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The people had gathered, as usual, to glorify the name of the Lord for His mercies that endure forever, assured of the promise in Jeremiah 17:7—”Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, And whose hope is the Lord.” Led in worship by The SCOAN Choir, they sought to maintain their connection with the Throne Of Grace, singing songs that called down the Host of Heaven. And God’s Spirit soon went to work in the people’s systems, causing them to expel every untoward thing.

It was in the same attitude of gratitude that Evangelist James shared a message titled “BE THANKFUL”. He read from Luke 17:11-19, the passage in which only one of ten former lepers deems it wise to return to Master Jesus and thank Him for the healing that he had received. For his sense of appreciation of the Source of his miracle, this lone former leper had further blessing pronounced upon him. “Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole,” Jesus says to him in verse 19. 

Also citing scriptures such as Ephesians 5:20 and Psalm 103:1-6, Evangelist James stated that having a genuine relationship with God means being constantly grateful for all that He does for us, not taking any of His favours for granted. “Thanking and praising God means that you acknowledge Him as the Fountain of your blessings,” he noted.

As such, he urged congregants to acknowledge only God’s strength and to avoid satan’s trick to make them overlook God’s perpetual presence. Thus, he charged the people: “Focus on all the good that God has done, is doing and will do for you by thanking Him as your Saviour, Redeemer, Healer and Deliverer.”

For Them—A New Hope And A New Life!

“We are all winners, in the name of Jesus Christ!” Pastor Evelyn Joshua proclaimed at The Prayer Line. She prayed: “Father Lord, we thank You for today; thank You for this beautiful day. Father Lord, we thank You because You have loved us and saved us. We thank You because You have healed us and held us. Almighty God, we thank You because You have given us new hope and a new life.

Father, we thank You because You have filled us with Your Spirit and fed us with Your Word. Father, let the floodgate of Heaven be opened today and let Your healing fall afresh on us. Let Your deliverance fall afresh on us. Let Your blessings fall afresh on us. In the name of Jesus Christ! Almighty God, grant our heart’s desires as we continue to worship you, as we continue to praise you. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray!”

The woman of God prayed for people with various issues, such as difficulty in walking, hernia, stiff shoulder, leg ulcers, difficulty in breathing, swollen belly, skin disease, tuberculosis, bleeding, tubal blockage, endometriosis, fibroids, and drug addiction, among many other troubles.

She was later joined by The SCOAN Evangelists, who also ministered with powerful anointing that shattered satan’s design and broke every chain in the people’s lives. 

And They All Received From The Lord!

“Prepare your heart to receive from the Lord Almighty,” Evangelist Ope told the people at the start of the Mass Prayer session. He urged them to pray: “Thou Son Of David, by Your divine mercy and favour, every spirit sent into my life to steal, kill and to destroy—anywhere they are: Out, in the name of Jesus! You monitoring spirit from my father’s house, from my mother’s house—Holy Ghost fire: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph told the people to pray: “You familiar spirit, contrary spirit, demon, evil spirit— anywhere you are: Out, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Chisom told the people to pray: “You spirit, the cause of my sickness, disease— anywhere you are: Out! You sickness, anywhere you are in my body, disturbing my life, peace comfort—in the name of Jesus, listen to the voice of God: Out!” He also prayed for the people: “Every garment of sickness, infirmity, affliction—be consumed, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist James told the people: “Every spirit hindering your progress—command it out, in the name of Jesus!” He also told them to pray: “You unclean spirit hindering my progress, causing me delay—I command you: Out!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua asked the people to give thanks to God. She urged them: “Tell those challenges, afflictions, troubles, limitations in your life that you have a big God who is able to pull them down.” She prayed for them: “Let the anointing of God fall on you, breaking every yoke. Be healed from every affliction, disease! Be freed from every bondage, yoke, limitation! Be delivered from every family curse, entanglement, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

The woman of God told viewers to proclaim thus: “I am walking in the Lord! I am walking in the light of glory, grace, abundance!” She also prayed for them: “Be washed, in the name of Jesus! Receive a new life, beginning, in the name of Jesus! Be washed from that affliction, disease, disappointment, in the name of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua declared with prophetic power: “Anything that stands between you and the promise of God—right now be removed! Whatever satanic covenant of attitude, behaviour, character—break now!” The man of God also told the people, “Whatever that entered your body, system—begin to break it!” He further urged the people to declare: “You satan, I command you—leave my life!”


Healed Of Eight Years Of Arthritis!

On November 19, 2023, Rosemary, a Ghanaian, sat for prayer as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered in The Arena Of Liberty. She had come with the problem of difficulty in walking, which had come upon her after dreams in which she saw dead relatives. She moved from one hospital to the next but found no relief from her arthritis. Realising that she could not help herself, she requested to be brought for prayer. “As the woman of God prayed for me, I felt instant relief,” she said a week later, displaying the numerous drugs that she had been taking in the last seven years. “I can walk, run and jump now – look at me!” she exclaimed. She advised others to have faith in God. Her husband, Francis, said, rather hilariously, “For almost eight years this young man was suffering because his wife was suffering!” Blessing God’s name for the miracle, he advised others to seek out a living church.

Bolade’s Burns Submit To The Anointing!

Bolade was among the recipients of prayer on October 22, 2023. She was making breakfast for the family when the hot contents of a pot emptied on her legs. Although she got a lot of medical attention, her burns refused to heal and her doctors worried that diabetes might be responsible. Her husband, Victor had had to return to the kitchen after 30 years, because of his wife’s illness. Desperate for a cure, Bolade managed to make her way to The Arena Of Liberty, where an evangelist pronounced comfort upon her in the name of Jesus Christ. Today she is free from all pain! Her husband thanked God for healing her.

“Deliverance Is Real!” Declares Man Freed From Demonic Chains

Once the fire of the Holy Ghost fell upon David during the deliverance session of the service of November 19, 2023, the demon in the young man started to confess its atrocities. It claimed to have messed up the lives of the young man and his family. “It was he who invited me into his life because he was seeking help,” said the demon as it further exposed itself. “Out, in the name of Jesus Christ!” commanded the evangelist. Within minutes, David became a free man. “Rise up; you are free, in Jesus’ name,” he was told. A week later, he returned to testify in The Arena Of Liberty. He started by narrating how he had accepted help from a strange voice. “From then on, I became a different person. I went into fornication and drinking and I became unruly to my parents and siblings,” he said. Even when he went abroad, David remained the same unhappy person. However, since his deliverance that sadness has left him. He testified, “I no longer have nightmares and the spirit of anger has left me; I have also lost the urge to take what belongs to others,” he went on. David’s new life is now a source of wonder to those who used to know him. He urged parents to train their children in the way of the Lord. He also advised people with issues to take their cases to God.

Anointing Brings Breakthrough And Marital Restoration!

It was during the deliverance session of the service of November 19, 2023 that Esther kept her date with destiny. All the way from Gombe State in northern Nigeria, she had come to The SCOAN with the burden of constant anger and the spirit of hatred. “I used to fight my husband and customers and beat up my children mercilessly,” she began her testimony a week later. With the demon in her expelled, Esther now shows deep affection for her husband and children. “Seek Jesus Christ over your issues,” she advised others. Her military husband Simeon thanked God for the ease now restored to his family. “She has changed,” he confirmed. Simeon also shared his own testimony of breakthrough after attending the service of March 26, 2023. “I was delivered from the spirit of stagnation,” he said, “and I started and completed my own three-bedroom flat within five months.” He advised others, “Put your trust in God.”

Young Woman Rescued From Drug Addiction, Mother Delivered From Dark Powers!

Thirty-year-old Rachael had slipped into drug addiction and did not know how to help herself. While in secondary school, she had been at a party where she was introduced to smoking. “I lost focus in my academics and it became impossible for me to learn, so I quit schooling at the university level,” she said on November 26, 2023. Unwilling to obey her parents, she moved out of the house and deceived her parents into thinking that she was still in school. “I went into prostitution alongside my friends,” she confessed. She then started smoking weed and taking dangerous pills. Rachael ignored good advice and sank further into vice. Along the line she fell pregnant, only to be later abandoned by her baby’s father. She also started to wet her bed even as she did more drugs. A kindhearted man then offered to take her to a pastor, who prayed for her deliverance. However, the young woman slipped back into addiction, forcing the pastor to threaten her with ‘holy violence’. Eventually, after several hiccups, Rachael’s parents brought her to The Arena Of Liberty, where she had her total deliverance in Jesus’ name. “Now I am free and no longer wet my bed or dream about a man sleeping with me!” she reported. She advised the youth, “Stay away from drugs because they will damage you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.” Rachael’s parents thanked God for freeing her from addiction and the spirit of anger.

Rachael’s mother also shared her own deliverance and healing testimony. “My grandmother was an idol worshipper whose only two children died from bleeding during childbirth,” she said. In order to avoid her own mother’s fate, Rachael’s mother had agreed to undertake a ritual in the village, before her grandmother’s idol. “A certain white man started sleeping with me in the dream and I eventually married him there,” she told the church. She also narrated how she experienced a series of disappointments and how no one patronised her business. “In my dream I saw a crippled man who promised to make me rich if I abandoned my husband,” she said. Although she had come to The SCOAN over her daughter’s case, the older woman saw signs that her own case was also receiving God’s attention. “Twice I ran to the toilet but I returned to the auditorium and saw a heavenly hand touch me as the evangelist ministered,” she told the church. Now she is free from nightmares and the spirit of anger. “Wait for God’s time,” she advised others. Her husband, Monday, exhaled: “God is good – He has done so much for me!” He advised parents to expose their children to God’s Word.

Human Physiologist Receives Healing And Breakthrough!

Benjamin, a human physiologist, testified about his healing from partial paralysis caused by a stroke on the left side of his body. When the incident happened in March 2023, Benjamin had asked to be connected with Emmanuel TV. “That church no longer exists,” two people lied to him. However, he continued to encourage himself with scriptures. Eventually, he managed to pay his satellite TV subscription. By some miracle, the first station that he tuned to was Emmanuel TV. Realising that The SCOAN was still fully functional, Benjamin made his way there. “My testimony began as I stepped on the street where the church is located,” he said. He then narrated how God’s power fell upon him as an evangelist touched him in the name of Jesus Christ. The date was July 16, 2023. During his illness, Benjamin’s car business had stayed stagnant. “People were not buying cars from me despite offering them at the cost price,” he said on November 26, 2023. However, after ministering the Anointing Water on his cars, he began to witness miraculous sales! “Somebody even offered more than I was hoping to ask for,” he said with a smile. “In fact, people are coming to pay for more by tomorrow,” he added. “Only God can help us,” he assured others.

Couple Freed From Ancestral Idols

On August 20, 2023, the demon in Ochaka confessed about how it had been tormenting her since the year 2020, following her marriage to Emmanuel, whose household idols were taking revenge. On November 26, 2023, the couple returned for their testimony. Ochaka spoke first. “On our wedding night, my husband had a dream in which he saw a snake lying between us. The following morning, he came down with severe leg pain. I later came down with the same issue and more, and we started witnessing objects moving in our bodies,” she said. The spiritual onslaught continued as the couple kept having the same dreams, one of which involved their visiting The SCOAN for prayer. Ochaka knew that God’s power was at work when she began to feel hot all over as the evangelists ministered in the name of Jesus Christ. Since the deliverance, the couple has experienced transformation in all areas of life. She advised others to have faith in God. “I am here to return all the glory to the Lord for delivering me from the idols of my father’s house,” the man said. “There is peace in our marriage now,” he added. He advised others to take their issues to God. 

Three-Year-Old Healed Of Swollen Scrotum, Parents Experience Breakthrough!

It was the problem of a swollen right scrotum that brought Margaret and her three-year-old son Michael to The SCOAN on September 17, 2023. “He may have to have surgery,” doctors had told Margaret, who said that she hadn’t been worried since she was sure that God would heal her boy. “On getting home after we received prayer, I undressed my boy and discovered that all the swelling had gone!” she revealed on November 26, 2023. The prayers also brought prosperity to Margaret’s family. “Within two weeks our business flourished so much that I got a brand-new car!” She advised others to trust in God always.

In Emmanuel’s Life, God’s Hand Prevails!

Fourteen-year-old Emmanuel from Kogi State had suffered severe fire burns that affected the right part of his face, his right arm, legs and other parts of his body. He had been trying to rescue his sister and mother in a domestic fire incident when he got severely burnt. For three months, the young man suffered on the hospital bed. “I kept having transfusions even as I continued to lose blood,” he recalled. After a nurse offered the Anointing Water to Emmanuel’s mother, miraculous healing occurred in the boy’s body and he was able to leave hospital and resume school. Although Emmanuel became unruly and stubborn, doing things he was not supposed to do, God’s mercy remained steady in his life. His mother brought him to The Arena Of Liberty for prayer and the Spirit of the Lord fell upon him. “I am no longer a stubborn child and I focus on my studies now,” he said. He is also free from all pain, and classmates, friends and teachers no longer avoid him. He advised parents to be patient with their children. “Children should also obey their parents,” he added. Emmanuel’s mother, Comfort, narrated her boy’s heroic exploits during the fire incident. She also told of how the Anointing Water had stopped the bleeding from the burns while also bringing healing. “The anointing helped us to avoid surgery and it brought transformation to his behaviour,” she explained. Emmanuel’s mother also testified about her deliverance from the spirit of anger on November 19, 2023. “The spirit made me dislike my husband and caused disappointment for my children,” she said. Today, however, her heart is full of joy, hope and patience. She advised everyone to keep their hope in God.

And She Brought Forth Her Baby With Ease!

On September 18, 2022, Choice was at The Prayer Line over the issue of breech presentation. “I was feeling so much pain,” she said, “so I went to the doctor, who gave us the news when I was eight months gone.” During prayer, Choice felt her baby’s position shift and she never bothered to go for another test. “I had my baby safely and she is now a year old,” she told the church on November 26, 2023. “God is the Solution Provider,” she reminded others. Her husband, Brian, advised others to seek Jesus Christ, “the Best Solution.”

Happy 75th Birthday To SCOAN Elder Kareem!

For his 75th birthday Elder Kareem celebrated with children of The SCOAN Sunday School. Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed at the event, “We pray that we continue to celebrate with our elderly people, in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Healed Of Paravertebral Muscle Spasms!

Before entering the auditorium for the service of November 19, 2023, Judith had expressed faith in God’s power to heal her of difficulty in walking caused by paravertebral muscle spasms. She had been in the kitchen when a sudden sharp pain struck her like lightning. That was the beginning of endless trips to pharmacies and clinics. “Yet, I felt no relief,” she told the church while testifying a week later. “I could not do anything; I would even cry while eating, because every movement was painful,” she continued. Judith also told of how she felt as if cold water was poured on her as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. “Now I am back to normal and can do everything again,” she asserted. She urged people to seek God in a living church.

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