IDENTIFY YOUR OWN THORN - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Once the service went into full worship swing, the choristers called upon the Son Of David to have mercy on everyone and for His divine favour to locate them. They further called on Abba Father, Who is always worthy of our praise. “Yes, Lord. My Life Is Yours!” they led the people to declare before asking the Spirit to pray through congregants.

Evangelist Shina’s message was entitled “IDENTIFY YOUR OWN THORN”. Asides his proof text of 2 Corinthians 12:1-10, he also read from or cited 2 Samuel 22:28, 1 Peter 5:6-7 and James 4:6, among other bits of Scripture. Anchored on the famed ‘thorn in the flesh’ that Paul the Apostle was given by God to keep him on his toes in his Christian walk, the sermon pointedly urged believers to look inwards and identify that one thing that God may be using to keep them for His purpose.    

Quite importantly, Evangelist Shina observed that believers do not necessarily have the same thorns. “The way and manner God executes His plan in our lives differs,” he said, noting that the essence of it all is to keep us humble for worthy service in His vineyard. Accordingly, believers should constantly remember not only what God has done to keep them humble but also “what He has done in their favour and for their advancement.”

Evangelist Shina was emphatic that believers should identify their own thorn and its purpose in order to avoid complaining about present circumstances. “If God gave sufficient grace to Paul to live above his thorn,” he concluded, “He will give the same to you today.”

The Lord Whose Love Gives Us Hope

Before laying hands on the people, the woman of God approached the Throne Of Grace with a supplication for all: “Father Lord, we thank You. Jesus Christ, we praise You. Holy Spirit, we magnify Your holy name. Lord God, we thank You for Your love that gives us hope, joy and courage. Father, we thank You for Your love that never lets us down and never lets us go.

Almighty God, we give You all the praises, all the adoration that You deserve. Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Jesus! Thank You once again! Father Lord, we submit ourselves to You. We commit ourselves, our cares to You. Father, let Your healing power, your deliverance power, Your blessings fall afresh on us today, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

With those words of prayerful gratitude, the way became open for spectacular testimonies of healing, deliverance and breakthrough. Among the cases of bodily troubles were asthma, difficulty in walking, swollen neck, bleeding, sickle cell anaemia, testicular pain, fibroids, diabetes, hypertension and swollen scrotum.

God’s hand of protection was also upon all the pregnant women who had come seeking refuge in the Rock Of Ages.

As the Bible promises in Mark 16:17, signs also followed those who believed as The SCOAN Evangelists ministered alongside Pastor Evelyn Joshua upon cases of mental disorder, chronic liver problems, epilepsy, leg ulcers, stroke, depression, seizures, and swollen belly/legs, etc.

Freely have God’s servants been given and freely do they make themselves vessels of honour in God’s vineyard!   

And All Darkness Was Dispelled!

On rejoining the church for the Mass Prayer session, Pastor Evelyn Joshua lifted her voice to Heaven: “Every darkness in your business, life, future, destiny – be dispelled! Be healed from that sickness! Be freed from that problem, bondage, entanglement, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be freed from every family curse, limitation, in the name of Jesus Christ!

Every covenant that is not of God in your life – be delivered right now, in the name of Jesus Christ! We command the power of God into your life, family! We command the fruit of righteousness into your life, in the name of Jesus Christ! Let the fruit of freedom fall on you, in the name of Jesus Christ! May the spirit of freedom fall afresh on you, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be saved from the enemies – from every entanglement of satan. Be uplifted! Be restored!”

Evangelist Joseph prayed for congregants: “Every messenger of satan operating in your life: Out! Every spirit in your life that is not of God, anywhere they are, in the name of Jesus – we command them out!” He also asked them to declare: “You demon, unclean spirit, listen to me: You are darkness; anywhere you are, I command you out! You demon, familiar spirit – I kick you out! I order you out!”

Evangelist Chisom charged congregants to proclaim: “You unclean spirit, anywhere you are, disturbing my life, family – I command you by the fire of the Holy Ghost: Out!”  

Evangelist Ope pressed congregants to decree: “Every generational curse, sickness in my family, health – anywhere you are, be broken, in the name of Jesus! You curse of sickness in my family – anywhere you are, Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Evangelist James proclaimed upon the people: “Every cycle of limitation, disappointment – be broken, in the name of Jesus!” He also told them: “Command every closed door to open, in the name of Jesus!”

For viewers all over the world, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “We command every weakness in your life to be broken, in the name of Jesus! Spirit of smoking, drunkenness, lust, greed, lying, infidelity, ungratefulness – let it be broken right now, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be positioned, restored, freed in the name of Jesus Christ!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua told the people: “Every satanic covenant in your life – satanic covenant of attitude, character – right now, open your lips and begin to nail them! Every spirit that disturbs your peace, breakthrough – open your lips and begin to command them out, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every spirit disturbing you – begin to cage them right now, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Prophet TB Joshua also prayed for congregants: “I release you, in the name of Jesus! I say to your heart, ‘Engage right now, in the name of Jesus Christ!’ I command light wherever sickness is located! Light in your kidneys, liver, blood, fluids! Wherever there is light, darkness dispels. You disease – vanish, in the name of Jesus! There shall be no trace in the name of Jesus! When Jesus cures, He cures perpetually!”


Attacking Midfielder Regains His Shot!

In the year 2020, professional footballer Raphael sustained a motorbike injury that affected his right knee. For a while the Nigerian midfielder couldn’t get on the pitch, much less shoot to score. Eventually, he went for surgery but later had another injury – this time on his left ankle. Raphael, who plays in the United Arab Emirates, was unwilling to have another surgery. To the glory of God, he took his father’s advice to visit The SCOAN for prayer on September 10, 2023. On that day, Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered prayer to Raphael and he received instant healing in the power of the Holy Spirit. Since then Raphael has been playing football without feeling any pain. He advised people to seek God’s help always.

Destiny’s Wrist Fracture Is Healed In Jesus’ Name!

While using the toilet, young Destiny had fallen on the floor and injured his wrist. Although his parents took him to hospital for treatment, the boy could barely lift the affected hand, which remained bandaged at the wrist. Undeterred, his parents took him to church for prayer on September 3, 2023. Destiny felt God’s power surge through him as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered. “Keep trusting in God,” Destiny’s father advised. Destiny himself confirmed his healing and showed the world what he can now do with the hand. “Thank You, Jesus!” he exclaimed. His mother said, “I give all the glory to God.”

Matrimonial Bliss For Joy As Spirit Husband Is Kicked Out!

On September 17, 2023, Joy from Delta State testified about her deliverance from the spirit husband that had been running her life from childhood. A week earlier the demon in her had been exposed. “I also used to see snakes in my dream, even as I constantly felt pain in my abdomen area,” she said. In the course of her troubles, Joy had been advised by some spiritualists to ask her mother certain questions. “My mother told me that she had fallen pregnant with me after consulting certain forces,” she disclosed. Realising that her life was obviously being run by forces that she had been unaware of, Joy ran to the God Who works wonders in The Synagogue. Since her deliverance, Joy has gained a free spirit and no longer bothers her husband. “Look on the Cross and Jesus will deliver you,” she advised the world. On his part, her husband advised, “Be patient with your spouse; God is in control,” after confirming that they have now become proper lovebirds.  

Funke Finds Peace As Jesus Gives It!

When she started her testimony on September 17, 2023, Funke began with a confession: “People in my family always had marital issues – inability to find a spouse, divorce, etc.” She went on to narrate how she lost her brilliance as a student and became more or less a person who could never get things right in all areas of her life. “I really suffered in relationships, as highly promising men kept leaving me,” she said. When she finally got married, she experienced no bliss at all. “The marriage was unbearable for us,” she said. She also reported having sinister dreams that affected her life in many ways. Realising she could not help herself, she had run to God for prayer in The SCOAN on September 10, 2023. Since then Funke’s troubles have ended. The deliverance equally brought her healing and stopped the evil dreams altogether. “I sleep well now and no longer hear evil voices,” she glowed. She has also had a confirmatory dream about her deliverance. “I finally climbed to the top of the ladder in my dream,” she said. She urged others, “There is absolutely nothing too hard for God.” Her mother, Titilayo, confirmed that Funke had been quite a highflier in secondary school, even as she blessed God for changing her story.

Restoration Galore As Vivian Is Separated From Spirit Husband

Vivian’s testimony began with her years in secondary school. “When I was in boarding school, I used to see a man wave at me from a mango tree,” she recalled. It turned out that the man was a spirit presence that never wanted her to get married later in life. “I kept rejecting suitors until my father insisted that I pick one of them and leave his house,” she informed the church. Subsequently, Vivian’s parents took her to a spiritualist who purportedly banished the spirit husband, after which Vivian managed to find a human husband. “The marriage faced so many troubles – no peace,” she said during her testimony on September 17. While she was having her third child, Vivian saw the spirit husband calling out to her, trying to take her life. So possessive was the spirit husband that he hurt anybody who hurt Vivian. Among the things he did to Vivian was to afflict her with the spirits of bed-wetting and anger. She was also constantly ill, even as she acted aggressively towards her husband and children. Tired of it all, she had made her way to The Arena Of Liberty on September 10. Following a touch by one of the evangelists, the demon in Vivian confessed its atrocities before taking its leave. Vivian has also had confirmatory dreams in which she drove the spirit husband away. In her dreams, people have also been repaying what they owe her. “Trust in God; one day He will touch your case,” she advised others. Her husband, Benjamin – a senior police officer – beamed with smiles as he told of Vivian’s transformation. “I used to wonder if she was really the mother of our six children, as she was so mean to them,” he recalled. He thanked God for his wife’s healing, which followed her deliverance. On April 30, 2021, Benjamin himself had experienced the power of deliverance as Prophet TB Joshua ministered at The SCOAN Prayer Mountain. “I got promoted after my deliverance and started winning in my dreams,” he told the church. He advised people to move close to God for their own deliverance.

“Today I Am Telling A Different Story About My Wife!” Says Long-suffering Husband

During her childhood, Chinenye used to fall ill too frequently for her parents’ liking. Worried, her mother took her to a spiritualist, who put incisions all over the young girl. “The illnesses persisted, however,” Chinenye told the church on September 17, 2023. After the body marking, things got worse and a spirit husband started troubling Chinenye. “It afflicted me with the spirit of anger, which followed me into marriage,” she continued. On many occasions, she would ask her husband to disappear from the house. “At one point, I stripped myself naked and lay curses on my husband – curses that eventually affected both of us,” she recalled tearfully. To the glory of God, Chinenye had made her way to church on September 10 and received a touch of deliverance. Now she is a new creature in Jesus Christ!

Her husband, Samuel, recalled many episodes of inexplicable aggressiveness from her. “That was when I realised that something was controlling her,” he said. She said that her curses affected his business and made him move to different Nigerian cities in the bid to re-establish himself. “People kept refusing to pay me for jobs,” he said with a tinge of unhappiness. He said that his wife never bothered about his welfare as a husband staying out of town – never really looked forward to welcoming him back home. “The few days I spent at home were usually hellish for me,” he explained. On discovering Emmanuel TV recently, Samuel invited his wife over to Lagos, his current work base, and they attended service together. “I felt like dancing when the spirit of deliverance fell upon my wife,” he said. “For the first time in 13 years she sees me as her husband!” he announced. Samuel advised men to seek spiritual help before going into marriage. Chinenye knelt before her husband and tearfully asked for his forgiveness. Assured of her sincerity, Samuel lifted her off her feet, cooing into her ear as he swung her around! Later on during the service, Pastor Evelyn Joshua called the couple out and commended Samuel for his patience and forgiveness towards his wife: “Thank you for your patience, your understanding to know that there are forces, powers that cause people to commit all kinds of shameful acts,” she said. She then reassured them of God’s hand in their marriage before praying for them and blessing their home. At the end of the service, Pastor Evelyn Joshua blessed the couple with a cash gift of 300,000 naira to support them and their family.

Esther Cuts Off From The Marine Kingdom, Enters Path Of Divine Prosperity

“How can you ask a queen who she is?” fired back the demon in Esther as a SCOAN evangelist questioned it during prayer in the name that is above all names: Jesus Christ. As she told the story a week later, on September 17, 2023, at 14 years old, Esther had gone to the stream in the village and had a fight with another girl. “I began to bleed even though I felt no pain,” she recalled. Esther reported the matter to her grandmother, who told her, “You are now a full-grown woman.” It was a reference to the start of Esther’s menses. Afterwards, Esther began to have dreams in which she saw herself in the marine kingdom. It would later transpire that her grandmother had covenanted her to forces there. Said a spiritualist to Esther’s parents, “She will have to be a goddess of the marine world.” When she got married, the marine forces in her life started to trouble her husband’s businesses. “My husband said he had not found a good thing, as should have been the case,” she said. After witnessing God’s power work upon her as she watched Emmanuel TV weeks earlier, Esther had made her way to church on September 10. “That was how I knew something had started happening in me,” she said. A further sign of God’s power had flashed before Esther while on the way to The SCOAN. “I asked God to confirm to me that I was going to witness His power in church, and He flashed a light before me,” she told the church. At last, God’s power located Esther during the deliverance session and the rest is history! Now things are looking rosy for Esther and her husband! She advised people to seek genuine connection with God Almighty.  

A Brutal Scammer Finds Mercy From The Son Of David!

Because he wanted to live a flashy, flamboyant life, Henry had dropped out of school to join a gang of online scammers who specialised in romance matters. Along with his accomplices, he fleeced large numbers of people of their hard-earned money. “We had so much cash that we wasted it on clubbing, hard drugs and women,” he confessed on September 17, 2023. He told the church how he had to undergo a ritual in which he bathed with the blood of a ram and slept three days and three nights at a secret location, for fortification. “You are no longer to sleep at night,” the witch doctor had instructed them, after handing them charmed waist beads and rings. Henry added, “We had to bathe with a special soap all the time.” He told of how he lost some members of his gang, including their leader. Indeed, there was little real pleasure to derive from their ill-gotten gains, as they had to take different hard drugs to stay up at night. Inevitably, Henry became suicidal, with signs of severe mental health issues. He finally opened up to his sister, who ministered the New Anointing Water on him. “For the first time I slept throughout the night,” he told the church with tears in his eyes as he recalled his days of needless torture. He also told of a dream in which an image of Prophet TB Joshua told him, “You are not meant to struggle in life. Come with me.” It was during the service of September 10 that God’s power fell mightily on Henry, causing the demons in him to confess. After that experience inside The Arena Of Liberty, Henry has become a new creature in Jesus Christ. “I no longer desire hard drugs or women, and I sleep at night now,” he said with a gaze suggesting regret over an unflattering past life. “The devil takes more than he gives and he never gives joy,” he warned young people seeking to make quick money.

After-Service Testimonies

During the Mass Prayer, Stephen vomited the poisonous substances in his system. “My stomach feels superlight right now,” he said.