WEIGH YOUR MOTIVES - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The worship session started on a classical note as Kayode of The SCOAN Choir performed the famous Jim Reeves number “Across The Bridge”. The song reminded all of the need to approach God with a penitent and repentant heart while keeping an eye on the bliss of Paradise. The choristers then rendered numerous other songs celebrating divine power and calling for God to take control of the day’s service. “Reflect On God’s Mercies In Your Life,” the people sang as they expressed their gratitude to God Almighty. They also promised to respond a billion times to the call of the Commander, Jesus Christ. It was proof of the Holy Spirit’s presence when congregants began to fall under the power of the anointing, vomiting blood and other poisonous substances.   

Evangelist Shina shared a message titled “WEIGH YOUR MOTIVES”. He took his proof texts from Proverbs 16:1-3, Proverbs 21:2 and Jeremiah 17:9-10 but also cited Luke 20:20, Mark 2:5-8, Genesis 6:5, Jeremiah 23:24, Psalm 139:7 and Philippians 4:8. “We should see the Bible as a prized possession – as a problem solver for us and for others,” he began. It was, indeed, a blunt message to the Body of Christ, as it addressed the issue of hypocrisy among professed Christians.   

The evangelist urged congregants to act with genuine intentions at all times. One may pretend about one’s motives when fellow humans are concerned, he explained, but God always knows why we say what we say and do what we do. He said, “Appearance is deceptive and often leads to the wrong conclusions, causing many to go astray in their career, relationship, marriage, business, etc.” Quoting the words of Prophet TB Joshua, Evangelist Shina said: “While man cannot read the heart, the Lord sees our hearts like an open book.”

The evangelist further stated that one cannot get genuine results when the intentions or motives are insincere. “Our motives are weighed by the Lord,” he reiterated. He also observed that it is part of human nature to misjudge character but that God values “only holy faith, fear, love and the fruits of the Spirit that are planted in the heart beyond human discernment.” He therefore encouraged the people to examine their lives in the light of God’s Word.”

And Their Testimonies Shamed satan And His Cohorts!

At the Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua intoned to Heaven: “Almighty God, we worship You; we give You praise. Father God, we confess that You are God over everything in our lives. Almighty God, we give You thanks that whenever we call You hear us. Father, we know that You are more powerful than any situation, circumstances…. Father, we ask You to help us to overcome temptations, trials. Give us testimonies that will shame satan and his work. Father, give us testimonies that will shame satan and his cohorts, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

In faith, many with difficulty in walking presented themselves for prayer, alongside those with neck stiffness, osteoarthritis, lumbar spondylosis, wrist dislocation, prostate enlargement, asthma, goitre, cataracts, high blood pressure and other conditions that do not embarrass Jesus Christ. And because they came with a steadfast look at The Crucified One, they were all set free!   

The Great Physician also took control of cases of breech presentation, bleeding, fibroids, cysts or threatened foetal growth.   

Furthermore, anointed prayer freed those suffering from drug addiction, mental disorder, goitre, bipolar disorder, hand/foot ulcers, skin disease, swollen belly, boils, injuries of all sorts, and fire burns, among others.

And The Lord Commanded Darkness To Leave!

“Indeed, there is no one like our God,” said Evangelist Joseph as the Mass Prayer session started. “It is time to wage war against your adversary,” he added. He further told the people, “Purify your heart with the Blood Of Jesus.” Evangelist Joseph prayed: “Every demon, unclean spirit, familiar spirit – those messengers of satan, demonic covenants that are not of Jesus – Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Evangelist James prayed: “Every family idol, ancestral spirit holding you down – Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Evangelist Ope told congregants to pray: “Every garment of infirmity, sickness, disease over my life, anywhere you are – Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Evangelist Chisom told the people to pray: “You spirit, the cause of my sickness, anywhere you are: Out! Whatever spirit that is blocking my breakthrough, anywhere you are: Out!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua urged the people to pray: “Father, have Your way in me; have Your place in my life.”

The woman of God prayed for the people: “We command every spirit that is troubling your life to go, in the name of Jesus! We command every spirit that steals, kills and destroys to leave, in the name of Jesus! We command every spirit of manipulation, confusion – every spirit that is not of God operating in your life, home, business – we command it to go now, in the name of Jesus!

Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on Your children! Be healed from that affliction, disease, infirmity, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be delivered from that stagnation, failure, family curse, hatred! Every soul that is under a cage – be loosed right now, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every wandering spirit – discover yourself! Peace in your life, soul, spirit Receive your healing, deliverance, breakthrough, freedom, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua declared: “I command that darkness to leave you, in the name of Jesus! Darkness stands for every misfortune – that sickness, that evil spirit, that spirit of stagnation, that spirit of setback, that spirit of nightmares – I command them to leave you, in the name of Jesus! Whatever evil spirits have with you – I separate you, in the name of Jesus! Every chain – be broken, in the name of Jesus! Whatever chain that connects you with evil spirits – be broken, in the name of Jesus!”


“The Fire Was Too Much For Me To Handle”—An Incredible Deliverance For Mary!

On November 12, 2023, right inside The Arena Of Liberty, the world saw an astonishing display of God’s power as the One-On-One session exposed the demon in Mary. Among many other things, the demon in Mary said that she was to die in two days’ time. As fire from Heaven burned through Mary, however, she vomited a chain of white beads that had been lodged inside her. As the fire continued to burn through her, Mary cut off the beaded anklets that she had on both feet. “I came from an idol-worshipping family,” she said at the start of her testimony on November 19, 2023. “I used to eat some of the food offered to the idols,” she continued. She recalled how she used to dream about snakes always. “I used to see myself in dreams among mermaids,” she added. “My mother told me that a snake had coiled around me, playing with me, while I was a baby,” said an emotional Mary.

Even though she moved from the village to a city, Mary continued to be followed around by the demons of her parents’ household. She told of how she had lost favour with her nice boss. “He gifted me some kind of image that broke accidentally and he disliked me from then on; he even sacked me,” she said. The demons also gave Mary the spirit of anger. “Whenever I was angry, I could not be pacified until I had seen blood, even my own blood,” she said. In the course of seeking a better life, Mary was tricked into prostitution in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). “I was there for a couple of years until my deportation this year,” she said tearfully. Before travelling to the UAE, Mary had seen a coffin in her dream and had told her mother about it. “She told me the dream meant long life,” Mary recalled. A short while after, however, Mary’s mother passed away.

In the UAE, Mary made friends with an Asian young woman, who gave her beads and instructed her thus: “From now on you are forbidden to strike any steel object hard on the floor.” Mary disobeyed. From then on, she began to hear a clang around 3 a.m. “After my menstruation, I would see myself throwing babies into the river,” she said. Mary knew that this meant that she could not get pregnant. “I slept with loads of men just to fall pregnant but it never happened, and I also kept cuddling a spirit husband every night,” she continued. But the children kept showing up in Mary’s dreams, sometimes making it hard for her to sleep.

Mary continued her testimony. “People used to worship me in dreams, although they couldn’t see my face,” she said. One day, an old woman carrying a baby appeared to Mary in real life – just after she saw the same woman in her dream. While seeking emotional and financial support, Mary linked up with a female friend who persuaded her to return to prostitution. Along the line, she got a tattoo on her friend’s advice. She also started receiving gifts of beads from friends of both genders. “Each time I got such gifts, I would have strange experiences but I ignored them,” she said. She also told of how she cursed a man. “He lost his life within two days and his wife miscarried,” Mary said about the case. “I started to use those powers against anyone who angered me,” she said.

Mary’s road to redemption started when she was made to pray alongside Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Mary’s friend’s uncle had insisted that she engage in the prayer, which caused divine fire to surge through her. The prayer had been a precondition for Mary to live with his family. Mary then prepared to return to prostitution. However, Heaven made it rain endlessly that day and Mary shelved the idea of ‘hustling for the night’. A few days later, while on the beach with her friend, Mary ‘connected’ with the marine world by offering them some sacrifice. “I almost went away with them that night,” she said.

To the glory of God, however, Mary managed to make her way to The SCOAN. “Many things had tried to prevent me from attending that service,” she said, “but God took control.” In the end, the Holy Spirit overpowered Mary! She recalled, “As the evangelist tapped my head, my head caught fire; it was as if a blaze was set off in me.” Since her deliverance, Mary has been enjoying a new life in Jesus Christ—no more dreams about old women or crying babies! “I am now a fertile woman,” she declared. She advised people to stay with God. “God will come through for you the way he did for me,” she concluded.

Nine-Year-Old Healed Of Eight Years Of Asthma!

Nine-year-old Daziba was diagnosed with asthma when he was just a year and two months old. All through the years, his parents did all they could to fetch him a cure but it was all to no avail. “We had to exempt him from many chores at home,” said his father on November 19, 2023. “At times, his inhaler and nebuliser were unable to bring him relief and we would have to rush him to the hospital,” he continued. In faith, during the Partners’ Meeting of November 18, 2023, Daziba received a touch from Heaven as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered prayers of healing and deliverance. Since receiving this divine solution, Daziba has been in fine health. “He has been doing things he couldn’t do before,” said his father. “There is nothing God cannot do,” he assured the world. Daziba himself said, “I feel totally fine.” He also told the church, “Keep having faith in God.”

Gone Now – 14 Years Of Severe Waist Pain!

When she sat at The Prayer Line on November 12, 2023, Rose, a Nigerian living in Italy, had been suffering from severe waist pain for well over a decade. Although she explored all medical options, including submitting to surgery and using crutches, she never really got permanent relief. In faith, however, she left her base for Nigeria to receive prayer in The Arena Of Liberty. “My body was really cool as Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed for me in Jesus’ name,” said Rose as she shared her testimony a week later. Since then, she has been sleeping peacefully and walking without feeling any pain. “Do not give up on God; keep praying and you will receive your own miracle,” she advised the world.

After Decades Of Stagnation, Theophilus Finds God!

It was a demon from his father’s side that had meant to render Theophilus’ life useless. During childhood, the spirit of lust had possessed him as he role-played with other children. As a young adult, he invested so much of his resources into lustful activities. “I slept with so many women and masturbated several times a day,” he recalled on November 19, 2023. The demon also made Theophilus unstable as an employee. “I could just quit a job on my own or get sacked for no reason,” he explained. Meanwhile, Theophilus had become something of an agnostic, not caring about God’s existence. “I didn’t care much about going to church,” he said. Subsequently, he started to notice a pattern in his life: constant rejection by potential employers. He also applied for a visa that was denied. “At some point I became suicidal,” he narrated. On November 12, he had received a touch from Heaven that changed his life. Since then he has been witnessing transformation. “I am about to complete the process for a juicy job offer,” he went on. He advised parents to watch over their children. “Always acknowledge God,” he said.

Eight Years Of Arthritis Gone!

For the last eight years, Theresa had suffered from difficulty in walking caused by arthritis – a condition that had worsened in the last two years. Her doctors had suggested surgery but, as a believer in God’s power, she had made her way to The SCOAN for prayer on Sunday, November 12. Upon receiving prayer as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered, Theresa became free from all pain! She advised people to take their challenges to God. “Jesus Christ will save you,” she said. Her sister confirmed the testimony. 

Delivered From Vicious Household Demon!

The demon in Isata was a stubborn one – a fact that was evident as the evangelist commanded fire into it during the One-On-One session. Within minutes, however, the demon lost all its power as the Spirit of the Lord took control on Sunday, November 12, 2023. A week later, Isata returned to share her testimony. “Because we were experiencing sudden deaths in the family, my parents decided to build a shrine in our compound,” she began. “They brought a mighty snake that my mother used to offer food to, and I used to eat some of the food,” Isata told the church a week later. Yet, her family continued to suffer loss. She also used to have a dream in which she would see herself trapped in some forest. “I wouldn’t be able to find my way out from the forest,” she said. Moreover, she used to see a man get intimate with her in the dream. When Isata got married, the demon from her father’s house made it impossible for her to enjoy her marriage. “My sisters are unmarried even though they have children,” she said with a tone of regret. She also told of how poverty had affected her family and how the devil had kept trying to stop her from watching Emmanuel TV. “Our TV sets were just developing faults,” she recalled. Since her deliverance, Isata has had confirmatory dreams and has been sleeping peacefully. “Nobody is too big for God to handle and nobody is too small for God to settle,” she advised the world.   

For God’s Glory, Yuwa Is No Longer In Pain!

Weeks ago, 13-year-old Yuwa had suffered a muscle strain after a fall. For three weeks she could not go to school, as she was unable to walk or move without pain. Despite taking numerous medications, she had failed to get better – until God stepped into her case on October 22, 2023. After receiving prayer as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered, Yuwa felt instant relief. “God is dependable and reliable; trust in Him,” she advised congregants. Her mother had had to abandon work to care for her. “I also developed a sharp pain in my side while caring for her,” Yuwa’s mother disclosed, saying that she had received prayer alongside her daughter. To the glory of God, both mother and daughter are now fine! “Take your issues to God,” she advised the world.

Arm Fracture Receives Divine Touch!

Maryanne had been descending a staircase one day when she tripped and virtually lost consciousness. Sprawled on the staircase for many minutes, she finally managed to reach for her phone and call some of her family members, who helped her to get to the clinic. “I was given drugs and my arm was put in a cast,” she told the church on Sunday, November 19, 2023. However, on returning home, Maryanne found that the arm had started to swell and she could not feel any sensation in it. Realising that only God could rescue her, she had made her way to The SCOAN on May 21, 2023. “As Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed for me in Jesus’ name, divine power surged through me and my body began to shake,” she recollected. Since that time, Maryanne has been able to use all her limbs freely. “Put God first in all that you do,” she advised others.

“They Treated Me Like A President!” Says Man Who Received Divine Breakthrough

Adam from Ghana shared his breakthrough testimony. For over 30 years, he had worked for an agency in his country and risen through the ranks as a regional director. Despite his position, however, his standard of living had been unflattering to his family and neighbours. “People wondered why I didn’t appear to be doing well,” he said on November 19, 2023. After a dream encounter with an image of Prophet TB Joshua, Adam had made his way to The SCOAN for the prayer of breakthrough. “I went home with the Anointing Water,” he said, “and started to minister it prayerfully.” Tapping into the divine promise that 2023 is the Year of Your Laughter, Adam continued to ask God to give him laughter. After refusing to eat food offered him in the dream, he received the news of his breakthrough: He was invited to fill a visa application form for the United States of America! Arriving at the U.S. Embassy in Ghana, Adam received the sort of treatment meant for presidents. “They treated me like a president,” he recalled excitedly. He advised people to claim their own laughter for 2023.

“My Stagnation Ended The Day I Stepped Into This Church!”

Nigerian Police superintendent Gwegwe, who had joined the service in 1988 as a constable, testified about her healing from an ear trouble and her elevation at work. She had been viciously slapped by a lout at the bus park. “I searched for a solution in so many places but it was all to no avail,” she said on November 19, 2023. She also told about how she had received her healing from chest trouble after urinating and vomiting during a ministration by Prophet TB Joshua. On returning home with the Anointing Water, she started to minister it and soon received her healing from the ear trouble. In no time, too, Gwegwe began to experience promotion at work. “Somebody put my name on a list for a training promotion and today I am a superintendent,” she said. She had spent 24 years in stagnation! Gwegwe also testified about the favour that her son received as he applied for a visa to India. She also spoke about her daughter’s success with her undergraduate project, which had been kept on hold because of issues with her supervisor. Continuing her testimony, Gewgwe, who has also qualified as a lawyer, told of how the anointing had saved her from numerous accidents. “God’s time is the best,” she declared emphatically. Gwegwe’s son thanked God for everything.

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