Earthquake Tragedy Bridges Two Continents

On April 16th 2016, the nation, Ecuador was hit by a colossal earthquake of magnitude 7.8. The severity of the disaster reverberated throughout the entire country, leaving at least 500 dead and 27,500 injured. Moved by the plight of Ecuadorians, T.B. Joshua –  Founder of Emmanuel TV – sent a relief team to Esmeraldas Province, […]

The Power Above You

The early morning sermon was delivered by Wise Man Harry who spoke on people’s choices, meaninglessness of life, God’s power, place of assignment and problems of focusing on wealth instead of God. He said when God created you and I, He gave us the right to life, and within that right was the discretion to […]


Check out this article that we found on A Kenya News website. It gives you a special insight into the story of Prophet T.B Joshua, perhaps what you never knew before. TB Joshua’s Michael Jackson, Mutharika Prophesy, And His Prophesied Life. Who Is This Man TB Joshua.. “The most surprising part of TB Joshua is that […]


As stated earlier on February 9th 2012, we want to assert that Prophet T.B. Joshua did not mention any name of a person or country, date or time-frame when he prophesied about an African Head of State. For the last two months, rumours have been spread, speculations have arisen and judgements have been wrongly formed […]

Heavy Bleeding Stopped After Prayer With TB Joshua

Here is a wonderful testimony from a woman in the USA who was healed of heavy bleeding after praying with T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Lyubov Parkhotyuk is the mother of 7 children and wife of an awesome pastor living in Pasco, Washington State in the USA. More than a month ago, she discovered heavy […]

Anointing Water Testimony – Miraculous Delivery Moments Before Operation

They met for the first time in a hospital ward, both there for a mutual purpose: childbirth. However, the night unfolded and there were no signs of labour for either woman. The medical personnel present attempted to induce the labour process through various means without any seeming sign of success. Morning dawned and Esther soon […]


PROPHECY CONCERNING ASIAN COUNTRIES It was testimonies galore as soon as the service message was given. Beginning with events that happened outside Nigeria, Prophet T.B. Joshua advised a replay of his recent prophecies about some Asian countries. The video replay once more reminded listeners of his prophecy about Pakistan and what would befall her between […]


The Bible says whatsoever a man confesses in faith he shall receive (Matt. 21:21). It was not David’s victory over Goliath that catapulted him into public notice but his bold confession in the face of an obvious threat to his life. He overcame by the testimony of his mouth (Rev. 12:11). In giving his testimony, […]


The deliverance of militants from the Niger Delta from all contrary spirits was witnessed on January 16th in the Church service of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. Three weeks earlier, their Commander, Asoki Jacob had voluntarily surrendered himself for this important deliverance to rescue his being and conscience from being haunted by the spirits […]

Emmanuel TV Gets Kudos

THE television arm of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Emmanuel TV, has received commendations for its impact on lives. At the church, recently, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Services in Zimbabwe, Hon. Tracy Mutinhiri expressed amazement at how the channel had impacted upon her life. “I did not know how to describe it, […]


True to his commitment to the work of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua has often dwelt on different aspects of the committed worshipper and true worshipping in his teaching during live service every Sunday. One of his themes on Sunday the 11th of April 2010 was the mark of a true prophet. The man of God […]

Confessions Of Robbery Kingpins At The SCOAN

Members of a church in Lagos State are still wondering how 25 armed robbers, who sat in their midst, got up and reeled out the gory, chilling details of their deadly, dirty past.