DAY 2 OF THE CRUSADE IN KENYA: THE VICTORY, OUR FAITH - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Daring the bright yet gentle sunshine of the City Under the Sun, Nairobi, thousands trooped into the Kasarani Moi International Stadium on October 14, 2023. With faith in their hearts and a readiness to pray without ceasing, the people assembled for ministration of the Word in the power of the Holy Spirit.


The day’s events opened with a prayer by Prophet Andrew Omondi, followed by a welcome address by Dr. Ekrah Ndungu. As good Christians, congregants then recited the national anthem of Kenya and that of the East African Community (EAC).

Sang the choristers as they prepared the atmosphere for the Spirit of God: “I’ll Bring My Guilt/Before The Blood Of The Lamb/So That You Can Pray Through Me.” Having asked the Holy Spirit to teach the people to pray, the singers rendered another Spirit-filled composition by God’s General Prophet TB Joshua: “Your Spirit In My Heart Cries Naturally/Abba Father/Take My Heart Away From Fleshly Desires/Abba Father!” Within minutes, the ambience was fully taken over by heavenly presences!

The anchors for the day were Dr. Job Mbeki and Ms. Sheila Bitutu, who successively introduced two of the gospel artistes who had played on Day 1: South Africa’s Rofhiwa and Tanzania’s Christina Shusho. Their soul-piercing ministrations showed the necessity of acknowledging God and exalting His name when approaching Him for healing, deliverance, blessings and breakthrough.  

Words Of Exhortation For The People

Evangelist Ope exhorted congregants on the place and power of faith in the believer’s life. Reading from Mark 2:1-5, he announced his message title as “SHOW YOUR FAITH”. He asked, “Can Jesus see your faith?” He then followed up the question with a categorical statement: “A true believer must not only know his faith but also show it.”

On the spectacular efforts of friends of the paralytic man, Evangelist Ope noted that they demonstrated uncommon faith and thereby attracted Jesus’ attention. He told the people that Jesus Christ always works out the answer when we make our faith practical. In his words: “When you show your faith, Jesus will show His power, glory, mercy and face. And when Jesus shows His face, your case is settled.”

As he concluded, however, Evangelist Ope stressed the importance of love. “As you show your faith,” he reminded the people, “don’t forget to show your love because faith works by love.”

Dr. Ekrah Ndungu then read the profile of Pastor Evelyn Joshua, while Rev. Justin Imailuk invited the woman of God to the pulpit.  

“I greet you all in the name of the Lord,” Pastor Evelyn Joshua said to congregants as she raised a song: “Forever, O Lord, Your Word Is Settled!” She prayed, “Father, we thank You for your great manifestations.”

The woman of God summed up her message from Day 1 and said to the people: “Prayer is the key. Your heart is the prayer room, a temple of God, so guard your heart and your thoughts.” For the day’s sermon, “THE VICTORY, OUR FAITH”, she spoke on how faith and “radical obedience” to God’s directives can bring victory. She read from 1 John 5:4-5. She described faith as the cause of victory – the spiritual armour with which Christians overcome sin.  

Most of our crises, she continued, are the result of “hampered faith”, which manifests as failing “to give Christ His proper place and position” in our lives. She therefore urged the people to be wary of the role of sin in weakening faith. “The more we lust after the gains of the world,” she said, “the more the distance between us and belief in Christ.”

Continuing, she said that people of faith are led by “the indwelling spirit of grace”, which guides the believer to do only things approved by God, without acting out of a desire for fame, popularity or money. She also reminded congregants that God’s supernatural nature helps to overcome all trials but that the Christian must be aware of God’s presence and ways. She explained: “Radical obedience positions you for victory after victory, favour after favour, goodness after goodness because it preserves your relationship with God, Who makes you victorious over everything.”

Concerning how to battle the enemy, Pastor Evelyn Joshua identified the need to have supernatural weapons of offence and defence, since success in battle is determined by what we do before any battle starts. Accordingly, she encouraged the people to submit totally to God regardless of their conditions. Indeed, as the woman of God had noted in her introduction, “All who overcome the world do so by the renewing of their mind with the Word of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Not everyone overcomes the world but he that believes that Jesus is the Messiah.”

Of A Truth, We Serve A Living God!

During the ministration of prayers on Day 2 of The Crusade In Kenya, the anointing moved yet again all over the Kasarani Moi International Stadium as Pastor Evelyn Joshua spoke words of fire and power into the lives and situations of the people.

As the arrow of prayers struck agents of darkness, demons screamed, shrieked and writhed in terror and pain, begging to be let go of. Glory be to God Almighty, none of the cases escaped the anointing that was in abundance!

Deliverance, healing, blessings and breakthrough were all available for all who had come for an anointed touch as The SCOAN Evangelists joined Pastor Evelyn Joshua in proving once more that we serve a living God – of a truth!

As the prayers progressed, congregants also received ministration of the New Anointing Water –a gift from Heaven that has been blessing lives all over the world! Only believe – and you will receive the incredible!

And Jesus Christ Revealed Himself To The People!

Said Pastor Evelyn Joshua to the people at the start of the Mass Prayer session on Day 2 of The Crusade in Kenya: “Wherever you are, get connected – get connected and be healed, delivered, saved! It is time to take all that satan has stolen from you!”

She asked them to pray: “Lord Jesus Christ, I have come to you. Reveal yourself to me. Lord Jesus Christ, heal me, deliver me!”

She also prayed for the people: “We speak healing into your life, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be healed from that disease, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every shackle, chain, entanglement in your life – be broken! Every form of sickness – we command it out right now, in the name of Jesus! Be it diabetes, hypertension, low sperm count – we command it out right now, in the name of Jesus! Be delivered, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Evangelist James told the people: “Whatever spirit behind that sickness – begin to command it out, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Joseph prayed: “Every contrary spirit, every demon, anywhere they are – say: Out! We command every demon, every messenger of satan, every unclean spirit – in the name of Jesus, bow!”

Evangelist Chisom told the people to pray: “You contrary spirit, anywhere you are – in the name of Jesus: Out! You evil spirit, disturbing my life, your end has come. I command you by the fire of the Holy Ghost: Out!”

Evangelist Ope told the people to pray: “Every contrary spirit disturbing your life – Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua asked the people to declare: “I am healed! I am blessed! I am delivered! I am freed! I am linked up with God! Disease and failure are things of the past! Thank You, Jesus!”

As the overall aim of the Crusade was the salvation of the people’s souls, the woman of God led them for an altar call. She told them to say: “Father Jesus, I come to you as I am. I believe and confess that You are the Son of God. You died and rose from the dead. And right now You are sitting at the right hand of the Father, interceding for me. Father, I am a sinner. Wash me with Your precious Blood. Save my soul today, in the name of Jesus Christ!”


For Lydia, The End Came For 10 Years Of Pain!

On Day 1 of The Crusade In Kenya, Lydia was one of the thousands who had their expectations met by Jesus Christ. The 57-year-old had come in from Arusha, Tanzania, suffering from difficulty in walking for the last 10 years. The cause was arthritis, as confirmed by the countless doctors that she had visited. Despite using a brace and taking numerous medications, she remained unable to move without pain. Upon receiving ministration, however, Lydia received her instant healing. “My daughters were also impacted by God’s power,” she testified. She urged people to trust in God’s power.

Anointing Restores Skin Of Baby Who Suffered Severe Scalding

Audrey was away in Nairobi when she received news from Mombasa that her daughter had been scalded grievously in a hot-water incident. Although troubled by the situation, she did not lose faith in God’s ability to heal her daughter. As such, she and her husband decided to pray along with Prophet TB Joshua on The SCOAN’s social media platforms. Audrey’s daughter recuperated way before the three months that the doctors had envisaged. She advised people to believe in God’s power.  

Fourteen Years On, Love Remains Free From Spirit Of Suicide!

Love’s deliverance came after a prophecy from God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua 14 years ago. The prophecy had exposed the suicidal spirit that had been running Love‘s life. The vile spirit made her disrespectful to her husband and it made her lose affection for her baby. “Take this child wherever you feel like,” she had told her mother in one of the fits of anger with which the demon constantly afflicted her. “One fateful day, I would have killed myself if my husband hadn’t walked in on me just in time,” she recalled on Day 2 of The Kenya Crusade. She continued, “Something came out of me after Prophet TB Joshua prayed for me during that Sunday service.” Love confirmed that her thoughts have continued to be free, even as she has had full affection for her husband since then. She advised congregants to put a demand on the anointing and to make God’s Word the standard for their lives.  

Anointing Rescues Bibian’s Leg!

On Day 1 of The Kenya Crusade, Bibian received her full healing from difficulty in walking following an auto accident. Her doctors had feared that her fractured leg need amputation. However, one of her daughters had expressed faith in God’s power to heal the injured woman. Upon constant ministering of the New Morning Water, Bibian avoided amputation and recovered. However, she continued using a walking aid. After prayer yesterday, however, she has dropped her walking aid – to the glory of God! Her daughter assured congregants, “Your own hour has come.” Her mother said, “Now I can do all that I was unable to do before; God is good all the time!”

Hilary’s Stiff Neck Now A Thing Of The Past!

With a medical collar strapped around his neck, Hilary from Arusha, Tanzania had attended Day 1 of The Kenya Crusade. Last year, he had been involved in an accident and the pain from his injuries had prevented him from functioning effectively both at home and work. Since yesterday, however, he has been able to move around swiftly and to turn his neck easily. “I slept without pain last night,” he told the people while advising them to accept Jesus Christ.

Everything That Has A Beginning…

After the Mass Prayer ministration, Pastor Evelyn Joshua thanked the people and government of Kenya for the warm hospitality extended to her and the Emmanuel TV Team. She said to them: “Thank you for making yourselves available for God’s assignment. He who receives a child of God because he is a child of God will receive the reward of God.” She then prophesied upon the nation of Kenya: “I speak peace, love, prosperity, unity to this nation, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

To all African leaders she said, “Be one another’s keeper.” She further spoke prophetically, “The world will watch Africa rise.”

Just before Pastor Evelyn Joshua led the saying of The Grace, Apostle Miriam Kapanat gave the closing remarks and Dr. David Gitonga said the final closing prayer at The Crusade In Kenya With Pastor Evelyn Joshua.