PUT YOUR TRUST IN GOD - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


On Sunday, September 24, 2023, people gathered inside The SCOAN Auditorium seeking either to receive or maintain the sort of peace promised by Jesus Christ in John 14:27 – peace that comes with contentment and a focus on only the Giver of all that we have. Leading the people in this direction were the choristers, who pled for the Holy Spirit to breathe in all so that their lives would not remain the same.

When he joined the people for the sermon, entitled “PUT YOUR TRUST IN GOD”, Evangelist James told them bluntly, “As Christians, our path to the throne will not always be rosy.” No, he quickly let the church know, our troubles, challenges do not always come because we have erred but because we live “in a complex and contradictory world.” He read from Proverbs 30:5 and went on to explain the importance of learning from both positive and negative experiences while always trusting in God. Failing to trust in God, Evangelist James warned, will lead to painful disappointment.

Evangelist James urged the people to rely on God’s promise to see them through challenges and not to question God’s goodness and trustworthiness at such times. He assured the people that their current situation does not represent their future, and so it should not make them cut off their dependence on God. He observed, “The greatest thing satan aims at in tempting the children of God is to cut off their dependence on God, their duty to Him and their communion with Him as their Father.”  

The evangelist cited the story of Job and urged the people to look on the bright side of their tests and trials, glorifying God in both times of prosperity and adversity. He also encouraged the people to keep the love of God in their heart always. “Do you love God for Who He is or for what He gives?” he probed. He then reminded congregants not to rely on their hard work, skill or intelligence but on God. He concluded: “As a Christian, no matter how great your trouble is, it should not prevent you from praying. Rather, it should make you to pray the more, fast the more, trust in the Lord the more.”

Prayer Line

“Backward never, in the name of Jesus!” declared Pastor Evelyn Joshua as she appeared for the Prayer Line session. She prayed: “Father Lord, we come to You this morning with our hearts full of praise. We honour You with all our being. Almighty God, we thank You for Your promises that never change. You promised to be with us, O Lord! You promised to see us through, O Lord, and that promise remains forever! O Lord God Almighty, You are the Good Shepherd Who knows us by name and sees to all that concerns us.

Father, we ask for forgiveness when we do not appreciate You enough in our words, actions, deeds. O Lord God Almighty, we ask for strength to continue to follow You. We have come to lay our burden and cares before You this morning. Father, turn our tears to testimonies, in Jesus’ name! Father, turn our pains to joy, in the name of Jesus Christ! And turn our bondage to freedom! In Jesus Christ’s name we pray!”

Before proceeding to lay hands on the people, Pastor Evelyn Joshua thanked God for His abiding mercy upon The SCOAN. She then declared emphatically: “The anointing in this church, the grace that God gave to Prophet TB Joshua, will never run dry, in the name of Jesus Christ!”  

As the woman of God ministered in the name that is above all other names – JESUS CHRIST – instant testimonies were recorded for people with leg injury, piles, hernia, brain/nose/mouth tumour, swollen belly, bleeding, asthma, and partial stroke, among other conditions that mean nothing to the Son Of David.

She also pronounced freedom upon pregnant women and their babies!  

Alongside Pastor Evelyn Joshua, The SCOAN Evangelists stood on the believer’s authority to send fire from Heaven upon cases of tuberculosis, chronic headaches, toe ulcers, piles, anal cancer, swollen legs, epilepsy, mental disorder and other afflictions of the body and mind.  

Indeed, God’s wondrous works continued in The Arena Of Liberty as the power in the living Word combined with the Holy Spirit during the ministration of healing and deliverance inside the auditorium. Many were the confessions that came out from evil spirits before their termination at the command of Jesus Christ.

Instant Testimony At Prayer Line

For seven years a man had been unable to walk. Right there in the car, God’s mercy located him and he stood on his feet again, taking gingerly steps of faith to demonstrate his healing. “I feel great relief and the healing is permanent,” he said. During the praise session, the man danced to his heart’s content!

Presentation Of Anointing Stickers

After the Prayer Line/Laying Of Hands session, Pastor Evelyn Joshua announced the presentation of Anointing Stickers to congregants. “Everything that we have in this world belongs to God; it is not ours but God’s own. Believe in it and it shall be well with you,” she encouraged congregants as she held up the Anointing Sticker written “Not Mine But God’s own.” The evangelists joined her to share the Anointing Stickers to all present.

Mass Prayer

At the start of the Mass Prayer session, Evangelist Chisom asked congregants to declare: “I am in the presence of God; therefore, my business, life will change! From sickness to good health! From bondage to freedom!”

Evangelist Chisom told the church to pray: “You demon, unclean spirit, ancestral spirit, anywhere you are, tormenting my life – I am in the presence of God: Out! You unclean spirit, anywhere you are, no hiding place for you – I command you in the name of Jesus: Out! You demon, unclean spirit, you are darkness. I command you by the light of God anywhere you are: Let there be light!”

Evangelist James told the people to pray: “Every unclean spirit stealing from my life, causing destruction in my family: Out!”

“Open your heart and contact the Holy Spirit,” Evangelist Joseph told the people. He urged them to pray: “You spirit of affliction in my life, family, anywhere you are, listen to the voice of God: I command you in the name of Jesus: Out! You sickness in my body, poison in my heart, bones – I command you: Out!” He also prayed for them: “Every spirit causing you sickness, disease, affecting your body – we command it out! We command every sickness in your heart, lungs, kidneys – we command it out!”

Evangelist Ope told the people to decree: “Every open door to hardship in my life, anywhere you are, hear the voice of God! Every open door to poverty, frustration in my family – be closed right now, in the name of Jesus! You open door to hardship, poverty, frustration – be locked, in the name of Jesus!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua told the people: “Pour out your heart to God. Ask God to give you the faith to believe in the impossible. Ask God to give you the grace to continue to cast your burden upon Him.” She prayed for them: “May your enemies have difficulty viewing your destiny, in the name of Jesus Christ! May they be confused and surrender today, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every negative thing in your life – be rescued, delivered, freed, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

The woman of God further prayed: “All that is not of God in your life – be uprooted, in the name of Jesus Christ! By the authority, power given you as a child of God – every good thing that is coming to you – we release you right now, in the name of Jesus Christ! Receive your freedom, peace, rest in the name of Jesus Christ! Today is your morning! Good Morning to your business, career, family, marriage, finances, in the name of Jesus Christ! Take all the breakthrough keys that satan may have taken from you – and open all closed doors! Receive your heart’s desires, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua said to viewers all over the world: “We decree freedom, peace, goodness to your life, in the name of Jesus Christ! She also told them, “Wherever you are, walk in the light of your testimony!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua asked the people to stretch forth their hands before praying for them: “Whatever area in your life is facing challenges – be surmounted, in the name of Jesus Christ! Your spiritual life – be revived, in the name of Jesus Christ! Whatever spirit that is operating in your life: Out! Spirit of setback, stagnation, sickness, disease, affliction, nightmares – leave my people, in the name of Jesus Christ! Whatever chain satan may have been using to connect you to himself – chain of hardship, loneliness, barrenness, affliction, career failure – begin to loose this chain! Break this chain!”

The man of God further commanded: “That affliction, disease in your blood, kidneys, liver, bones – that disease in your tissues, tendons – declare it out, in the name of Jesus! Every organ in your system that is not functioning – begin to function right now! Every organ that is damaged in your system – be it your blood, fluids, kidneys, liver, lungs, brain – begin to function, in the name of Jesus! In the name of Jesus, I declare to that organ: Work! Breakthrough in your business, career, finances, relationships, marriage, family!”

Mass Prayer Testimony

Among those who were impacted during the Mass Prayer was this woman, who used to have ulcer pain in her stomach. She also used to eat in the dream, leading to weakness throughout the day. She vomited all the poisonous substances in her system. Thank You, Jesus!


Heavenly Touch Restores Swollen Leg To Normal

One morning, Taiwo had woken up to find that his left leg was beginning to swell around the ankle area. It was a strange affliction, as the leg had been quite fine before Taiwo went to bed. “My co-workers told me it was a spiritual ailment that might not be curable,” he said during his testimony on September 24, 2023. He had taken numerous medications but felt no relief. Then he received prayer in The Arena Of Liberty on July 16, 2023 as the evangelists declared healing and deliverance upon those at The Prayer Line. “I received total healing right there and everything cleared off within a week,” Taiwo said while tapping his leg on the floor. “Seek God first,” he advised.

Now, Masquerade Spirits Have Vanished From Idowu’s Life!

“A strange force used to pin me to the bed at night. I used to dream about masquerades pursuing me. And odd-looking men used to sleep with me in the dream.” Those were some of the things that Idowu told the church as she started her testimony on September 24. “My father died mysteriously, like his siblings,” she continued. She also told the church, “My husband walked out of our marriage four months after I had my baby.” According to her, family idols had been behind the afflictions, as her father was supposed to have taken over the guardianship of the family’s masquerade idols. To the glory of God, however, all of those problems had ended on September 17 after an anointed touch by one of the evangelists. “Now I feel peace and joy in my heart,” Idowu smiled. “No more bad dreams,” she added. She advised people to keep praying in faith. “One day God will see you through,” she assured them.

Mother And Son Receive The Touch Of Liberation And Healing!

Whenever she slept, Pela from Ghana used to see herself in the midst of strange men. “From the age of 14, my problem worsened,” she said on September 24. Later in life, she began to suffer in relationships. “Each man left me once I fell pregnant,” she disclosed, adding that her three children were born under such circumstances. Helpless, Pela sank into depression. She also slipped into prostitution. In no time she became a chain smoker and habitual drinker. One of her children also started having nightmares and fell ill. It was for those reasons that she made her way to The SCOAN for prayer a week earlier. To the glory of God, Pela’s son got healed and she herself had her menses restored as she made her way home from church. Her menstruation had ceased for the last six months. She advised people to stick to God. One of her children, Victor, told of the pain he had felt during his illness. “My Lord and my God, now I feel so fresh!” he exclaimed. He advised people to seek God first.

A Touch From Heaven – And Omonigho Gets His Breakthrough!

Omonigho was born into an idol-worshipping family. His father had dared the household idol and quit being its guardian, arguing that it had done nothing good for him. Vengeful, the idol turned its attention to the children. “My academics were affected badly, I kept having nightmares in which I slept with different women, and my work life suffered terribly,” he said, among other things on September 24. A week earlier, however, Omonigho had witnessed Jesus’ transformative power, after a touch by one of the evangelists. The demon in him had spoken out before running away. “I no longer eat in the dream or have nightmares,” he testified while claiming the breakthroughs that will accompany his new life in Jesus Christ. “Nothing is impossible for God,” he reminded the church.

The Day Amarachi Saw God’s Wondrousness!

Amarachi started her testimony on September 24, 2023 by recalling how her grandmother had been a devotee of an idol. “My mother didn’t take over from her own mother,” she said. For that reason, Amarachi was made to pay a price. “I couldn’t hold down a man,” she admitted. “And I used to dream about a snake trailing me,” she added. Two different relationships produced two kids! “My second husband left after his thriving business got ruined just after we married,” she said. It was a hellish life indeed for Amarachi, who also had the affliction of hot temper. “I kept losing jobs,” she recalled. Thankfully, Amarachi had received the touch of deliverance a week earlier. After her deliverance, she had a confirmatory dream in which an ancient snake wailed endlessly before vanishing from her dreams and life forever. “Run to God,” she advised.  

How Divine Fire Fell Upon Grace And Her Daughter!

“Fire! Fire! Fire!” screamed Grace as the fire of the Holy Ghost seared through her body during the deliverance session of the service of September 17, 2023. Testifying a week later, she went back to her childhood, when she used to eat items sacrificed to idols alongside her friends. “We also used to pick up the money placed on those sacrifices and we just felt we were having fun,” she confessed. Grace’s life was affected with difficulty in walking and her mother and siblings were killed by the idols of the family. Upon being impacted by God’s power, Grace not only received a free spirit but also received healing for a problem in her stomach. “I expelled blood and other poisonous substances from my system after the prayer,” she said. Also gone from Grace’s life are suicidal thoughts, nightmares and self-hatred. “How come I had been wishing myself dead all this while?” Grace wondered. She advised people never to give up hope in God. “Look for a living church,” she said.

“My child was also struck with a strange illness that crippled her, after she had recovered from a suicide attempt,” Grace continued. She made efforts to help her daughter, but doctors told her that nothing was wrong. “A ‘medicine man’ also gave us something, but it did not work,” she said. Then Grace sought God’s face in The SCOAN over her daughter’s condition. “We got the New Morning Water and gave it to our daughter to minister on herself,” she said. On returning home, Grace found that her daughter could move by herself again. “I was so excited, like my daughter herself,” she said. Her husband, Yakubu, told of how his wife’s temper had made her violent towards their children. “Since last Sunday, there has been warmth and love in our family,” he said. “The living God is here and He will continue to be here,” he declared. He also glorified God for saving his daughter Hadiza, who demonstrated her healing to the world. Hadiza told of her encounter with the spirit of suicide and of how the demon in her had started to manifest after she used the New Anointing Water. “Strength came into me immediately and I began to jump for joy,” she testified. “Never lose hope or give up on God,” she encouraged others.  

For Ufuoma, No More Satanic Torture; For Her Son, No More Bed-wetting!

Ufuoma grew up with a skin affliction that made her unattractive to people. “In school, teachers and other pupils couldn’t stay around me for long,” she started her testimony on September 24. She went on to talk about dreams in which she got intimate with men. Apparently, the idols of her father’s house were after her, determined to give her no rest. “I used to also see snakes in my dreams,” she said. In the real world, those dreams had unfortunate effects: Ufuoma ended up having three children by three different men. “The men just kept leaving me,” she told the church. Troubled about her inability to have a man commit to her, Ufuoma confronted her mother. “She told me that I was born on an altar that was not of God,” said Ufuoma. At this point it was clear that idols were the cause of Ufuoma’s problems, as her mother also told her about an unripe plantain that was given to her after Ufuoma was born. “My mother was told that she had to offer sacrifices to the idols. All of that story changed during the service of September 17, 2023! “Keep trusting in God for your deliverance,” she told the church. Her son, Emmanuel, testified about his own deliverance from the snake spirit that used to make him wet his bed after nightmares. “The spirit affected me while in boarding school and my schoolmates used to mock me, so I had to withdraw from boarding school,” he said. However, following a touch from Heaven in The SCOAN, through the faculties of Pastor Evelyn Joshua, Emmanuel is now free to sleep without wetting his bed! “Come to church with faith in your heart,” he advised the world.    

He Prayed With Faith In His Heart And God Heard Him!

For quite a while, Elochukwu had been having hypertensive heart disease. “I avoided oily food and took all my medications but there was no relief for me,” he said on September 24. God be praised, Elochukwu was among those who got the chance to visit the mausoleum of God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua on June 5, 2023. “That day, I asked the Son Of David to have mercy on me – and He did, for something left my body immediately,” Elochukwu stated emphatically. His doctors have since confirmed the healing, after repeated tests. He advised people to see challenges as a means to get closer to God.