DON’T END IT! - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


To start off the service of November 12, 2023, The SCOAN Choir sang prayerfully: “As We Gather/May Your Spirit Dwell Within Us/We’ll Be Blessed/Because We Came!” They also asked the Holy Spirit to pray through everyone as they looked up to Jehovah, the Mighty Warrior without comparison. Soon, the Host Of Heaven descended into the midst of the people!   

Evangelist Joseph shared a powerful sermon of encouragement with the title “DON’T END IT”. He read from Isaiah 53:5 and 2 Kings 7:3 while referencing other relevant bits of Scripture. He addressed issues of hopelessness, depression and frustration, among others, that have lately been causing people to end their lives. According to the evangelist, Christians, because they have Jesus Christ, have no reason whatsoever to consider running away from their challenges, not to talk of quitting the world by their own hands.

Evangelist Joseph reminded everyone that Jesus has paid the price for their freedom, hence their need to step out of bondage of any form. “Why do we allow satan’s tactics to be successful?” he asked the people. He urged them to not be weighed down by their past, saying, “Jesus Christ has broken the power over your past sins and mistakes.” He further observed, “Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection represent the end to your past, the end to your problem, the end to your debt as a sinner and death as your punishment.”

As to how best to give themselves hope and live according to God’s purpose, the people were encouraged to embrace salvation in Jesus Christ, who loves unconditionally. “Striving to know Jesus better,” the evangelist said, “is the best gift you can give yourself.” As he ended the message, Evangelist Joseph assured the people: “Christ is risen! You are risen! Your health is risen! Your career is risen! Your finances are risen! Your business is risen back to life! Therefore, don’t end it now no matter the circumstances!”

And They All Had Rest in Jesus Christ!

At The Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua offered supplication to Heaven: “Heavenly Father, Gracious God, we have gathered here once again. Father, have mercy on us. Let Your compassion speak for us. Your Word in Matthew 11:28 says, ‘Come to me, all ye that labour and are heavy-laden and I will give you rest.’ Rest, You say, O Lord! We desire to desist from self and doubt.

Almighty God, help us! Fill us with the confidence to know that You will do Your work in us today. Almighty God, touch us in a special way. Heal our lives! Heal our souls! Heal our spirits from every pain and hurt, in the name of Jesus Christ! Father, deliver us from every temptation as we submit our lives to You through Christ, our King. In Jesus Christ’s name, we pray! Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Jesus!”

With the atmosphere in The Arena Of Liberty now fully charged with the Holy Spirit, the woman of God proceeded to pray for the levelling of all mountains in the people’s lives – mountains such as difficulty in walking, gout, hypertension, diabetes, stomach ulcers, severe waist pain, sickle cell anaemia, shoulder dislocation, wrist fracture, nose bleeding, asthma, goitre, swollen belly, hernia, etc. 

The woman of God also uttered prophetic words of prayer upon all the pregnant women who had come to seek God’s attention.

Alongside Pastor Evelyn Joshua, The SCOAN Evangelists also ministered prayers of healing, deliverance and breakthrough for the ultimate salvation of the people’s souls. Cleared away by the Great Physician were cases of fibroids, piles, congestive heart failure, mental disorder, schizophrenia, stroke, swollen scrotum, erectile dysfunction, skin disease, leg/hand ulcers, swollen legs, etc.  

Throughout The SCOAN Auditorium, the presence of the Holy Spirit could be felt as efficacious utterances issued from the faculties of Pastor Evelyn Joshua and The SCOAN Evangelists, causing the pulling down of all strongholds of darkness in the people’s lives.

Incredible: Woman Vomits Demonic Beads During Prayer!

In a spectacular scene during the One-On-One Session, a woman vomited a demonic chain of beads as the evangelist called down fire from Heaven! Indeed, she has been cut loose from her chains in the name of Jesus Christ!

Cut Loose From All Bondage In Jesus’ Name!

“God Is Already Here/Can’t You Feel His Presence/All You Need To Do/Is To Open Your Heart?” sang Pastor Evelyn Joshua at the start of the Mass Prayer session.

The woman of God told the people to pray thus: “Lord Jesus Christ, open up my heart to your Word and Spirit so that I may understand what Your will is in my situation. Lord Jesus Christ, give me the grace not to be ignorant of my faith under tension and pressure. Lord Jesus Christ, grant me the counsel so that I may be able to choose the right way. Lord Jesus Christ, let Your healing power flow into every part of my body, system! Lord Jesus Christ, let Your deliverance power flow into my body and set me free from every evil affair, in the name of Jesus!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua also prayed for the people: “I command every doubt within you today to turn to strong faith, in the name of Jesus Christ! I command every fear within you to turn to quiet confidence, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every soul that is under the bondage of sickness – Out, in the name of Jesus! Every sickness, affliction in your soul, spirit, body: Out! Every sickness that came into your life through the sins of your ancestors – we say, ‘Out, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be delivered from that chain, entanglement, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

For viewers all over the world, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “We command everything that is standing between you and God’s promises to be removed, in the name of Jesus Christ! We command every bondage to be loosed, in the name of Jesus Christ! Receive your healing, deliverance, breakthrough in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Evangelist Ope told the people to declare: “Every spirit that steals and kills in my life – anywhere you are: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph told the people: “Every ancestral spirit, familiar spirit, evil spirit, contrary spirit – anywhere they are: Command them out!” He also told them to pray: “You messenger of satan against my life, attacking me – I command you, I order you, in the name of Jesus: Out!”

Evangelist Chisom urged the people to pray: “You spirit – the cause of my sickness, disease – anywhere you are in my body, in the name of Jesus: Out! You sickness, disease – listen to the voice of God: Out!”

Evangelist James prayed: “Every yoke of limitation, disappointment, delay – be broken, in the name of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua urged the people to declare: “Devil, unclean spirits – out of my body! The cause of challenges, situation, sickness and disease – out of my body! Out of my body, blood, kidneys, liver – you affliction! Out, in the name of Jesus!” The man of God further prayed for the people: “Wherever sickness, disease is located – be removed, in the name of Jesus! Wherever disease, affliction is in your system – I command it out, in the name of Jesus! Every unfavourable situation – end, in the name of Jesus! Viewers, your position is known to God. Be set free, in the name of Jesus! Arise, in the name of Jesus! Your career – rise and shine, in Jesus’ name!”


Anointing Heals Grievous Skin Disease

For the last four years, Patience had been suffering from a severe skin infection that used to make her scratch herself really hard with a coarse brush. “It caused me so much embarrassment and I couldn’t go out much,” she told the church on November 12, 2023. To the glory of God, Patience came across the New Anointing Water and she moved in faith. “I ministered it and my body became hot,” she recalled. From then on, she became free from the affliction. “My closed left eye opened and I became whole again,” she added. She advised people to seek God’s help always.

“Now I Call Him Honey!”

During the deliverance session of the service of November 5, 2023, the demon in Monica boasted, “I am a giant man!” It also said that it would make Monica’s life miserable if she cut ties with it. Despite all the boasting, however, the demon succumbed as the evangelist commanded fire upon it! In excitement, Monica’s husband, James, exclaimed after the deliverance, “She is now my wife – the woman I married!” A week later, the couple returned for their testimony. “The demon caused problems in my marriage and made me wet my bed at night; it also gave me the spirit of fear,” Monica began her story. Since the encounter last week, Monica has come into a new life. “Now I talk calmly and respectfully when addressing my husband; in fact, now I call him Honey,” she smiled. She is also free from nightmares and bed-wetting. Monica begged her husband for all the mistreatment of the past and advised others to seek God’s help. James recalled how things had been so rough with his wife. “She was a hard nut to crack,” he said, “but I thank God there is now so much affection between us.” Advising people to rely on God, he declared: “With all my heart I have forgiven her!”

Saved From The Spirit Of Lust!

The spirit of lust – that was the affliction in the life of Christine. Its intention was to prevent her from marrying and to cause her to waste her resources on frivolities. The confessions had emerged on Sunday, October 29, 2023 as an evangelist prayed for Christine inside The Arena Of Liberty. “I came from an idol-worshipping family,” recalled Christine on November 12, 2023. She told of how she had had a hard life after her parents and her grandmother passed away. “I used to dream about somebody chasing me,” she said. Anytime she had the dream she would find it impossible to get help. “My relationships always ended in disappointment, so I decided to start dating without the intention to marry,” she continued. However, a void remained in Christine’s heart. “I hardly slept at night because I was always bothered about my life; I even got deported after I managed to travel overseas,” she added. Since her deliverance, however, Christine has been receiving favours from those who had abandoned her all these years. “Now I sleep peacefully and I am no longer troubled by the spirit of lust. “Those men have stopped calling me,” she confirmed. She advised people to take their issues to God.

“If You Have The Mouth To Pray, God Is There To Answer You!”

While growing up, Delphine used to have a certain dream. Frequently people fed her in those dreams and she saw snakes there too. “Those things caused problems for me in my first marriage,” she told the church on Sunday, November 12, 2023. She also said that her second marriage barely survived her anger issues. “In our family, we used to have a certain leg problem and it claimed the lives of six of my grandmother’s children,” she continued. Determined to break that pattern in her own life, Delphine had presented herself for prayer and God’s hand had fallen upon her mightily. “Since my deliverance, I have been sleeping like a baby and I no longer have those bad dreams in which people used to feed me,” the Cameroonian disclosed. She added, “The spirit of anger is gone, just like the snakes that used to appear in my dreams.” She advised everyone: “Hold on to the Lord; He alone has the solutions. If you have the mouth to pray, God is there to answer you.” Delphine’s sister also testified about the impact of prayer on her issue of ceased menstruation for the past four months. “Now I no longer need surgery for the cysts in my uterus,” she said. She advised people to hold on to God.

And Joshua Comes Under The Shadow Of The Almighty God!

For a good 15 years, Joshua had toiled in Europe as an immigrant. Now back to his home country, he had nothing to show for all his labour. On November 5, 2023, the demon in him had confessed that it had afflicted him with poverty and sexual immorality. A week later, Joshua returned to testify. He recalled how a strange dream in his childhood had preceded the difficulties he would face later in life. “My family lacked love and there was no progress in the lives of those I left back home,” he admitted. He also said that he knew he was in some kind of bondage, since he used to dream about snakes biting him and strange voices calling his name. “I would come home to Nigeria with a lot of cash,” he continued, “but I would waste it all on women.” Since his deliverance, Joshua has been free from the urge to waste time on the phone. “I no longer have those nightmares that troubled my life,” he added. He advised people to stick with God and to avoid negative influence.

At God’s Command, Favour’s Spirit Husband Loses The Battle!

The demon in Favour was a mean spirit husband who afflicted her with anger and isolated her from the rest of society. On Sunday, November 12, 2023, she began her testimony by recalling how she was initiated into the dark world after an encounter with an old woman. “I began to have strange dreams from then on,” she told the church. “I hated men so much and I was always angry,” she said. Disclosing that her relationships hardly went beyond a week, Favour gave details of how she lost her fourth relationship after a bloody fight in the young man’s presence. “If you offended, I would utter a negative pronouncement on you and it would affect you,” she continued. One day, on sighting Favour’s face, a discerning man had run away as fast as he could! Apparently, he had seen the demon controlling Favour’s life. “I was embarrassed about it,” she said. Despite all her efforts, however, Favour could not get rid of the spirit husband. “During a sleepover, my close female friend informed me about the warning that she received from my spirit husband,” she went on. She disclosed the experience to her mother, who instructed her to come home for her deliverance. Favour said she had had a dream in which an image of Prophet TB Joshua rescued her from an axe-wielding man. “The Spirit of the Lord arrested me during the service of November 5, so I could not run away as I had planned to,” she recalled. She advised children to open up to their parents and to seek God’s help. Today, Favour is a new creature indeed! Confirming the transformation, Favour’s mother, Uju, glorified God for the transformation. “She’s been sleeping peacefully and all her anger issues are gone,” Uju said. She advised parents to seek God’s help in a living church.

“I Have Been Receiving Divine Favour Since Marrying Her!”

Ijeoma had been experiencing setbacks in life. Unknown to her, a spirit husband was behind it all. In trying to solve the problem, she had gone to a witch doctor but her situation had worsened. “A man started trying to sleep with me in the dream; sometimes I would dream of being wedded in a grand way,” she told the church on November 12, 2023. Along the line, she had four suitors each of whom backed out at the last minute. “I became worried because I was sure that there was a problem,” she continued. Also worried, Ijeoma’s mother did her best in searching for a solution at witch doctors’ homes. After bringing herself for deliverance in The Arena Of Liberty in May 2023, however, within a few months Ijeoma met another suitor whom she married on October 21, 2023. “Now I am a married woman!” she declared. She advised people to avoid addiction to worldly things and to stick with God. Her husband, Kelvin, said, “I call her my prayer point, as I have been receiving divine favour since marrying her.”

“Toluwalope, Today Is Your Day!”

Afflicted with the spirit of anger by a wandering demon who had strolled into her in the village, Toluwalope had found it difficult to settle down with any of the many suitors who had been asking to marry her. “My parents knew about it and took me for many deliverance services, but my problem remained,” said Tolu at the start of her testimony on November 12, 2023. She continued, “People just didn’t like to associate with me, even at work, and I became suicidal.” It was a miserable time indeed for the young woman. “I had to get a friend to talk to my colleagues but they couldn’t state precisely what I had done to them,” she continued. At one time, she submitted a proposal that was initially received with enthusiasm. “But the man stopped picking my calls and I couldn’t reach him for the last five years,” she said. And there was also a strange pattern in Tolu’s life: She used to fight at every wedding she was invited to – for some strange reason. “I fought at no fewer than six weddings; a spirit would just overwhelm me and make me act badly,” she opened up. To the glory of God, however, during the service of November 5, she heard a voice that told her, “Toluwalope, today is your day!” As a touch fell upon Tolu, the demon in her manifested, confessing its many atrocities. Since then Tolu has become a new creature in Jesus Christ. “On Monday, my boss greeted me specially and ordered a perfume for me – quite unexpectedly,” said Tolu as she recounted the changes in her life. She equally told of how she had passed a test of patience as she returned home in public transportation. “My colleagues also became warm to me,” she continued. Even more, she received a surprise call from the man to whom she had submitted a proposal five years ago! And regarding relationships, a radiant Tolu said: “I got a call from a suitor who abandoned me three years ago; he says is coming to Nigeria this month!” She urged the people, “Come to Jesus Christ!” Her friend, Wuraola, confirmed the transformation and glorified God’s name.

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