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December 1, 2023 was not just any other Friday in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). Besides being the first day of the last month of The Year Of Your Laughter, it was the day of the special SCOAN Healing And Deliverance Service, being the first of two exceptional annual services in the first week of December—starting from 2022, a year and a half since the glorious transition of God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua, the founder of The SCOAN.

For such a spectacular event it was necessary to start with worship and praise that would compel the attention of Heaven. And so, The SCOAN Choir pulled out all the stops in leading the people to celebrate Yahweh for keeping His untiring Right Hand of Power and Mercy upon The Arena Of Liberty and His people.
From all over the world thousands gathered inside the auditorium and the overflow section to sing of the Lord’s goodness, beseeching the Gentle Saviour not to pass them by even as they asked the Spirit to pray through them and inspire them with boldness.

“It is a new dawn!” Pastor Evelyn Joshua declared boldly, urging congregants to applaud Jesus Christ. “Spirit of the Living God, take Your place,” she prayed. What followed was a mightily inspired message that was delivered with conviction, confidence and charisma. “Make God’s Word the standard for your life, because God does nothing without His Word,” she started by telling the people. She then announced her sermon title as “Our Authority Over Satan,” reading from Deuteronomy 28:1-9 and Deuteronomy 30:15-20.

Earlier she had read from Romans 10:13—“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” It was on that basis that the woman of God stressed the necessity of taking advantage of the gift of salvation as signified by Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. By embracing salvation and obeying the terms of the new covenant, she said, one comes into the good life that has been set before every Christian, which is no different from what the children of Israel were promised in the proof text.

How are we to enjoy this good life? Simply by loving God genuinely, obeying Him and committing one’s life to Him always, she explained. She described Jesus Christ as the only Way—the only route to the Kingdom Of God; as such, she urged the people not to be distracted by any form of intrusion in their faith walk and work. Concerning how to begin the process of exercising authority over satan, she advised congregants: “Choose the way of goodness. Choose the way of faithfulness. Choose the way of peace. You cannot choose life without having a change of heart.”
Being a message spiced with lots of prophetic prayer, Pastor Evelyn Joshua ended thus: “All that will keep you in the cage that you know nothing of shall be broken today, in the name of Jesus Christ! God Almighty will crown you with the crown of life, glory.”

And It Rained Healing And Deliverance On All!
Imbued with the fire of the Holy Ghost, Pastor Evelyn Joshua proceeded to the midst of the people to exercise authority over satan’s kingdom of darkness. “Let us be in one accord,” she charged those at The Prayer Line, “and everything we desire today shall be granted to us, in the name of Jesus Christ.”
To viewers all over the world she said: “God Almighty is the all-knowing God; wherever you may be, rest assured that as it is happening here you will receive yours, in the name of Jesus Christ. Just put your demand on the anointing and the blessings, promises of God will flow into your life, in the name of Jesus Christ! Thank You, Lord!”

Through the faculties of Pastor Evelyn Joshua, divine fire consumed cancer, prostate enlargement, heart problem, urinary tract infection, difficulty in walking, swollen legs/belly/body, kidney disease, osteoarthritis, glaucoma, stroke, goitre, sickle cell anaemia, and severe lumbar spondylosis, among others.

Further miracles happened as The SCOAN Evangelists joined forces with the woman of God, commanding out severe hip/shoulder pain, bleeding, mental disorder, drug addiction, addiction to eating soil, tuberculosis, hernia, leg ulcers, epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, fibroids, ovarian cyst, gastritis, fallopian tube blockage, and deep vein thrombosis, etc.
Deliverance was freely available to the people. Healing was freely available to the people. Breakthrough and all of God’s other blessings were freely available to the people—for the ultimate salvation of their souls!


Couple’s Healing Proves Yet Again That Distance Is No Barrier!
One night Cletus woke up to find himself unable to turn his neck and walk properly. Alarmed, he screamed for help. Assisted to the hospital by his wife, Joy, he soon got the diagnosis of cervical spondylosis. Along the line, however, Joy herself sustained an accident that confined her at home. “Well, I think you should just focus on her for now,” he told his children, adding, “I will find a way to manage.” In faith, Cletus got assisted by his son to visit The SCOAN for prayer on October 8, 2023. To the glory of God, Joy also received her own healing as she watched Cletus on Emmanuel TV that same day! During his testimony on December 1, 2023 Cletus demonstrated his healing and praised God for healing his family. “Distance is not a barrier to God’s power,” he reminded others. Joy recalled feeling an electric shock in her leg as she watched her husband jumping for joy after his healing in The SCOAN. “The following morning I started walking freely myself and lifting things again,” she disclosed. “Only God can help us,” she assured everyone.

Anointing Clears Diabolical Skin Infection
Justina testified about her healing from a stubborn skin infection that had defied medical expertise. Alarmed by what they could see on her neck, ‘discerning’ people told Justina that her enemies had very likely attacked her spiritually. “Once the rash forms a perfect circle you will die,” they warned her. All along, however, Justina assured herself that God was in control of her situation. “A friend attended The SCOAN and brought me the Anointing Water,” she told the church on December 1, 2023. She continued, “I had a dream the night I ministered the water and saw Prophet TB Joshua and Pastor Evelyn Joshua, who prayed for me as I lay on a hospital bed.” When Justina woke up, she found that all her pain had vanished. “That was how I was set free from three years of torture and embarrassment,” she said, while advising others to put their faith in God.

Spirit Of Lust Arrested In Teenager’s Life
Fifteen-year-old Amira had stumbled upon pornographic material on her phone; at the time she was only 10 years old. Before she knew it, she became addicted to immoral contents online. “Even though my mother found out and took my phone away from me, I found myself drifting towards pornographic literature,” she told the church on December 1, 2023. On finding out what their daughter had still been up to, Amira’s parents decided to bring her for prayer in The Arena Of Liberty, especially as the spirit behind the affliction had brought anger and fear into her life. However, since her deliverance on Sunday, November 26, 2023, Amira has now embraced God’s Spirit. “Do not succumb to peer pressure,” she advised fellow teenagers and youth. Her mother expressed relief over the situation and advised parents to monitor their children with divine help. “We should all be watching Emmanuel TV,” she added

Deep Vein Thrombosis Hears The Voice Of The Lord!
Deborah could barely move owing to deep vein thrombosis—a condition that started three years ago. As the condition worsened, Deborah’s right leg kept swelling and she could barely walk. “The blood in the leg was clotting all the time, causing me severe pain and preventing me from doing my work as a baker,” she told the church on Friday, December 1, 2023. The Sunday before, she had received prayer in The Arena Of Liberty. Although she had been using a pressure sock on doctors’ advice, she had taken it off without fear after receiving prayer as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered. Since that day, she has been going about life without needing the pressure sock—and she is fine! “Doctors treat but God heals,” she told the church

Healed Of Difficulty In Walking And Stiffness Of The Neck
She was suffering from stiffness of the neck. She was also suffering from difficulty in walking. And she was equally under the bondage of a family curse. That was the unpleasant situation of 55-year-old Christiana as she sat for prayer in The Arena Of Liberty on November 26, 2023. Upon receiving prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Christiana cast off her medical aids and screamed excitedly: “I am healed!” As she pronounced herself healed, she started doing the things that she had been unable to do before: turning her neck freely and walking for the glory of God. During her testimony on Friday, December 1, 2023, she advised people to seek God in a living church. Her daughter, Success, confirmed the miracle while thanking God for freeing her from the burden of having to care for Christiana.

“I’m The Happiest Man Alive!” Man Says After Wife’s Deliverance

“I have used anger to destroy her!” boasted the demon that had been hiding in Joy’s life since her marriage a few years ago. That demon had been forced to confess in The Arena Of Liberty as an evangelist engaged it in the name of Jesus Christ, during the service of November 26, 2023. “I was afflicted with the spirit of rage; I beat up my children at will, acted violently and meanly towards my husband and I frequently insulted my customers,” Joy said five days after her deliverance. Her patient husband, Bright, had brought her to The SCOAN for prayer. To the glory of God, since her deliverance, Joy has been going about with a heart of flesh and she no longer sees the demon in her dreams. “Take your strange experiences to God,” she advised others. Bright recalled how his wife had changed shortly after marriage. “I thank God for seeing us through this period and for impacting us in The Arena Of Liberty,” he said. “I’m the happiest man on earth!” he declared. Now that there is peace in the home, he added, “I don’t think I want to leave the country anymore.” He urged others, “Be patient with God and keep praying so that God can direct you to the right church.”

Elena Witnesses God’s Hand In Her Life!
For five years Elena from Equatorial Guinea experienced heart palpitations. Because doctors could not find a cause for the problem, Elena and her husband resorted to witch doctors. However, her situation failed to improve. One day her mother advised her to start watching Emmanuel TV. As Elena prayed along on Emmanuel TV, she received her healing. Surprisingly, her husband was not quite disposed to her watching the station constantly. “We began to have issues in the home,” she said on Friday, December 1, 2023. In her bid to address the matter, the banker came to The SCOAN in June 2022, returning home with faith tools that she continued to pray with. Since then, the affection in her home has returned and her family has been prospering. “Now we watch Emmanuel TV as a family and I have been promoted to a high position at work,” she smiled.

Pastor Healed Of Erectile Dysfunction, Gets First Ever Child In Second Marriage!
A macabre dream in his younger days had been the origin of Pastor Daniel Mopho’s erectile dysfunction. His manhood had dropped into a toilet as he urinated in that dream. Later in life, he got married. The wife soon left, unable to cope with Daniel’s inner-room inadequacy. He managed to go into a second marriage, this time to a more long-suffering woman. “Unfortunately, I kept tormenting this woman even though I knew the problem was mine,” he confessed on Friday, December 1, 2023. In faith, he made his way to The SCOAN for prayer on September 11, 2022. “The woman of God laid an anointed hand on me and I fell on the floor,” he recalled. When Daniel got back up, he did so as a much lighter man. “I knew something had left me,” he insisted. He returned home with an ‘Altar Fruit’ from The SCOAN and gave it to his wife. Soon afterwards, she fell pregnant and had her baby with ease! “Seek God’s Kingdom first,” he advised others. He also urged other ministers of God to be open about their problems. “You will enjoy peace for the rest of your life,” he declared.

Anointing Heals Grievous Accident Injuries
After a grievous motorcycle accident, Regina from Cameroon found that her injuries would not heal despite all medical efforts. “The sores were so smelly that the entire home became uncomfortable for us all,” she said on Friday, December 1, 2023. Doctors had thought that Regina had diabetes, but that was not the reason for the failure of the wounds to heal. On coming into possession of the Morning Water, Regina started ministering it prayerfully and she soon saw God’s hand on her body. Today she is in fine health, healed fully. “Have faith in God; He will see you through,” she assured others.

Elderly Man Freed From Seven Years Of Pain!
Lewis, a senior Nigerian citizen, had been in pain for the last seven years because of lumbar spondylosis—a condition that meant that he could barely walk. “I was placed on numerous medications and given a lumbar support,” he said on Friday, December 1, just under a week after receiving prayer in The SCOAN. “Since then I have been moving freely,” he told the church while proving his healing. “Go to Jesus in a living church,” he advised others

Closing Benediction
Just as the service had started with prayer it also closed with prayer as Pastor Evelyn Joshua offered benediction to Heaven: “Almighty God, we bless Your holy name. Thank You for the grace You have given to us today. We thank You for Your presence in our lives. We thank You for Your promises that never change. You called Your children and revealed Yourself to them. Father, we bless Your name for this. We glorify Your name for this. We honour You for this. In Jesus Christ’s name we pray!

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