LA FIN DE NOUS MEME - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The meeting of Sunday, January 8, 2017 at SCOAN was an opportunity for believers and Christians all over the world to strengthen their faith and connect with the Spirit of God. The atmosphere was filled with the presence of God as the choir drew the attention of the children of God on the need to always praise and worship the Father in spirit and in truth. Testimonies, prayers and prophetic declarations made each moment a remarkable encounter in the house of the Lord.

Exhorting Christians on the importance of prayer and the need to establish and maintain their faith, Prophet TB Joshua also recalled the urgency to pray with devotion. According to him, this is the point of connection between them and God: « Now time is the time to pay attention, not that kind of attention we give out but – devotional attention. » How can we lend We have to be in a prayerful attitude, as I am speaking to you now, you are supposed to be praying, viewers at home, wherever you are, as you are watching, « Oh, Holy Spirit, take more of me and give me more of You, More than Your faithfulness, Your goodness, Your purity, Your holiness. « The man of God insisted that devotional prayer the Christian’s inheritance, including the ability to see visions. That Christians should imbibe the idea of ​​praying all the time and everywhere: « Prayer must be an integral part of you. You must be in an attitude of prayer. « Take more of me and give me more of You. » Your heart is the chamber of prayer, your heart is the temple of God, you want to have visions, you must see them with your heart. Everywhere, maybe an altar, Satan keeps catching unprepared people.  » Concluding, the Prophet TB Joshua exhorted Christians to exercise their faith in the  » Using to put a request on the anointing. According to him, « Faith is a vacuum cleaner who aspires to the anointing of Jesus, self-healing is going to happen, and you will be very surprised that the disease you are talking about will be gone when you wake up. »

evangelist-anneEarlier, in his message entitled THE END OF YOURSELF, the evangelist Anne lamented the modern intellectual alienation of Christians who seem to position themselves as God’s enemies rather than obey His incontestable commandments. She referred to Abraham who, despite the many years he had been waiting for before having a son, never hesitated to offer it to God who had commanded him to do so in a rare trial of faith . According to her, Abraham obeyed and trusted God because he knew that his commandment was definitive: « It was at the point of total obedience that God brought the substitute. God will wait for you at the place of your obedience It was at this point when he was about to fulfill the mission that God brought the solution.  »

She concluded by urging Christians to respect the will of God, regardless of the opposition they face in the world so that their vision will stand the test of time as it was in the days of Jesus, Abraham and Job: « If God gives you a mink and is opposed by men, do not reduce your vision – remain in the will of God. »



Miss Esther Kehinde, her older sister Deborah and their father came to SCOAN to thank God for the extraordinary thing he did by replacing his head with the cross. Yes, literally the cross! Esther left her home for school and should return in the early evening. However, when the clock reached 7:00 pm, 8:00 pm and continued ticking from there until late into the night, panic ran into the back of his sister Deborah and their father who united in prayer. While their father was praying with Esther’s picture, Deborah administered Morning Water in Esther’s chamber and bed, asking for anointing asking the god of the Prophet TB Joshua to bring his sister in Safety from where it is.

esther-familyRelating her incredible experience, Esther said that on the way back from school, an unknown man had violently hit her head to the point of being unconscious. When she returned to her senses, she found herself in the midst of the lamentations of several captives. She was panicked not knowing what was going on and why they were crying. In a few seconds she saw people decapitated and cut into pieces. At this point he realized that she was about to be murdered. Looking at the killers, a request for fresh blood was sought. « Yes, there is a new arrival, » said one of the acolytes, pointing in the direction of Esther. The thought of being decapitated and his flesh sold to human flesh – blood buyers began to wander through his mind. He motioned to put his head on the cutting board. She was obliged to obey. As the killer raised his ax to cut off Esther’s head, he suddenly shouted that he saw a cross instead of a human head. This threw the killer into a frenzy and he pushed Esther aside. Another kidnapper asked Esther, « Which church are you going to? » Esther replied, « The Church Synagogue of all nations ». The next question of the man was about the pastor of Esther. When she told him that her pastor was a prophet TB Joshua, the man did not hesitate to show the exit to Esther. Esther took his heels around his neck to escape the shadow of death, a young boy tried to escape at the same time,

When Esther finished her narrative, her sister Deborah took the story from the very end. After she offered her prayer at home, she suddenly saw the prophet TB Joshua in a vision holding Esther’s hand making her cross a forest. He handed the younger sister in her hands and said, « She was released. » Indeed, Esther was released and returned home safely to tell her ordeal through tears of joy. The two sisters and their father thanked God for the protection under which they were-under the hands of God. Esther also informed people all over the world to believe in anointing in the Morning Water and administer it in faith in the name of Jesus.


She was the subject of relentless spiritual attacks and was about to lose the battle of survival. Ms. Brigitte Graciella Afoumbom from Cameroon needed to get back on her feet and was desperately looking for prospects for a bright future. As a result of the spiritual attack, the electric engineering graduate had been forced to leave her job and remained unemployed for an exasperating period of six years. At the end of this time, she was introduced to SCOAN by Emmanuel TV. In 2010 she had the opportunity to visit and receive prayer and deliverance by the prophet TB Joshua who himself declared that she was free. Regenerated, she returned to her country with a fortified faith and the Eau du Matin.

3In a dream one night, the Prophet TB Joshua appeared to him, informing him that there was a hole in his head. He put his hands on her head and squeezed her, after which he told her she was free of all her problems. Upon awakening, she realized that she was truly free and suddenly saw a bright future ahead of her. Disconnected from the failure and renewed by Christ, Mrs. Afoumbom passed an exam on the security of the computer network and succeeded with a very high score. She then went through a job interview and was selected as the best candidate. She ended up being employed as a data network security engineer by one of the largest companies in her country.

As she remained connected to Christ through her Word, through her Spirit, she was inspired by the Holy Spirit to improve her knowledge and by 2015 she enrolled in a contest that required Less ten years of practice and a year of preparation. In spite of the demands of this contest, she prayed earnestly and used the Morning Water, asking God to see her through this journey. In two months she was ready for the six hours of examination. In administering Morning Water she cried to God for her favor and when the results of the professional examination were released she succeeded in one session.

With a new certificate and new professional status, Afoumbom began looking for a job matching her new level. She continued to pray with Morning Water as she chose to apply to the World Bank. Miraculously making an appointment for an interview, she used her Bracelet of Faith to count her faith when she was questioned and also cleared from her heart the offense caused by a colleague at work. For the glory of God, she got the job and was remarkably assigned to the World Bank in Washington DC to serve as an information security officer. « The words of the prophet TB Joshua are powerful and effective, » she told the congregation when she testified of the great things God did in her life.


1Suicidal thoughts enveloped Ms. Nwabiakam Anthonia Nnenna as she continued to struggle with decades of enuresis, a spiritual husband, financial hardship and marital problems. Thoughts of despair and helplessness continued to show their ugly heads and make their lives utterly miserable. Mrs. Nwabiakam would never have considered coming to SCOAN if it were not for her mother’s cure of an imminent death by the Morning Water Authority. Still under the impression that the miracles of the Aréne de la Liberté are false, she began to change her impression when suddenly her mother recovered from the disease.

During the Monday meeting, Mrs. Nwabiakam hesitated, and was very surprised when she found herself under the influence of the Holy Spirit at the line of prayer. The spiritual husband tried to force her out of the presence of God in many places, but the anointing did not give her any respite. As prayer continued, the evil spirit could not bear the fire of the Holy Spirit and was driven out of his life forever.

In the presence of her sister and daughter, she testified that since her deliverance, all the negative experiences in her life have ceased. She now sleeps freely and is filled with joy and inner peace. Thanking God for removing a heavy burden out of her life, she informed people all over the world to stop listening to those who would discourage them from coming to Jesus for their deliverance.


Years of trying to have a child left this marriage frustrated and disappointed. No doctor or specialist could identify the origin of Ms. Natasha’s infertility. Devastated, the young woman turned to Emmanuel TV and began praying with the prophet TB Joshua. On a fateful day, Mrs. Natasha complained to her doctor that she felt bad and after an ultrasound, she was told she was pregnant! Etiquette, Mrs. Natasha began to rejoice, happiness silenced by the doctor’s next sentence: there is a serious problem and the option to remove pregnancy as well as one of her fallopian tubes was highly recommended.

11Pulping, Ms. Natasha left the doctor’s office and immediately turned to her uncle for advice. It was the same uncle who had introduced her to Emmanuel TV before. After recounting his experience, he reminded him that distance was not an obstacle to the movement of the Holy Spirit. With her encouragement, she turned away from despair to focus on Jesus Christ. At her suggestion, she placed her picture on the screen of Emmanuel TV when the prophet TB Joshua prayed and left the rest for Jesus. After the prayer, she returned to the hospital and asked the doctor to check her pregnancy again. For the glory of God, the doctor canceled his previous prognosis and confirmed that his pregnancy was in perfect health.

At the time of delivery, the doctor again recommended an operation because her uterus was too small. Once again, she called her uncle who asked her to pray with the man of God on Emmanuel TV through the phone. In the end, she gave birth to a little girl. For the Haitian community living in Canada, it was the victory of Christ on the plans of the devil. Thanking God for the miracle, Natasha remembered the embarrassment she faced when she was childless and gave this advice to people all over the world: « Expect the Lord; Just believe and you will receive.