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On Sunday, September 10, 2023, led to pray during the opening session, congregants declared: “Any barrier between my heart and the Spirit of God – be purged, by the Blood Of Jesus Christ!” Then they joined the choristers in worshipping the Lord God Almighty with anointed songs. “Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty/Who Reigns Forevermore!” they declared. They also sang about the worthiness of the Lamb that sits upon the Throne, among other songs calling for the presence of the Holy Ghost. In no time, the Spirit of the Lord descended into the midst of the people!

In her message, Pastor Evelyn Joshua spoke on “GOD’S SALVATION PLAN”, taking her proof text from Matthew 15:21-28. “God’s salvation plan is unlimited to everyone who calls on Him,” she told the church. She reminded them that children of God have His Word as a lamp for their feet and a light to their path. The Word, she went on, helps the believer to live a successful, joyful life through the insight it brings. “You cannot walk in darkness,” she reassured them, while also noting that healing and deliverance remain available to the believing.

According to the woman of God, God’s salvation plan is for saving us from sins and bringing us fully and finally to God. Like the woman in the proof text, who endured so much for the sake of her child, every seeker of God is expected to display genuine faith that makes the impossible possible. “Nobody has any excuse of remaining the way they are,” she said, for Jesus Christ exists as the Way Out. She stated, “If you want to be dignified, honoured, respected and privileged, you must learn to be humble, because those that Christ intends to honour, He humbles to make them feel their own unworthiness.”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua further reminded the people about the value of trials and temptations in developing the believer’s character. God may take time in answering our prayers, she observed, but He surely answers in the end. She therefore asked congregants to ask for the right of sonship. She ended by charging the people thus: “Jesus Christ is our Surety; allow Him to take that proper place that He desires. With just a single Word from Christ Jesus, your life will not remain the same!”

The Word That Works Wonders!

Before she started ministering to the people at The Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “Almighty God, we ask You to come and take control. Here are Your people who have come to seek Your face for healing, peace, deliverance. Father, touch their hearts, touch their lives, touch all that has to do with them today and give them testimonies. Let the mountains in their lives today be testimonies tomorrow, in the name of Jesus! Let the weaknesses, the afflictions in their lives today be testimonies in their lives tomorrow. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray! Thank You, Father!”

Yet again God Almighty gave the people abundant evidence of His power, as He touched a large number of cases through the faculties of His daughter. From different professions and continents, the people came with petitions regarding difficulty in walking (caused by arthritis, hip injury, osteoarthritis or cervical/lumbar spondylosis, etc.), kidney infection, asthma, stroke, skin disease, shoulder injury and difficulty in breathing, etc.

The woman of God also stood in the gap as she prayed for pregnant women from all over the country.

For further prayers of healing, deliverance and breakthrough, the Evangelists joined Pastor Evelyn Joshua as they banished afflictions such as boil in the anus, penile injury, swollen legs, piles, epilepsy, bleeding, mental disorder, leg ulcers and many other conditions that do not embarrass Jesus Christ – the Healer, the Deliverer, the Breakthrough Provider, and the Saviour! 

Among the instant testimonies shared was that of a woman who had been unable to walk for many years. During prayers, she witnessed the power in the Word work wonders in her organs as Pastor Evelyn Joshua invited Jesus Christ to the scene! Thank You, Jesus!

Whatever They Asked, They Received!

“Be prepared to receive in the name of Jesus Christ,” Pastor Evelyn Joshua told congregants as she led The SCOAN Evangelists back into the auditorium for the Mass Prayer session. After reading from Mark 11:23-24, she assured the people: “Whatever you ask, you will receive.” She charged them to pray: “Father, anoint my words! My head, reject poverty, sickness! My health, reject pain!”

The woman of God declared upon the people: “I speak light into your darkness! Every mountain, challenges – wherever they may be – let them begin to melt before you, in the name of Jesus Christ! By the power of the Holy Ghost, be healed from every affliction, disease! Be healed, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be delivered, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be freed, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua further told viewers all over the world to position themselves for every good thing the Lord has promised. She proclaimed upon them: “Receive your blessings, healing, breakthrough, deliverance, in the name of Jesus Christ! Mountain of sorrow, pain, sickness – go, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Evangelist Chisom told the people to pray: “You mountain troubling my life – I command you in the name of Jesus: Give way! You unclean spirit, ancestral spirit – anywhere you are, disturbing my life – I command you in the name of Jesus and by the fire of the Holy Ghost: Out!”

Evangelist Ope told congregants to pray: “Every demonic covenant in my family, frustrating my life – anywhere you are – be broken, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist James told the people: “Every poison that entered your body through the dream, causing you pain, sickness, disease – say: Out!” He also told them to declare: “You sickness, disease – my body is not your dwelling place. In the name of Jesus, I command you out!”

Evangelist Joseph urged the people to pray: “You affliction in my body – I command you anywhere you are: Out!” He also told them to pronounce upon themselves: “You spirit against my breakthrough, future, career – I command you in the name of Jesus: Out! You limitation to my breakthrough, give way!”

In a Mass Prayer video, God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua prayed: “Every spirit within you that is not of God – I command it to leave you, in the name of Jesus! Every familiar spirit around, within – I command it out, in the name of Jesus Christ! The spirits that cause you pain, disappointment, failure in life – I command them to leave you, in the name of Jesus Christ!” He also told the people to decree: “You familiar spirit – spirit that causes me pain, setback, disappointment, failure in life – I command you right now to leave me, in the name of Jesus!” Finally, the man of God pronounced: “I capture all your diseases and sicknesses, in the name of Jesus! I say to your business, career, marriage, finances, ‘It is done!’”


“God Is Here!” Proclaims Woman Healed Of Seven Years Of Spinal Arthritis!

When she received prayer in The Arena Of Liberty on September 3, 2023, Agnes had been suffering from difficulty in walking due to spinal arthritis for seven long years. One morning, she had woken up to find that her limbs and fingers were no longer flexible. “The more I treated it, the more it worsened,” she said a week later, during her testimony. She could barely move – and that meant that she could not enjoy the small thrills of living. Having run out of human solutions, she turned to God. As Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed for her, Agnes felt a shot of energy injected into her system and she became whole again. Now she moves around freely and zestfully. “God is here,” she proclaimed.

Piles, Poor Vision, Deep Vein Thrombosis All Vanish At The Sight Of Jesus Christ!

On September 3, 2023, Donatien from the Republic of Benin was in The Arena of Liberty over the problem of piles and poor vision. For many years, the piles had caused him excruciating waist pain that affected his work as a teacher. In faith, he had submitted himself for prayer as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. “I felt God’s power in my body immediately I received a touch from the woman of God,” said Donatien. He began exercising his body and doing the things that he had been unable to do before. He can now see well and move his body freely and without pain. “Let’s have faith in God,” he advised.

His wife, Odette, testified about her own healing from deep vein thrombosis, which had caused the death of a baby in her womb. She had to continue taking anti-coagulants to prevent her blood from clotting. As the issues persisted, Odette’s doctor volunteered to operate on her on credit. However, Odette and her husband let the offer pass and made their way to The SCOAN. “I received prayer and all the pain vanished,” she said in a jubilant voice. “I was tested a number of times when I returned home and the doctor found no evidence of blood clotting,” she reported during her testimony on September 10. She advised people not to fear the conditions facing them. Donatien thanked God for his wife’s healing.

Rescued From Death’s Jaws During Childbirth, Freed From Family Idol!

When she was seven months gone, Rachael got news that she was suffering from high blood pressure – a situation that put hers and her unborn baby’s life at risk. Her family had a history of death after childbirth. “I lost my mother and sister under such circumstances,” she recalled on September 3, 2023. Undeterred by the news, Rachael had taken her case to God. After receiving prayer in The Synagogue, she returned to hospital. “You are fine now,” the doctor confirmed. Shortly before she was due, Rachael was advised to have the baby surgically removed and put in an incubator. She and her husband Israel declined, placing their trust in God. The baby came out by natural birth.

The devil brought yet another trial: Rachael was bleeding so heavily that doctors suggested removing her womb. “I was almost gone,” she told the church. Again, her husband called for patience. “I have my own way of serving God,” he had insisted. Then he slipped a sermon pamphlet of Prophet TB Joshua under Rachael’s pillow. “The bleeding stopped and I gradually pulled out of the danger zone,” Rachael continued. According to her, a family idol had been behind her problems. “The idol killed my mother because she refused to serve it,” Rachael explained. “Keep praying,” she urged the church. Israel thanked God for helping him to return home with his wife and baby. He also glorified God’s name for Rachael’s subsequent deliverance from ancestral demons. “She is a changed person now; she gives me due respect,” he said. He advised others, “Stick to a Bible-believing church.”  

And Grace Located Grace!

Before ministering prayer to Grace on September 3, 2023, Pastor Evelyn Joshua had asked her to appeal to Jesus Christ to reveal Himself to her. Eagerly, Grace did so. Seconds later, she stood on her feet and could walk freely again! During her testimony a week later, she told the church how the problem had started after she felt a sensation in her leg. “I suffered so much pain all along,” she said, “despite using drugs and a lumbar corset.” Now she can walk as far as she likes, without feeling any pain or using any support. “I can also bend my waist easily,” she assured other congregants. “Do not give up regarding your problems; just believe in God,” she advised others.  

An End To Decades Of Nightmares And Evil Presences!

Right from childhood, Kamiya had been having nightmares and strange dreams in which she saw herself in places from her distant past. “These dreams affected me in many ways, including in my education, work life and relationships,” she recalled on September 10, 2023. She said that the situation worsened last month, with odd presences showing up in her room and unusual birds perching on her roof. The dreadful dreams also started occurring during the day. To the glory of God, Kamiya discovered Emmanuel TV and made her way to The SCOAN for the prayer of deliverance on September 3, 2023. “Since then, the bird has stopped coming and I no longer feel depressed and suicidal,” she stated. She advised people to look up to God. “Make Him your only option,” she added.

“God Has Touched Me!” Says Woman Healed Of Lupus Rash

On July 10, 2022, Munachiso had been despondent and in pains when she presented herself for a touch as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered at the Prayer Line. She had woken up one morning with unexpected changes all over her body. “My body was full of rash – lupus rash, as was later discovered at a teaching hospital,” she told the church on September 10, 2023. She said she could not do anything and had to rely on her son for help. The doctors had told her that she would have to live with the disease forever. “My blood sugar level was over the roof and I had severe high blood pressure, even as my hair started falling off until I became bald,” she recalled. With her situation not improving, Muna took the advice of a friend to visit The SCOAN. “At the Prayer Line, I saw Pastor Evelyn Joshua in an angelic form as she prayed for me,” she said. When she returned home, Muna began to see changes in her body. She could now eat and regain her energy. She also saw her skin rejuvenating and her hair growing back. “God has touched me,” she confirmed, even as she demonstrated the things that she had been unable to do before receiving prayer. She advised people to seek God’s face over their issues. Her son, Joseph, thanked God for taking control and freeing him to pursue his self-development activities.  

Rita’s Demons Disappear, Israel’s Nightmares Cease!

The demons in Rita were quite stubborn, but they were still powerless at the sight of Jesus Christ. On September 3, 2023, as the Laying Of Hands ministration carried on, the demons had been forced to speak as the Spirit of God arrested them. A week later, Rita told the story of how it had all started. “When I was ill as a child, my father had made a pact with an idol that I would be dedicated to it once healed,” she said on September 10. Because Rita never really got better until she was taken to the hospital, her father ignored the agreement with the idol. Vengeful, the idol pursued Rita, inflicting her with many issues. “I used to have dreams in which a strange being slept with me,” she continued. Sometime last year, Rita saw her condition worsen after something like a tennis ball was forced into her mouth. “I became a mental case from then on,” she said, “and my parents took me to a witch doctor, who gave me a so-called protective charm.” The witch doctor had warned Rita not to remove the charm from her person, otherwise she would die. Thereafter, Rita’s husband, Israel, decided that he could not allow his wife to continue wearing the charm and he retraced his steps to God’s path. He then brought his wife to the church after coming alone the previous week. On receiving prayer, the evil spell over her was cast off in Jesus’ name. Today, man and wife testified about the transformation of their lives. “No more quarrelling between us, no more nightmares and no more movements in my wife’s body,” Israel testified in sheer excitement. He advised men to love their wives and to accept that Jesus is the only Way. Rita herself said, “Nothing is too difficult for God to do.”  

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