THE RIGHT DECISION WITH GOD - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


It was the first day and the first Sunday of October 2023. After the opening prayer, Esther of the Children’s Choir started the worship session with her orchestral band. As the reverent tones of their stringed instruments ascended to Heaven, the solo vocal assured the church: “He’s Got Everybody In His Hands!” It was a morning of many wonders – wonders foreshadowed by the manifestations of God’s Spirit as the people vomited the poisonous substances in their systems during the song ministration. “O Lord, Locate Me In Your Mercy!” sang The SCOAN Choir.

Evangelist Jemila spoke on the importance of “THE RIGHT DECISION WITH GOD”, noting that the ability to make choices is one of God’s greatest gifts to humankind. She read from Genesis 3:12, the passage containing the apple-eating incident in the Garden of Eden. On Adam’s explanation for his action, the evangelist told the church that God will not accept excuses or allow us to blame others when we take the wrong decisions. Decisions have consequences, she stressed, and believers are expected to be mindful of the impact on them, their future and their surroundings.

Among the passages for the sermon were Deuteronomy 11:21, Galatians 6:7-8, Matthew 16:22-23, Proverbs 28:26 and James 1:5. Evangelist Jemila cited the decision made by Jesus Christ on the night before His crucifixion. She urged believers to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit so that they can be guided in acting right always. She further noted that the best decision is to serve the Lord in Spirit and truth, especially by feeding constantly on God’s Word. “God’s Word,” she noted, “is a road map to living the most affluent and peaceful life” that can help us “experience days of Heaven right here on earth.”

Evangelist Jemila ended by encouraging the people to make decisions that will guarantee a stable, better tomorrow. “No matter what you do, put Jesus Christ first,” she insisted.

It’s Morning Always For God’s Own!

“It will always be morning for us!” declared Pastor Evelyn Joshua at The Prayer Line. As it was Independence Day in Nigeria, she prayed for the country’s leadership: “We pray for our nations. May God Almighty continue to give them the determination, desire to serve right. May He continue to uphold them to defend all that is truth, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Before starting to exercise the believer’s authority on behalf of the people, the woman of God prayed: “Almighty God, we bless Your holy name. Jesus Christ, we honour You. Holy Spirit, we glorify Your holy name. Lord God Almighty, we thank You for the grace to be called Your own…. Let the floodgates of Heaven be opened and let Your healing, blessing, protection, deliverance rain on us. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray!”

To the feet of Jesus Christ did people bring cases such as difficulty in walking, asthma, skin disease, drug addiction, bleeding, fibroids, piles, stroke, high blood pressure, back pain, evil attacks, enlarged veins, swollen legs, goitre, urinary incontinence, mental disorder, skin disease, leg ulcers and numerous other troubles of the body and mind.

Just as well, pregnant women had the fruits in their wombs covered with the Blood Of Jesus Christ.

By divine authority, The SCOAN Evangelists equally cast out the demons responsible for various issues in the people’s lives. Indeed, it was healing, deliverance and breakthrough galore for the believing as Jesus Christ heeded their pleas.

Instant Testimonies

Two elderly people specially benefitted from God’s unlimited grace as the woman of God laid hands on them so that they could walk again. Thank You, Jesus!

As For The Anointing, God’s Supply Is Greater Than Your Demand!

Evangelist Joseph started the Mass Prayer session with a powerful assurance: “The supply of God’s anointing here is more than your demand.” He went on, “The set time has come for you to be healed, to be set free in Jesus’ name!” He then urged congregants to pray: “Lord Jesus, let Your power come down and heal me! Lord Jesus, let Your power come down and set me free! Lord Jesus, let Your power come down and deliver me! You demon, evil spirit – anywhere you are, listen to the voice of Jesus. I command you by Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Evangelist Ope told the people to pray: “You spirit disturbing my peace, anywhere you are – Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Evangelist Chisom charged congregants to declare: “You spirit, the cause of my sickness – anywhere you are, I call you by your name, in the name of Jesus: Out! You sickness, anywhere you are in my body – I command you in the name of Jesus: Out!”

Evangelist James reminded the church, “Your right to receive is based on the Blood Of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost.” He prayed for them: “Every hindrance to your breakthrough – Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua told the people: “Let your focus be on Jesus; your steadfast look at Him will never be in vain. Every power that holds you in bondage – ask it to loose its grip. Every evil veil covering your destiny – begin to command it out now, in the name of Jesus Christ!” She told them to pray: “Father Jesus, free my heart! O Lord, liberate my heart! O Lord, purify my heart! Lord Jesus Christ, remove from me all roots of wickedness, bitterness, envy, jealousy, hatred.” She prayed for them: “Be released from that pain, deep hurt, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every yoke of limitation, barrenness in your life – be broken, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be liberated, freed, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

The woman of God urged viewers all over the world to ask for a clean spirit. She prayed for them, “We ask every spirit that is not of God to get out of your life, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every strange spirit of addiction – be it smoking, drunkenness, infidelity, adultery, fornication – command it out right now, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua declared: “That spirit of limitation – I command it out! That disease in your blood, kidneys – I command it to leave you! Whatever hinders your blessing, healing – give way, in the name of Jesus! Whatever hinders your healing, deliverance – I command it to give way, in the name of Jesus! Be released, in the name of Jesus! Afflictions in your blood are things of the past, in the name of Jesus! Healing hand of Jesus on you, in the name of Jesus! Freedom, in the name of Jesus Christ! It is over, in the name of Jesus!”


Bloodsucking Demon Defeated Forever!

The demon in Joy was particularly mean and destructive. It was indeed an unforgiving bloodsucker that caused Joy to be aggressive, rude and unable to keep pregnancies. According to Joy, it had all started seven years ago when she got into university. “Don’t take anything from your schoolmates,” her mother had warned her. One day, however, Joy accepted an enticing meal from her roommate. “That night I found myself pinned down on the bed, unable to move,” she told the church on October 1, 2023. When she managed to open her eyes, she saw the roommate staring down at her from the window. “I thought nothing of it,” Joy said. But more problems occurred. Joy began to see herself in strange places. “At times I would find myself staring at the ocean even though I was on dry land,” she continued. The demon also made relationships a big problem for Joy. “I lost a five-year relationship at the point of marriage,” she disclosed. She also talked about how the demon started affecting her husband’s fish farm. “We lost our stock of fish and it made my husband cry,” she said. And there were constant miscarriages following a macabre dream in which blood would be drained from her into a calabash. When Joy and her husband had had enough, they decided to visit The SCOAN for prayer on September 24. That day, the Lord took control! After the demon confessed, it fled forever. Now Joy no longer dreams of snakes or the bloodsucking demon. “I had a confirmatory dream in which an image of Prophet TB Joshua assured me, ‘It is well’.” She advised people to put their trust in God. Her husband, Emmanuel, confirmed the change in Joy’s life. He advised people to trust in God and be patient with their spouses.  

Amanda Survives 50-50 Operation, Gets Healed Of Severe Neck Swelling, Herpes And Difficulty In Walking

On October 1, 2023, Amanda from Liberia was flanked by her oldest son as she testified about her healing and deliverance. She started by narrating how she was diagnosed with skin issues that caused her to itch every minute. “I couldn’t sleep and had no rest at all despite the drugs I was using,” she said. Her bones kept aching, her neck was swelling and she could barely walk. In the end, Amanda was recommended for surgery at a specialist hospital. “But the doctors never told me the surgery was 50-50, although they told my son,” Amanda recalled. To the glory of God, Amanda ministered the New Morning Water on herself before entering the theatre – and her surgery was successful! She regained full consciousness only three hours after. “I asked for food at once,” she said, “and within a week my scars healed.” But the devil tried again, afflicting Amanda with arthritis. “Things got so bad that I couldn’t use my jewelry or drive,” she said. With sheer willpower, however, she made her way to The SCOAN for prayer on September 24, after discussions with her son. “I heard my back cracking and something clicking into position as Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed for me,” she testified on October 1. “God will meet you at the point of your needs,” she assured the church. Her son, Alfred, glorified God’s name for the healing, which has now freed him from the burden of tending to her. “Now I can go for further studies,” he said. He advised people to trust in God.

Francisca’s Giant Man Humbled At Last!

When an anointed tap fell on Francisca’s head during the service of September 24, 2023, the demon in her started to scream in discomfort. The Nigerian resident in Germany testified a week later about how she had used to have disturbing dreams that ruined her days. “I would see strange animals troubling me in the dream; dogs bit me sometimes,” she said. She also told of how spirit men molested her in the dream. The demon also denied Francisca the quality of grade she wanted at university. At work, she had issues with promotion. Just as well, there was the problem of hormonal imbalance that made conception difficult until Francisca pulled through, getting married and having kids. Later, she relocated to Germany with her husband and continued to pray along on Emmanuel TV. “One day I manifested while praying along with Prophet TB Joshua and my husband took note of what the demon in me said,” Francisca told the church. Those revelations made her ask questions about her origins. “My mother told me that she had me after consulting a spiritualist to whom I was later dedicated,” she continued. It transpired that the idol was the giant man who had been troubling her life but was humbled in The Arena Of Liberty. Today, the spirit of anger has vanished from Francisca’s life and she sleeps peacefully. Keep praying and meditating while using your faith tools,” she advised the church. “Also keep training your children in the way of the Lord,” she concluded.

Pancake-Like Object Expelled From Woman’s Private Part After Prayer Line Call

Abdominal pain on the left side of the body: That had been Stella’s complaint for the last four years, even though doctors couldn’t see anything despite checks. During treatment for malaria, Stella began to experience a bloody discharge from her private part, accompanied with an object close to her vaginal opening. Doctors tried all that they could before suggesting surgery. With multiple tests already done, Stella didn’t know what else to do but seek God’s face. She called the Emmanuel TV Prayer Line on a Wednesday. The following morning, an object shaped like a pancake came out of her private part. Now she sleeps peacefully and no longer feels pain. “Exercise faith as you wait on God,” she advised the church.  

Mary Makes Her Way To God’s Kingdom!

During her younger years, Mary had found herself succumbing to the spirit of prostitution after a fateful dream in which a man gave her some money and asked her to go into a cage, which he then locked up. From that time onwards, Mary became the family’s black sheep. At the age of 14, she dropped out of school and started living with a man who took advantage of her. “I had two abortions for him,” she said on October 1. Later on, a friend invited Mary to the city, where she went into full-time prostitution. During this time, Mary fell pregnant three times but didn’t succeed in terminating the third pregnancy. She finally had a daughter after returning to her mother in the village. “She took good care of me until my baby’s father pressurised me to return to Lagos,” she said. After refusing initially, Mary succumbed and moved back in with the man. “The relationship broke up when my child was nine months old, so I again returned to prostitution,” she confessed. Mary continued to get exploited by men even as she worried about the welfare of her daughter, who wasn’t being properly cared for by its paid caregiver. Yet, God’s Spirit kept nudging her to quit prostitution. “A pastor prophesied that God would only answer my prayers if I quit the trade,” she stated. On moving out of the brothel where she was staying, Mary discovered Emmanuel TV and made her way to The SCOAN for prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Since the momentous day of September 24, Mary has become a new creature! She advised parents to correct their children with love. “Don’t add to their problems,” she warned.

No Longer Slave To Lust!

Obioma’s problems began after he watched an explicit video with his friends in secondary school. “I became addicted to watching porn, masturbating and fornication,” he said. Despite his brilliance he started to do badly in his academics. He also used to have frightening nightmares that would make him scream. “I would wake up not remembering what I had dreamt about,” he said. He finally made it to university and there he sank deeper into fornication. The student of law managed to graduate at the bottom of his class. “At law school, I could barely comprehend things and I began to worry,” he continued. Obioma knew that his problem was spiritual, as women kept running after him. Realising that his life was wasting away, he brought himself to The Arena Of Liberty – and the hand of God fell upon him mightily as an evangelist ministered in the name of Jesus Christ. According to him, “That day I left woman and woman left me.” Now he has stopped having nightmares and can understand all that is taught in class. “I am now the Son of the King!” he proclaimed. He advised young people to stand on God’s side. He also advised parents to pray for their children. “I thank God for my prayerful parents,” he concluded.

Renewed Deliverance For Philomena And Her Family!

It was on September 17, 2023 that the demon in Philomena confessed its atrocities. It said that it had returned with a vengeance because Philomena went into sin after her initial deliverance. The demon said it had now afflicted her with disease and made a hole in her hands so that she could not keep money. The demon also said it had tampered with her husband’s finances. The problems had started when Philomena went to live with her aunty, who failed to put her in school and made her engage in street hawking. When they got wind of the situation, her parents took her away. Before she completed secondary school, Philomena began to have suitors. Meanwhile, she used to fall ill regularly – a fact that bothered her parents. “Your child is special,” spiritualists told them. With the consent of her parents, Philomena started cohabiting with her fiancé. “I fell ill and became bedridden for a long time,” she said. Thinking the illness was caused by pregnancy, the fiancé suggested a termination. Spiritualists in the village claimed to be able to solve the problem and they made her undergo marine cleansing. “I then returned to Lagos and the problems continued,” she said, narrating how people kept lying against her.

Philomena’s sister then advised her to visit The SCOAN, where she received her deliverance as Prophet TB Joshua ministered. Afterwards, she found a suitor approved by God. “I got married and had five children and things started to move well in my life,” she said. Although she had not wanted to have another child, Philomena found that she had fallen pregnant again. “I terminated the pregnancy and all my problems returned,” she said. On a few occasions, she managed to avoid killing people as her car’s brake system malfunctioned. “We had also stopped watching Emmanuel TV and had forgotten about The SCOAN,” she admitted. On realising that she had abandoned God, Philomena and her family made their way to The Arena Of Liberty and received deliverance. Since then, her life has changed as the peace of God now rules her being. She has also had confirmatory dreams. “My son has equally been delivered from the spirit causing wet dreams,” she said. She told congregants that God can do all things; she also asked them to return to the way of God.      

Victor Gains Victory From Smoking, Drinking, Masturbating And Womanising!

For eight years, Victor was addicted to drinking, smoking, masturbating and womanising. A friend had tricked him into smoking. Victor soon graduated into hemp smoking. “I finished a joint and became famished at once. My friend bought me several plates of food but I was not satisfied,” he said on October 1. Victor returned home and slept as he had never done before. His hemp and alcohol addiction worsened. “I used to take only extremely hard drinks, mixed with hemp,” he continued. Victor invested so much in drinking and smoking that he couldn’t pay his rent and started living in an uncompleted building. Yet, his so-called friends kept buying him drinks but refused to assist him to get a new place. Even when he fell ill, with his intestines tightening up, those drink buddies continued to ply him with alcohol and hemp. “Nobody could touch my kind of alcohol,” he said. Fortunately, however, Victor got the chance to attend a Partners’ Meeting at The SCOAN Prayer Mountain on April 23, 2021. After the man of God tapped on Victor’s head a few times, the ailing man fell on the ground as the spirit in him manifested. From that day onwards, Victor lost the urge to smoke or drink, even as he forgot about his drinking partners. “I had a dream in which an image of Prophet TB Joshua advised me to move away from those friends,” Victor said. Now he is a changed man in the name of Jesus Christ. “The spirit packed all its belongings and moved away from my life,” he told congregants. He urged people to desist from smoking. “No matter how long you have been in your mess, it won’t take long for God to remove you from it,” he concluded.

Healed Of Traumatic Brain Injury!

One morning, Uzoma was about to leave home when his wife noticed a tear in his new shirt. “This is a bad omen,” Uzoma had observed. He drove out all the same. Soon afterwards, he had a ghastly accident on the highway. The doctors diagnosed severe traumatic brain injury. For the whole of the year 2020, Uzoma lay comatose on the hospital bed. When he managed to come out of the coma, he found that his eyes were no longer working together. “My eyes couldn’t see the same object at the same time; while the right eye saw one thing, the left saw another,” he told the church on October 1, 2023. However, after receiving prayer as Prophet TB Joshua ministered at The Partners’ Meeting on March 20, 2021, Uzoma received his healing and went home with the New Anointing Water and other faith tools. “I healed exponentially,” he recalled with clarity. Urging the people to confess only positive things, he praised the God of Prophet TB Joshua and said, “The Word of God is alive.”

The Prophecy That Blessed Vathisma’s Life!

For Vathisma from South Africa, her healing and breakthrough started with a prophecy from Prophet TB Joshua on April 26, 2017. He had spoken about her vaginal discharge issues and the problem had vanished immediately. She then went home with the Anointing Water. After the ministration of the water, Vathisma got a temporary job after seeing a strange animal in her compound. She killed the animal and burnt it. She returned to The SCOAN for prayer, seeking to get a permanent position at work. God’s Spirit urged her to start a building project, which she did and completed for the glory of God. Still yearning for a permanent position, she returned to the church for prayer in 2020. “Prophet TB Joshua gave me a pen and a key holder and I returned to my country,” she said. Vathisma filled the status conversion form with the pen and thereafter received her permanent position at work! Since then, she has continued to experience breakthrough in all areas of life. “Never give up hope, no matter how hard it is,” she advised the world.