zambien était tellement accro à l’alcool et aux drogues qu’il a été enfermé une fois pour harceler le personnel de sécurité qui a résisté à son insistance sur le pillage de l’alcool par la force d’un supermarché dans les premières heures du matin. D’une certaine façon, la mère de James a pu le convaincre de venir avec elle au SCOAN pour un service du lundi. L’homme de Dieu posa les mains sur lui et le délivra du mauvais esprit qui avait fait un gâchis de sa vie. La délivrance n’était pas sans quelque drame comme le mauvais esprit se manifesta, en avouant certaines des choses destructrices qu’il avait fait au jeune homme.

Selon lui, avant même que l’homme de Dieu ne s’approchât de lui, il avait déjà commencé à sentir la présence du feu partout. C’était le dernier scénario qu’il pouvait se rappeler jusqu’à ce qu’il se retrouva se levant du sol, déclarant qu’il était libre au nom de Jésus. La mère de James et sa sœur cadette ont également été délivrées des mauvais esprits qui les avaient aussi opprimés. mr-James Lubilo-2Selon sa plus jeune soeur, elle avait aussi abusé des drogues dures et avait même initié beaucoup de ses amis dans l’habitude impie. Au cours de leur témoignage, Jacques, sa mère et sa sœur, ont remercié Dieu pour avoir délivré toute la famille des griffes du diable.Toutes les choses sont devenues nouvelles depuis qu’elles ont reçu leur délivrance. La mère de James a conseillé aux parents de montrer plus de soin à leurs enfants parce qu’ils ont la propension à cacher certains comportements nuisibles.


mr-mrs-chika-Ndubuisi-1«Je suis un serpent!» Criait l’esprit maléfique qui se manifestait en Mme Angel Nwokoye, une femme qui ne pouvait plus contrôler son comportement envers son mari et se querellait constamment. Se sentant négligée comme une femme, elle avait entendu des rumeurs que son mari avait eu des affaires extraconjugales et sa colère était à son apogée. Après 18 ans de mariage et quatre enfants, ils étaient sur le point de divorcer car M. Chika Ndubuisi ne pouvait plus être avec elle en raison de leurs différences irréconciliables.

Prêt à jeter l’éponge et à renoncer à son mariage avec Mme Angel, il avait décidé de quitter leur maison en Afrique du Sud et de partir en vacances dans son pays natal, le Nigeria. Son voyage avait une mission secrète, cependant, car il avait résolu de chercher une nouvelle femme. Après un certain temps, M. Chika a appelé la maison pour vérifier que tout allait bien avec ses enfants seulement pour découvrir que sa femme etait également partie en vacances. Étonnamment, sa propre mission secrète était aussi au Nigeria, mais dans un but différent. N’étant pas disposée à permettre au diable de détruire son mariage, Mme Angel est allée à la SCOAN pour chercher l’intervention divine de Dieu. C’était le moment de sa rencontre divine.

Après sa délivrance, le Prophète T.B. Josué invita son mari à entendre l’opinion de Dieu sur leur mariage. Honoré de recevoir l’appel, M. Ndubuisi est venu à la SCOAN le dimanche suivant et exprima ses sentiments négatifs au sujet de sa femme et demanda la direction de Dieu. L’homme de Dieu révéla que le mariage était en effet un mariage de Dieu et que M. Ndubuisi avait également besoin de délivrance.

mr-mrs-chika-Ndubuisi-2Le mari et la femme ont reçu leur délivrance, à une semaine d’intervalle et sont retournés à l’église s’embrassant. Ils ne pouvaient s’empêcher de partager la joie du Seigneur alors qu’ils racontaient leur merveilleuse réconciliation. M. Chika a avoué qu’avant sa délivrance, il se voyait comme une victime innocente dans son mariage alors qu’il voyait sa femme comme une vieille et misérable femme. Le lendemain matin, se réveillant après sa délivrance, il se rappela soudain toutes les erreurs faites dans sa relation dans le passé. Se tournant vers sa femme pour s’excuser, il vit une femme plus belle qu’il ne se le rappelait. « J’avais des yeux alors, mais je ne pouvais pas voir. Maintenant, je peux voir clairement! Wow, est-ce une erreur? Est-ce que cette femme que j’ai trouvée au Nigeria est la même que j’ai laissée en Afrique du Sud? »Puis il a fait une promesse devant toute la congrégation d’aimer sa femme de plus en plus, comme le Christ l’aurait fait. L’Evangile de la grâce de Dieu défie et change tout!