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NO SCOAN BRANCH IN UGANDA! Our attention has been drawn to articles circulating on the internet claiming that an incident took place at “TB Joshua’s church in Uganda”. We want to stress that T.B. Joshua, The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV have NO branch in Uganda.


We are saddened to discover that people are still being deceived by individuals claiming to represent Prophet T.B. Joshua, The SCOAN or Emmanuel TV – despite our numerous and repeated warnings. We have received reports from several individuals who were falsely told they had to pay for accommodation in order to register for the prayer […]

BEWARE OF FRAUDSTERS: ‘Prophet Daliso Mwanza’

Our attention has been drawn to a Zambian individual named ‘Prophet Daliso Mwanza’ who claims he was ordained by Prophet T.B. Joshua and worked at The SCOAN for several years. We wish to stress that The SCOAN, Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua are not in any way affiliated with this ministry or individual.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Beware Of Misleading Articles Concerning Biafra

Our attention has been drawn to several articles online concerning a prophecy given by Prophet T.B. Joshua in July 2013 titled, ‘Carry Your Youth Along’. Please note that there is NOWHERE in this prophecy that Biafra is mentioned. It concerns a revolution among the youth. Don’t misinform the public. If any article connecting this prophecy […]