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It was the first service of September 2023 – another chance for God’s people to meet in worship. During the opening prayer, the evangelists led the people to pray: “By God’s mercy, in this last quarter of the year, I will recover all that was lost. I am a conqueror. I bask in Christ’s strength, because I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me!” Esther of The SCOAN Sunday School then set the tone for the worship session, singing of the breaking of sin’s power over congregants – to the accompaniment of horns and strings. After one or two other impactful songs from Esther’s orchestra, The SCOAN Choir took over. They started by singing, “Are You Ready/Heaven Is Here!” Among other soul-lifting songs, they called for the anointing to saturate the atmosphere in The Arena Of Liberty, raising their voice to Heaven: “Yes And Amen/Amen Amen!”

For his message titled, “Value Your Trials, “Evangelist Joseph began by citing Romans 8 and reading from Psalm 66:10 and Proverbs 3:11-12. He reminded congregants to not allow anything to separate them from the love of God. “We should see reason to believe God in our trials,” he said to them. The sermon focused on the need to see divine chastisement as God’s way of correcting those He loves and preparing them for the future. In his words: “Often times God uses foolish things to draw us closer to Himself. What people may consider a bad experience may be the turning point we need for our breakthrough.”

Accordingly, Evangelist Joseph noted a few examples of biblical characters who underwent harrowing life experiences that later toughened them for new heights in life. Among these were Joseph, Mordecai, and Daniel. Such seeming punishment, he reiterated, was meant to be their process of refinement – like gold that must pass through fire to become a real treasure. “For you as a believer to be prosperous,” he stated, “you must follow God’s processing … to build character and rightful focus.”

The preacher further stated that God is never too early or late but is always on time, hence the need to value process more than result. “A man of vision and purpose,” he went on, focuses on his destination, not his situation” – like God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua, for whom man’s rejection provoked God’s direction. In conclusion, the evangelist said: “The real value of trials for us as believers is to prepare us for greater heights, greater levels…. Do not relent in your efforts. When you fail or even fall to temptation, stand up and repair your relationship with Jesus.”

And The Lord Gave His People More Reasons To Celebrate!

“I am a child of grace,” declared Pastor Evelyn Joshua as she joined the people for the Prayer Line/Laying Of Hands ministration.

Before proceeding to lay hands on the people, the woman of God prayed: “Father Lord, we bless Your holy name. Thank You for the abundant grace You have given to us to be called Your own. Everlasting King Of Glory, You know us more than we know ourselves. You know our strengths and shame. Father, You know how quickly we lose out in the profession of our faith. So, Lord God Almighty, we have come to You to confess our weaknesses so that we can receive Your strength. Father, we have come to You; help us in our limitations.

Forgive us our sins, restore us, reclaim us back to You, in the name of Jesus Christ! Almighty God, You have not stopped giving us reason to trust You, to praise You, to worship You. Father, give us more reasons to rejoice in You today, in the name of Jesus Christ! Let Your hands of blessing, healing, deliverance fall afresh on us today! In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray!”

As usual, a multitude of seekers had come with various troubles. Among these were difficulty in walking caused by osteoarthritis or spondylosis, swollen hands, stiff neck, wrist pain, hand dislocation, asthma, seizures, and heart disease. For the people involved, the Word of faith in the power of the Holy Spirit brought Jesus Christ right onto the scene!

Moreover, totally blinded at the command of Jesus Christ were are all evil eyes daring to fix a gaze upon pregnant women and the destiny children in their wombs!  

Alongside the woman of God, The SCOAN Evangelists also declared war against agents of darkness that are responsible for the troubles in the people’s bodies, minds and spirit. Following the ministration, there was no more place for drug addiction, mental disorder, diabetes, piles, skin disease, leg ulcers, stomach sores, head injury, prostate issues and every form of organ affliction. Indeed, none of the people’s conditions embarrassed Jesus Christ, Who worked through the faculties of His servants to minister healing and deliverance for the rescue of souls for God’s Kingdom.

The Promise To Zerubbabel, The Promise To God’s People!

Once he started the Mass Prayer session, Evangelist Ope fired up the people to proclaim: “The God Of Prophet TB Joshua wants to turn my mountain to a fountain of joy, peace and prosperity.” It was a reference to God’s Word in Zechariah 4:6-7, which promises to level mountains for God’s own. Evangelist Ope then told the people to pray: “In the name of Jesus, you mountain, I call you by your name anywhere you are: Out!”

Evangelist James also urged the people to pray: “You mountain confronting my life, family – I command you: Out! Every chain holding me down to where I do not belong – be broken, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Joseph told the people to pray: “You spirit behind my affliction, sickness, every spirit attacking my health, causing me disease – anywhere you are, I command you: Loose your grip! You affliction in my body, bone, heart, kidneys – anywhere you are, receive the light of God. I command you in the name of Jesus: Come out!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants to decree: “You spirit, the cause of my sickness, pain – anywhere you are, tormenting my body, I command you in the name of Jesus: Out! You contrary spirit disturbing my business, blocking the way to my breakthrough – anywhere you are, in the name of Jesus, give way!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua asked the people to give thanks to God as they made their requests. “Ask Jesus Christ to restore your sight,” she said to them. The woman of God prayed: “Every spirit challenging your life, career, family, business – we command it out right now, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be released, in the name of Jesus Christ! Any contact that satan may be having with you – in your business, career, marriage, family – we say out to it, in the name of Jesus Christ! Say no to sickness, affliction, disease, hatred, disappointment!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua asked the people to shout: “Father, locate me in Your mercy, favour, goodness, kindness, faithfulness!” Then she prayed based on the people’s utterance: “May you be anointed by that word, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every yoke and burden of your life – be broken by that word, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be healed! Be freed! Be delivered! Be restored in your business, career, family, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

In her closing prayer the woman in The Synagogue decreed: “The blessings of God you received today will remain permanent in your lives, in Jesus’ name!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua addressed the people: “Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to you – the Saviour, the Healer, the Redeemer, the Deliverer. Let Your heart contact the Spirit of God. Speak His favour, mercy!” He also asked them to say: “My heart, my spirit – a heart that believes – receive, in the name of Jesus!” God’s servant further prayed: “Be healed! Whatever pain, wherever that pain – there is no limit to the Word of God. I speak the Word to your life, in the name of Jesus! That sickness, that disease – out!”


Healed Of 10 Years Of Lumbar Spondylosis And Osteoarthritis!

At 55 years old, Maria had been suffering from difficulty in walking for the last decade. The nurse had lumbar spondylosis and osteoarthritis in both hips, causing her to need a lumbar corset. One night, she had been going to work when she had a terrible fall. Despite constant medications and other forms of treatment, Maria did not get better. “It was so painful,” she said during her testimony on Sunday, September 3, 2023 – a week after she received prayer in The SCOAN. After Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered to her, Maria stood up and began exercising her body, doing what she had been unable to do before. “Have absolute faith in God,” she urged the people. Her sister, Vivian, thanked God for the healing, which has now freed up more time for her own work. Vivian also urged people to embrace God.

Bodily Burden Of Seven Years Lifted By The Anointing!

On August 27, 2023, God Almighty manifested Himself powerfully in the life of Ngozi as she received prayer in The Arena Of Liberty. Her placard displayed her problem of difficulty in walking due to osteoarthritis and lumbar spondylosis. She had come to church using crutches and a lumbar corset, her body burdened by pain for the past seven years. For all of that time, she kept using drugs and undergoing various therapies. Tired of trying to help herself, she had made her way to God’s presence in faith. “When the woman of God touched me, I felt something leave my body and since then I have not needed my walking aids,” Ngozi said while demonstrating her healing on September 3. She advised people to take their issues to God. Her husband, Salvation, admitted his previous skepticism about miracles but glorified God for showing him the light.

Seven Years Of Asthma Vanishes At The Sight Of Jesus Christ!

For the last seven years, young Precious had been suffering from asthma. Because of her precarious condition, she had to exercise extreme caution in her activities. “I had to wear warm clothing all the time and avoid dusty areas,” she said while testifying on September 3, 2023. On August 27, 2023, Precious had come to church with her parents. Upon receiving a touch by one of the evangelists, she had fallen to the ground as the Great Physician worked on her organs. On getting back up, Precious began to breathe freely again! “Always put your trust in God; He is the First and the Last,” she advised the world. Her mother told of the family’s efforts to care for the former asthma patient. “We could never leave her alone,” she recalled, “and we had to check on her constantly while she slept.” She advised parents to keep praying for their children.  

And The Word Of Faith Did Not Return Void!

For two years, Bose’s swollen legs were a source of severe pains. Apparently, the doctors had been unable to get rid of the problem, so her husband suggested, “I think you should go to the village.” But Bose was convinced that the village could offer no solution. “An uncle advised me to go to The SCOAN for prayer, and I did,” she said on September 3, 2023. Bose had been in church two weeks earlier. After a touch, she had immediately started to feel better. Now all of the swelling is gone. “I am like a young girl now,” Bose smiled. She advised people, “Whatever you are passing through, put your trust in God.” Bose’s uncle, Taiye, praised the God of Prophet TB Joshua for not letting His Word return to Him void.

Healing For Cordelia, Relief For Her Entire Family!

During the service of August 27, 2023, Cordelia from Delta State was one of those who received ministration as Pastor Evelyn Joshua engaged in healing and deliverance prayers. “One morning, three years ago, I had suddenly found that I couldn’t move my body,” Cordelia recalled while testifying on September 3, 2023. Taken to the pharmacy by her daughter, Cordelia had received a mixture of drugs that morning. As the situation did not get better, she requested hospital treatment. It was at the hospital that she received the diagnoses of arthritis and rheumatism. The pain progressed, but Cordelia began to call on God for help. Along the line, she had a dream about an encounter with the woman of God in The Synagogue. Eventually, she was brought to church – and God Almighty did what no human could do! Now Cordelia can move freely! “Believe,” she urged the church. Her husband, Samson, thanked God for taking away the family’s burden. Cordelia’s daughter, Grace, also praised God’s name for the healing.

With Asthma Commanded Out, Clement Quits Smoking And Drinking!

“Asthma. Evil Attacks. Breakthrough.” Those were the inscriptions on Clement’s placard as he received prayer in The SCOAN on August 27, 2023. The Nigerian based in Guinea confessed that he had developed asthma from excessive smoking. “I couldn’t quit smoking and drinking despite the severe risk to my life,” said Clement during his testimony a week later. He said that he had not really believed in miracles but had been surprised when an anointed touch landed him on the floor. “Today I have lost interest in smoking and drinking,” he disclosed. He advised people to believe in God. “I always knew God would help me one day,” he added.

After 265 Days, Ceased Menstruation Returns!

For 265 days Ayomide had not seen her menses. Expectedly, those nine months were truly disturbing for the university student, who used a cocktail of drugs to no avail. Encouraged by her mother to come to The SCOAN for prayer, Ayomide had spared no effort in making the long journey from her school to the church. “The moment I received a touch, something popped inside me,” she told the church on September 3, 2023 – a week after her healing. “There is no problem that God cannot solve,” she told the church by way of advice. Ayomide’s mother told of how she had previously not believed in God’s power at The SCOAN despite her husband’s commitment to the ministry. “I thank the God of this commission for what He has done in my daughter’s life,” she said. She added, “I know my own testimony is coming.” She advised parents to lead their children towards God.  

E-mail Testimonies

A Ghanaian woman living in Germany had fallen pregnant after calling the Emmanuel TV Prayer Line sometime last year. She had suffered multiple miscarriages before then. Now she has her own baby!

Hilary from Uganda testified about the healing received by a stage-four cancer patient, whom she had encouraged to follow Emmanuel TV online in early July 2023. She had also gone ahead to pray along using the man’s picture. Today, the man’s condition has improved dramatically and he is no longer at risk of dying from cancer.

South Africa-based Nora had been having nightmares since June 2023, but the situation worsened on July 17. She also had stomach ulcers that made it impossible for her to eat spicy foods. On calling the Prayer Line days later, Nora saw her ulcer pains vanish alongside her nightmares.

For many months, Hannah from Uganda lived with nightmares and a spirit husband. The situation affected her in many ways, with the unmarried 40-year-old’s business staying stagnant. However, after calling the Prayer Line on July 14, 2023, she vomited the poisonous substances in her system. The following morning, she expelled a worm as she emptied her bowels. Since then, things have been looking up for her in different areas of life!

A Zimbabwean man living in Botswana called the Prayer Line in early July 2023 over his wife’s lung cancer. Since the prayer, the woman has been smiling, breathing well and doing things that she had been unable to do before.  

Viola from Uganda, a devoted Emmanuel TV viewer, testified about having her baby boy hours after following a Mass Prayer video by Prophet TB Joshua. Thank You, Jesus!  

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