NO ONE IS PERFECT - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Among the choristers’ ministrations for the service of October 8, 2023 were songs honouring God for His everlasting worthiness and those through which congregants handed themselves over to the Holy Spirit. “I Give Myself Away/So You Can Use Me,” they sang. They further confessed thus: “Without You I Am Nothing At All, Holy Ghost.” And God’s Spirit moved powerfully among the people, causing many to vomit and others to trash about on the floor as the foul spirits in them ran off.       

It was Evangelist David’s first time on The SCOAN Altar – and the Lord’s Spirit was upon him as he gave the sermon “NO ONE IS PERFECT”. His Bible verses were carefully selected: John 8:3-11Matthew 7:3-5, Galatians 6:3, Romans 3:23, Luke 23:24 and Luke 18:9-14, among others. The first text was about the woman caught in adultery. As everyone familiar with the story knows, Jesus Christ refused to grant the request of the woman’s accusers, who had wanted her to be stoned to death – as the tradition of the day demanded. Instead, however, Jesus Christ urged the mob to rethink their condemnation of the woman.

In the end, Jesus Christ taught the Pharisees and the world at large a most powerful lesson: Before you condemn another, remember that you are not without blame. In a message spiced with exceptional quotes from Prophet TB Joshua, Evangelist David noted the need for constant self-reflection and self-correction in order to avoid falling into the trap of hypocrisy. According to him, only the Christian who acknowledges their own imperfection will be able to focus on personal growth. “That you hear God and God hears you,” the evangelist pointed out, “does not mean that you are perfect.”

The minister further gave examples of Noah, Lot, Jacob, Moses, David, Peter and Paul as people who battled imperfection. He observed that while someone’s weakness may be envy, unforgiveness or anger, another person’s weakness may be bitterness, jealousy or pride. It is for this reason, Evangelist David said, that we all need to ask for forgiveness in humility – like the tax collector in Luke 18. In concluding the message, the preacher stated that it is important for “us to walk in love, humility and understanding, building bridges of reconciliation rather than pointing fingers.”

And The Lord Hearkened To Their Petitions!

“If God is with us, no one can be against us,” Pastor Evelyn Joshua reminded congregants as she went into their midst for The Prayer Line ministration. Prior to approaching the people, she prayed thus: “Almighty God, we come before You in the name of Jesus Christ. Father, we ask You to cleanse us of all our sins and unrighteousness. Purify us body, soul and spirit. Father, draw us closer to You – to know You and to love You the more.

O Lord God Almighty, prepare our hearts to do all things that are pleasing to You. Use our circumstances to make us more like You. Lord God Almighty, open the floodgate of Heaven today! Touch us in a special way and fill our hearts and minds with testimonies! Fill our mouths with testimonies. Let Your healing, deliverance power, your blessings fall afresh on us. In Jesus’ name we pray!”

Among those who brought petitions before the Throne Of Grace were people suffering from difficulty in walking (caused by various issues), asthma, piles, stiffness of the neck, ankle fracture, facial ulcer, swollen legs, abdominal ulcers and leg/thigh ulcers. Overwhelmed with emotion, some of the people cried in gratitude, “Thank You, Jesus!”

The woman of God also ministered upon pregnancy cases, praying that the Holy Spirit overshadow the women in the labour room. To the glory of God, the demon in one of the women declared, “Her pelvis is now open and she will no longer need surgery!”   

As The SCOAN Evangelists joined in the prayer session, congregants also witnessed the expulsion of the demons causing skin disease, swollen belly, urinary tract disorder, prostate cancer, drug addiction and mental disorder, among many other issues caused by agents of the dark world.   

And They Received Peace That Passes All Understanding!

“Position yourself for victory,” Pastor Evelyn Joshua charged congregants as she rejoined them for the Mass Prayer session. She read from John 14:27, the passage where Jesus Christ promises His uncommon peace to the believer.

The woman of God prayed: “Every garment of evil, hatred, shame, destruction that satan may have clothed you with – be removed, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every spirit, every force that is standing between you and God’s promises for your life – be delivered right now, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every sickness in your life – out, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be freed, healed, delivered, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist James prayed for the people: “Every familiar spirit, ancestral spirit, family idol tormenting your life, family – Holy Ghost Fire: Out! Every spirit of affliction causing you sickness, disease – out, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Ope urged the people to declare: “You spirit of affliction knocking at my door – Holy Ghost Fire: Out! You spirit of affliction, I call you by your name anywhere you are: Out!”

To viewers all over the world Pastor Evelyn Joshua said: “Take your place in the believer’s authority and begin to command healing, deliverance, blessings, breakthrough into your life.” She prayed for them: “By His wounds you are healed! By His stripes you are saved! By His capital punishment on the Cross and by His restoration power, we say everything that is dead in your. life today – resurrect, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every darkness in your life, soul today – begin to receive light! Light in your home, business, career, marriage, in the name of Jesus! Every sluggish spirit, every delay spirit operating in your life – begin to move now, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

In a Mass Prayer video Prophet TB Joshua asked the people to stretch forth their right hand. He prayed for them: “All spirits operating in your life, business, career, marriage – spirits of killing, stealing, destruction, nightmares, depression, stagnation, setback, failure – right now, leave my people, in the name of Jesus! Whatever poison you may have eaten – right now, begin to purge it out! I command healing, deliverance on you, in the name of Jesus! Whatever sickness in your bones, kidneys, liver, blood, tissues – out, in the name of Jesus! Every sickness, disease, every affliction –be delivered, in the name of Jesus!” The man of God also asked the people to decree: “My business, career, health, marriage, future, challenges, situation – be delivered!”



After sustaining an injury during a football match sometime in January 2023, Jesse remained in pain for many months. Desperate to get back into action, he explored all means of speedy recovery including visiting a traditional bonesetter. But it was all to no avail. He was losing not only playing time but also study time as a student. “I was doing poorly in my studies,” he said on October 8, 2023, standing behind his supportive mother. A doctor had assured him of recovering fully within four months. “By the sixth month I was still in pains,” Jesse told the church. Then, on October 1, he managed to make his way to The Arena Of Liberty, where Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered prayer upon him. “Immediately she laid her hands on me, I felt this calmness on the leg; the pain was gone,” Jesse recalled. To the glory of God, he can now play football freely while also facing his studies. He advised people to stick with God always. His mother said, “Jesus Christ healed my son perfectly.” She advised people

No Longer Under Manipulation Of Marine World  

“She will not achieve anything in life!” boasted the demon in Joy during the deliverance session of the service of October 1, 2023. “I am from her mother’s side and her family will not have peace,” the demon threatened. It said it was going to ensure that Joy would continue serving the marine kingdom by stealing the destinies of men who engaged in sexual relations with her. Minutes later, however, Joy fell to the floor and got back up as a transformed being. “I had never seen her make such confessions before,” said her partner, “but I thank God that she is now free.” The following week, Joy returned to The SCOAN to testify. She went back in time to when she used to live with her great grandmother in the village. “I used to see the image of an old woman on the wall anytime a particular advert played on the radio,” she said. Soon, the little girl began to be affected by the strange experience. “I started performing poorly in school but couldn’t tell anybody what was wrong with me,” she continued. Later, when she moved to the city, Joy’s situation worsened, with masquerades and a huge black snake tormenting her dreams. “I had to drop out of school,” she disclosed. “I went into prostitution,” she admitted. The demon in Joy’s life also troubled most men who slept with her. “My first baby daddy suffered business ruin after we got together,” she said. Apparently, she was not supposed to have a settled life because she was under generational bondage. The puzzled young woman went to numerous places in search of a solution. Two other baby fathers followed and Joy was still unable to break free. Worried about the stagnation being faced by the father of her third child, Joy had come to church with him for the prayer of deliverance. It turned out that she was the one with the problem! Today, Joy is free from the tortures of her past. “Keep trusting and believing in God; one day He will come through for you.”

After Seven Months Of Torture, 63-Year-Old Man Walks Again!

Because the bones in his lower legs had been badly fractured, 63-year-old Solomon had come to The SCOAN for prayer bearing two crutches. The lecturer had been struck by a speeding motorcycle while making his way to a teaching location. For a good five months he remained immobile in hospital, where his students had rushed him. “I was unable to walk, much less work,” he told the church on October 8. “I depended on my wife for support,” he added. Two months into home care, Solomon was still not healing. “My family then decided to bring me to The SCOAN,” he said. Following an anointed touch in the name of Jesus Christ, Solomon stood on his feet for the first time since his accident. Commanded to walk by Pastor Evelyn Joshua, Solomon moved the injured leg first. He was beside himself with joy when he saw that he could walk again! As the service progressed, he danced so vigorously that he could be mistaken for a young man. His wife told the church, “I was delighted when I saw him walking again.” Solomon told the people, “You need God for everything and you need to thank Him always.”

Freed From The Spirits Of Lust And Stagnation

Until he stumbled on his schoolmates watching a pornographic film and joined them, Peter used to be a good boy who was doing well in his academics. From then onwards, however, swimming, flying and eating in the dream became constant for him. He became stubborn and full of anger. “I also started to steal and masturbate,” he told the church on October 8, 2023 – a week after his deliverance. Voices kept ringing in Peter’s head, urging him to calm his nerves with porn videos whenever he was angry. “There was no meaning to my life and I kept failing at the edge of success,” he said. Peter then took a friend’s advice to seek God’s intervention. Since the demons in him manifested and fled, Peter’s former life has ended. “Be strong in the Lord and stick with Him,” he advised fellow youths. “Desist from worldly pleasures,” he added.

And The Lord Took Control Of Damilola’s Delivery!

Just before her due date, Damilola was brought to church for prayer by her mother-in-law. The young mother had been rather apprehensive about needing surgery for delivery, owing to the state of her health. “Even before I got pregnant, I used to feel weak and there was pain in my chest,” she said on October 8, 2023. She continued, “Immediately the woman of God laid hands on me, the fear in me vanished.” Armed with the New Morning Water, Damilola made her way to the hospital, where she was safely delivered naturally of a baby girl. Her husband, Solomon, advised people to stay with God always.

“I’m A Free Woman Now!” Says Woman Delivered From A Host Of Foul Spirits

Poverty, disease, ceased menstruation, python spirit, spirit of old woman, spirit of lion, spirit of dragon: Those were some of the confessions that came out of the demon that had been ruling Martina’s life. “I am here to shame the devil forever,” she said as she started her testimony on October 8 – one week after her deliverance. While living with her aunt in the village, eight-year-old Martina had been taken to a spiritualist who made incisions all over her abdomen area during an illness. “The treatment carried on for three days and I got better,” she said. But serious problems followed. One, she started to wet her bed at night, sometimes twice in one night. In fact, one afternoon, Martina wet herself right inside the office, to the knowledge of colleagues. On another occasion, she messed up the bed of a woman who had accommodated her for the night. With bed-wetting came the spirit of fear into Martina’s life! Two, a strange voice started to trail her. Three, she became extremely stubborn and daring. Four, she started to see herself flying in the dream and sleeping with men. When she turned 13 years old, Martina came under her father’s guardianship when he returned to the village. Her stubbornness became clear to him. One day, he had wanted to flog her when his arm stayed stuck in the air and swelled at once.

Right from the age of 18, Martina began to face troubles with men. “They kept leaving me, and later only married men came my way; one of them beat me to a pulp one day and I ran away from the village,” she told the church. In the city Martina attracted even more married men, all of whose lives got ruined by the demons ruling Martina’s life. “Along the line, my menstruation ceased for two months even though I wasn’t pregnant,” she said. Because she was enjoying her numerous affairs, Martina was in fact delighted not to see her menses. Introduced to Emmanuel TV by a friend, Martina started to ponder her life, looking for a solution. In a bid to cover her shame, she had decided to engage in only short-term relationships, especially with taken men. Meanwhile, she was also afflicted with the spirit of anger. “One day I beat up three uniformed men at a checkpoint for delaying our vehicle,” she recalled. Now certain of God’s power to deliver her completely, she had made her way to church and received a touch sanctioned by Heaven. Today she has become a prayerful person who also praises God all the time. “I am a free woman now,” she declared, adding that she no longer has bad dreams or wet her bed. Also free from the spirit of anger, Martina now walks in the light of God. She pled for forgiveness from the men whose homes she had ruined. She advised married men to stay with their families, even as she urged wives to support their husbands with prayer.

Obedience And Humility Lead To Breakthrough For Jobless Man!

George from Cameroon testified about his breakthrough after becoming an Emmanuel TV partner. With several degrees to his name, including a PhD in Computer Science, he could not make any material success with his life. Sometime in 2019 he had visited The SCOAN and received the New Anointing Water and stickers. On returning to his Canada base, George had a dream in which a SCOAN bus dropped him off in front of a school. George interpreted the dream to mean that he needed to go for yet another Master of Science degree – this time in Information Technology and Engineering, even though he was already a PhD. “I heeded the advice by Prophet TB Joshua that we stay humble,” he said on October 8, 2023. He then continued praying even as he took up an internship that was normally too low for his level of education. Within three months, George secured a permanent placement with the company and later got a massive salary increase. He has also received huge bonuses for being an outstanding worker. “All of that happened because I became a partner and my life has changed since then,” he disclosed. He added, “I listened to God and stayed humble.” He advised people to be humble and obedient. “Partner with God’s project,” he ended. His wife advised people to stay faithful to their partnership with God.

After-Service Testimonies

This woman was healed of stomach heaviness after vomiting poisonous substances during the Mass Prayer session.

This man was also healed of stomach pain after he expelled the impurities in his system as the Holy Spirit took control of the Mass prayer session. Thank You, Jesus!